SpyFy video tour – part 1

Okay it’s pretty here so welcome back this is video 3 so hopefully you’ve seen video 1 and 2 but maybe a bit long and you wanted to get to the product you know earlier but anyway I think it’s a really good product so I just wanted to take you through through it so you can get it at click this click calm / Austin spy Phi Austin spy Phi click this click calm / Austin’s pi phi a USC i.n.s.p yfi or the link should probably be below this video depending where this video is of course anyway they will take you to the sales page so you can save in the sales page that it’s pretty comprehensive so you know they’ve got they cover all these going on that’s the wrong one and you just see the other one okay that’s right so that’s the OTO which I am going to show you in a second but I think it’s one enough the main source page up but apparently I didn’t anyway you consider the size wise very thorough they were actually got some case studies where they’ve used this some rails from their mates but it count so this year the kind of results i got when i use themselves but you can see basically you know what they’re saying is is that you know ecommerce people would tend to you know check out viral ads on Facebook spin i was going to t-shirt designs on pinterest instagram seeing what with you and chin pictures were I’m comb through other e-commerce stores to find decisioning products inspire them collected data crunching numbers so if that really goes away but anyway and you know possibly fees for all of that yes since we’ve got any banner ad monitors they might be faced with that but they cover that’s been a bit where they cover the stuff yeah yeah here we go so I don’t know why they couldn’t modules we know they cover trending on on BuzzFeed and Google and Twitter okay all in one place i’ll show you that and second bit to the facebook ad tall where they go through the tools as well nice one with the comparison pictures are times in a minute and what’s this bit under yeah you can look at fan page search graph search export interest search by keyword on keyword a particular URL and then there’s a specific t spring t-shirt module which is very nice actually which I’ll show you in a second but they do that and you can see the current campaigns filter down by active and non-active shut down by a year which you know where the activity is also on sales I believe check out actually what the t-shirts look like and yeah see if anything long term and the e-commerce thing you can you know look at the stores and see the public because it you explain image he okay you can see you know which which stores are selling what or which is the top seller in each store to get more stories you do need to the oti which are showing them in it but the other basic version comes with one of the couple of stores are coming with which now and then the OTO extends it to basically all of the stores really and then in this one it covers amazon and ebay and Shopify okay so that’s pretty big it’s pretty huge actually so you’ve got amazon right in there you got evo writing then you got spot a little spot for us yeah Shopify right in there and there’s even an SEO module where they give you a keyword research you don’t have to go to the the PPC tool basically as youtube mix as well this video ranker and you can see how what it’s doing and you can see what’s behind all the videos that are ranking as a brainstorming module which that does this tee I thought less you look at all the social site so you can look at what’s you know buzzing on pinterest instagram screened as as all cafepress that kind of thing so you can see what kind of ideas but you know people are coming to the market and what people are reacting to you can the other licensed you can anything you find that you like you can book markings your own little kind of research library so you’ve got them all in one place so that’s pretty neat and handy so you can keep it kind of a little track of what’s going on either if it does campaigns but it’s something that you book market in one place anyway and I think that’s about it the caduceus is a one-time fee at the moment there’s no recurring anything on this particular one you can see that the light is basically got yeah loads of things missing so its name was really looking at so the pro that’s got all of these things so that yeah the priority and the Facebook tool the t-shirt tool which is brilliant ecommerce tool which is important so that as we say they’re the three ones it does and you get the YouTube in the SEO so as well so it’s definitely worth getting the pro but you know just so you can see that governs covers last three google and twitter with all the trending information you can brainstorm to see what’s buzzing on pinterest instagram screen zazzle cafepress and a quote site then the a facebook tool you can look for ads and look for fan pages which are you know going to be in your interest area you can see t-shirt campaigns current and past and which are selling how much they’re selling by and then you’ve got the e-commerce analyzer so you’ve got the shot for amazon ebay you’ve got the SEO spy which has keywords suggestions and backlinks which I’ll show you in one second and then the u-2 spy does research and video eggs okay so you get all of that for one time theta seven bucks I don’t think there could be any real contest there so here’s the OTO one which I accidentally showed you the beginning because I was on page and you can see that what this basically does is it adds some really important extra platform so it basically adds aliexpress which is always going to be vital if you’re into drop shipping or white labeling like that it comes etsy which is obviously really hot massive amount of money on xtube hadn’t even realized they were doing way more than I thought there were one of tho which is because it’s kind of wish this that people have so that’s a great way to look at what people are excited about and polyvore which is very much of you know fashion orientated I think another thats actually well but you know it’s very popular and give you a lot of information there there was a give some extra training is the fanpage method and the PPC method and also you get some a commercial license to use all this data if for your clients or friends or whatever as well so if you want to run a consultancy business you know this is fantastic because you can give your clan know loads a day about their I market which they haven’t got okay anyway so at the moment I mean obviously the prices might change you since you said sure but at the moment it’s about 67 bucks so together it’s about 100 and 104 something is it I’m not sure onion dematha made any way but just over a hundred bucks but it’s a hell of a research tool again this is one time you know so I think it’s worth it and you get those extra for four platforms would you think Britt yeah three of them indispensable and the other one I’m Shores useful I’m just a very fashioning but you know again it’d be great for knowing what prevented in now there is a second OTO which is for a facebook promotion tool you can look at your leisure basically you are not saying that’s necessarily in important but it has got a group it’s my fan page post in group posting and it will like and comment to kind of build that up yet all these tools a little bit let’s go at fragile so you can do it monthly but obviously if you’re going to do it you might as well you know to the one time because I’m sure you’ll get your ex months you set of it to cover the night so on and way more so so you have to worry about that but yeah that all these posting tools are a little bit I think of the word we know that they’re not exactly the way that Facebook want us to do it they don’t want us to automate stuff so you know there could be resistance down the line but if you do want to you know crash it and do it on mass then I will see this tool you know maybe on a secondary account is anything I’d say which is obviously against facebook terms so obviously you don’t have a secondary account but if you did / secondary account that would be what I use this tool on okay so that’s up to you but that’s optional about you know if you are going to do it then then I think one time is you know lifetime is definitely better to do it okay so let’s have a look at the actual tool now okay so here we are actually inside the tall so just to be very clear that I have upgraded to roti 01 so I have the extra e-commerce tabs so you’re not going to get all the economist tabs on unless you upgrade and was one of the other ones that it’s a tab only in the oti but anyway but this is the full version if you like if you bought the lite version obviously one of our for this stuff so i wouldn’t know why you didn’t do the lite version anyway you can see it’s very nice very clean very simple they obviously you know documented it well you’ve got videos on everything used everything it’s pretty well done it seems to run very you know quickly and all that okay so you just start with the trending so you know we can look at what’s happening on BuzzFeed if you want to know what some you know what’s happening you can see what’s now or what’s happened this week you know you can actually search for you know something Apple have done in this week okay so I’ll see able to look at yep so some stuff they’re really really that exciting shoulda picks another word anyway but you can see you know what’s happening on these play oh actually I see what he’s done it searched not inside but really searched the whole thing that’s what okay so you know all the buzz free stuff is there you can see what’s happening now what’s happened this week obviously the ones that in this week or you’re going to be more of a trend yeah so you can see that you know there’s some you know millions of years views yeah some weird pictures which you could curate and all that kind of stuff some you know that kind of stuff and we’re the weird stuff goes on that’s right isn’t it but anyway so you can see we go what kind of stories are going on there you could key right and then yeah talk about something else related yeah the pregnancy articles of good article but then it you might actually sell something there with pregnancy hey called parenting or babies you know that’s something so you could return you’ve got the current research there now you’ve got your timelines you got all the different things you know trending here so see Briana’s you know going on and on there’s any TV shows or films coming up you know they’re probably being here so you can see that what’s going on there any celebrity staff obviously you know all the stuff there but it’s all there right in front of you and also the great thing is you’ve got it you know for the hours when you weren’t sitting there watching it so you know I can see what was happened twenty three at 23 hours ago when I wasn’t even have to be there okay so i can see the vampires are still you know exciting people so you know that means that i’m good for my vampire niche and all that stuff and something may go come out and hit you there that you’re interested in a google trends you get your usual thing obviously Google Trends it’s very you know kind of news orientated again you’ve got you know some of the history there and you can see what’s going on I think it’s a full thing so yeah I’ll open up links if you want to you know go deeper into whatever yeah the story was about okay so you can see you know what’s going on but they tend to be very you know very social so this is the book mark harris it’s only like you you can bookmark it there and then you know come back to it I was a frigid legs them so number campaign based on by you know which section it seems but that’s still selling you so campaigns has been back anyway the brainstorming thing you can see what’s going on on pinterest so if there’s something you know they / to the incident you can stir it you can see is very quick it’s searching really so this is all the stuff but vampires going on yeah I can see which is nice prop the poster that I could go and follow them or interact with them or whatever is I need to do I can see what kind of your art people are reacting to you know well that’s what saying which ones are getting comments which ones aren’t the ones that aren’t always you know it’s important the ones that are and you know and whatever my knishes I can you know check that out so that’s very nice but then I can do the same thing with Instagram without having to you know go to Instagram or get my phone out or what kind of nonsense and we can see what’s going on this on Instagram sorry nice picture there so again I can see if you know which one’s got likes and comments which ones are interacting I could go you know post of them I can see what’s inspiring people I kind of manga anything and I’m I said it would Annie yeah kind of stuff going on yeah it’s good so you know we can get inspired from that and see what the general thing is that without having to go there ok can do the same thing for screen which i think is a tee t-shirt printing place or you know design something ah something often must probably so let’s see what later yes so they’ve got some pemuda some campaigns going on for grandpa I can see the designs I can click through and yeah see if there is a way one see if there yeah selling well or whatever but there’s actually t-shirt module in a minute so that that’s probably better so that but you can be other has some good interesting ideas for designs that you could be inspired by so so that’s good as ours another kind of you know print place i’m going to put again just in case it’s freaking it over there okay so different set of designs and some got some mugs now some caps and badges and thermal cups mother cups yes that’s all good kathy preston is another print on design thing let’s see what that’s doing any green / action on cafepress so there may be much more to print on design and you know viral campaigns in like that obviously could make it work campaign so yeah again different stuff it got caps now be my guess that’s an interesting one which is that one being quite popular I can’t get you impound everybody was just about sixteen dollars yeah that’s quite good so and some related that is known as well and can we see how many it’s so lonely pumpa I think I give the sauce because I not there anyway not a minute no value I can imagine it’s uh well I quite like it anyway hey socio something like that might come along and inspires you you know ever you can see the designs are we different sure that’s I wish for cooking okay well yeah it’s kind of good barbecues and stuff that could be come up again I’ll uh sure about this pig one if they even fit but anyway so yeah so things and then let’s see what crowds so when get this from IMDb search crops or brain quote so if we want film quotes obviously we could do that is to search quotes and that’s to a lot of other that I’ve got an itch in mind if there’s any quotes about that I’ve got another line and there are okay yeah so yeah so there could be some stuff there some good content little trips you be sure we’re not cool you know you got some things there that you can either agree with other screws or making remember would be like yeah nothing may not be so popular with ya with women but anyway um but you can choose which ones you use a range or you can disagree with them and say how terrible though and then you’ll get light I guess anyway but this is like falling in love is awfully simple but falling out of love is simply awful that’s kind of nice do a little member for that that could be related t-shirt yeah so that’s all good so the quotes is good and you’ve got the other three sources there as well and particular if you anything to do with the movie niche then you know the on TV things going to be good so Facebook Ads search okay to this engine so so if we’re looking for you know what might be successful campaigns going at the moment we pick and each yeah we can decide what we want to do yeah when is the date and what kind of thing we’re looking for I could try looking for shares with cm’s so it takes you to your facebook account obviously it uses the graph search at the top that side of the coffin and you can see go into the designs that are coming up and you can see if they’ve been liked or commented all you may have to go there to see if they’d like to come in sometimes but some so I thought this one that’s the case oh it’s a tee spring campaign so we could check out the sales figures on teespring let’s actually just see what that post is about yeah I’m it’s a bit clouds but I cut yeah I can imagine and back a grandpa sort of things that room 71 shares yeah they’re real and 6 comments certainly one shares is pretty good and 125 people like it yeah that’s how I said that a bit wrong so honestly if I like it so anyone have shared it and six have commented night so but all in all pretty pretty you know active I’m just gonna try not to screw up their stats oh my god i’m going to screw this yeah let’s see what i get all that right yeah there we go I see zipper zipper I got you okay so i already sold 11 the original campaigns to try it before I know how many are doing it this time but there we are obviously we can see you know I will see that’s the front I front and back see all that stuff about it but you know it’s cause a lot of reaction written tits sell very well but anyway maybe it’s a bit too snazzy for grandpas I don’t know but it’s a bit cluttered isn’t it the designs of excited so I suspect that’s why yeah you have to read the comments to see what was going on but a lot of it was shared it so something’s going on hey so they’re the ones that are being a second one Omega they’re the ones that are being shared yeah everything yeah so there’s another one there one like on that so that’s not that mean concrete finisher not sure why that’s got to be a grandpa oh there might be really going on so maybe somebody’s swiped that I was it the same person we love riding motorcycles no it’s the same person so that’s good but they might have to post on her not sure what’s going on there but you can see the ones that are being shared you know right now obviously I set that to be you know now also I said to be shared so but yeah we could do it by other the other criteria there if we want it to and that’s done teespring there’s nothing to stop you doing you know fab rly or your any in E or a cafepress or any other site where you know they sell these kind of things okay fan page search just so very straightforward but you’re so view run you know having to search and all that and you can do it that it contains or not contains other keywords as well so that’s quite a nice that you’ve got you know positive negative filtering and obviously they shouldn’t be a crew for about face class that’s blowing with earlier I was just amused that there was so I just wanted to show you it’s clothing okay I wanted to come up I actually was unrest and there we go and i found this Cupid face cloth okay we can see and it likes is happening people are talking about it in that we can sort search by those criteria yeah obviously that’s not really a keyword either but I’ll just I was just thought it’s funny there’s one called Facebook and they’re actually a desired t-shirt design company so it was actually quite yo an interesting discovery I don’t know why they’re called stupid face apparently but I guess a lot other designs I’ve faces but not all of them hmm hey yeah but they’re they’re hundred eighty four people like them so good for them but you know we found it nonetheless wouldn’t penalize so that’s that long time pace yet but you have you decided real nice you’ll find some proper groups in it and then the t-shirt maje is pretty incredible so first thing is they give you this summary alright so we can see the ones that are doing really well at the moment so let’s look at what this one that sold 7800 it is about and it’s about true blue Patriots but it says for servicemen and stuff they’re selling it for service wasn’t quite know why servicemen would go for that but apparently they would but they were actually sold look at that 18,000 so it’s doing pretty well and it’s still open so that’s good so yeah I mean used to me I wouldn’t have known that imagery work with servicemen I was acting a bit more heroism you know doing that it’s been probably you know ah arts been probably done by somebody so there’s no copyright problems like that it’s a thing from the Bible so that’s going to be you know not copyright so that’s good and and obviously they’re selling it to you know to service so we could probably show on the transponder a backtrack that combined somehow and see if we could you know find it I guess so maybe we take the keyword or something like that so I said stop that family and right so yeah we could take that maybe into the facebook Edgehill actually maybe that would do it and if it comes in it was actually on teespring wasn’t it see Knight Rider I kind of nice one so all right here we go so there’s the actual is the is the gun campaign from Michael Aldrin and I’ll take me back to the thing where is this obvious its own ears homepage where is he posted not sure he’s posted it might be a hidden puzzling but I think it’s on his own homepage sites and a group does it all right listen to get a lot of social action there really so maybe that’s not the thing seeing it again offhand thought this night ish ones happening yo crusader type imagery okay so I’m not finding that offhand I don’t believe it all came from his own fan page ticularly sure let’s come up to he might have been advertising that off his own thing but we have got the which one was it the the brain storm water was it no oh yeah we could have been but it’s not what I’m thinking of anyway we’ll see um but yeah so we found one of them but going back to the t-shirt thing I’m so yeah we can see which t-shirts are you know doing really well this all these other figures that are important but you can look at the campaign’s as well you can search for specific thing but also you don’t you do all the other side so we could do fab rly son trial all that kind of thing represent you know it was just like more European market yo see where they’re done how many they sold all that sort of thing so yeah we missed if it were to those three necessarily i was the only did one it’s alright let’s do that one to that as see something on pinterest that’s just this I 150 in lost series and let’s see if it’s active and then that’s a look at that okay so no those it’s if they hung on Facebook no okay yes I’m trigger than oh that’s right I did mommy okay I knew this was doing well on Twitter ok so on Twitter let’s see that on Twitter we got one of these murder kroger t-shirt days whenever that’s about a dog’s life but though you sell 50 of those that almost what you could eat yeah one of those like it’s probably different language pi day one for math people so 50 of those i can put mark that in my thingy my bookmark section pit bulls and it’s up one should have come up there anyway so these have sold if see these ones that one then so that shouldn’t be there obviously odds looking thing not surprising them so very sickly well but another sea salt some balls off so you got me a buffalo bills okay so on and then you know other pages but that I sexy on Twitter no okay anyway so what was the one of a pie one that’s why they so yeah there’s obviously a maybe a pie day thing coming on so we can look at the bottom with the campaign but we can create actual fight yourself charge 90 not is 50 so so 2090 now so that’s that so let’s bet pie date and what I want you to do was to Sean remember it yeah we could do a Twitter search just such that I’ll see that took me straight to it there okay I was hoping to find the tweet so I thought I was trying to trying to do I thought there was it Twitter module maybe there isn’t oh yes sir but I can’t search that okay so we said we could just go to a searching and put that in and see where the what the tweets were and who was tweeting and who was retreating in that kind of stuff and see how he managed to get all which is a group about maths and pi day and all that but

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