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Hey it’s Sam Becky here and welcome to spy fight this is the bonus page for spy fun I’m really excited today to show you spy fly in action on my computer right now I was able to get an early copy of this and you know I thought there’s been a few research software’s I have my own research software for Facebook myself in audience drilling I thought there will be something similar to there but I was pleasantly surprised this is probably the most comprehensive spy tool that I’ve ever used when it comes to marketing and it’s done in such a way that it’s not just good for one particular niche like it’s not just good for Facebook marketing when you get access to spy-fi you’re going to get everything you need to do comprehensive research and find ideas and profitable ideas through teespring ecommerce you’re going to be able to find this through Facebook you’re going to be able to do your research through YouTube you know right info about SEO you can even find out information about Shopify one of the most popular niches right now so I’m going to go through this in detail it’s going to take a wee while to go through all the different demographics but why this is important is that the first start or the starting point for you and your business when you’re first looking at a product you’re first looking at something to sell is doing your market research finding where those opportunities finding hey would this product be good for this marketplace are there other people that are succeeding in selling this product in this marketplace that’s where you need to be focusing first of all what’s Wi-Fi gives you the ability to do is immediately see with an idea you were thinking might have been good is actually good or not it’ll allow you to more you know more readily basically find ideas that are going to be profitable and do your research and what your competition are doing so let me take you through all the different steps now first of all I want to start a bit further on they’ve got first of all a trending topic part here and I need to mention also that every single part of this review today is done you know there’s so much you can do with the software I’m going to give you the uses for each component of the software and it’s it’s quite quite large so it covers a lot of aspects so some of these features might be good for you some may not but I want to make sure that you know I mean for everyone because everyone’s different in their needs so first of all we’ve got our trending topic right here you can find trending top in Google you can find trending topics and Twitter and you can find trending topics in Pinterest now it’s giving you these trending topics and the reason it’s doing that is if you want to promote a CPA offer you want to promote an affiliate offer one of the best ways to get people’s attention is by writing a trend right now we’ve got a debate in New Zealand about the flag okay which flag we should choose ridiculous I know but it is on everyone’s mind because it’s in the media constantly it’s a trend here in New Zealand so if I was to say advertise about the flag and put up one of these flags one of the flags that’s you know coming up for vote I would get a lot of attention because I’m writing and leveraging that trend I would probably get a lot of clicks and I could position it as hey would you like a free flag t-shirt or sponsor the flag buy your t-shirt today I can use it for a teespring campaign and allow it’ll allow me basically to do my research through here see if it is actually trending and make money as a result of that you can find different trending topics in all sorts of different countries you can find trending topics and all sorts of different areas and as you’ll see here there’s a wide variety as well you just need to basically find the the city that’s right for you okay so for me it would be a matter of scrolling down to New Zealand finding New Zealand and then it’s going to do that search for me as well as you can see here we’ve got make movie whiter not sure what that references Paris Japan John Key is the prime minister of New Zealand he is trending we’ve got NZ poll and you can see here over nine hours eight hours seven hours six hours so you can see live what’s consistently getting into the news and I can almost guarantee there will be something about the flag in here there’s something about the TPPA which is quite a controversial topic here in New Zealand right now and as you can see there is a wide variety here of different topics and different people talking about different topics here as well I haven’t seen the flag kid but it is one of those topics that would be you know a good example of the trend now the United States and you can do this for any country which immediately gives you so many different opportunities or Russia for example I could do him in Russia I could do Ukraine I could do the United Kingdom let’s throw the United Kingdom I know that there’s a lot of people you might be in the United Kingdom yourself Australia no we can open Kane Williamson Joseph thin is I’m not too familiar with most of these names and you can see here as we scroll down these are the topics that are trending for Twitter we’ve also got BuzzFeed as well again you’ll be able to find stories that are trending this is content you can post to Facebook this is content you can post to Twitter it’s content that you could use and leverage and find you know information on to do that well this is one this is a controversial topic Oregon Oregon militant Alysha standoff leaders arrested after shootout one killed this is the controversial topic in the states because it’s about gun control and it’s about from what I’ve seen so far people in India their rights versus the federal government so you know being a New Zealand er it’s not never concern to me but for us people this might be really relevant because it probably is all over the news right now and if you can find a t-shirt idea if you can find something that could be sold from your Shopify site or if you could leverage this topic to bring people back to your Shopify site that’s going to give you you know a significant amount of pull with this audience now we’ve got bookmarks now bookmarks I’m going to show you in a bit because there are all sorts of different bookmarks you can make whatever the hassles and previous sites why soft ways I’ve used is that I couldn’t actually bookmark anything you probably hit this as well you know you do a search and then you go away and you like hello I found that really interesting information and then you come back and suddenly you’ve forgotten what it is you search for the opportunities you found with this system what you can do is you can ensure that your bookmarks are saved and I’ll be able to save some bookmarks for you and this time then you can do a brainstorm alright if you’re looking you know you’re thinking well let’s search for some keywords that I think might be popular I can search for cooking you know what topics are on Pinterest that are to do with cooking what’s popular today with cooking what are people really liking to do with cooking and I can get a feel for my particular audience now they’d say for example that I was releasing a fitness because I am I’m releasing a fitness program and you might be releasing your own program you could do a search for that Fitness okay I could do a search for fitness and I could find what is interesting about fitness what are people interested when it comes to fitness I can see already that people are interested in looking at good bodies when it comes to fitness that’s what people are clicking on but also ten simple habits that might just change your life interesting here mine it’s very popular on Pinterest a ton of likes a ton of repens we’ve got sex kettlebell exercises that’s interesting maybe I could write an article about that and submit it to promote my blog on my website 23 brilliant hacks that will make going to the German so much easier what are the great headline okay that’s perfect for a headline of a fitness sales page so you can see here you get a real wide spectrum of information that you can use and you can do this with not only Pinterest but you can deal with Instagram as well Instagram one of the most popular websites on the web right now now owned by Facebook you can now advertise over Pinterest now you can find what is trending when it comes to fitness you can brainstorm different ideas you can write down the ones that you like write down which images really stood out for you and make sure that you’re able to compile a good list of potential posts that you could do on Pinterest or Instagram if you wanted to you could turn these into ads obviously as well now I’m not sure what screened is I’ve never heard of it but let’s see what comes up with it screened we’ve got Jaisal we’ve got Cafe Press these are sites this is a t-shirt website alright so we can see different t-shirt segments to do with fitness and you can go through you can see which t-shirts on this website are working Jaisal as well and we’ve got also cafe priests in quotes so the wide variety of different sites that you can use to brainstorm different ideas different concepts different images and find a concept that really works for you find a headline that works for you or even an article topic that might work for you as well we’ve also got Cafe Press now Cafe Press a big one as well we search Fitness through here we can find again a number of or a range of different ideas that you can use to do with fitness within this platform right here you’ve got fixed and sleeves fell off you’ve got 5 flicks and sleeves off obviously someone is selling a lot of these t-shirts because there a lot of these out maybe you want to see hey is there opportunity to create one of these t-shirts with these that’s whirring myself and use this in my marketing campaigns then finally we have quotes as well now if I was detergent search Fitness into here I can select which you know movie site I wanted to go for and I can find quotes which are going to allow me to use those quotes on Facebook or use that in my marketing campaign use it in my social media poster so you’re starting to see we’re there how this can be used there’s so many different uses for this I can’t nail it down to just one because there are so many different applications and as you can see when it comes to fitness it’s a very wide topic so you might want to narrow it down when you’re looking for quotes now I’ve got a if the air tool now this is where we’re getting really specific about your audiences I’ve got my own if the air tool called audience drill it’ll cover much of what you can see through here but you might grab different data from each because we get data from what I understand in a slightly different way so if I was to search furnace here I could search for a website at a spring I could search for a fitness website I could search for an Amazon I can search for eBay and I could find out which t-shirts have been posted this week and I can look through those and find if there’s hidden opportunities within this right here as you can see I’ve got this teacher here that I could look at I’ve got other t-shirts that I can look at and these are the two shirts that are popping up for the search I could also decide that I wanted to go in here to just type in Facebook and it would have a wide variety of different t-shirts I could go ahead and I could type in say for example deal man code owns it I could do some market research on competitors of mine all right I can actually type in the URL of competitors and have a search now right now it’s not showing anything in that category but let’s see what happens if I remove Fitness from my keyword okay it’s not let me do that let’s have a look yes Dillman doc odine said we’ll do a space okay so you need to have a keyword all right let’s do clothing because T start well let’s go back all right deal man we’re typing in clothing right clothing search posts and now it’s going to come up with clothing that is related to that deal man decoding the search result now the reason I’m doing my research on this website it’s why I’m in the clothing brand or clothing niche this is a website that I know for a fact is making over a million dollars per year so it’s not letting me do that you need to do a topic ok now if you wanted to do what I’ve done right here this type of search you can do that through audience drill and it’s one of the bonuses down below so even though you can’t do that particular search you might be able to do it through here oh please let’s try that again furnace contains clothing we can even do deal man actually deal man events have a bug I will just do furnace so we’re going to search through fan pages now and find fan pages that are to do with furnace so we can find it range different fan pages we could contact these business owners we could reach out to them with their offline marketing services we could find and what people are really liking when it comes to fitness we could export all of the different interests and we could target the people that belong to these pages so really easy to grab all the data you would want to create a high-quality and targeted Facebook campaign we could choose to it does not contain contain these words we could choose multiple keywords so you’re starting to see how this works with this particular Facebook tool you can find interests you can find your targeting you can find pages to approach even or if you want to you can you know find a range of different pages do the research find what they’re posting about why they’re popular and get a real good feel for how you can advertise to their audience on Facebook now we’re not even halfway through the software which is quite incredible so then you’ve got your t-shirts alright you’ve got teespring now if you’re a teespring marketer you’re into selling t-shirts you’re into something clothes anything like that this is something to pay attention to because already people have used this software to make money and I’ve seen the proof now if you go in you can ever log got hot campaigns these are trending campaigns these are the campaigns that are really popular on teespring right now and it gonna be your best bet if you’re looking to make money through these separate campaigns you can click on them and you can actually visit the campaign okay you can actually visit it have a look at it see and you know whether this is something that you would like to be able to do as well you’ve got here you’ve got even though I walk through the shadows of death I fear no evil this is a popular topic you can have a look now and do some research through the software for this particular new crusader now I’m not too experienced when it comes to the Crusader I haven’t come across this quote before I have actually come across this quote but I haven’t come across this concept the Crusader before so you might want to do some research about it find out why it’s popular and whether you can actually go ahead and you know base your campaign off that as well now we have also got as well and as you’ve got your campaigns overview ok so you can see hot campaigns you can also now narrow down the different keywords that you want so you can go ahead and you can select teespring you can see if you want to find the best selling you can find the ones they’re advertised over Facebook and you can see how many the salt ok you could filter these out now I’m not sure if will come up with anything it has so you can see here we’ve got t sprung best-selling facebook twitter plus alright we’ve got some pretty strict criteria now it’s showing that these haven’t sold over 200 plus but if we like one of them we could bookmark it and it’s gonna be added to our bookmarks as I mentioned right here so you can play around with this you can have a look at your different demographics you can have a play around and see what’s going to work best for you and then you can go ahead and go to niche comparison now this will give you the ability to type in multiple keywords into a comparison over those niches so my do gun-rights for example and we might do Fitness obviously not two great nations to compare both very big niches alright both with multiple opportunities and people earning a lot of money in both niches we can do a comparison over these two nations and see which one we might want to focus first if we’re actually creating t-shirts now when it comes to this we’re looking at it okay we can see that campaigns in terms of campaigns not spelt correctly but campaigns Fitness is the far more popular one when it comes to sales Fitness is the far more popular one the answer is obvious through the soft we’re looking at the amount of campaigns that are out there being run as well right now you’re seeing that Fitness is being run far more frequently then gun rights and I would go ahead and I would actually start a fitness campaign based on this demographic data right here instead of the gun rights if I was looking at those two all right let’s go to six are now which is ecommerce ecommerce includes a number of different parts it incorporates Shopify Amazon and eBay Betsie commerce right it’s defined by the selling of physical products online now you’ve got over 28,000 stores that you can go ahead and research right now within the software and I’m sure they’re updating it all the time so I think though here to make it find if I’m doing fitness I could find the fitness stores that are in here and I can do my research I can see that machine Fitness is one of the most popular sites I can review these statistics aimed their website here here it is they’re ranked really high they’re doing really well for themselves I can compare competitors I could go ahead and I can actually visit this website if I wanted to machine furnace calm and I could have a good you know I’ll get a good feel for you know whether this whether this site is something that I can do and whether these products are something that I can import alright so this is what’s selling right t-shirts pence these types of types of coatings are selling in the fitness nation all right not not my style but this is what’s selling right now alright this is a very popular site it’s doing very well over Shopify and if you wanted to you know duplicate the success that this site is having in selling your shirt selling your clothing then you would want to base a lot what you do on there you can also find you know different leads entirely different topic health for example or what’s another one I’m jewelry jewelry I don’t think I’ve spelled that correctly we’ll have a look jewelry all right we’ve got the correct spelling so this is the George sites that it’s picking up you can never look at them again you can see how many visits they’re getting on average you can bookmark them if you want to come back to them and see them later or you can actually visit the website really cool it looks really good so you can base what you’re doing and you get a look at the different styles and see and do your research and see how this person is actually advertising getting traffic back to the website then we can do is go to Amazon now you can go into Amazon you can search for again jewelry or you can search for you know further again and have a look what’s actually selling through thinness what Amazon affiliates are making the most money through this system you can have a look and you can find the different demographics the different products that are selling and you can actually use these and bookmark them if you find some products that are selling really well that you would like to become an affiliate for and if you have a fitness website this is a really good tool for just narrowing down your focus and finding out what people are actually buying over Amazon now I’ve got eBay eBay is again one of the most still today the biggest auction website on the net it’s really relevant and it’s a great place to start selling believe it or not I actually used to sell through eBay I wasn’t a big seller but I did sell a lot of products through eBay when I was younger I sold a lot of products even more on the New Zealand version of eBay there’s a lot of scope for listing and selling products over eBay as you’ll see here there are some real power sellers selling all sorts of different products you can import these products from China you can drop ship them to people to buy over eBay and you can make money doing that it’s really quite simple you list the products that you sell them and you make money you can go to Aliexpress to sell these products you can go all around the web to sell these products alright so there you go you’ve got a good feel now for what these different types of search terms different demographics there’s obviously a lot of filter I’m gonna show you something to see how much isn’t actually in the software and why I’m quite excited about it then you can do a video check alright you can do a video rank check I like this because it shows you where your videos are ranking and it gives you an indication of where the video is how they’re getting the traffic alright and you can do research as research into that video and see how they’re doing in traffic now I’m gonna use one of my videos today and if you you can either review your own videos you can find out about your own videos or you can do competitive videos as well so I’m at just two health actually it’s two healthy blog Sam Becca alright because I’m interested in finding out we had this video right here that I created is ranking 30,000 views let’s see where its ranking and its various there’s me and my younger days all right let’s do a search we’ve got this in here we’ve got position we can choose whether in the top two search to the top 200 and we can choose what keywords so it’s two healthy Leeman limb one detox diet search now I’m not sure if this is still in that search damn we did a lot of marketing early on and we were in the top five on YouTube for a while but now we’re on 51 all right so we can see here our videos position is 51 so that tells us we’ve got a bit of work to do now I’ve got keyword research all right we can do some keyword research we can find what we need to do in order to do you know get up higher okay well we’ll be able to do to get up higher higher limit health as well as our second keyword and then we can able to look at different search terms you know around this topic so I might want to now create another video that looks fake to my other video links fake to my website about lemon detox drink lemon detox Master Cleanse using these keywords that may have more opportunity in them for me to use and make money with them we can also do a search and I’ll actually show the amount of views’ the amount of alikes the amount of dislikes comments published channel all of this inside of this platform right here really cool really transparent it gives you a really good indication of who is ranking and why they are as well this has received 70,000 views that helps in a lot it’s received a ton of likes some dislikes but a ton of comments all these indicators are going to help it rank higher and because of its headline as well its topic my experience with lemon detox Master Cleanse it’s very relevant as you’ll see to this topic here in fact they use the keywords and the right sequence as we can see here and as far as I can see no one else has done that so a quick bit of information use it in the same sequence use it earlier on and you’ll be able to rank for this keyword as well finally SEO it’s some recent keyword research right if we wanted to do lemon detox again we can find out about the lemon detox and by the way if you don’t know about the lemon detox it’s a lemon drink basically that people take as a diet and makes them skinny for a period of time but the problem with it is that they gain tons of weight after about two weeks when they’ve left the diet it’s an unhealthy diet in my opinion and it’s a bit of a controversial diet here in New Zealand alright so let’s go ahead and let’s find you know we’re gonna do all will do all locations search lemon detox what’s ranking up top for that keyword detox detox diet it gives us a monthly search volume it also gives us the suggested bed so if we were looking to go ahead and bid inside of Google to rank listing the top we could do that through this system also I’ve got keyword suggestions as you can see here keyword suggestions we can make you know find some keyword suggestions for lemon detox if we were you know actively going out there and wanting to rank it in Google or any of these other platforms as well and we can find you know what people are or analyze the different keyword suggestions that the software gives us monthly searches ten suggested better eighty cents would count one will also got a backlink checker as well know the backlink check is really quite cool you can actually type in a website such as Sam Becker calm hey you fixed for we’re the links are that are leading to that website so for me I’ve got a ton of different links leading back to my website and you can get a feel for which links rection coming back in check those links see if you’ve got more opportunities to use those links and email them and see if they would be willing to you know backlink to you more or have you wrote an article for it or you can see if backlinks are still active and do a number of other chicks as well you can check elixir you can check your Ma’s rank and you can also check your and you can also export your data so again this is a complete SEO software as well so I’d be able to go and cheat my Ma’s rank right now one per row your Mo’s API in secret now right now I I think I do have them on say P on seeker I’ll just say we’ll just do them and pass them I don’t have an API key so you’d have to add your API key in order to do that so that’s the backlink checker as well now I want it my API key I’ve used Moz before it’s a really cool software and really cool training that they provide there but this is my fee right now now this might seem like a large software it might seem like it’s a bit complex there’s some great training videos in here that actually gives you the ability to find out where this is going to be useful for your business and in different topics how to use it there’s also a number of case studies they’ve had of people that have gone in here use it for a particular topic like teespring and they’ve started making money so when I saw this this is really cool this this has a lot of value and I can definitely recommend getting access to this if you don’t you’d have a comprehensive spite all this does so much I don’t think I’ve seen such a comprehensive spy tool ever come out and it’s gonna really serve you on your business you will not need another spy for once you get access to this whether you are an e-commerce whether you’re doing Shopify marketing with you’re doing Amazon marketing eBay marketing this software has you covered whether you’re looking at Facebook as a traffic source new troop SEO as traffic sources this software again is huge covered if you’re looking for trending topics you know the main trends that are coming out this software has you covered so a really cool piece of software I highly recommend getting access to this all the details are down below I’m excited about this I like what I’m seeing and I’m definitely going to be using this in my business so if you want to be able to get access to the software all the earlybird details are down below it’s going to start off at a really low cost and again increase in price after that and I’ve also got a number of really cool bonuses down below to help you as well add extra value to add extra value basically to your purchase so thank you once again this is Sam Baker thanks for sticking with me throughout this longer video slightly longer demonstration but the other night usually do but this software was definitely worth it so thank you once again this is Sam Baker I’ll talk to you again soon see you later

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