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Hey what a brand gun yet I think that internet marketing is is very much like going to war you need to know the lay of the land you need to know what you’re up against what people are wanting on either side in order to create the right tactics you need to be able to have good spies in place and that are let me introduce spy fight it’s a fantastic product I can see myself spending many many hours just playing with us let alone actually deriving something from it but really you know what can you do with it well I’m sure anything you want you want to create new t-shirts this will give you the idea you want it kind of create new new products of any kind this will be fantastic for that just in terms of seeing what else is out there where the information is you want to create a shopping site again see what other people are buying so you will have people putting on YouTube house ranking see what the trends are globally or specifically / / country whatever it happens to be ok we’re in the dashboard of spy fine there is a webinar which hasn’t happened yet and there’s a usual very nicely laid out videos overview trending bookmarks brainstorm and all the rest of it ok so nine videos very helpful the sound could have been a little bit better on them but other than that great buy the product developer i assume is oj very personable chap so yeah nice that it’s all in one place this is basically a web-based app which is great because then again and that doesn’t matter what platform you’re working from it works for for both so let’s just go through all sections band aside one by one and I’ll do I’ll be as brief as I can excited though I am by this so let’s look at trending we can look at Google Twitter BuzzFeed okay so sadly very sad news then sport usual thing okay but basically and see what’s happening right now so if you had a product that may be linked in with what’s happening sport wise or whatever and you wanted to release it round about now then that would be great okay why however you want to use this information that’s purely up to you Twitter the same literally 20 minutes ago through to 23 hours ago they can see what people are talking about and where some of the same characters or issues keep appearing okay pakistan pakistan etc okay buzz feed for the kind of cheap and trashy info trending now kind of what you expect it to be on BuzzFeed but again you might want to develop something around this okay so that’s training now or the top posts of this week so you know think of how you could use this okay bookmarks having to use but obviously anything that you find is is interesting you can pop in there to be honest I haven’t used this one so we’ll move on sorry about that i think it’s just if you want to bookmark things that you think are interesting okay brainstorm i think this is a really interesting one so here we can’t hero on pinterest i’m just going to put in boxing quotes although there is actually a section on quotes here and here we go so want to create some t-shirts whatever it happens to be and I want to share them on my facebook group which is all boxing orientated why I want to do posters or you know whatever the case may be a whole lot of ideas here some brilliant stuff okay then you can look at Instagram you can go through various other sites and see what’s happening on those so unless I was delighted by this okay boxing t-shirts of tell you why so sort by best match top hundred results this is going on to screened which is primary your t-shirt size ice either expanded into pillows or something now okay it was working a little faster just now but anyway that’s that’s the way it goes but we haven’t got the best connection here come on now don’t let me down there okay why am I so thrilled already these are moving around so we’ll see because this this this this and there was another one of mine here which has just been ousted or mine okay and this one and this one so yeah and this one so that’s pretty cool always nice to see your own stuff up there alright so you can have a look here you can see what else sir there’s also might there we go you can see what else is doing well what you think you can do better than if you are wanting to create a t-shirt for example okay so it looks a zazzle looks at cafepress then there’s also a section which purely focuses on on quotes a lot of them from movies so but again you might want to use something like out of Gotham you might want to change that a little bit and go you scared the hell out of me I almost spilled my coffee and it’s a t-shirt for coffees got coffee beans on it or you know maybe that’s too obvious but whatever okay but lots and lots of great great quotes this is going to keep me entertained for hours absolutely hours yeah sure I can’t get lost on that one all right now we’ve got a facebook add to so we can see what’s out there so okay the website it’s set to look at teespring but i think you can reset that to something else if you want but again keeping with my t-shirt fetish let’s have a look at I don’t know if this would apply can’t spell what’s going on here you that’s saying okay will think I’m a writer there we go okay so that didn’t work let’s look at something more comment like nurse t-shirts of which there are many and a grand so odd okay maybe I’m not supposed to say t-shirts there with me there we go I wasn’t supposed to say t-shirts okay I’m a proud dad of a freaking awesome nurse so here are various nurse t-shirts that have been put together so then you know if I want to copy this kind of format or whatever and they’ve got the little limited edition button in there so that’s I’ve got that as a reference point okay likewise one can look at what people’s interests are so let me just put in nursing okay in fact sure what that happened let me put in something will pop you look probably dogs okay now I get a idea of all the different sites on facebook and the size of the audiences okay so we love dogs 58,000 no sorry five hundred and eighty-five thousand nine hundred and seventy people following that page and so on okay mmm actual fast so that’s the interest how many people are interested and this is how many people how many fan pages that have on this particular topic okay surprisingly only showing 76 entries I know they’re more than that but anyway once got like pretty good reference you can then go and have a look and like the page if you want to this is bizarre dog or muffin okay now back to my favorite t-shirts you can see here what campaigns are being added what is being favorited how many sales are being made nine thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven sales and it’s probably going for I don’t know twenty-six dollars or whatever you do the maths that’s just awesome so when can find out more about you know which is this one that’s doing so well good Irish one coming up the looks of it yep okay so that has done superbly well unbelievable all right now we can actually look up campaigns and one can do this fire difference I’m going to keep the tee spring because it’s got a particular level to it yeah I want to see what’s still active and maybe you want to see stuff that’s come up in the last seven days ok and that’s sold over 100 is this not fantastic you get software that only does this sort of thing and they charge a heck of a lot more for it okay so I mean I put quite a few filters on that I could have a lot more if I cut some of these filters out but anyway that’s that’s just amazing so there’s that one then you can make comparisons with definition so we’ve already got some keywords in there let’s just compare okay so that doesn’t actually apply so that’s why I did this the other day so engineer architect nurse so let’s see those are all I know good selling topics into as a t-shirt so let’s see what pops up with this we could just watch paint dry sorry I know the system is much faster on other other browsers okay so here we go that’s looking pretty good don’t nobody come in and show images as well but here we can rate and more campaigns to do with nurses than anything else hell of a lot of sales less campaigns would also very impress it from terms of sales okay and three active now architects stuff being sold right now three in the nursing active at the moment and more and more details okay moving on I’m going to skim through this but basically you could look and make an investigation about anything you want in amazon or Shopify or ebay youtube you can check the rank of a video if you want to put a video up there see how well it’s doing you can do some keyword research again nor we’re very quick so just going to say get traffic there we go alright so and then you can search to find your videos that you want in terms of that you can see how many views they’re getting etc etc ok oh great because this is your competition and then there’s the SEO section you can do your keywords research so I’ll put on something similar sorry about this okay so all very interesting yep it’s got it all in there which is fantastic there’s a keyword suggest to again you know you pay separate two separate fees for four very specialized software that does your research or does your keyword suggest or that your backlink checking so let me just put in blog traffic again and yep ok whatever details you want all right so you sing your monthly searches not much of a value there okay backlink checker again when we get separate software for this so that’s amazing i’m going to put in a tribe of my own blogs but that was a bit embarrassing so i’m going to put in a famous blog here copy blogger Darren Ross’s blog so tells you the PageRank the Alexa ranking who’s back linking to it which is about five thousand different sites back linking to this all fantastic so again you can go to these sites hopefully get them to back link to you the only thing I’m having problems with which is not the fault of spy fine it’s my API settings from ma’s that just seems to be a bit of an issue there right now I have written to Mars so that I haven’t got up and running so i can’t check any specific Moz details but other than that this is just a super super piece of software it is going to be tremendously useful on so many different levels for me and for for you I know so please grab it now while it’s still going at a reasonable price yeah awesome please don’t miss out on this one hit the link below good chatting to you sorry about a few of the delays all the best to you bye bye you mmm you

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