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Hi guys this is Luke here 24 my basis into Japan I hope this finds you all got a quick review for you this is a new product is coming out on the twenty-seventh of January at 11am EST and it’s called spy fire so just in this quick video I’m just going to give you a quick I’ve got a review copy that the owners and the product makers have sent over to me so I’ll just be showing you kind of at the back office and basically just explaining what’s pi phi years who it’s for and then at the end i just go through my bonuses so about further ado let’s get down to it so what is spy fight well spy fire is basically a competitive intelligence tool if you’re not in competitive intelligence is it’s basically researching other people’s ads and checking out what the competition is up to and covering the good points in improving on stuff they’re not doing so well and basically killing clean in whatever niche or whatever marketing you are doing ok so there are a lot of tools out there that do the same thing that spy photos but there are some points that makes by Phi might be an attractive offer but let’s just kind of go through it so who brings a spy fine anyway and it’s basically three guys called oh j james austin anthony and the software engineer is called tin and they promised or well they’re kind of angle is that you can discover ads and copy them even if your complete newbie and you can get them a hundred dollar per day campaigns if you follow through and they actually have a mere sales page the kind of live proof of that so I’m sure I can trust a lip okay so what is spiteful let’s look in the back office and I will show you exactly what what they kind of offer here and then I say I just break down for you the different kind of levels they have a spy file light and have a spy five Pro and they have some OT o one and two and I’ll just on without getting too competitive try and break it down for you but this is this isn’t the the the back office and it may look a little bit different when you get it because this is of course the review copy but basically on the left here you have the dashboard and here in the middle you have how many videos you have seven video is just breaking down very quickly and simply what all this does here alright and these are just some short brief training videos and let’s just go through what spire fight has so first of all we have trending here and you click on this you have BuzzFeed Google and Twitter now why is trending important if you don’t know why well if you are looking to market a particular product or you’re looking for a product to market or you’re looking for a niche that you can possibly market to then to look at what’s trending is particularly important now of course you can go over the bus feed and you can go to Google Trends you can go to twitter trends as well and check this stuff up but basically here is all under one roof just laid out for you and you can just go in and it’s just got it all there for you which is just a time-saver basically only have twit Google and then you have twitter so you can go here and see all the different hashtags that are working and what people are talking about it which is a pretty powerful information to have then he have a what’s called brainstorm and this is the major especially the image social media sites Pinterest and Instagram and you have screens as all cafepress quotes and these are basically particularly good again if you’re looking to market ecommerce store you’re looking to eat market t-shirt or maybe even cpa offers as well you can just go in and you can just tap in keywords so you’ve just been dogs to see what’s gonna reup it’s working slowly there you go and basically it’s going to bring up just all the top ranking sites or accounts under that particular one so you could put in something like use your terrors a thing whatever you looking at guns I don’t know what I’ve gotten pro your guns but if you’re if you’re looking at only animal rescue or you’re looking at I’ll a Star Wars or whatever it is that whatever niches you’re looking for you can just going in look at that pretty easy again you could go over sheets of these and do this search yourself but it’s just all under one roof just makes it a lot easier yep so those are kind of looking at the trends and and look now let’s get to the comment the kind of meat of it and here is the FB ad tour basically here you can just go in and do the searches for FB ads FB ads so you can just go in put in a keyword or if if you’re promoting a particular website or product you can put the website you are on it and just click on here and it will show you let’s see if we can do it see let’s try see if that comes on it there we go see it’s showing you all of these ads so if you’re looking you wanted to see some pit boards then you can just go here with this boot pretty good because I found what I’ve done t-shirt ads and I’ve got onto Facebook and stuff I’ve always wanted how the hell do these these big marketers find these ads and this is basically holiday so that’s pretty cool and then you have it ecommerce here as well you got to shop for Amazon eBay you can also search for fan pages which are doing particularly well then it again search by keyword or you can search by association except there’s always different things you can do the trainings all there as well it shows you step-by-step how you can do that then you have had t-shirts I can search campaigns knits comparison you can bookmark any good any good products or any good t-shirts or any good campaigns you find you can just book mark Thurmond and so you can just go back in here and search some later which is pretty makes it all pretty easy to use and they have ecommerce so you can search shop before I amazon and ebay at the bottom you also have a YouTube as well which is a rank checker keyword reset and YouTube set so basically whose is for it’s for someone who is trying to do especially with Facebook Ads someone is trying to find exactly like a niche or micro niche this is going to work for product they want to sell and it puts it all under one roof all right so if that is you then I would say this is a pretty good product for you it has no it’s not a plug-in so you have to download anything you don’t have to upload anything you just get the login data and you can just just sign in without any kind of that kind of hassle of uploading staff and and and opening zip files and all that kind of thing so it’s it’s pretty cool and also if you go to other equivalent site which do this competitive intelligence stuff this research stuff you’ll find you’ll be paying a hundred bucks a month two hundred bucks a month three bucks a month so that brings me onto the price so listen me a little bit complex by no just try and explain basically the spy file light which is twenty seven dollars and for that you get all this so I just explained but just minus amazon and ebay okay for thirty-seven dollars you can get spy fire pro which is all of this but including amazon and ebay so if you’re kind of thinking which one should we get it’s pretty self-explanatory um if you want to use this research tool and you think ah I don’t need amazon anybody i just need the FB ad tool and maybe the facebook fan page search and and the trending stuff then boom get the get the lite version no problem at all if you really do think know for my e-commerce ads and my targeting our do need to be looking at the products on Amazon and eBay boom pehli extra ten dollars and get the pro verse and simple as that do you need to get the otiose pretty much the same rules apply let me just explain what you get for the OTO s so for ninety seven dollars you get 0 to1 and basically you get all this plus you get a full exposure research tool for Aliexpress and XD and another one which I can’t even read but basically yeah so again if you really really want to be using Alex Express and diving over that and if you really want to be diving HD which is pretty good which is the go-to thing if you’re looking at craft products and then and that kind of thing then then yeah pay that ninety seven dollars just a one-off payment now OTO to is basically platinum or something and you can either pay twenty seven dollars a month or hundred ninety seven dollars one-off payment and you’ll get all this and all the Aliexpress and Etsy research tools plus you get a full automated system for scheduling posts and automating facebook groups and facebook fan pages so pretty much kind of a full suite of facebook marketing tools including all this research stuff as well so my suggestion if you are kind of thinking yeah i’m just going to go right into facebook and i am struggling time wise to manage my fanpage and manage getting getting kind of my whole um facebook group working 24 hours a day which you pretty much do you have to if you’ve got a kind of big facebook group then the 1970 tattoos is definitely worth considering but jump over the sales page because it has a lot more details there so my bonus well for my bonus just recently I’ve been helping out a few e-commerce owners with augmenting their FB ads with some free traffic techniques and I’m gonna be releasing this is kind of a full-blown product in the next sort of few weeks maybe a month maybe even six weeks depending how long it takes to going to finalize that but I want to kind of release what I’ve kind of been doing so far in a kind of reverted form but it will be about 30-40 minutes of videos and that that’s basically what you beginning so it’s it’s applies for e-commerce store owners but all so can be used for someone who’s doing cpa marketing as well so even Clickbank as well you could probably is it far so that’s pretty exciting so that those would be my bonuses so that’s it spy fly it goes live on january twisting at 11am EST thank you so much for listening and I’ll speak to very recent

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