SpyFy Honest Review By Tom Yevsikov

Hey guys don messick our view now something is kind of wrong with my camera so we’re going to have this one without a camera okay so i hope you will still pay attention right to this and what i have for you today also two more things of 1i i was doing i did it you know i gotta discovered that i have this bacteria called HP Lori the cube actor anyway I need to treat this so I started on antibiotics and it’s like four types event of different antibiotics and I need to take care of that so if I am kind of just a little bit slow or I feel you know I stopped because sometimes I feel nausea it’s okay it’s the side effects of the antibiotics and please bear with me and never free okay and we’re closing in on my release of freaking blueprint on the third of februari so there are two options for you what I’m going to give you a discount right when it goes live in two if you have purchased any of the products that I offer this as a bonus to forward start forwarding your receipts to my email it higher bus at Tommy have to cough come top I’m sorry how your bus and Tommy have sykov com ok now let’s begin what we have here is PI phi point okay we got spy five okay it’s a product by Austin I Anthony and it’s a pretty exciting one we’re going to be talking here about no nonsense no hive nothing just going to talk about what it is what it does and my bonus obviously I do tell you an upfront that I approve it I do think it’s a great product and my bonus also obviously is going to make your life a lot better we’ll talk about that later but what I want to dive in to okay into one dive into review and talk to you and show you basically talking about the app sales show you a product itself what it does what is my opinion about it and my notes from the review from you know diving into it playing with it so spy five okay underground web app it is a web-based app which will be using you’ll be using a lot okay and underground web app legally spies winning campaigns from the competition without hours of my numbering research now yes it is 100 n white hat illegal I have asked Austin hey dude is it white hat or not because I know that some of these spine software’s also scrapers which is kind of grey hat and I don’t want to play that game and he said yes and we confirmed and then I have some questions and yes one hard percent legal so discover proven to convert ads and campaigns and make them your own in just minutes so this is the claim right the claim is basically spine right and spying why spying is powerful obviously companies spend billions every single year on spying why ok why and then they conduct research well it’s important because when you know what your competitors are doing and we all have competitors you can outsmart them you can improve upon them and obviously the competitors don’t want you to know what they are doing especially what ads they’re running now obviously they cannot get away with it if you do manual research you can find some of your competitors information but what if you could like go ahead and spy on the top I don’t know 50 best top you know those websites they get millions of visitors and spy on their ads what how much you can learn spying is always a gold mine and spying is always worth more than people charged for it spying is this is simply just the most cost-efficient factor in in marketing okay yeah and this is what it does okay now we’re here to find out how it works if it really is up to its claims and because you’ll be using this a lot spy software something you people use a lot all the time that means that you’ll that you need good navigation inside you need the members area and the whole software to be comfortable easy to use because when you’re when it’s hard for something especially for something that you’ll be using a lot it is definitely very very bad for the review and for the product itself and for the you know for the reputation of the product itself and this is the claim and what really intrigued me here is a live spy fight case study it’s on the sales page I will you see how someone made a hundred dollars a day campaign using spy Phi okay from scratch and he made it I think in five hours okay if i remember correctly in five hours okay got here the steam o’neill’s now why do I want you to ignore them I don’t care what they are saying okay I don’t care honestly each and every one of those is an affiliate now although some of them may be unbiased and something you know I gradually I which I trust and everything they still provided testimonials they still are what kind of you you can take a few testimonials as a success story or is a something special okay and we’re talking about great proof thousands of dollars and it’s all made as sous PI phi and complete newbies are seeing this okay and and a live case study everywhere and it’s very simple BuzzFeed and everything ok this is what a sales page sales pitch looks good looks convincing looks beautiful okay so once you login what you’ll see is the dashboard okay and the supper is very simple remember I said you’ll be using in a lots of unique way navigation from the start you can see there is a great navigation inside that is the reason why I haven’t provided and I haven’t written any drawbacks / bad stuff about spy Phi at all in my notes this is the first time doing this you know this doesn’t mean that the sales page that the sales I’m sorry one second and I had some hard burning if you know what it is so from the antibiotics so um what were I it’s okay so basically the navigation is cool it’s simple it’s clear now the reason I there are no drawbacks no bad stuff which is kind of the first time but it doesn’t mean that the review score is going to be 10 out of 10 know obviously because the concept and everything else still needs to be considered individually regardless of bad or good stuff right so but there are no drawbacks in my opinion no bugs I haven’t found any bugs it’s clean it’s simple it’s easy to use and it does exactly as promised it okay so right now I’m telling you guys I’m approving it and if you stick around to the end of this video you’ll y’all talk to you about my bonus but if you won’t you can find my bonus below okay my bonus is going to be exactly it’s going to be probably the best bonus for a spy Phi out there right so if you want to share with your friends this bonus tell right Hellgate string so overview of spy Phi you’ve got here the tutorials they talk about each one of the sections the bookmarks which is where you save your the preferred ads or whatever you have researched and you serve it their products you know pages and overview asp i fight trending bookmarks you’ll see here brainstorm facebook ads to t-shirts ecommerce and just overall generally here’s here’s i am advertising for my launch that is me so and let’s let’s just show you a small example right you can also search fan pages but let’s say the key word is let’s say mmm let’s go for let’s go for I don’t know what are some really trending stuff today just let’s think about no television or something like that something we can sell you know for example for e-commerce right let’s think about I don’t know what strain I’m not watching TV I don’t know what’s trending today right well let’s forget about something trending today let’s go for something evergreen let’s go for I’m not breaking bad right breaking bad and we want to research wept up trade ads that lead to something like let’s say TSP right to use bring calm which was there i believe already this week so will be recent and post type recent and it gives you brings you to a new tab okay and you’ll see all the searches are for what you need so this gives you the search on facebook right however the diff hey is me again the difference is are they can find anything okay let’s go for golf right something completely evergreen golf tee spring right there are right teespring correctly maybe I did something let’s go for Google right just for the sake of this example cuz I’m done I’m doing something wrong in the research ok ok I need to rewatch the tutorial please uh please forgive me let me just rewatched the tutorial hey guys so I’m back so basically i asked the event door and basically i was doing with wrong i told you the antibiotics are bad so I was on recent and I would needed to be on all because there are no research recent post in my niche so now and plus I put a WWI don’t know so basically here i put keyword golf and decided redirects to st spring and now it will show me all the top ads from this keyword ok and that is how simple it is obviously it was not so simple for me right now because sometimes i feel like i’m stupid maybe I am but that was that was a mistake right of what I did let’s go for trending Google right and now you see the trends Peyton Manning x-files Royal Rumble saber pale in a square earthquake a trendy just trending and related niches so you got a very deep and very simple research tool and you can think of Tom Brady wife age you can think about just start thinking about the potential what you can do with it when you start researching and spying on other facebook ads and on other websites and another and on other articles and everything because I basically can spy on full nature’s and go into incredible depths with this simple spying tool that I love very much okay so here’s my list right good tutorials in the benefits there are no drawbacks I told you it’s good navigation right it’s good tutorials the tutorial simple three minutes each it’s like 20-30 minutes to watch the whole software tutorials it’s easy to use navigate it fits ecommerce CPA facebook ads are YouTube everything you can do a lot with this ok you can do a lot and it’s based on real results people are using it to make money now let’s talk about bonus and then talk about the upsells that they have so you know exactly what to expect so the bonus is and it’s straightforward very simple it’s going to be instant download it’s going to be the best bonus that you can get from spy fight so how to let me see what i wrote this here because my handwriting is awful right ok yeah how to make a hundred dollars with spy fight and affiliate marketing and 48 hours or less i’m going to show you in this video it’s going to be a long video with a mind mapping full in-depth video ok were really i’m going to show you everything and it’s basically expose you can say and how to make money and obviously it’s going to vary some of you won’t make way more than 100 depending on your experience and you’re currently Bridge but we’re talking about here to make at least a hundred two hundred dollars in the next 48 hours and then scale from there using affiliate marketing which means you don’t need to create any products or do anything too complicated right and simply make fast money using spy fire i’m going to show you everything in a video and this is your bonus here now this bowl is just priceless i cannot put a price tag on it i’m not planning to put a price tag on it it’s simple is as simple as you will get spy fight through my link and you will get this bonus and you will win if you won’t you will probably not get anywhere not get such bones anywhere plus all the other bonuses diali all the other affiliates are providing through austin anthony the vendors are giving these general bonuses to everyone great bonuses a plus i ask the vendor I came to Austin I told him Austin can I get something exclusive something that will truly benefit my subscribers as a bonus that nobody else will get he said yell search something for you and he starts working on it and that is also will be your bonus it will be written below but the main bonus is my bonus right here and it’s powerful it’s good and I really believe in it and I do want you to take action and get it with my link ok so it goes live let’s go to the JV page right goes live on the twenty-seventh of January 11 a.m.

Eastern time it’s a four-day launch we’ve done that it matters to you too much yeah so I’m going to explain later what it is ok so what the episodes are but the prices are front end twenty seven dollars or thirty seven thirty thousand seven dollars for the pro version which comes with slightly more advanced stuff obviously always get the better version especially at the price difference again as usual you know but it’s up to you I don’t really care what you get for the bonus but I do want you to actually go ahead and take action on that because it is in his very very powerful right pi phi platinum ninety seven dollars plus commercial license which is the first one time offer will go what it is in just a second and oto to a spy phi facebook and Ferno fifty percent commission no it’s not doesn’t matter but twenty seven dollars per month recurring or 197 a lifetime i explained to you what the front end is right let’s go over what one-time offer number 1 is plus commercial license advanced version of spy fry pro with additional research modules that lets users spy on aliexpress at c1 elope polyvore and storenvy which is amazing and i cannot spy by the way on there i don’t have this version on my review copy moreover this license of allows people to use the software for their clients so this is powerful you can obviously use this for your clients which is already great and additional such as paul even one other which are powerful nowadays in that just basically spy on products I really like that I really sorry I’m I really really like what the hell is wrong with me I really like this one time offer but obviously I cannot go ahead and say go ahead and buy it what’s up I’ll go ahead and buy it just if you want to go ahead and if you feel that like this will benefit you yes it is a smart business decision to get this one-time offer second what I my first wife I Facebook inferno which is a little bit costly right so you want to know what you’re getting for twenty seven dollars a month or one is n dollars lifetime having the most comprehensive facebook marketing suite your users can get their hands on in 2016 and beyond no other facebook marketing software comes packed with as many features as does our facebook marketing software who just like fanpage scheduler group poster fanpage promoter this will do auto comment and replies okay okay I’m starting to get the idea or different pages to get you more likes for your fan page also add a feature is scheduled post okay i’m starting to see what it is okay so it’s a let’s say it’s a traffic you’d say Facebook and filtration software visually will get you traffic and get your exposure by automatically posting sharing liking engaging on Facebook okay so this is and this is a SAS which means like they will keep updating it and making it better as time goes as long as their users paying the monthly fee or the one-time higher cost fee okay so you know what it is am I going to recommend that or not is something else entirely right you’re you’re the person who was going to make the purchase here you’re supposed to make a wise informed decision this is what I’m here to help you for with not to tell you exactly what to get and preach you right so this is PI phi this is my review of spy phi and it’s a great software it’s amazing it’s simple my bonus also i really want to make this special so I’m giving you a very powerful and good bonus and this is this is what I give you okay so thank you very much for watching this review enjoy it and I’ll talk to you later

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