Spotlight part of a picture with PowerPoint’s slide-background-fill (Part 2)

In this video you’ll see how to highlight parts of the pictures though with a spotlight let’s see what I mean so this is the original photo we’ll work with here just to show you how it starts out looking filling the slide and then on the next slide this is how it’ll look with this spotlight effect now the good thing about this method is if I decide that I want to change that highlight move it somewhere else on the photo or the picture I can do that and the highlight or update automatically it’s dynamic let me show you what I mean so say I want to highlight this yellow leaf just under the boy’s face here if I drag the spotlight area down it adjusts to the picture underneath and I can rotate that if I like and similarly stretch it whenever I want and it’s just highlighting whatever’s underneath on there on the background picture so let’s see how to set that up we’ll go to a blank slide now first what you need to do is put the picture on the background of the slide so I’ll right-click on a blank area of the slide choose format background picture or texture fill and click the file button here then just double click the photo you want so I can close that now next I’ll put a rectangle over the whole slide that’s the dimmed area so just drag from one corner of the slide to the opposite corner right click on the shape you’ve drawn and choose format shape then on the fill tab click the color button and I’ll choose black and set the transparency to 50% then on the line color tab choose no line I’ll leave this dialog box open because we’ll need it again in a minute for the other shapes I’m going to draw because the highlighted areas so the first highlighted area I’ll choose a rectangle just for an example and drag over the boy’s face at the top of the photo again for this example I’m going to choose no line just so there’s no border around the shape and on the fill tab choose slide background fill that’s what pulls the picture through to fill this smaller rectangle I’ve just drawn now the highlight areas you draw can be any shape you like so for the next one let’s do an oval you could do a star or freeform as I say whatever whatever shape you want to draw I’ll just highlight this other boy’s face here again choose slide background fill and on the line color tab no line if you’re highlighting areas of a screenshot say or just depending on what the effect is you are trying to produce you might want to have a line around there maybe a red line a thick border it’s really up to you whatever you choose just for this example I’m just getting rid of the line altogether so now I can close this dialog box that’s really it so if I move the shape just as before let’s move this rectangle down here it adjusts because we’ve chosen slide background fill so this one I might choose to rotate it and it’s it’s matching the picture underneath so there you have it and I hope you find that a useful technique look at in the blog post that accompanies this video for links to other videos related to it and thanks for watching

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