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Greetings welcome to a tutorial on how to use Spiceworks Spiceworks is going to be our new help ticket system that were using for the Harrisburg school district and so I’m going to start right away with going to this website and the site is right here I’ll put that in the link sending out to the the email for this but once we type that in I’m going to hit enter see I’m using Firefox here that’s it I understand there is an exception confirm all right so once we come up on this page it’ll ask for this now this is normal I’m gonna use my login that I would normally use to log into the computer with your network password so I click on OK and you can choose to remember the password if I was using Safari it would come up with the same same deal here so if I go to this page and it slowly loads there we go you might get the same pop up I was already signed in beforehand so it just automatically signed me in so whether using Firefox Chrome or Safari it should look the same starting at the very top what’s my ticket summary okay so we get a lot of that sometimes so type in my email address Chris and it would be helpful to know what school you’re at so let’s say I’m an explorer what room number two phone number you can give your extension or if you don’t want to give your cellphone whichever that’s that’s fine let’s give my and the problem here we’ve get projector issue and it might be another integration assistance if you need help with working with your projector like maybe showing some of the special features that your projector has because there are some nice features on our projectors that would be it alright so hopes that fix it price so any other helpful information like hey you know some kid hit it or was swinging a broom around in the room and knocked it over or some or whatever you know he open tickets right now if I hit submit goes through there now it creates a ticket number forty it probably will send you an email and then you can also check to see the status of your favorite ticket and that’s that’s a great thing that we as the help the tech staff will be able to go in and certain tickets will be assigned to different individuals and so hopefully that will help streamline us get getting help to you more quickly so and to the right person so thank you much and if you have any other questions feel free to ask and have a great day

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