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Welcome to jobs can share that or help this administrator lab course in this section we are going to talk about Spiceworks tools now what is Spiceworks tools let’s go and see how FAR’s fall how did I get here Google go to just bikes Works tools search and click on the first link free online IT tools get your IT job done their description is this for these tools free online IT tools to help sysadmin network engineers technicians and other setup troubleshooting at work and more now basically they already have an application and some of the things are already in the application if you install the whole spice application and some of the things are already in there like no IP scanning for example you can scan the whole subnet you can scan the whole network and you will get all the devices but some of the tools are just now they made it so it’s quicker you know in even more advanced I would say some of them are not in the specs for example connectivity dashboard is not part of spikes work it’s actually a cloud-based system where you you have user online account in ID and then you install software on a desktop on different desktops and then that desktop basically what it does it goes out and check if the sites are available or not and we’re going to do that demo right in our lab in few minutes and then you have some other tools like IP scanner internet outage is really nice one if you see that it will give you a map of where what part of isp and some networks are down so then if somebody’s calling you from somewhere on the phone that hey you know I’m not getting to your site so maybe you can check that and see oh there’s the outage in your area our site is working fine everything is great but I think it’s a problem too on your end because one of your network you know providers are down at this point so that’s why you’re not getting to our list here’s some other ones you can see the IT security tools blacklist check and IP repetition port scanner and tester you can see portion SSL checker monitor your AWS and Ezra cloud caution and they’re adding more so let’s go to the lab and actually test these tools and what you can do with it in real-world environments I’m going to basically try to see if I can come up with real-world scenarios while I’m doing this think of this video as a learning video so I know a lot of people come in cell he started like after six minutes the historic demonstration but remember this is a core so I have to talk and explain things so I am in my active directory right now this is my active directory computer and that’s kind of like a realistic examples that I’m giving here in your area you will also have active directory and then let’s say for example the Spiceworks is installed on this server right here which is connected to this active directory and then you have desktops right here okay so let’s go ahead into our 64-bit system which is your lab computer and let’s go and think of this as your own helpdesk computer so to start the tools you will need to go to the web page as you can see we already have spice work install in our other lab videos so I’m going to go ahead and open this tool page so go to Google type Spiceworks tools and now we are in that same page and let’s get started with the first one which is connectivity dashboard so it tells you right here we should click on it it gives you a really nice information they have everything in there so if you want to learn detail stuff you can use it right here say how do I use it stay on top of application connectivity when application is down or slow you will find out because multiple computers are can access that application and then you will let you know that is it really down is this is this is this is this the problem with one computer or it’s all over I mean this is kind of awesome for a technician because if you work in an environment where you certainly get a call that you know this side is down and if you have this tool installed on let’s say for example in one in these one is in New York or maybe elio home because your home user total different network so you will quickly find out that your home computer can access it is green but my user cannot access it is red but my other users can access it is all green so you know that issue is with this computer but if you see that if all of its red from your home network it’s red because you cannot access this application it’s red red red red red then that application is down maybe it’s likely for example office 365 application and let’s say for example their server just went down the front end where you type in the username and password that page is down it will show down right here and then you instantly found that because you’re going to get so many calls in one to three minutes you can get all these calls and you know without even going out without even picking up a laptop without even connecting a might fly Wi-Fi your phone network and finding out things you know running around this can quickly resolve that issue so that’s why they have this so to install this what you will do is no installation basically you’ll log in here with your account username and password I already have one so I’m going to login right now if you don’t have one you need to sign up right here not a member you need to join now so you can do that so I’m going to go ahead and sign in with my account first pause this alright so for privacy reasons I took off some of the things so let’s say for example when you log in for the first time what you need to do is you need to click on this agent download and you will get something like this so when you click on it and download you’re going to get your site key in here and you also have if you want to like you know use like PDQ deployment software deployment this is the use this is the command you will use but you can also click on download your windows agent so you click on this and you’ll get the MSI you need to have dotnet and if you don’t have it it’s going to ask you that you want to install it and that should work so once you install it then you will ask you for the key in your car the key and then you’ll put it in that installation click next next next finish and it will automatically come back here and then say ok this computer IP address is this name of that computer is this and then whatever application that you have decided to monitor you can click on this little plus sign right here and then you will get this where will say application name address and then you will see what do you want to do HTTP or ICMP so you will probably use HTTP you can use the other way too but for this demo I use like jobs can share – share org then you click on save what will happen here automatically it’s going to take a second or two and then it will start getting to that application that you had defined over here so if it’s jobs could share that org here then you will see jobs could share that org and this machine was it will show green or red or you know or this color right here this color represents low unreachable mean it cannot reach for example in this section I have two local addresses so this is inside the local network addresses meaning nobody cannot access from outside so I have these two machine right here there from outside of the network and you can clearly see that they cannot access these two sites right here because they are local so that’s the really powerful feature from spikes works that if you have something like that for example someone say someone someone call you and then you know they say that this user saying that site is down and I’m also seeing it it’s down now it’s two people saying that one is external member one is the internal staff member but then how if you have this tool right here you can clearly see your home computers set up to access that site your other staff members computers you can add a lot of computers in here it will automatically add it’s very quick and then you will see that ok everybody else can access it these two people cannot access it let me troubleshoot it just with these two people something is not right but usually when someone call you and two people say ok it’s down there from different networks then if everything is red for everybody then you know that site is down so you can click you can quickly say that okay the site is down let me check there the new troubleshooting goes to some other side you can even tell this information to your system admin network engineer and then they will need to probably see it maybe there’s an issue with a webserver there’s some else going on databases is how are having an issue that’s different story but at least from your point of view it’s so easy for you to now decide if the site is down application is slow or something if it’s slow what if it’s low maybe there’s a report running on the server it’s taking a long time resources and everything and it’s slowing this one site for everybody you can see that it’s going to be this color for different machine different IP addresses you know that it’s low so then you can share that information to your networking team and say it’s pretty slow because I can tell you this it’s coming from different networks so again in my example I have three computers two computers on my home network two different IP addresses and then all of these machines are internal network so if someone call that this site is down this one and if it’s down for for external only that’s these two are red and I know that they should be able to access it but it’s red so now I know that something internal members can access it but but external members cannot so maybe something going on with the firewall maybe firewall for for external members are messed up something is wrong somebody did an update or something like that now nobody can reach the site from outside so that is very powerful let’s go back to the lab again okay so here we are I’m going to go ahead and cancel this and let’s get back to our actually let me open it again and let’s get back to our other tools ok so now we’re going to type spikes for tools the game and we’ll click on this link and now what we going to do is to check this section we just say network internet outage heat map so let’s see what it is basically what it will do it’s called they were on data version right now so of course is going to use your your area like you know your where you live so I was going to ask you do you want to share the information and you can see how in the United States these places maybe are having an issue so if you click on it let’s say for example Denver and Denver you can see report outage in this area so if you click on it you go zoom in there and then it will go even more in detail so that then it goes down down down down to this so you can see if you live if you go on the bottom you can also check right here somewhere into communication Fargo resolved resolved if it’s not resolved and you know that these people are having issue so this could be a lot of members calling you from one specific state that oh you know we cannot access your site you know something’s wrong fix your site and they’re getting angry but when you find this information out that oh you know in Denver everything is down nobody can access because a lot big and ISP is having an issue so you can tell them that okay it’s an issue it’s a it’s the issue from your end there’s really nothing we can do but you can give them a key at least information right so that’s a great way to find information and again this and that other tool that I just showed you guys can you can work it together because if so many people are coming for calling from outside then you can also check on that too that is it really down because I see from my home network that site is actually down you know people that cannot access a this true when people call you you know that some sometimes you say oh you know it could be their firewall maybe they didn’t clear the cache and cookies and all kind of stuff like that you know so I know it’s working but when you have these two tools like you know information like that available it makes your job really easy so let’s go back and so this is all online you don’t have to do anything in this one you have to just read you know register and do the download piece and again it’s just and again and the the client side of this is going to automatically update so if they have new features it’s just going to come to you automatically you don’t have to worry about anything IP lookup so basically you can click on here and you think your site is getting hit with this one IP address it’s not getting away from site anything this kind of attack or maybe you want to know something you know like who is this person that you know if I say well who is Spike’s worse like you know if I do this place works calm I want to check their IP address and everything so you see right here it gives you an IP address where they are what type of domain where they’re located a lot of information you can find it right here okay so that is you this is useful for many purposes I mean like I said maybe there’s I P address hitting your site with different type of codes and you want to know is this legit or what’s going on you want to block it and but you want to make sure who it is first you probably want to block the whole you know IP address is related to that IP scanner this is again it’s a different tool and in basically it’s kind of like Spiceworks but maybe if it’s going to be useful if you don’t use Phi so if you already have spikes or I’m not sure if it’s going to be useful or not but let’s go ahead and download it and I’ll find out what information we can get from this so you’ll do save it’s kind of like quickly if you want to find out what systems are in that subnet or you want to find out information about other machines IP addresses are available now maybe this could be helpful when you when you find in appear just let’s say you would think that a I want to assign this IP address to this server and this could be also helpful so let’s say we’re going to run that and then wait for it okay so it’s going to ask you what browser do you want to use so right now we installed over IP and look at this it’s basically doing didn’t find anything but do you want to start a new scan you’ll just click on new scan here it will automatically detect detect what network your horn have you changed networks fine scan and IP ranges or connected to blah blah I’m just going to do a scan here oh actually I need to put IBEW so that’s of example this is the automatically detection so one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot one dot one and then you do similar exactly like this so if you have other addresses like maybe in your company you have one seventy two dot twenty-two then another is one to twenty three and all on maybe that maybe that to that one something like that so you will need to add that to placate entry oh i need to actually remove this add an IP address what am i doing wrong oh there okay actually it was scanning for so my bad okay got it so that entry that it was already because I never installed this I didn’t know what to do with it but again so it found one device it says Verizon that’s a MAC address ports are open one minute ago so let’s see if we can click on OK here it’s just scanning here that’s why I was like why it’s not doing it so if I do 192 dot 168 that something scientist it’s still looking for information right now it’s going to find other computers in my network at this point and you can export that so it’s probably going to take some time so this computer address is 192 168 that now one thing that I don’t like about this is that this you know you can’t stop it and I will be with you should be able to stop this and maybe I’m not seeing that option right now but let me just do a dig so it’s finding information here I’m sure there would be a button to stop this because my screen is not full like you know I can I’m not using the full screen maybe if i refresh it will stop just in case I mean I want to stop this and I don’t want to like you know if there’s like a huge network and I don’t want to run this so look at this right here it’s telling me the Cisco device out there there’s a Netgear device out there there’s samsung device out there my IP address is my MAC address is there’s Amazon fire right there everything in my network is going to go out and scan and so far it’s found 15 I can export this to you know CSV file and then if I want to like let’s say use another tool like PDQ and stuff like that to do things I can also do that with that CSV file pretty awesome right and showing you the port ports are open in this computer so yeah that’s what you can do with IP scanner just finding out information and names and things like that I mean I would still prefer using the whole application for spikes or gives you a lot more than this so you can use this depending on what type of scenario you are in so let’s cancel that and let’s go back to the more tools so here we go so we did our first one connectivity internet outage IP lookup IP scanner subnet calculator is for people if you want to find some easy way to do some netting I’m not going to do anything with subnetting this is not this is this is another course out there so if you want to start that but again if you want to click on subnet calculator you can quickly do subnetting and if you want to play around with that this is what this was really useful for people who are in that work and they want to give a company a whole list of subnetting so this could make their life very easy and you can see that you can you can make the number of subnets you know how much how many 7s do you want you want to do like quantity do what you want to do it by size you can see how many hosts you want per something that you can type that in here type the main address and then it will give you that so pretty cool they have that also so let’s go back to the tools again like too many clicks so let’s go back okay traceroute is another tool from Spiceworks so if you want to find out how many hops or how many things are in between your computer and another place that you want to reach then it will give you the very nice graphical look that these are the system’s between so why would you use this it’s kind of like tracking down the connection issues it you can see right here and learn more about it also so let’s say for example your own point a point B have a router here and then you want to go to point C so when you type to point C address and you do a traceroute and you cannot reach point C you’ll and you can get information from the second router but it’s not going out maybe there’s something going on with the router maybe there’s some other device in the middle that is having an issue so it kind of gives you a nice way of finding out that from your computer you went to here then you went here the new stopped here something is not right in this section at this area or this device so you need to troubleshoot that so it’s pretty cool you can download this also and when you download this thing where you get the browser and then browser you’ll get like you know you can type the what the address the IP address and then you can use that it’s going to be I think port 8080 and when you do that you’ll just get a like blank the same similar type IP IP lookup type of you know screen here you just type the IP address of the device and then it will do something like this stray shower result it will show you 24 MS and then it went through here they went here went through here forwarded by three hours so that’s where you do your troubleshooting now let’s go back and find more I know this video is getting very big but a few more and then we’re done so here website down checker again you can type the website here the name of the website so you can click on the website here and if you want to see if the website is up or down let’s say you’re accessing jobs could share that or what you’re having some issues and you think you know is this your computer or is this site really down so if you can get to spice for first the site is working you know you have internet connection then so if you click check here and if it shows that it’s down then something is not right with spicy food shops cachoeira org then you can send an email to Jessica Sarah Oregon maybe you can call the number if you already have the number so and then that’s how you find out in your environment maybe you’re getting calls about one site that is down and then you want to first confirm it is really down so you can check that okay let’s go to different tools what you have here let’s go back okay now we are coming to security so for example you want to find out blacklist checking IP reputation so what you can do is you can type their IP address or the domain address of the site that you want to see if it’s malicious or is it known by spammers and things like that so you can do that so if you click on blacklist an IP reputation so it will tell you that is this site a good site or is it a bad side and then you can type it so for example if I type our site Java shara or now I don’t want to share the IP address you can find out I don’t want to share that in the video so I’m just going to pause the video so you see this little green mark is telling you that it’s a clean site and on the bottom it gives you information about the IP address and says that this site is clean so nothing is found if you find the red and some other information about it then it’s worrying for you again you can find that IP address oh Jessica share that or but I just want to not show it in the main screen another one is poor scanner and tester so if you want to know what ports are open on this server or this what are open in this site you know if you want to know that you wanna you want to in a security way like you know if you want to make sure that there’s nothing open on your site or server that can cause issues later on you can take the IP address or the domain name here scan and it will tell you these ports are on so it could be port 80 other ports that’s fine but some other ports that you don’t want to be out on the internet you can just close that okay so another good one is SSL checker right here this is if you are for example job tsukushi org is using its https a secure site but if you want to find out is it really secure as using a right SSL it’s not like you know some kind of a trick or something like that so you can type that and then basically added here and then find the if it’s correct HTTPS so then you can get like certificate information here not trusted by not too much authority now this requires if the more you pay for you know good HTTPS you can even go higher and very very expensive stuff but if you are just normally using HTTPS to make sure it’s a secure site this is enough information that you can get you can also use other if you go to Google and just type SSL checker you can also use other vendors like you know northern and anti viruses and they have their own sites to make sure that you’re using a correct site doesn’t have any viruses you can also use wires total calm I have another video that a very small video that I create you can just drop your domain into address and see if it’s clean domain site okay so let’s go back to tools again and I think we are done with the spice go to episode checker is done let’s see we have anything else nope cloud coast monitor this is not something I’m going to cover I mean if you’re using AWS and Azure and you want to find out how much you want to pay for a server or instance and stuff like that’s much more detailed stuff so that’s it guys spikes or tools in 25 minutes we’re done use it this is going to be very useful for you for anyone who is in IT if you’re a brand new person then make sure you take the course that is this is the part of that course so let me go back here and this video is uploading this this is where it’s going to be you can see you have all other videos right here that you can take so see you guys in a different video take care bye bye

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