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Hello everyone welcome to our first lecture and the first lecture is on Spiceworks which is a open source software that you can basically download and run a whole ticketing system for your company a small-sized company well you have like 100 or 200 people it doesn’t matter you can even run it for a bigger company but the reason I’m starting from free open source one because in this video in this this video will kind of clear some some installation questions that you might have now as a member as an IT member this this course is basically towards more like a front end of ticketing system that basically the use of ticketing system we’re not covering installation in this course because that is not what you are going to be doing when you basically apply for jobs this will be already done by an IT administrators or network engineers on the servers but this will give you an idea of how that works too but so let’s start from the Spiceworks what you do is you go to google and type Spiceworks and this will bring you to this page but I can just type Spiceworks here and then I’ll go click on the help desk and it will bring you to this page and what you will do is you can come back down here and you can read about this stuff I mean this is the same things that I was explaining in the intro video you can go through it and kind of explain what ability Spiceworks specifically you have so this can be this can vary on a different ticketing system there might have more than this they might have less than this if you go for like a remedy and you pay more money their company pay more money they’ll have more modules they will have much more ability than this one but this is a very powerful tool this can cover anything that you need to learn for help this ticketing systems you can basically master this and go to any ticketing softwares and you will be able to learn that in – probably in five minutes you you’re not gonna even take that time so this is why we want to start from the open source one where we can do more and we can basically play around with it a little bit more we’re not restricted that much all right so the first thing you need to do is download now click on that and you will see this thank you downloading Spike’s works and you click run and you’ll wait till this is 100% completed okay it’s Harrison completed the software packages is going to install right now you will see this spice it will run on port 80 click Next on that click accept click Next then click Next and just wait till the whole installation is over everything is all automatic so you’re not doing anything alright so click on this if you want to shortcut and just click on launch spikes works you’ll click on continue yes you will see this icon and it will say starting right now all right so just wait till this whole software gets set up on your computer and you can do more than just ticketing and all that we will explain it later this is a powerful tool and I have some other videos if you guys go to my hub this and help us support specialist free course you will see everything about Spiceworks in detail that is more for like asset management and everything but this course is totally towards IT ticket ticketing system alright once you’re done you will see this little foam you can create if you already have an account with spikes works you can use that but if you don’t you just create one over here and then you can use it I’m gonna see if my old account works so that’s different one if you have you have to use all these steps so I’ll just use a new one so then desktop you go here create a user name Danny seven one seven a and then I’ll password it company to them and then you can say other or whatever you want even if Roma is nuts Oh suit oh I didn’t put you in the right place sorry about that email let’s see if I can use one of my email here oh stop calling at Chi so once you do that you will be able to you log into the system and as soon as you log in it just takes you to these helpless tickets right here and see this is where I was talking about the help that’s ticketing system so let me explain it to you right now that this was basically a Spiceworks and the whole system the spikes were is everything is together so when you install the hot spikes on one of the computer this becomes like a server basically just imagine this is a server you install the spikes work on it and now from here on you can make a portal for your company and they can basically access that link and that will send tickets to you guys now for other ticketing system they all have the same process you will install a server end on some kind of server or a computer and then you will be that will be able to basically take care of all the reporting and the whole incoming so let me see if I can open something in pain and connects me in to you guys so basically this is a server okay yes and you install the the main piece on this server which will be a software your remedy software your your manage engine software or your service nerve software or your attract it software or Spiceworks so what we did right now and these are clients basically these are small computers that are basically users are using so this server when you install the spike source what we did this created a link a small link for all these clients to be able to access this page right here so to show you the example I will go here and user portal and we’ll just wait a second to come down okay so preview okay this is the user portal basically they will see this information you can change it as a minister when you’re on this computer or you login as an administrator you have portal designing you can change everything over here but this is mainly where they will see so they will get a link they this link will be on a site or a portal that you use or anything that you are in an email it doesn’t matter how your company’s communicating with your it might be a SharePoint portal that this link will be integrated like a small link will made it says okay send the ticket so when they click on it they will see the screen that’s all they see and then they their ticketing information on this site so the idea was you make a server you have a link so people can go to the link and then when they type something in this server catches all the information and then when you do something over here this server goes back to this user and gives more information so I – so let’s say Danny open the ticket about something that on a computer the computer is pretty slow so he typed on this link he goes to this link he type it this link will take this information to this server the technician Tom Tom gets this accepted and assign it or whatever he is doing with that stuff or if he is able to manage it you fix this problem he will update the information here and this server will go back and update this probably did this will update the server information over here and then whenever Danny log in to see the status of the ticket it will be there so let’s see this is an example now we have a let’s say for example we have a company car Knight Academy and I am the person who is having a problem I’ll just go here and my computer is slow now this is basically in the beginning I said that we’ll be creating an assigning tickets basically so this is about that we are creating a ticket right now so this is a very important part this is what you basically are going to be doing it work when you get a job or if you want to learn about ticketing system so my computer is slow and then they type information it’s not working so me Danny logged in and I submit a ticket so what you do is you submitted a ticket it will create a little date in the database it will create the number for you it’s to basically track it down again so new health is created the IT administrator has been notified now when you go back to your server end and when you click on help this and see what’s going on you see I got I receive the ticket from Danny now as Tom I’m the I’m the the technician what I do my job starts from here this is the major part of ticketing systems all the ticket system work exactly the same way you get a ticket now now tom is seeing this and see it Tom sees that oh this is my ticket I can solve this problem I’m gonna click accept so Tom accepted this ticket now and it’s assigned to Tom and then he’s gonna reply hey Danny I am working on it so Tom technician replied to this ticket and now this is basically the time is started this ticket is is being handled now so what you do is you update the ticket when you have data ticket on the server side you also get a history but let’s say if Donny go back and he wants to check his status again he’ll come down here and it’s in the refreshes browser or log in again in the morning and you see hey Danny I’m working on it so basically it’s like between these two there’s a communication going on and you’re not basically doing emails anymore no like you know no no calling here and there you just have a database that keep track of what happened and how this issue is being resolved this is the major basically a major benefit of ticketing system so it keeps the track of everything time situation in whatever is happening in the company and this is basically a central point for everybody to report so that is the main key behind it so that was one basic basic thing and very important thing how to create it to get how do how do you as a help this person or an IT person who is managing the ticketing system how do you assign and kind of like and go through the tickets so now Tom basically he’s done with the ticketing system he has done I found the problem I replaced the fan ok and now I’m going to close this ticket and update so basically you’re done with this ticket you close and you’re now in this ticket is closed you basically go there and you don’t see that ticket anymore why because this ticket is closed now if you go back over here I’m sorry about that so if you go back to Danny site and when he refresh is he will see ticket closed I found out the problem I replaced his fan now if this ticket is having still if this person is I’m still having the issue and he don’t think that it’s been resolved he will have an option to reopen it again so now he have the option to basically open a ticket again and oh this ticket is basically solved and tom is gonna go back and he’s done with the ticketing system number one usually when you come in the morning or somebody sender of course you have probably a lot of requests sitting here from the from last night but in the sometimes you just get it right away so what if there’s like four tickets and somebody is having a number one issue like urgent issue then you have basically levels in there this ticket is pretty important this is a high level or this is a medium level so you have these right here that was users can also assign their own levels but sometimes you get a request from user that it’s very low level so what you do is when you click on this ticket you basically can change the the importance of it it says low then I’m not worried about it that much right now I have to go to the other tickets for example if this one is a high level ticket then I’m gonna be working on this ticket first and you can see priorities are depends on how the software is made their own like right here so I can come here and say oh this is a high level thinking I’m gonna accept this and start working on it right away that’s another ticketing system has this ability the other things about ticketing system is that you have basically you have a if you have same ticket basically – if someone goes in there and they type two tickets at the same time so for example if me is Danny I’ll go back here and I make ticket sorry about a computer and then I typed something in there and I send a request but something some happen between the browser and they refresh the browser but I don’t see they don’t see computer number one again and they’ll just just close the browser but they don’t know that this distant this this basically this ticket was submitted but I say if they think that this thing is submitted but they were not sure they make another tickets the same and they typed some other information mmm but little bit more detailed let’s say in this one but it’s the same ticket so they they just submitted two tickets and when you go here and you will see when you go back here and you see is refreshed you say oh computer number one you know man that’s the same ticket so you look into it like okay this one is having a little bit more information than this one what you do is integrate system there’s a there’s a called merge either there’s a merging tickets or they’re to one to duplicate one so you can close you can basically will accept this one you can accept this one and then once you’re done with it you can close it as duplicate so which one is this duplicating – and now when you click on it this is right here this is the one that is basically a duplicate of that ticket so you can click on this Marge and save will do it will merge both of the tickets in one ticket so now 7 + 6 is both merged and now you have all information here so when Tom basically no I’m sorry then goes back and he refresh your system now he has only one ticket this ticking this ticket was merged with ticket 6 because it’s the same issue please access blah blah blah so now you see the system is smart enough to do all that thing then it depends on how you your your system is Spiceworks is awesome for for for learning purposes because it teaches you that you need to know about ticketing system alright so this this was basically how to create a ticket how to assign a ticket how to close and merge it to get or now we’re gonna go a little bit more in detail now okay so now you got a ticket which is right here and I’m gonna go back here and see what other tickets I have so this is another ticket so I clicked on it and I read it and this is not something that and fit my job category this needs to be sent to developer or manager or anyone you in your work will have assignment groups so if you click on assign two there will be either names or there will be either groups so that’s up to however you guys make it your company make mod groups so what you need to do is when you click on here in assignment and then you click on to here like let’s say this is a developer and I assign it to him now this ticket is being assigned to this person this is how you assign tickets and that’s it your job is done over here and you’re not worried about it that person needs to close close it whenever their job is over then okay what if someone sends you a ticket and then needs more off editing in there so for example this person let’s say let’s say Tanisha C she just sent the ticket and she just cleaned that up I need I need data on this date okay so she she cannot put information in here but she didn’t do she didn’t put all the information that was required for this ticket you still they still assign the ticket and you do that normal process you come in here and you look at this oh I need data on this thing you accept it but then you need more information so you call it Tanisha hey can I have a little bit more information on this ticket and blah blah blah so she tell you all that all you gotta do is to come here to add it the ticket and then you type all the information to make it easier for the database team okay so for the database team and then you assign it to their group or their members whoever is responsible and then you make a category of it if it’s like if it’s maintenance it depends on it depends on how you guys set it up but this was basic editing for ticket itself so you added it to get an incentive person that’s one part that that is another part that you have to do in ticketing system so so far you learn how to us send it to gate how do how do users send it to gate how do us accept them assign them close them close and duplicate now what about if someone call you hey I need to know about that ticket that I sent basically it’s a searching the any ticketing system should have a very nice powerful searching ability so if you if you go to the search box and you see you type tickets and depend how you’re searching system work you might be working on keywords it might work on like incident numbers it will have different bilities now spice will have a big search thing so you can search by anything by name by keywords by incident numbers so if I type like ticket it will come up and if I was looking for six I can just type six ticket six sorry so I have to type ticket and then six if I type six here they should give me ticket number six and everything related to that ticket so this was searching basically somebody call you and they want to know about like last you ticket or something like that you should have you should have a searching ability in that one now here is the help that sticking system as a hub this person or any IT guy there’s nothing more than this you have to do that’s all when they ask you do you know the ticketing system do you know how to use a ticketing system this is what they’re basically asking do you know how to do this how do you know how to assign tickets do you know do you know how to close tickets you know how to duplicate them you know how to edit them do you know how to search the ticket this is it this is a ticketing system right here we’re done with the Spiceworks over here you can go back basically now if you have a level a little bit more like a manager level or you want to know your own reports you can go to basically reports and then run a reports of like ticket saying all tickets lat list of all tickets name blah blah blah and then you can run that ticket if you click on run it will overrun the ticket and you see it it will give you a nice report over here so that lists the whole report and so most of the reporting is done by managers you don’t do a lot of stuff like as a helpless person with reporting other thing about ticketing systems that these days are normal that you go to knowledgebase and then you create a knowledge-based relate to a ticket so you can basically you can basically create your own new article here and then you can basically relate it to one of the tickets that you have so once you have that ticket open you will have this article with it that’s another thing that these days are normal now and it’s kind of getting more people are forcing it so then when when I create a ticket if I work on one of the tickets that required me to work three hours but next time if I work on and it’ll be only like a few minutes then this will come very handy if someone someone else look at my ticket and then see oh these are the steps I need to solve this problem I don’t need to search at all this will help so here’s our first video it’s over with the Spiceworks to a ticketing system training on spice or ticketing system I’m pretty sure you learn the basic from here and from here now on we’re going to go to jump onto ServiceNow which is a corporate level ticketing system and we will do the same thing basically on that one so guys get more and more you guys have more confidence to that you worked on you can work on any ticketing system because I will show you then all these ticketing system have everything all the basic stuff are all them are in common they are not different from each other it’s just the way the layouts are different but other than that everything is same alright thank you and see you guys the next lecture

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