Spiceworks Inventory Basic Setup

Hello and welcome back to our job Skillshare org Spiceworks administrator and today we are going to work on inventory basically what it is we are going to set up our first scanning so then we can find devices in our network so let’s go ahead and get to our machines as you guys can see we have a domain controller here Windows 10 box which is not on a domain controller meaning this is not managed so this could be one of your lab computers that are not on domain controller okay on this one so Windows 7 is on domain controller it is being managed to and this is the one that we installed our spikes works on so let’s go ahead and open that all right so let’s fix the scale mode on this so there you go now okay so let’s get started you have three options here in our last video we left it here and mobile management device discovery and then you have a help desk configuration now you can actually manage all of this from inside once you get into the Spiceworks main page like a dashboard so the way you do this you click on discover my devices this is the first one then it will ask you what do you want to do what do you want to start with so here you go we’re going to do inventory management meaning we’re trying to look for devices and see what information we’re going to find so then you click on next now then you will get this page where you get username and password section this is where you can do a mistake and I’ll show you a quick way to find exactly if your username and password is correct so the first way is to kind of put your username and password correctly it as a domain controller you put something in there slash your domain account and then you can also check your account if it’s correct by clicking on show if you have Mac computers you can also put that over here you Mac Unix Linux whatever it is you can put it right there if you have printers and switches you’ll put it right here now this is something we’ll discuss later on this is the advanced so we’re going to go to in to research username okay so you have to say I don’t have it here let me just put this right here I don’t have it here then you click on go to inventory and now what it will do it will start scanning now this is the most important thing that if your computer I’m going to cancel this it’s okay you see right here as soon as I clicked on inventory it basically went out and looked for these machines and it found out that there’s staff PC which is simply see that you’re using right here domain controller and other machines now you could have issues if your if your machine is set to not for no remote desktop connection do not accept any connection and the way to check is that go to properties and this could be one computer that is having an issue and you just go to the properties go to remote settings and then you check the settings for example here you go to remote and if it says do not allow connections to this computer you’re going to have issues you will not see information so that’s good I’m just going to keep it that way so right now if I go to my remote desktop connection and if I go to my Spiceworks so let’s go back to our Spiceworks and you click on staff PC right here you see that it’s telling me that it’s not even on but it still looked for information so even though it says not on and so on to figure this out and to configure this right now there’s no information I’m getting from this machine but I got the IP address you go to tools you go to rescan this click on that and this is where you can quickly find out if your password is correctly correct first so you’ll put the password in here and go to job skills share okay that’s their little Jessica share type help this and then put the password and then you do scan so it’s same trying trying trying trying trying it will okay it worked yup it worked we are scanning this device now but it will still probably fail on a lot of things because it’s it’s basically looking for this information through this but still a lot of other you know ports are not working so what you need to do is to make sure it works actly we need to go to properties and again go to more desktop and in most of the domain controller environment this will be turned on with a secure connection like this one I’m just going to keep it this one to make it work quickly and then rest of course we when we go in details we’re going to do it the better way meaning how you are going to be doing at office so most likely you will be checking this box and then you’ll click apply and even though if you check this box you still probably will come across some of the firewall issue and to fix that firewall issue then we need to basically you know all work on a lot of other things like you know ports and stuff like that and Spicer’s have full documentation on that we’ll follow some of it to make it better so that’s what you do um I just noticed something why okay why it’s not connected so let’s go ahead and fix that quickly we’re gonna go to settings and network and it is on that um I don’t know why this is not coming up so let’s change that to net and let’s go ahead and go to settings again net network apply and okay let’s go down still showing that oh there you go got fixed okay that’s how you fix if you have any issues with the like you know connections you can just do it in virtual blocks that way sometimes it gets little tricky anyways so we’re back here again it’s doing a scan right now so another thing you could get stuck on this page even though things are scanning maybe this will go away if you have a good updated computers as you can see I’m using a very old not I mean it’s not even up-to-date so you can just copy this link and that’s another troubleshooting step that you can use it at any time if you get stuck in spice or scanning or somewhere you can paste it here and click enter you will see that your spikes will will be scanning I will show right here there you go so you see the scanning is going on it gives you the message that we’re updating the database is now if I click on the staff PC let’s see what information we get yeah I can already see water box there you go you have more information now and this is how you basically fix that issue if you could come across some of that some of the PCs that you’re not seeing or things like that but like I said you probably have to work on even on your firewall to fix this even I did not work on anything and still gave me everything so I can go to software now and do a full inventory on software I can see everything and I can go to basically tools and manage software meaning I can uninstall software from here which is pretty cool right so you see that the power spikes works you can already feel it because things when things works like this you have too much you know information in your hand and you can so easily get it now other thing you want to do is that this is how you scan things and this is how probably you fix things quickly but the main part of this video is where do you actually go in inventory systems you go to settings in settings this will be the first section and it’s going to be on the left side and it will call inventory there you go inventory and device scanning this is where you remember in the video I talked about you need to know your your network so if you have more IP addresses on 2nd floor 3rd floor maybe 2nd floor is an that one that one and fourth is that that one you need to add all of it you’ll just need to click on plus and you just need to add it here the same way and if you don’t want to scan a server or a switch that you don’t want to scan you can put a solution here or you can even disable the whole network like that so this is how you do inventory and again you can come back here and you can change the passwords if you put it wrong because this is the password that is being used on all the machines but like I said you can go to the actual machine and do it on that the first few minutes ago that I showed you guys you should do it that way so at least we will tell you quickly that is your password correct or not now in the rest videos we are going to go ahead and actually go indie in detail about inventory systems in this video we set up our first inventory and now it’s scanning and we’re getting the results that’s cool so in our next videos we are going to build on this section and keep adding on inventory section and get more advanced videos on this thank you for watching I’ll see you guys in a different video

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