Spiceworks Administrator Course Introduction

Hello everyone welcome to chop Skillshare dot-org today we are starting our new course the new course is Spiceworks administrator now this video is going to be introduction looking at screenshots and we are going to explain what we are going to cover in this course and who can take this course we can benefit from this course now of course all of our members can benefit from this course let’s say you’re an entry level person you’re trying to get into IT this course can change the whole setup I mean this can change the way you go to the interview and it can make a big impact when you start talking about spikes works and will explain why this could be a great course for someone who is a system administrator you are already working in an IT and you haven’t touched Spiceworks and you are wondering you are using the community you come across it sometimes you hear about someone using it but this is the time that you are really taking another step and you’re trying to implement it into your own company and see how it will work for you and I’m sure it will work great now you could be also a person that you’re you’re going to college you’re going to go you’re going for a degree IT degree and most of the time you in college you know go with projects and there are hands-on but most of them are related to theory usually they don’t talk about third party software’s like for example Spike’s works but the reality is that a lot of people use it at work and now we will explain why we would we need a course on this so then why do we need a course on this and then how job Skillshare decided that we want to make a course and we want to give it a name Spike’s course administrator remember our platform is not just about specific course and we were done with it and that’s it our main goal is to target everybody we want to target people that are getting into IT because these kind of courses help them you know getting to understand the real-world scenarios and what we use at work that’s exactly what we do now someone could go to college and maybe a teacher is using Spiceworks and they recommend using SPICE first but then they don’t know exactly how to install this and they need some kind of detail course this would be for you also now the reason we did this because we have already tried something like that we do unique stuff in Java Sea Org for example one of the biggest example that I can give is through our courses titling we give a title by title name like helped us support entry-level to specialist and this what we do is we basically show everything that we do as help this person and then from that on we will discuss let’s say installation of spikes first and kind of do a basic tutorial but then after that we will make a course on top of that so that makes your very good so either you could be using spikes force maybe you are not using spikes force so it will give you both ways you have this in your mind you have this technology back in the head that oh you know if you had to come across something like that let’s say you have to monitor 300 machines and you need to run a report on top of everything automatically then you know that there’s something available and that’s where you can take this course you will finish it but then you want to make more advanced skills you want to learn more advanced skills then you take another course so we don’t want to put everything in one course this is one reason like for example we discussed inactive in a helpdesk we discuss active directory we discuss office 365 but then we create another courses and see how successful these courses are another way is because people use a lot of in interview when you go to the job and all that applying where you do the entry-level applying and all that stuff you come across terms like this like helped us ticketing systems so what we did we create a course on top of that and we create it we just blend in so many different ticketing systems that it gives you a very good hands-on practice and you know about technique systems like anyone else would do and that’s what we do in Spiceworks right now that since it’s becoming so famous there’s so many people so many IT people are using this IT managers and IT system administrators so then when you go to the entry level job interviews these are the same people that are using spikes work so imagine if you have this if you go with your resume that you have a course behind your back that you have done this you have done installations you have done a very detailed course on vice works this can this can give you a very very good positive point in front of someone that who don’t have this or maybe they never came across this site so it’s a benefit to you so definitely this is something that is going to help a lot of people now what is spikes works Spike’s works it’s basically a networking application if it’s a help desk application it’s a it’s a web-based basically you know you can you can install it on premises and you can use it on cloud services to help this part so you can actually download it on your own computers servers and then you that will start scanning other machines and networks everything that you have in your network printers network switches devices phones anything that you can name mobile devices everything gets scanned by one machine and that’s through network so it’s using different type of scanning and we’re not going to go in detail about that right now that’s something we’re going to discuss in installation and an initial configuration section but in this video I just want to explain what it is just google that and you’ll see it’s a download you get it’s available through download and the one of the biggest and powerful feature in spy store gets this community because the people are IT people most of them are having one year to year 5 years 10 years 15 years you can name it people have very detailed skills on specific areas so if you have an issue about Windows Server updates so they will have some kind of groups in there and then you will know that there were people that just work on that so then that makes it this community very powerful and then they have the help desk helped us software integrated in the spikes works so that’s a very very powerful enterprise level help this ticketing system that every a lot of people are starting to use it now imagine you’re going for entry-level job and they’re using helpdesk ticketing system spike stores ticketing system now when you tell them that you have a system administrator course like sorry Spiceworks an administrator course on that that gives you a very good you know standing in front of other people like you know who don’t have the spikes maybe don’t even know about spikes works maybe they even put in their resume in requirements that you need to know but it would be great if you know about spikes or like you don’t know what how they put in the resume that if you know about this it’s a great thing basically that you know so imagine you have something to talk when you go to interview then so that is what spikes work is about so if you go to the Spicer calm you can see right here they have a cloud-based help desk so you just put your information and they give you like you can put like whatever you know jobs get a share dot on spikes worst comm and that’s the helpless it’s basically integrate six million tickets million resolved this many and then millions of people using the IT community as you can see this says by managing your devices right here you can read all that and and then you have another tool that’s the new tool that they just introduced spikes for network monitor where you can monitor in real time if your machine goes down you get an email if your site goes down you get an email or something like that you will go or that also and you can actually monitor services in here this is a full enterprise level monitoring system millions of IT people that’s right there so our course is related is located on jobs can share that or your click on all courses right here and this is the new course which is Spiceworks administrator you will click on that if you don’t find it here you can search it on the left side and then basically you will go over here and then it tells you right here what is the objectives installation set up set of spikes for network monitor and then the community and then in detail we have curriculum which is the introduction in this video that I’m making right now the next video will be setup in configuration and then once we configure everything will go in detail about everything in settings everything on – dashboard and the front pages reports purchasing troubleshooting and actually using SPICE work with external IT tools what do I mean by that let me just show you in an a screenshot way so this is a live Spiceworks basically installation you see this is a dashboard that is actually configured here you can see you can add you can add these dashboards from right here add content and you can add a dashboard so this – ball on top right here represents a full chart so one of the thing about this software is that it’s automatically updating everything because it’s looking scanning your system and then it’s fine information and then it updates it this is so cool and powerful because you know one of the most important thing in IT is that someone walk up to you or someone from iron management they’ll just say you know how many Dell computers do we have and that this is where things like this can help you a lot and trust me it will you will be asked these type of things and most of times yeah I mean it’s not a big deal you just spend a few hours start to find out if you don’t have things like this right or you need to go to your documentation and all the documents you need to just go over it and they will find the information but if you have something like this you just open spikes where again one click you can tell them about 235 days we immerse 55 and we have HP 25 that is so awesome right you just quickly say that and if you can click on these little icons right here can tell you everything you can even go in antivirus Oh 166 are up to date your manager comes to you and say how many out-of-date applications do we have antivirus so you can say oh we got 32 or we really need to work on this can we make a ticket with help this and can you guys figure this out yeah cool so that that’s a job right there right you can go about the IP configuration someone say here how many DHCP IP addresses are there out there you can say Oh 223 static IP address is 61 you can find out which one of these hardware age this could be very important one when after three years or two years you’re trying to sell you’re trying to get rid of the old machines and you can you want to find out in a very quick way how many computers are over there that I need to get rid of and these are 161 I can click on it find out right what’s going on in your network is there any issues going on yeah there’s a lot of issues going on right here when you click on the event history in 1617 oh there’s a you know the ad FS or you know the Active Directory synching there’s an issue going on with the server you need to look into that server they could be issue with the exchange there could be issue with good policy shortcuts right here a lot of things can go wrong and if you don’t know what’s going on in your network something could be building up you can do a proactive you know way of IT stuff that you can find out what’s going on and and there could be a issue going on for example if I show you right here in this dashboard you can find out exactly how many machines you have but you can also find out if these machines right here like for example this is the server right here and if this server have a space running out this server is running running out of space I can see this is an issue that’s issue going this this this issue will basically after five days or six days this could be a big issue and before I find out I could spend hours and hours and hours what’s going on here and then you find out oh my god one of my server just ran out of space this is why nobody can log into a domain controller nobody can log into computers so this is kind of the things that Spiceworks can help you and this is why people love it you can actually integrate it with other third-party tools like manage engine it tells you right in front how many computers how many people password will expire how many people are actually exploit expired password so these could these could be calls right now this could be a calls coming in to your helpdesk and the help to spend four or five hours or two hours or depending on the skill level that maybe that person is new he doesn’t know that it’s actually expired password and the person is trying to troubleshoot for hours and hours and hours and hours and then he find out oh my god it was expired pastor because I just restarted the computer and the computer stays the password expired man I’d spent too many hours on this something like this this could be a great tool for anyone system administrator entry level system and then help this new person new IT person trying to trying to try to understand the whole IT infrastructure at the same time you’re trying to understand the troubleshooting in hands-on stuff from spikes work other cool things that you can do like for example here you can put a group policy and imagine how hard it is when you group a pop group policy on all the 200-600 machines that all these paths should be blocked by running Exe files MSI files and you you let’s say for example block some paths now there’s there are people that go to own and they download something on let’s say go to meeting and all these little downloads that they give you right and they run it and now it’s not running now most of the time what happens is that you get a prompt that this exe is blocked but most of the time is actually group policy might not even show that prompt and it will block it now you could spend a lot of hours or that person could get really frustrated that oh my god it’s not working I’m clicking on this goto meeting I’m trying to click on this installer it is not working this could be a bad situation right so what you want to do is you want to you can help in spiked source you can put triggers in there event triggers that will actually collect event data from your machines and will put it on your Spiceworks and it can also send an email to you how cool is that if you’re trying to figure out what’s going on in your network if you decided that you want to monitor one specific event because that is and then let’s say for example four hundred event is an anti-virus event and it says the malware attacked the system and in the system it says four hundred is the event for all the Windows machines in that application four hundred four hundred is reserved for that attack only now imagine if that four hundred in four or six hundred computers if somebody clicked on something and that happened that triggered and nobody know about it how cool is that if you do know about it and it triggers you it sends you an email that this a Symantec AntiVirus trigger the four hundred ID and on this machine and this time so next time when you go in there you can actually scan the machine and find out what happened pretty cool stuff you can do a lot of things in Spiceworks let me just take you more so you can scan systems all over and it’ll tell you how many machines are scan how many applications did it found you can troubleshoot the login errors and all that you can actually go in to find out the whole some reason I mean I mean how many machines do you have like right here you can find if it’s a virtual machine if it’s a if it’s a server right here power edge and what kind of server OS and you can find by memory you can find all that good stuff in one place you can actually find out in whole devices you can come over here and find out which machine actually ran out of spaces so you can see these machines in this drive there’s no more space there’s no more space indeed there’s no more space and see these are the machine that I need to look into now because there’s only two percent remaining I know this is a call in making right now this is definitely going to be a call in few weeks and people are going to be running around they won’t be able to do things so I need to fix this right that’s that’s how things work so if you know if you have a mich if you have a software like this that can do everything from one place that is where you know your IT you know management is pretty cool because now you can almost just chill and this just do your work and look at where the issue is going going on while you get the other issues that is you know that’s the part of your IT life that it’s gonna happen other issues will come up but imagine you’re jus your just not stressing yourself you’re not creating your issues for yourself here because you might be installing something in a wrong way it could be creating errors all over the internet because you install something and not correctly so this is we have something like this this is where you find out a lot of information so example right here you can find how many software’s are over there some of their unlicensed some of their not ready you can find out how many users integrate with your Active Directory you can actually reset their user passwords you can actually send a software to the departments so how cool is that if somebody and a department purchased a software like Adobe editor or whatever and that’s just for accreditation Department you can just send it to that and you don’t have to worry about you know finding out whose computers what what and all that if you have all that setup that is so easy you can just click on a curation and send it out other things you can do is reporting your manager can come to you and say you know what I need to find out how many computers are without antivirus just click come over here click on run and bam you have it in one second how many disk usage how many what what kind of hardware architecture do you do we have how many 32-bit systems do we have how many 64-bit systems do we have you can click on that and in second you can find that out Wenders you can this could be another great place for you to you know save your vendor and for me because you could be working with a lot of vendors and that’s what system administrators do most a time they work with Microsoft Cisco another parties you know vendors and this is where you probably can save their information you can come over here and it’s on a specific machine you can see right here you can find a lot of information the warranty information the alerts that is triggered by that machine the serial numbers of that machines what groups are in their machine configuration software network share and you can also click on this little icon right here and you can troubleshoot the machine like to ping it you can manage the software on it you can do a complete profile meaning everything in that machine you can just troubleshoot it directly from here that is the power of Spiceworks this is why we are doing this course but at the end I want to share something that why is it important for us to do this course we just want to go to indeed calm and indeed calm let’s go ahead and just type spikes works I’m not gonna type anything else just type spikes works just look at the title that it it comes with spikes work helped us technician right here you go down a little bit how this technician even this business analyst also that that some specials looking for so have this technician right here IT system administrator system network engineer I just type Spiceworks and you can see why it’s important now for us to make a course on this because you can see how many titles are using SPICE works that is why we are doing this this is why we have done the helpless ticketing system and the success was massive people didn’t know that something like that could could exist and we did that we created help the sticking system course and this really helped people landing actually jobs because the concept in colleges are great they show you everything they show you projects you they show you ok you need to build a domain control you have remote place one in more place two you need to connect them and that’s it but you know a lot of people don’t talk about things like Spiceworks ticketing systems software deployment and things like that that is part of our job every day and this is how you can make an IT a cool and easy job or you can make your really hard and stressful when you don’t know about this thing because when you don’t know about these things about these softwares and how to use them together then you make your job hard because now it’s a man will work you got to find out all that information manually or by using another software but even if you’re using another soft which is a good thing the reason we are doing spice work is the reason why I just showed you why it’s needed I just type Spicer again you can see the information right here this information will help our members greatly because now they can also put in their resumes that when they finish this course they can put that that they have this great skill under their belt okay that’s the reason we are doing this and like the last thing that I want to share is how you can use third-party software’s like software deployment tools right here let’s say I want to deploy 300 machines sorry a Java to 300 machines I can simply go to deploy deploy once and I can choose target in Spiceworks so if I have groups right here I would have done so much work you know it’ll make my life so easy if I have all the groups right here like let’s say I have to deploy two applications one for 32-bit machines one for 64-bit machines and I can just go to spice or make group and in five minutes I will have a group 32-bit 64-bit I can click on 64-bit and deploy and everything is done imagine if you don’t have the software you need to find out first all of that manually so thank you for watching this video hopefully this would be another great course to our jobs will share that org course library and next video I’m gonna see you in initial and setup and configuration if you liked this video make sure you comment subscribe to the YouTube channel and be a part of this course and if you are a pro in spikes works I welcome you to join me and show us some of your tricks some of your methods so then it can help our learners and everybody else thank you so much I’ll see you guys in the familiar

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