Something Unprecedented Is Happening at Bilderberg 2018

So I’ve been going over the bilderberg notes including the meeting list for the past several days now I cover it every year and I have since 2006 so that’s 12 years now and I’ve never seen a Bilderberg meeting quite like this one this is probably going to prove to be unprecedented certainly I haven’t seen a meeting like it any time recently in the past several decades a huge convergence of very high officials and clearly an agenda which is either a push for war or the build-up to something very big on the geopolitical stage and the thing is there’s just not that many independent reporters who are left that are gonna actually tell you that and what I’m seeing this year is actually a total downplaying of Bilderberg and when they are reporting on it they’re focusing on the populism angle because there’s three tracks that are going on at this Bilderberg and one track has to do with quantum computing artificial intelligence and tech the other track has to do with populism the economy and a world where work is going to be supplanted by technology those two things are there but the third thing has to do specifically with Russia as a topic Saudi Arabia and Iran as a topic together and then us world leadership okay but that’s not the only thing that’s going on in something that and I went back and looked you guys I went back and looked every year back down through the late 90s and I have not seen this happened before so it may have happened before but it hasn’t happened in at least at least the last 20 years this year’s Bilderberg meeting which is being held June 7th through 10th and turn Italy also happens to fall on both days of the g7 that’s the group of seven meeting that brings together the leaders of Canada France Germany Italy Japan the UK and the United States with both the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council both of the European Union all together in the same room both days of that but also it’s gonna fall on both days of NATO defense ministers meeting so in other words what I’m saying is for one day the meetings of Bilderberg the NATO defense ministers and the g7 will all be on the same exact day something that has not happened in at least two decades and for the record I stopped looking after two decades so it could be even longer but not only that okay but this particular NATO defence ministers meeting which will be June 7th and 8th the first two days of Bilderberg being held in Brussels by the way in an hour-and-a-half flight away from where the Bilderberg Group is meeting is also supposed to be focused on Russia in addition to a brand new announcement that NATO is set to unveil a new plan to reinforce their presence in Europe in the events of any crisis with the deployment of 30 troop battalions 30 squadrons of aircraft and 30 warships within 30 days after this meeting and the NATO meeting is going to be chaired by NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg or is that yen Stoltenberg I’m probably saying it wrong who is also on the Bilderberg attendees list so in other words it’s basically as if the NATO defence ministers all of them will also be attending Bilderberg because the guy chairing their meeting is gonna go from there to build a brick and really the same could be said for the g7 meeting because how hard is it to make a conference call and what I’m telling you is that is the first time that that has happened in at least 20 years but this is unprecedented that this is happening not to mention as Aaron looked into it how many high-level governments are being represented at this year’s Bilderberg there’s usually a lot of government people that’s absolutely true but this is pervasive this is most of Europe and straight away there has never been a Bilderberg meeting on record with a high-level official or anyone from the Vatican or of course their own independent government politically economically everything it’s own entity and they have the Secretary of State for the Vatican Pietro PLN in attendance to deliver or a message they are in high communication and the Vatican is involved of course in all kinds of world affairs but never before directly involved with anything to do with Bilderberg itself not true this year so that’s one of the heads of state you got Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister ma’amed Simsek who’s next door to everything happening in the Middle East and working closely with the Western partners and then you’ve got most of the rest of Western Europe represented with the foremost spy chief of France as well as its Minister of Armed Forces he’s in attendance you’ve got the current prime ministers of Estonia the little state next to Russia Estonia Serbia the former Yugoslavian state and the Balkans you’ve got the prime minister of Belgium and the Netherlands and Attendance they’ve both been there multiple times in recent years additionally you’ve got a former prime minister of France you’ve got the Deputy Prime Minister to Spain you’ve got the general secretary of the office of the president of Austria so you’ve got the top aide to the president of Austria you’ve got Germany’s Federal Minister of Defense and then you also have a diplomat named Wolfgang I singer who’s been leading the Munich Security Conference is since 2008 that deals especially with terrorism and security concerns throughout Europe and they bring people together from each of the countries on top of that you’ve got Great Britain who of course always have many powerful officials their ex by Chief former mi6 chief John Sawers is there and former Secretary of State amber Rudd is also in attendance then you have Poland’s former Foreign Affairs and defence minister Radoslaw Sikorski who is not only now on the Bilderberg conference but he’s married to another Bilderberg attendee the Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and Applebaum who happens to have written about Russian gulags and writes quite a bit of negative press about Russia and this guy being from Poland encircling Russia and Far East Europe very much an agitator of all things anti his wife and Appelbaum has not only been a prolific writer in many of the prominent papers but she’s been leading think tanks and special forums dealing with regime change and revolution the use of 21st century propaganda and the use of disinformation that is what they specialize in so very very cute couple very interesting people there and of course the King and the Netherlands is also their King willem-alexander he’s the grandson of Prince Bernhard who was the founding chairman of the group and the son of Queen Beatrix who took his place and she attended for many years well not only that so you basically have a former mi6 chief there the former head of France’s version of the CIA’s gonna be there we also have former CIA directors for the u.s.

Gonna be there we have Henry Kissinger there I mean I guess what we’re saying is if you wanted to start a war I’m not really sure who else you would invite to it but all of the people that are going to build a Berg the g7 and this NATO defense ministers meeting that’s again unprecedented that it’s the all three of these meetings are sharing a common day they might as well be sharing a common room this is all these people being together in the same room on the same day anywhere has not happened and if you look around at the things that are actually going on today and then you look at the fact that they not only put Russia on the list of topics but Saudi Arabia and Iran together as one topic it’s pretty disheartening okay the anti Iran rhetoric has been ratcheting up ever since pro-israel Bush era Warhawk john bolton took over as Trump’s national security adviser now I’m gonna go through some of these things cuz you guys need to see this for the bigger picture okay he came in on April 9th that same day Israel and continuing its shadow war against Iran in Syria didn’t a pre-dawn airstrike that killed four Iranian military advisers and they’ve conducted more airstrikes on major Iranian targets in Syria on April 30th there was one where they killed 26 people and it was reported at least 18 of them are Iran Ian’s so Israel is involved in what they’re calling a shadow war against Iran and sere right now and they’ve been doing all these strikes but they never confirm or deny the strikes they don’t confirm that there was them that did it right but all of a sudden back on March 21st right before john bolton came in israel came out in a rare admission that they claimed they struck a syrian nuclear facility back in 2007 so 11 years after the fact now all of a sudden right before bolton comes in israel is admitting that they struck a syrian nuclear facility and they’re coming out to admit it now eleven years later because they say it’s a warning to iran today and as for john bolton you might also remember him from the fact that in 2015 he wrote an op-ed for the New York Times titled to stop Iran’s bomb bomb Iran okay and in that op-ed he was advocating for a unilateral preemptive strike on Iran just out of the box don’t even declare war he said the United States could do a thorough job of destruction but Israel alone can do what’s necessary such action should be combined with vigorous American support for Iran’s opposition aimed at regime change in Tehran but it’s not over because speaking of regime change then on May 8th just a few weeks ago Trump dumps the Iran deal which was not backed in the international community by any other countries but but Saudi Arabia and Israel but they’ve come out and said that Iran deal isn’t even the problem the problem that they have is the Iranian regime which is timely because two days after Trump dumped the Iran deal on may 10th the Washington free beacon was reporting that national security officials in the White House were were circulating a three-page white paper authored by a john bolton connected national security think tank called security studies group that was openly discussing the new plan for regime change in Iran something that Bolton also trumpeted in that op-ed back from 2015 you had several sources in the White House being quoted by the beacon unnamed sources whatever they always like to do that but one of them reportedly said that team Bolton has spent years creating plans B C and D for dealing with the Iranian regime and that President Trump hired him knowing that and that the administration will now start aggressively moving to deal with the root cause of chaos and violence in the region which they have stated is the Iranian regime not the Iran deal in a clear-eyed way but another source said them quote nothing’s off the table right now if Israel is attacked if Iran were to restart its nuclear weapons program if you believe the president can order a unilateral attack to stop that program and they’re so under what authority I prefer not to talk about a hypothetical case like that general Mad Dog Madison on no one’s radar he was just some general in our armed forces high-level albeit happened to attend Bilderberg in 2015 when he was out of office just ahead of being selected as Trump’s Secretary of Defense so if we are facing a war general Mad Dog Madison charged and he is a Bilderberg veteran does the United States have a policy of regime change for Iran and if so what actions does the president tend to take to implement that policy senator as you know our our our problem with Iran if not with the Iranian people it is with the regime that holds them captive basically to the activities they’ve conducted but I would let mr.

Bolten and mr. Geelani speak for themselves right and I’d prefer not to comment on that the right policy for Iran for every good decent government in the world is regime change regime pants you visit range resident eggs absolutely my time here you saw John Bolton you remember John Bolton he’s gonna be President Trump’s national security adviser you think he changed his mind no in fact if anything Sean gold has become more determined that there needs to be regime change in Iran this policy review to understand what we want the outcome to be and what in the United States many of us are working toward I have said for over 10 years since coming to these events but the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs regime in Tehran the behavior and the objectives of the regime are not going to change and therefore the only solution is to change the regime itself and that’s why before 2019 we here will celebrate in Tehran thank you very much so you have that going on and then four days later after these white papers were circulated six days after the Iran deal was off Trump officially moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it as Israel’s capital so that was the 14th which caused all that outbreak of violence in Gaza over 50 people dead so you have a whole bunch of people here besides just the people that Aaron mentioned if we are going to some kind of major war and it does involve Iran you have all kinds of people from the u.s.

Coming over who would weigh in on that besides all the banksters that are attending who always attend but this year you also have Stanley Fischer former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve and a former vice governor of the Bank of Israel first of all you have Henry Kissinger who used to be Secretary of State and national security advisor at the same time you’ve also got David Petraeus the former CIA director in the former head of u.s. CENTCOM who had to step down in a scandal but who was nonetheless deeply involved in the Iraq war and all the things that have happened since today he’s working for the private leveraged buyout firm KKR and their leadership goes every year they’re part of the core group of Bilderberg the wife of the director Marie Josette Kravitz she’s on the steering committee of Bilderberg and runs the American Friends of Bilderberg organization her husband Henry Kravis also in attendance and David Petraeus now a regular attendee as part of their firm and their larger Network then you’ve got the young guy James age Baker not the former US Secretary of State under Bush if we don’t get it done the way the administration’s working on it now which I totally agree with but the young James H Baker who’s director of the Office of Net assessment from the office of the Secretary of Defense so he’s within the Pentagon he advises the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the ongoing assessments for any given country any potential conflict on any day of the week and here he is giving that advice to Bilderberg as well you got Nadia Shiloh who was in the Trump administration but has already stepped down she was at Bilderberg in previous years as well she worked closely with McMaster who was Trump’s national security adviser who did attend Bilderberg in 2017 and she is here again as the author of Trump’s national security policy she wrote it and she also wrote the book war in the art of governance which covered 13 major American Wars and the lessons learned there in going all the way back to the mexican-american war in the mid 1800s you also have a little-known guy named Matthew Turpin who’s also part of the National Security Council he still in the Trump administration and he’s the national security council’s expert on China he’s the director for China and can almost certainly speak to China’s likely reaction to any major geopolitical events as well as up-to-date information on what they’re involved in throughout the world speaking of China and I didn’t know this earlier when I first started this video but apparently it isn’t bilderberg and the g7 and the NATO defense ministers all meeting on the same days but also Russia and China are jointly holding their annual two-day security block summit on the same days as well well the last two days of the Bilderberg meeting this year so at that meeting you’re gonna have the leadership of China you’re gonna have lad Amir Putin and Iranian president Hassan rouhani so they’re gonna be there with India and Pakistan and all those people having a meeting at the same time I don’t know if this has ever happened I guess the only question I have left is are there any world leaders on either side of this geopolitical conflict that aren’t in a meeting this weekend because apparently all of them are moreover you have Jared Cohen a former member of the State Department planning committee who is working in the private sector at Google and has been for several years he founded Google ideas that Eric Schmidt called a think do tank and now he has a firm called jigsaw that’s part of Google’s parent company alphabet which focuses on protecting data that pertains to basically what you can only call regime changes in countries where they have identified or claimed to have identified humanitarian crises and he co-authored a book with Eric Schmidt talking about the new digital age reshaping the future of people nations and business and in it Jared Cohen details how his dual role as a member of the State Department and has a member of high technology how he was using State Department leverage to fuel the failed but nonetheless inventive 2009 color revolution in Iran where he fought to keep Twitter on board and tried to use social media to fuel an internal opposition within Iran it didn’t work that time but they have hardly given up and here he is in it’s just louder than words and the word unprecedented just keeps coming up because two days after Bilderberg ends there supposed to be an unprecedented meeting between President Trump and kim jeong-hoon in singapore they’re calling it an unprecedented summit so whatever whatever this is there’s a lot a lot of stuff going on around it and it’s kind of like one of those things that when you look at this if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck and it walks like a duck it’s probably a freaking duck I don’t understand why there’s people coming out right now saying oh bilderberg’s just a failed economic group and they never there no they don’t even matter anymore you shouldn’t even pay attention to that people that you used to think they were probably on the side of truth they’re obviously on the side of something but it surely isn’t telling you the truth and this is not to scare monger but look at this I mean you can’t not see it once you see it there are too many high-level people how many countries are being represented this year 2020 European countries plus Turkey plus the US plus Canada plus NATO plus the European Commission and due to the presence of UNESCO also the United Nations itself and not to mention the Vatican who’s never attended before in the Vatican they’ve never attended before at least not that we could ever find it’s being reported this is the first time they’ve ever attended what does that say to you if not that something huge is about to happen and they know it this is a ramping up unlike I’ve ever seen around Bilderberg because I usually help in the background and I do little research for Aaron he does this report every year but he started showing this to me and he said wait a minute wait a minute whoa there’s way too many high level governments being represented this year this is not normally like this well the other thing that’s new about Bilderberg is I mean of course since NATO’s of inception it’s been basically in opposition to Russia and a de facto way and Bilderberg essentially is the shadow side of NATO but representation at Bilderberg from Eastern Europe is relatively new if not quite new and this year you not only have a very curious figure from Poland but you have the prime minister of Estonia and you’ve got a railroad official from Latvia now you you have to appreciate the geography Estonia Latvia and Lithuania are the little 90 countries directly next to Russia all the way up there just up the road from Ukraine and Belarus and you’ve also got the Prime Minister of Serbia in attendance Yugoslavia having been equally a torn in the fight over communism and everything and still within Russia’s sphere of influence you’ve got these people from the eastern side of Europe beginning to attend Bilderberg in a big way and here they are all at once very high officials what is really going on here now I know that Estonia has been in the news because they try to start a cryptocurrency and the European Central Bank swatted them down and said nope don’t do it you’re not going to do it you’re a happy part of the EU but with Russia so much in the news and so much on the focus of this group and of other groups you have to ask what is the real reason that they’re courting these little known leaders from the farthest parts of Eastern Europe that you can and I would just add that obviously Putin sees this list and sees this convergence and knows what’s up he did his annual question-and-answer session which is an annual televised call-in show where he fields questions from the public and he spoke directly to World War three remember he said what will be the methods of World War three but the fourth world war will be waged with sticks and stones so the realization that’s the third world war could mean the end of civilization this realization this idea should deter us from dangerous steps so he obviously wanted to put that message out there on the same day as the start of this year’s Bilderberg which is obviously focused on Russia and Iran and just by the way what has the prime minister of the Netherlands been up to recently well he just formally implicated Russia for their role in downing mh17 and what they claimed was a commercial and civilian flight shot down by by boot missiles that they claimed only Russia could have done please explain to me what’s going on here this is the video of the supposed crash site taken on the ground right after it happened it’s been shown all over the place it’s shown here on CNN they’re showing it I mean they’re showing this looped now explain to me what this is oh it’s a guy with a whole bunch of passports what is he doing with them oh he’s scattering them all over the ground why why is he scattering a bunch of passports from the Netherlands all over the ground I mean you’ve got the the top liaison for the Pope meeting in secret with some of the most powerful people in the world that’s always been the draw in the appeal of the conspiratorial story of Bilderberg but it’s also real and deadly serious it doesn’t mean there’s going to be a war tomorrow this weekend or this year but they are looking at that stuff very closely and there’s every reason to think a major major provocation is on the near horizon and that’s the thing I think people look at Bilderberg and they think oh what’s on the agenda this year and they always make it sound like it’s just every year they just came up with some stuff but if you actually research Bilderberg and you go back and look at this fully what you will find is there is a plan behind these meetings as there has been in these meetings actually everyone always reports Bilderberg started in 1954 and it was named after the hotel bla bla bla but I have actually found older articles that talk about the fact that Bilderberg actually started meeting right after World War Two was over informally it didn’t become formal until 54 these people had a plan and that plan goes back a long way they’re not just getting together to share cigars and cognac and back Pat each other about what’s going on Bob like it’s not like that okay it’s clear that there is a plan here and if you look at Bilderberg meetings and then things that have happened after the meetings these are influential meetings that actually do inform policy and affect the things that happen after them maybe not immediately maybe not within the next month or even the next year but it happens and it has happened and so to have this many high-level people at a Bilderberg meeting which is unprecedented together with all of the g7 meeting on the same day together with all of these guys from the NATO defense minister who are saying that now in the event of any crisis so they’re being vague but they’re gonna deploy 30 troop battalions 30 squadrons of aircraft and 30 warships big move is being made right now and the weirdest thing about it all is one of the other topics on their list this year is the post truth world and everyone says oh that’s just gonna be about the fake news but is it really I’d say that’s your superficial way to look at it that’s your superficial meaning of it sure fake news but also who owns the truth right now who who is eliminating the truth who are the people that used to tell the truth and have obviously decided not to for whatever reason anymore there’s just not a lot of people left that don’t have an agenda or having sold out to one side or the other you can’t just see it and go ask someone also report on that cuz I looked around and there’s just there’s not that many independent reporters left talking about any kind of truth,

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