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Top 10 biggest yachts in the world the world is filled with nautical engineering machines a lot of them make a millionaire’s lifestyle really splendid from a funny ski jet to a luxury yacht and if you’re passionate about this last one get on board and have fun with us discovering the biggest models number 10 M ESD 100 concept this wonderful and luxury yacht is the creation of Norwegian Marius scheduled it measures 328 feet which allows it to have an inclined stern which is perfect for Sun baths in one of its many loungers it also has a 23 foot pool into the interior with an available solarium for guests in the host it has a beach club where you can enjoy a relaxing spa a resting zone a bar where you can taste the best cocktails and also has a gym and last if you want to fly a couple of hours the M ESD 100 has a heliport in the principal cover where you can wait a helicopter in fly Y only stay at sea when you can enjoy the sky at the same time the simplicity luxury and comfort are a few of this yachts characteristics as one of the biggest and most beautiful machines in the world don’t you want to get onboard number 9 spectrum this incredible mega yacht was born thanks to the famous shipyard Oceano and the NADA design studio which has five covers to carry up to 14 guests in all the Suites with a length of three hundred thirty four point six feet this beautiful yacht has two VIP cabins and four double cabins you can find a Jacuzzi of ninety six point eight square feet in the stern which will be ready for you to get into and relax if you want to have a well-deserved break the Wellness suite placed on the bottom cover has a sauna a massage room a vapor room and a gym in difference to the top cover which is exclusive for the owner where you could enjoy an exquisite suite with a panoramic sight of the horizon and also have access to the pool relaxing and having a good time is always possible in spectrum honing this has a lot of benefits right number eight motor yacht a this wonderful yacht owes its title to the initial letters of entry and alexandra malenchenko their owners it measures three hundred seventy eight point one feet in length and weighs about 6,000 tons it has two incredible diesel motors that had a potency of 9,000 kilowatts which makes this floating machine reach a speed of 23 knots at full speed and if that wasn’t enough this giant has a garage for two auxilary boats in the stern the internal and external design was made by the French Philippe Starck who added luxury items all around the 23.6 806 square feet of the yachts of the crocodile skin sofas the high mirrors the steel and cedar finishes are characteristics of this luxury boat as if that wasn’t enough the noses cover has a heliport ready to receive your guests if you thought that partying at the club was really fun you can enjoy inside this pool because it has the colorful dancing lights on its bottom No Limit fun number 7 nature this super boat was born with the futuristic yacht concept will the length of three hundred ninety three point seven feet they can carry up to 18 guests distributed all over the six luxury suites two VIP suites and a super luxury private suite for the exclusive owners use also it has enough cabins to have a crew of 50 people it was designed by the dutch company c-note exclusive Yacht Design and presented to the public in the annual yacht salon in Monaco Europe the nature has a big inelegant yard and also an observation cover it’s high technology is able to control the weather and give the passengers a unique adventure over the sea enjoying its spa salon pool gym and cover are just some of its many elegant options to make this yacht and engineering jewel number six I’ll say ed this important in majestic steely at measures five hundred eight point five feet in length and weighs about fifteen point eight five zero tons carrying a crew of up to one hundred fifty four in its interior with an approximate value of three hundred million dollars it is one of the biggest most expensive and luxurious in the world the owner of this wonderful boat is Oman Sultan Qaboos bin Said Syed inside it you can find a theater with a capacity for an orchestra of fifty musicians and actors to make a really good staging on the other hand it has a Jacuzzi pool spa and a big solarium perfect for the summertime the AL set is propelled by two powerful MTU motors from Germany it also has a heliport and its superior front cover in case the guests or the Sultan have to travel when it comes to luxury and making the Sultan happy no ideas are to be discarded who said business and pleasure don’t go together number five do by this amazing yacht is still one of the biggest ever even though it was taken to open seas in 2006 it measures 531 point 4 feet long and weighs about 13 tons the Dubai is property of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is also the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates it has a capacity of more than 115 guests and between its most remarkable characteristics we can find its principal circular ladder made of glass which constantly changes its color a Jacuzzi salon and a pool decorated with handmade tiles this yacht cover is divided into two levels where you can access a big recreational zone a big salon and an important quantity of VIP salons this yacht doesn’t have any problem with surprise visitors because it has a heliport capable of carrying up to a 10 ton helicopter this makes this yacht perfect for big parties the perfect excuse to travel with friends and family right we just need to keep waiting for these Sheikh’s invitation [Music] number four eclipse this famous yacht is property of Roman Abramovich a rich Russian magnate it was designed by the German e-boats an engineering company Blohm & Voss with a length of 550 1.1 feet and a weight of 13,000 tons it is one of the biggest private yachts that exists nowadays the Eclipse has two heliports ready for any occasion 11 cabins for guests two pools to relax jacuzzis and a club on the other hand it has a garage for 3 boats in a little submarine if you know the Russians you should know its owner added an intruder detection system the mirrors of the principal salon are made of armored glass and if that wasn’t enough it has a German missile radar if living with luxury and security this yacht is one of the safest and powerful all around the world Putin must be biting his nails with envy number 3 Azam this powerful yacht is part of the Arab royalty because its owner is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan the presidents of the United Arab Emirates and Amir from Abu Dhabi Azam was designed by Christoph Leone and built by the Larssen yacht company from Germany with a length of 590 point 5 feet in length this is the biggest private yacht in the world it weighs around 13,000 tons and between its most remarkable characteristics we find a big salon for the guests a mini submarines to submerge and get out of the yacht in any emergency and it also has an anti missile radar of the powerful speed of the Azam is 94 horsepower this thanks to its motors that are distributed in 4 jet pumps giving it a speed of 35 miles per hour travelling in one of these yachts is definitely an extreme amazing and full of adrenaline experience the true Lamborghini of yachts number 2 rev thanks to the Norwegian kjell inge Rock the Rev will soon watch the light and water of the Seas when it’s ready because it’s still being built with lengths of five hundred ninety five point eight feet which will make this five point two feet longer than the amazing Azam in difference to the other yachts and our tops the Rev has the principal objective of studying the Seas the different currents and also the whole flora and fauna that the sea has in its interior the design and construction of this important yacht is in charge of the Rossellini’s 410 company which will give it the capacity of 90 guests inside it will have little submarines to get into action at the moment of the deep-sea expeditions the cover will have a special area for two heliports it’s known that it’s for Caterpillar loaders / generators C 288 diesel will give it a maximum speed of 17 knots there’s no doubt it’s the most productive yacht for the scientific community the planet still has hope number 1 Amara this project was born with the idea of making the biggest yacht in the world using a petroleum ship as a fundamental piece for its constructing with a length of nine hundred eighteen point six feet this colossal artwork will have 11 covers three heliports and two helicopters for any emergency also it will have a garage four boats with a length of ninety eight point four feet if you want to relax you just need to visit the spa the theater the gym or one of its Beach clubs this yacht has the principal objective of attracting clients from the Middle East because since it’s a petroleum ship it’s a synonym of pride resources and nationalism a principal characteristic of the United Arab Emirates from the naked eye it’s one of the most ambitious and luxurious projects ever seen in yacht history it’s moments like this that makes someone wish to become an Arabian Sheik right if you liked this video give us a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and activate the notifications to receive every single notification share this video with everyone.

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