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I can wanting are you saying don’t learn that it is your friend here Ian it’s absolutely great to see you here this morning and this morning is a really powerful tool called social hub okay so what it is it’s on to me is it’s like a replacement tool for hoops we were it’s a massively posting through different type of social media networks not what are the social media networks well let’s quickly see Facebook including your fan page and groups Twitter well there’s only one Twitter right linkedin I can’t Pinterest Pinterest Instagram and eat you all at one time ok and I’m going to go through here and to show you exactly how you do this now social hub up to the name of the product and it’s going to be launching exactly as you lovely an Eastern stay in the time and make sure you’re clean cookie and graph them on my link below and it’s only going to be twenty seven dollars okay for the first six hours only though okay then the price is going to started going out and then there will be 37 and all that forty seven dollars so if you want basically Graham this amp the lowest possible price you want to be there early right around 11am Eastern Shannon Tom Graham this 27 lifetime max is pretty cool stuff make sure you’re clean cookies grass on the link below so we can send your condolences since this is a a really really cool social medias offers a women exclusive offer hash hash tag my one of my launched last year and product give you a bonus okay right so and on top of that we have included a lot of other bonus 42 plus bonus make this absolutely fantastic by point for ya alright so very very cool stuff and let me see yeah you want to check out the South pages right here and check it out and here’s the interview I don’t know a lot of you watched it yesterday can to show you walk through all that i disgraced up now this thing is agency right so uh there’s going to give you six Network command you going to give agency dew point it could be anyone using so for $27 you are getting the agency right never seen people usually offer this with OTO but apparently they’re going to offer you all the agency rights at the front end that’s very very cool and yes this is just the bonus here and you can do a lot squared very stocks that can read it here um so this is the temporary play I’m going backwards okay yeah so I’m going to talk about what I love about this what i don’t like about this and all that great stuff and in the next couple of minutes but for now let’s go watch it very very quick demo video to show exactly how everything works within the software by the product rating themselves and they’ll be right back hey there i’m going to run you through everything that is involved in this suite of tools right now but i’m going to start with this dashboard now the dashboard is like a quick post kind of area saves you happy to copy and paste into various different networks and with the same thing so what you can do is you can actually choose what you want the post type to be so post image or video and then you can choose what social media you wanted to post to instantaneously now be aware a bit of common sense is needed here certain things can’t be posted on certain networks for example Instagram only allows pictures twitter has a limit to the amount of characters you can use so just use a little bit of common sense when you’re posting it because it won’t be able to post a certain things but the idea is as simple as choose like this and then enter the post making sure it fits the parameters of the different networks and then you can hit submit and it will post instantaneously to those specially copying and pasting or using the save post throughout so that’s our quick post dashboard next is facebook in facebook what you can do come to the dashboard and you can choose all the different types of posts that you want to do got text posts link posts image posts and video posts they all work pretty much the same you can enter some text here and i’ll update in real time the side you can choose when you want it to post time-wise day wise you can schedule your delays randomized your posts add post time to the end of each post delete the post after it’s finished doing you can pause post in between everything and you can choose all the different groups you want it to go to same goes for links except obviously enter your linking message link title images enter an image all you’ve got to do with that is click and then you can drag and drop into here and it will post up like so schedule it again and video is you just do the video you can put your RL you can go and get a YouTube URL and just pop it in there and it will use that new cheap URL now schedules will show you everything you’ve already got in there adding an account is as easy as going in here and watching the brief video and creating an app which sounds scary but really isn’t manage groups these are going to your admin offs you can put in two different lists report post just shows you what’s been posted and when save post shows all of the different save posters you’ve got ready to use another time and settings is for your defaults ok onto twitter twitter you can choose on twitter from a text post an image post or a video post be aware that has a hundred and forty characters limit but the same applies so you put your text in here and then you choose a time and a date a delay if you want it whether you want to randomize the posts delete after finish auto pause post so you can stack them up you can have loads go in and you can say after every three posts i want to wait 60 minutes before i do the next ones repeat posts so you can do it more and more if it’s a promotional thing and then you select whatever profile you wanted to post to manage schedules is your list of different ones that you put in there it will show you whether they’ve been posted whether they were scheduled to go forward and what’s happened with them you can also see them directly from here and you can delete them or repost them you can have multiple accounts I’ve just got the one in here at the moment but you can add more and more account so you can randomize you have different niches you could have different kind of followers on each one and choose which ones you want to post what sort of status to report posts will show you what’s been put where what day what status and what type of completeness so can see exactly what’s working for you what sort of times a day you do it safe post will show you everything that you’ve saved so you can input a lot of different Twitter posts in one go and have them here ready to use elsewhere you can also delete them from here if you wanted to like so settings is just a default for Twitter when you connect it or fill in these two automatically don’t worry about those so it’s just the posting options that you need to do if you want them as a different default okay the LinkedIn dashboard same sort of thing but you can only do a link on this one so you would put your link in here you put your message in here your title your link description you picture URL if you want to add a picture to it as well and then you can schedule it like all the others so you’ve got your time your date you delay randomized delete it auto pause post after a certain amount repeat them if you want to and then hit save post or publish post depending on what you want to do with it again you can have multiple accounts so you can choose what you want it to post to the schedules list will show you everything you’ve got that’s already been posted or anything you’ve got coming up you can repost them cancel them you can delete them you can delete every single one of them link in your account is really easy you just have to go in here and click to authorize it it will do all the hard work for you and it will be linked up in couple of seconds tops report post is where you can see what you’ve been doing what sort of things status wise completeness wise and by day save post is where you can see all the post you save but not actually published yet and you can use them at a later date and settings as your default now again with this linkedin aptly and the app secret have been done for you when you link up your account you don’t have to do that posting options is just your default delay and the minimum delay that you want to do in hit update pinterest obviously only lets you do images so there’s only the one type you can do here you got a link that you can put in here the description then you can just click here to have your image put up you can drag and drop if you want to get extra images in there and then schedule exactly the same as the others is a huge time saver all of these when they’re combined as well and all in the same place so you’re not flitting from one thing to the other so you can schedule it you can randomize it delete it repeat it once per day or every Tuesday every week decide when you want that to stop happening publish off so suppose you can choose your different boards in this case as to where you want it to post it schedules will show you everything you’ve done and everything you’re going to do it also hits delete all or anything like that if you wanted to just like so Pinterest account is very easy to linked up as well just come in here if you haven’t already and it will walk you through it not a problem very simple managing the boards now here you can add different lists of boards so you can group different boards together to post to if you wanted to report posts means that you can see what days you’ve been doing it what status and what completeness they are this way you can see that everything is working how it should say post if you save some posts and you wanna use them a later date will appear in here and then you got settings this is the default again where you can choose just a delay in the minimum delay everything else is handled for you when you’re authorized Pinterest to use this Instagram dashboard is much the same as the Pinterest one in the sense that is an image only but unless you did the image description the image URL again you can upload inch drag and drop them and then say when you want it to post this is really cool though because normally you need your mobile you need to be taking pictures from that where it’s with this you can do it from your computer means you can really think about what you want to do and have a proper kind of campaign going on an Instagram you can randomize them you can delete them you can also pause the post after so many if you’ve got the more stacked up and you can repeat post and put them to whatever accounts you want you can have multiple accounts on here so you might have one put an inch or maybe one for your econ store one for your personal stuff whatever it is you want to do you can do it here published posts to whichever ones you want the YouTube dashboard is more of a statistics more of a management tool you can’t post from here you can see your different categories so you can see what’s been put in what so when you’ve got multiple YouTube channels you can actually put them in two different places and see them all in the one place to click through or then show you the different things you’ve got and you can do the different time ranges see all different views and jump down to where you want to depend on what it is you want to see for your stats junkies out there this one’s really really cool you manage channel you can list your channels you can add new channels and you can add new categories depending on what it is you want them into the category is something you decide on it’s not tied into youtube or anything like that so you can have your econ ones your marketing ones your social ones your game ones whatever it is that you need to do and then you can add your new channels into them to have them all in one place so as you can see this is powerful stuff very time-saving very cool and it’s got everything in the one place for you so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to deal with all of your social aspects real big time saver and laid out so it’s nice and easy to use and you can get everything scheduled in and you don’t have to be stuck on your keyboard all the time but still look very very active across all of your different account i will come back and as you can see just really really powerful software and alex are pretty much went to everything you can do in here and I did have my team are a team of actually developer personally tested software really cool stuff so I’m going to talk about what I liked about this what i don’t like about this on iOS tough on yourself it’s about time right so on what i like about me is a multi network so it’s not a lot of software came out Leigh Leigh’s is focus on in and some graham focus on Twitter or a great stuff so right on the hand you get to post two different networks within one simple platform well for the price of one right so that’s a great stuff but what I love about it is also what I hate about it okay let me let me explain what that is they hain’t hammer leak on the mouth isn’t that you thing well it is a good thing but then works slow for this software I think need to be totally redesigned here’s the reason why if I’m a posting I can see your software designed by a programmer not by somebody actually running a social meeting agency who it does not actually post a lot of stuff to a social media network like I do his reason why well I post a to multiple different social mediums most of the time it’s exactly same content okay so why I don’t want to do is what the workflows this thing we want to do is take the same content copy to post to Facebook and post from here schedule it that’s great then go to Twitter come here and pull the same carbon I got a coffee place in multiple time now if you look at her sweets flow is much better you just put your content in there and then you check hey dude where do you want to post it twitter linkedin or facebook right so I just poked I just copy and pasting to my content one time but I’m still able to post to multiple social media narrow just by check by check mark like this and that’s ready to go we’re in this one you have to manually schedule every if even is the same post even the same ling and even this is the same image you have to manually do this in every individual networks okay as you can see in that demo video I don’t like I think that’s a lot of ways of a time so but that’s how this software design now this is a personal preference to me it’s not very work friendly what workflow works once it means work print user friendly but it’s not work slow friendly okay if I was the developer or solid among humans from I would scratch it off and start over can handle that approach but hey there’s the post absolutely post to our Facebook groups and schedule into your facebook account all that great stuff I just posted Twitter and she does as opposed to Lincoln absolutely those opposed to printers absolutely there’s opposed to Instagram absolutely so far everything anybody have figured how the total video into immigrants on the images so let’s keep that in mind this is Amy doing and this is the image the only okay I just as you can upload your YouTube video up there it just uploaded it doesn’t really tell me how many subscribers I have all that great stuff in here so I haven’t seen it maybe I’m maybe I am miss picking now but now what do i what do I love about it that is kind of missing from hertz week is the Compton hub I think it just along so well what’s the money you’re going to be paid for and instead has a google funding consum all the time you mean is a trick is about sushi mini sharing is finally comfortable already went viral and we sharing their right you know you don’t have to guess what comes into a viral by by the way it’s going to reach read about why a complan go viral in depth so you can co-create viral come from yourself great book to pick it up contagious it’s very good books I’m still run in a right now there’s a lot of different elements going to it’s a very very cool stuff so you have different categories so a technology so let’s say Apple watch okay so let’s just kind of search for it and I’m going to search your text i’m going to search it for image only and with 34 videos hat i’m going to switch it all so once you hit a search well let’s take boxing I don’t know why it’s not on the Apple watch a little boxing the hell whole bunch so very very cool stuff so you got a lot of video here um Tyson our market I some named uh you know this is a big niche here by the way you can see this what Muhammad Ali religions and all that stuff so then what I love daddy is once you find this you can say i want to share this through Instagram just click that button they will top all the Madison copy the links in description in here so this is such a great time saver okay this is a great time saver again but then you know kind of the flow is Romney if I was going to come here click on Instagram then why would I have a comment here 22 here to go to filling all the details in heritage maybe I miss custom how HootSuite works and you just tell them hey Hoss and should I post this thing after the library and bank and start posting it umm so so that’s bad so on what I love about it is that you can find content and then you’ll copy to the count on the image of the video whatever we have into individual net where you start posting but i can’t i can see that the flow could be a whole lotta more efficient if you do the critics we leg pull okay so that’s a personal preference but if you’re looking for a multi-platform a software composed to multi platforms are you know with simple connections set on one time this is great product especially for $27 one time lifetime access with an agency license you can’t beat this deal history cost monthly fees and every time you add a counter costing more fees all that great stuff so this is really really good in that sense price-wise value wise this beats are hopefully work flow lines I think you need improve on it so that’s my review of this I’m so she have so obviously st.

Handy well you know it’s a sales video says that you can dump every other social media tools I disagree with that for example on you know if you guys got the instant gram tools are you know about two weeks ago I to recommend if you happen was actually using that to I don’t use this one cuz i want it has more functions for example you can automatically search I’m follow users in there and it does a lot a whole lot of more I’m in this one it’s kind of lacking so if you look at it if you just look at it from poor zeros toasting conference schedule counter that’s great but if you want to gain automatically follow automatic commenting automatically I’m following people this is what the street you’re going to be lacking inside your software it’s going to instant one doesn’t have that Twitter does not have that so justly if you’re looking for something massive posting graced up okay and if they give you agency license for this that means you can set this up for a post for your clients as well so so that’s that so thats my concludes my review of this product I think it’s actually a great probably if you don’t have any social media to the post to multi-platform all at once and maybe perhaps so you don’t want to swing perhaps you just kind of paying the monthly fee for other software you have are just great software to pick it up however if you just want to focus on one social media networks such as Instagram there are other powerful too out there better than this has more features so that’s that’s a personal choice so that’s what social hub is about so make sure you’re clean cookies and from the link below and rather or not grab the software hydro gramin using social meeting traffic this year whenever when it comes to saving time and getting software get everything done I’m all about it okay alright so I’ll use your hand I’m telling next time cleaning cookies and grandson link below and we’re looking forward to send you all kinds of awesome bonuses as well yes football you you you

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