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It’s been here in this video I’m going to be talking about the pros and cons and doing a review of a new software called Sochi hub that’s launching soon and this is a cloud-based software that’s kind of like well it is it’s a social post scheduler only on steroids where it will let you post to Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Instagram on autopilot and not just be able to post them on schedule post like you know regular social post our social tools work but also allow you to repeat that post so you can schedule it once and then how the posts repeat over and over again to drive more traffic totally hands-free which is pretty cool now also this is pretty good because you can get access to it for a one-time low price along with the agency rights so you can actually use this to schedule your clients posts as well and connect multiple accounts not just one to your Facebook Connect multiple Facebook accounts connect multiple Twitter accounts multiple LinkedIn accounts and a lot more and the prices are pretty low I’m not sure why they’re selling it that low with the agency rights but you know that I’m just doing the review here I’m not actually selling it and if you’re now if you’re wondering like you know I’ve maybe I’ve seen these social post tools before and I just don’t have the content to keep doing that well make sure you check out the bonuses below because I have some very cool bonuses relevant ones that work right with this Sochi hub software they’re gonna show you especially one called the Stork the circle of viral ASSA T training I’m gonna be showing you where it’s gonna teach you how to get traffic a lot faster with just one piece of content from all these different posts and normally you know it would be kind of hard because you have to go and manually schedule it to different accounts and buy different social accounts because they you know usually one just post to Facebook and another one posted Twitter but because you’re getting a cool software that allows you to post a Pinterest Instagram LinkedIn a lot more than this training is really going to help you because instead of just you know writing a piece of content posting it to Facebook then you know repeating over and over to try to build your audience like you know the regular guys tell you to do this is the core training that’s gonna show you how to just get one piece of content and get tons of traffic or you know 10 times more traffic and visitors than just you know opposed scheduling it and then kind of repeating it so right now I’m gonna do is gonna go through the software and get my thoughts on it and again this is a cloud software so you all have to do is log in and then you’re gonna be graded to by this dashboard setting here what this is is this is just serves to allow you to quickly submit a post that you have this is this doesn’t do a scheduling this part at least but for example if you have an article that you just wrote or you want to schedule an image or a video you can press that you can upload your image or video here and then you can write your message and then you can choose what networks to quickly post you and then right away it will post to all these networks that you choose now I talked to the creators and for some of these you know obviously if you choose a video and the video is too big it’s not gonna post to Twitter correctly so you do have to use common sense here or if you use a video that’s too long well it’s not going to go to Instagram and also the video post they didn’t they’re not gonna work right now for Instagram because Instagram isn’t allowing video posts directly to of them from a cloud platform so this would be good for new image posts or regular posts this part at least then what you can do is you can schedule post to go out to all these different networks a Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Instagram so I’m gonna click on the Facebook dashboard here and we can schedule text posts link posts images and a native videos to facebook and you again if you get the agents rights which you will on the front end if you end up getting it through my link you’ll be able to connect multiple Facebook accounts you can see all the accounts you connected here there’s just one connected at this point and then we can go to the dashboard here and we can start scheduling our content and posts and you know I have to do is choose the time you want to go out if you want to delay you can do that as well that’s not really needed and and the feature I was talking about which is really cool is you can choose to repeat this post so say for example you’re launching a product or you have a campaign or you just want to get more crap because you know if you if you think about at the top guys out there they’re not just posting one day you know Gary Vaynerchuk he’s not posting once the Twitter posting about you know every couple minutes and usually you know they’re repeating the post over and over the exact same thing so you know I would recommend checking this repeat post and then choose like if you want the post to go out again every two days once per day and then choose the end date for your campaign and that’s a way to save a lot of time and schedule the post multiple times hands-free something that buffer and HootSuite some of these other places some of these other things they can’t really allow you to do at this time and then you choose just where you wanted to go your pages the groups your profile timeline just choose down here and then hit publish post and then it will save your post you can go to the manage schedule tab over here it’s gonna show you all the posts that are ready to go out are the ones that have been completed you can check reports and then if you save some to come back you’re not ready to post them the save tab will show you the ones that you saved now we can do that exact same thing only with Twitter so again we can upload native Twitter videos you can use images of course what’s recommended or just regular tweet posts and just like before you can go ahead and schedule the time you want it to go out you can also choose this if you wanted to go to random Twitter accounts that you connect and again you can choose to repeat this post over and over definitely I would recommend doing that with Twitter because just posting it once it doesn’t really get a lot of traffic you really have to want to break through the noise you want to repeat it over and over again then save it or publish it and then at the same time you have your Facebook what’s going you can have Twitter ones going as well now this also integrates with LinkedIn now this is one that ice that there’s not really many out there if any that can actually allow you to schedule through LinkedIn using their API correctly and LinkedIn is definitely a good place especially if you’re in the business niche or something like that where you can actually get a lot of traffic from now if you’re in health and fitness maybe this one won’t won’t be quite as good but all you have to do is you know insert your link URL your message the title and then it will appear on your Linkedin dashboard at any time that you choose to schedule it and you can repeat it over and over to be posted on LinkedIn as well and the same thing works with Pinterest you can also post a Pinterest in this case instead of choosing Facebook groups down here you can choose your Pinterest boards or we can choose groups if boards are missing and just like before in this case you want to you can only upload an image Pinterest doesn’t allow videos so you would your link your description if you want to repeat it the time and then you can enter the image URL or you can just go to this section is called upload images you can choose your image here which will go to Pinterest and then go down to publish it and then it will start scheduling to that as well then they also have publish to Instagram you just give your description your image URL when you want to post it so just like before so this is all works the same it’s pretty easy to use and they all have the the repeat over and over section to schedule hands-free or post it multiple times over and over again now finally we have the YouTube section now whenever I was reviewing this this doesn’t really allow you to schedule videos to be uploaded to YouTube it really doesn’t do that because technically that’s not allowed by the YouTube API but what it does allow you to do is you can integrate your YouTube accounts and then you can see some more detailed analytics to see how your YouTube channel is growing so here’s one that I’ve integrated in you can check out the views different watch engagements the country so you can get some more detailed stats and you’d probably find just with your regular YouTube dashboard device and system what people have been watching it with so this one technically it doesn’t allow you to schedule to YouTube but you know if you’re someone who actually wants to look at the stats and track their progress to see how they’re doing and this can also be helpful as well now finally you see something down here called content hub now this is something if you get the upgraded version you’ll get a way to find curated content to post yourself so you don’t have to come up with the ideas all on your own now like I mentioned before you’ll also get that bonus where I’m gonna you know talk to you about you know obviously content curation is a way to get the content but there’s some also some more advanced ways on how you can get a lot more traffic by just creating one piece of content whether it’s a video a SlideShare an article and a way that you can um set it up I can’t give it away right now but a way that you can set it up to get a lot more traffic and a lot lot and leverage a lot more from it than just you know uploading it uploading your your video to youtube or uploading your picture to Pinterest and then having to go back and create a whole nother piece of content that’s really time-consuming and exhausting and like I said you’ll be able to get the agency rights they told me with this which will allow you to integrate different numbers of accounts for each one here and you’ll be able to use this for different clients to schedule their stuff on Instagram Pinterest Facebook etc over and over so if so she hub looks like something that can help benefit your business then like I said it’s going live for an early bird discount for lifetime access for a price that is definitely pretty low my opinion and you’ll be able to get everything I just went over in this video and you’ll be able to get access to all my bonuses as well which you can check out below the video on the bonus page so hopefully this video helped and if you want to get it make sure to check it out while it’s available for that low price I talked about and if you buy through my link you’ll get all the bonuses as well so thanks for watching this video and I’ll talk to you again soon

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