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Welcome back to another honest review what’s up how are you doing will come back to social hub well actually is the review on doing anyway welcome back really good to have you here really pleasure once again a usual I have interviews coming along with my reviews I go ahead and I interview the Creator I couldn’t find time to interview creator on this one well actually it’s not that I couldn’t find time just it didn’t work out but i’m still trying to maybe find some time so maybe there will be a later interview i don’t know so we’ll see but most likely no interview with the Creator which I I like those but you know I’m just not going to happen but still this review is all about bringing you behind the scenes of the software what it does honest opinion bonuses OTO as you know all of that stuff that you should know before you just make a decision whether you want to pork purchase this or not now I tell you beforehand I’m going to have bonuses for this and those will be for people who purchase through my link but still you don’t have to get it with my link you really you don’t really have to get this right but it’s all about showing you behind the scenes and everything really a lot lots of fun I love doing these reviews let’s get start you know let’s get started so what we have here is so should have what it does it’s simply a software that manages all your social media accounts in one place automates all of them at the same time increasing your marketing effectiveness saving you a lot of money on different tools but even more time on doing these things manually right you can schedule you can pose you can do a lot of things with the software and there’s some things that it doesn’t do and obviously we will cover those as well so it simply does everything for you in terms of management and all-in-one marketing platforms so I’ll give an example for go to the main dashboard right let’s refresh will see that basically you go ahead by the way all my accounts mileage it will account are connected to the software because I do i do want to use this software you know it’s it’s not very common that I review software that I also will be using every day my business right the reason is because you know there’s so many different software I do you come I do review videos I do some social media especially when it comes to facebook instagram youtube and that’s it you know i barely touch twitter linkedin or Pinterest you know so when there’s a pinch of software coming out or something and I review it it’s really good and everything and I shoot good bad everything show you the software but you know nothing guarantees that i will be using it because now that that at that point i don’t need to use pinterest but you know in the future i will use interest in that so far our go-to but this one it just does everything for you and you know this is it for me for someone you know i’m really grateful for having doing what I do you know reviewing products so I’m getting access free access to all these software so shihab install go all sorts of softwares and I’m using every day and I’m so grateful to be able to use them every day and and share it share share them with you share the review use them and have fun it’s really great really I’m thankful and obviously thankful for you to you for you to you for you know supporting me and giving me the ability you know because once again those people will stop giving me review copies and stop paying attention to me and stop Lulu you know giving me credibility once I stopped you know when I do the reviews and interviews once I stopped sending them sales or attention you know does it have to be sailed just attention so it’s kind of a good relationship I have with the vendors thanks to you and it’s a good for you it’s a win-win-win you know it’s an absolute blast I love it just wanted to say how I’m grateful them and and drug me I don’t say grateful I’m grateful a lot i don’t feel grateful for many things I’m that kind of guy and every time I see someone on social media post like hey I’m grateful for being grateful for being grateful for being grateful for being I I just dude shut shut the hell up I don’t it’s just you know you man yes that’s the way I see it because I I just can’t keep reading those thank you thank you both so many of them but sometimes i think i need to give credit where it’s due and really be thankful you know at times when it matters not now you know what forget I’ve been talking about this for the last nine years second let’s talk about the software right that’s what you want to know so basically you’re going to go ahead and publish it right you go and go ahead and simply post image video you can post facebook to twitter all the same time okay this is just one feature which is in my opinion the least favorite feature although it’s the one they’re going to advertise the hardest which is simply because it is an all-in-one you know tool I I don’t really like this feature because okay it’s useful but not not not for a lot of things so for example right so let’s say you want you have a post you want post to your facebook account you go ahead you select facebook in a little over and you’re gonna get and submitted right and then you go and start scheduling and stuff like that now if you want to add Twitter let’s say Instagram Twitter Instagram for example Twitter Instagram his images only you cannot put videos in there right twitter is only up to 140 characters right so if you will start writing stuff here that don’t fit all of these platforms some of them will give you an error some of them will not work this means that you need to figure out the limitations of each of them and then select so what’s the point of using this you know what’s the point only for really short and sweet posts and once again you know it needs to be me it will post for you but you need to be really aware of the limitations of each network to be able to post those effectively or simply keep it short to the point and have an image only or a video or a post only because not all of these nets you know not all these networks will allow you to post videos like Instagram so you definitely need to be aware so this is the feature that I like the least actually when you go deep into the product you know into each of the automation tools this is where it gets interesting which is you in front of you at the Facebook dashboard there’s a dashboard just like this for each and every one of the networks each one of them fits the network right so here it will not have that post preview that you haven’t facebook but it’s very simple as only to go too deep into that so what you see here is simply text post link text post link image and video in to post on Facebook and this is where it gets interesting this is your preview you write your message you do whatever you want here you you know inspirational spiration I don’t I don’t care and you go ahead and select your time delay scheduling random posts you can delete after finished from your dashboard you play with it right for whatever you want in any way that you want you can go ahead and pause between posts and put a delay for example after to post completed you will do a 90 second a 90 minute delay between postings you can keep scheduling you can schedule ears ahead literally years ahead and you can do all of this from this dashboard you can have the same post reposting for example once a year and stuff like that you see once per week I’m sorry I’m sorry it’s not one spirit it allows you to post the repeated personally allows to post up to one up to you know the longest will be once per week but it’s very useful and here you can post with the schedule up to 19 of March for this example for the time post but you know on the demo I saw him posting a year so I guess it really depends on your limitations once again of your network of your account of the delays and everything you set up right so you go ahead and simply select your pages select your groups you can post your timeline you can post to your pages and you can post to your groups and the encoder can all be managed to one spot right and once you go ahead and you you have this analytics here which is reporting poll manage your groups manage your facebook accounts you can add multiple facebook accounts and Twitter the same thing with Twitter only fits two Twitter and the same thing with Instagram only fits two Instagram and has the same thing with YouTube which is a huge marketing channel man you know in my in my in my affiliate marketing business right I run you know it’s funny i run i have only said 694 subscribers and about 100 kb use as you can see here and the crazy thing is these this is a really small number right compared to youtube but this makes me sick steers compare it to for example adsense the businesses because my business smaller because I you know the reviews and I pull the feel of things and and I may bonuses you know because of the business model because of the trust between me and the viewers but if you compare 100k views and 700 subscribers to any other youtuber you know just youtubers out there then make their living using YouTube they just do it for views and Adsense and stuff and that’s the way of monetizing that would be these numbers will probably not make them even 500 maybe one thousand dollars not per month generally right this is all it will make its really not impressive but because of my business models it works really really well this is this is a very important marketing channel in my business when it comes to building trust and to get the word out there then my reviews are out there even for the few hundred people who watch it in first week or so or so but yeah so all of these you can go ahead and you can manage them you can go ahead and manage them all from one single dashboard keep posting keep analytics boom that’s how simple it is no hype you notice no height no promises of money-making know stuff like that I mean you know these things sell write these things with the hype and everything they sell they sell so well but let’s be serious sometimes that sugar coating in hype is not needed I actually saw post yesterday about this and I disagree but never mind the some guy said you must use have ink improvement and make money online angle 22 for it to succeed or otherwise you know and I really disagree with that because it once again software like this definitely sells itself without all that height it’s a really good software that you know goes ahead and automates and managers or you can pose how many like but it gets better you know how can it get better it gets better because on the front end or the same front end offer which is this sochi hub you’re getting an additional agency license what this means is that you’re getting the ability how come on facebook now don’t do problem you’re getting the ability to I get me know I lost my string of thought I forgot everything oh I hate when this happened what was I saying let me just pause this yeah I I member so basically what happens is you get an agency license that edges in license means that you can go ahead and add client accounts to your YouTube to your Facebook not just not just your own right free agency license and you can manage classic am so for example if your social media manager and this is obviously a profession that earned a lot of money there plenty of people out there who want to do it or do it and you come to your client and you tell them hey pay me six thousand dollars a month and I’ll be managing all your stuff and he’s like cool bro and you’re gonna you’re going to manage everything for him but it’s going to take you a lot of time and energy and that’s probably where you’re going to end up with 6k months until that client client you know just doesn’t doesn’t need you anymore stuff but what you can do when you add these accounts to your associate to your social hub can manage them you can increase your client base you can be more effective you can have more time freedom definitely a great tool right and that’s a great offer so what is the price to expect when it comes to when it comes to buying this right so when it goes live I don’t know what happens after it goes live for five days on the twentieth of january or the lemonade extreme standard time goes live you know yeah and at $37 that’s it that is it thirty-seven dollars no 97 no monthly fee $37 one-time fee for all of this plus the agency license add to lose crazy value there is no denying about that right isn’t anyone who to come to my face and tell me this is not worth the money screw you this is definitely worth the money over it’s so much more than money especially without all that hype and everything I mean it’s a blast now what are my bonuses so here’s the thing here’s the drawback here that I feel except for that one in a dashboard where you know with their limitations in h stand for it but what if you’re a complete newbie or someone intermediate you know this automates everything for you and let’s say you don’t have those clients to manage for and you have no following you have no YouTube following no Instagram following no pinterest following no LinkedIn following note Twitter following no Facebook following you’ve got all of that stuff and you know you’ve got all of that stuff you don’t have all of that stuff I’m sorry once again it’s my a.d.d ADHD PDD and you’ve got all of those things that you don’t have okay in fact and now what you need to do is build and how do you build where do where do you get the knowledge to build all these all these audience everywhere pages in your roofs in your youtube how do you get that right so this is they don’t provide a solution to that but I do I’m giving you as a bonus trainings to each and every one of these networks to get quickly get this following in the first place so absolute absolute great value you’ll see youtube instagram the end of everything or each of these networks i will give i will show you how to go ahead and build an audience there so you can actually use the software effectively now we’ve got two episodes right the first one is going to be forty seven dollars and it’s one time fee and basically it’s so she have content engine and it basically allows you to use a built-in kurt content creation software i don’t have it here basically means that it’s going to grab content for you to post so it’s going to be automatically grabbing content putting it and then posting it and you can schedule with its built-in right it’s not something outside when you get called a new copy paste it built in boom boom boom damn you’re over you got content opposed so this is a very good and and it’s an absolute that makes a lot of sense right now we’ve got the second up cell which is ninety seven dollars one-time fee and it basically it’s one of their best selling softwares it’s not very related it’s not related like the first upsell but it’s one of the best best selling software called pixel graphics software and it’s basically a bundle of software’s you get a pixel SAS platform pixel template Club a pixel pro version and the resource package and the license what are all these why do you need them it’s simply a graphics package for designing everything that you need and editing everything that you need app or website for selling for making yourself look more professional all those things so like I said it’s not really related it could be you know for the images proposing but it’s not super related like the first stop so but it’s something to consider if you feel like you need this right don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking you need to buy this up so because there is an upsell on the funnel no you do not you don’t even need to buy the first one you just buy you if you want to buy Sochi up you will see which of the episodes feature but just keep in mind that the OTO to is cost cost ninety seven dollars OTO 1 + 47 0 to1 is actually related now I would strongly consider grab and get grabbing it if you feel like it’s worth for you and no co2 is really depends on whether or not you want to use it and that is it that’s all you get no white labels I don’t see any white level otiose and that is it my friends that is the end of my review for Sochi hub get it with my bonuses if you want my bonus was really great we’re solving a huge problem but generally just get it because it’s a really good software and that’s it i’ll see you on the other side

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