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Hey good afternoon these your friends here and it is absolutely great to see you this afternoon and right now it’s wrong about you lovin p.m. eastern at a time and one more working so late number one I have a fantastic traffic generation to specifically parking out multiple different social media platforms to help you get free organic traffic from social media services so it’s thinking who the freak but mega features okay alright you stink like that and that if you defy me to a social media networks that’s because I have tools behind these things does similar things like this once it was very very exciting just to share this with you in a minute but before I go into all that I like to assure is what happened to me today well today and while I was working out in the gym let me assure standard time I’ll keep the Easter egg hunt rap and God call urgent call from our mother and say that she’s sick after a high blood pressure cooling for a week meet me to take great needle into the hospital now I almost many of you know this or not but my father has literally passed away about two months ago so when I get a call like this for my own mother I get really really scared as you can tell right so but the good news is make story short winter took about five rounds of my toxins today and went to the hospital to get everything check it out so she’s okay for now so we still have to go back to revisit so why am I telling this story well this is the benefit to working for yourself looking at the internet marketer you get the freedom we get when we have emergency like this you don’t have to you have a job you don’t have to tell your boss hey I gotta go Congo and the cookie boxes know then you know you get you think you can probably get you between losing the job will help your mother right but as another monitor you have this freedom to pick the hours that you work and number two things is probably more important a lot i just told you is the fact you manage your time and time is going to be most important that in your life and also in your business as well to eat meat either number one outsourced or out to make some of the profits in your business now social medium posting is going to be one of them okay definitely automate that as soon as you can let’s face it you don’t have enough time in the world to post to all constitutes your media network now it is important tax tax to me absolutely that’s how I get my brand out that’s how get it free organic top job that’s how many new friends online that’s how you know I do a lot of my GV connections because they found me asking you to Instagram Pinterest Twitter all kinds of media networks but do I do this by my hand every single day and it’s certain time period no I didn’t do that because I thought to this is that you know what I can make more money but I can never get a single minute of my time back so I always fun away in my business to automate whenever I can now there is two ways to automate number one is hired of v8 in fact I have a team of four five six people now work for me and still not enough things not enough time in the world to get everything done right how we have that feeling and so the cost is going to be super high if you purchase working and doing our management people if you don’t have that skill yo says he never manage people before you might be a headache it might take more time to training in to give the process you want it takes time it takes patience you take management skills okay that’s one approach not you’ve got exactly the same tactics of social medium posting tax you can automate with a software with tools such as one but introduced to you I’d you don’t have that problem they’re not going to complain working overtime they’re not going to complain about you know pay they’re not going to complain about how long’s only thing they’ll have an excuse me I’m not working basically going to software schedule it and then just let the software take care hosting for you okay now how do you even more leverage in many chemicals you have virtual assistants and you have the software how do you do that how do you even put a combination with as well to meet super simple let your virtual or system learn the software use it and take full advantage of it now who can you explain this software let me share with you even better if the product Ritter himself so without further ado let’s go watch this a special video made it by quick a longtime friend of mine to tell you all about why he created software he’s the internal marketing stories and why should get it so let’s go watch it and take out all the bullets we have right below this video and look out for my email tomorrow and I’ll see you in the next exciting video okay thanks Han I appreciate you having me I’m no one hand for a very long time heavenly we can’t and I go like go like way back well I’m Chris Jenkins and I’m in the middle there as you can see and paws on my left and Richard is on the right and I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself and then I will tell you a little bit why we’re here well just like everyone else I think I came online with a dream about 12 years ago and to make it successful online and it was a struggle I’m sure you can relate everyone pretty much has the same story and I understand that story and it’s the ones that push through that that our success so let me share with you a picture just real quick I wasn’t going to do this but I decided just that will show you that anyone in any walk of life can achieve results online here is a fun pic there i am that’s me yep a little bit younger than but i was standing on a horse and yes I used to we still have a horse’s ass so I still have a ranch it’s nothing super special as far as a like elaborate right I pray it’s just a good good old boy ranch as you like to call it and computers were not anything that was even remotely in my mind let alone being able to make money online so but I did it so yes you can succeed too because if I can do it you can do it I tried many things at first but I soon realized though that I had a passion for software and especially automating software so why because I knew I could never get everything done that needed to be done manually once I got online and all the tasks that flooded me were just almost overwhelmed me so I surrounded myself with like-minded marketers and I have been involved in one way or another with many software products from development to you know obviously purchasing obviously to designing to just selling just anything involved with software and especially tools that help me do things faster and more time sensitive to allow me more time in my day then I really like to be involved I highly suggest you try to automate as many things as possible as well the last year or so though Richard and Paul and I have put together some amazing software products and I really enjoy working with these guys it’s been a really fun here we’ve done some really neat stuff ah and I want to ask you because I bet you have a tool for one of these things that I’m about to mention and Facebook okay so you got a tool for facebook don’t you everyone’s got a tool for facebook so this is like if you don’t have a tool for facebook that I don’t think you got you haven’t even been online long very long at all because everyone does now you need to have a tool for Facebook because Facebook Ads 500,000 users per day that’s crazy right there are nine billion active Facebook users yes billion I said a billion there’s over a hundred million hours of video watch daily on facebook when i thought my youtube here we’re talking about facebook so you can’t ignore it instagram is another one it’s a very fast growing network ok and it has over 500 million active monthly users and 300 million active daily users I mean that’s a lot of users ok and it’s growing at sixteen percent per month pinterest with over a hundred million regular users logging in the pictures every day it is amazing brand building and sales opportunity ok so let me tell you i bet you have at least one of those three i bet you have a tool for but I’m not done yet but I bet you have a tool for one of those three if not all three okay and you need to but one of the older networks is Twitter now you shouldn’t be ignored a lot of people ignore Twitter but it’s get a lot of traffic from Twitter and there’s ways to put that to purpose there are over 310 million active Twitter users and almost billion accounts have been created it Twitter’s not to be ignored linked it ok well linkedin depending on what kind of business you are but you don’t want to ignore this either you know it’s been around forever and it’s changed a little bit and it just keeps growing and changing every year it is almost 500 million users with two new users added every second ok over eighty-one percent of business-to-business marketers use LinkedIn to launch a new product youtube come on you got a youtube you must have a youtube tool right got to automate youtube because you can’t ignore youtube I mean it is crazy youtube in the last five years I think man is just amazing it has billion users who upload 300 hours of video every minute almost five billion videos are watched hutton youtube every single day that’s five billion it’s crazy but how much time do you actually spend with each tool setting up your marketing campaigns let’s say you only did two of those networks okay let alone six one hour per tool well that would be six hours a day right well if you are not marketing to all of those social sites then you are losing out you must market to them because there are billion users in all of these networks okay that’s billion users you know how would you like to have the power of all these networks at your fingertips well that’s pretty mind-blowing right but if you are a visiting marketer you have so much else to do there is just not enough time in the day to take care of all your marketing needs and manually do each different promotion for each different network that’s back to what we talked about at the beginning right well what if I told you there was a better way if you could fill in a single post and it would be built and formatted for each of the six networks that you could post to these six networks directly or schedule them for the future well you could even set your posts for the next week month or even year how much time was that free up for you well not only time now but how much more money would you make being able to market to those billion users day in and day out on almost complete autopilot well I’m telling you you can and this is what leads me here today because I want to introduce to you socio okay you are no longer need any other social app okay because you can schedule the same post to go out instantly or schedule it in different times on different network one post one click six networks equals instant traffic think how quickly so she hub would help you scale your traffic and save you time with the built-in analytics you can also see what cut each of your posts are performing like all like on all the networks from one easy used dashboard okay one click post you can schedule poster you get facebook pages facebook group Coast images you can post videos you can post reports you will see engagement I promise you and so much more let me show you around hey there I’m going to run you through everything that is involved in this suite of tools right now but I’m going to start with this dashboard now the dashboard is like a quick post kind of area saves you happy to copy and paste into various different networks and with the same thing so what you can do is you can actually choose what you want the post type to be the post image or video and then you can choose what social media you wanted to post through instantaneously now be aware a bit of common sense is needed here certain things can’t be posted on certain networks for example Instagram only allows pictures twitter has a limit to the amount of characters you can use so just use a little bit of common sense when you’re posting it because it won’t be able to post a certain things but the idea is as simple as choose like this and then enter the post making sure it fits the parameters of the different networks and then you can hit submit and it will post instantaneously to those says you’re copying and pasting or using the save post throughout so that’s our quick post dashboard next is facebook in facebook what you can do come to the dashboard and you can choose all the different types of posts that you want to do got text posts link posts image post and video post they all work pretty much the same you can enter some text here and it’ll update in real time on the side you can choose when you want it to post time-wise day wise you can schedule your delays randomized your posts add post time to the end of each post delete the post after it’s finished doing you can pause post in between everything and you can choose all the different groups you want it to go to same goes for links except obviously enter your linking message link title images enter an image all you’ve got to do with that is click and then you can drag and drop into here and it will post up like so schedule it again and video is you just do the video you can put your arel you can go and get youtube you are around and just pop it in there and it will use that YouTube URL now schedules will show you everything you’ve already got in there adding an account is easier going in here and watching the brief video and creating an app which sounds scary but really isn’t manage groups these are the grid to your admin ops you can put in two different lists report posts just shows you what’s been posted and when save post shows all the different save posts that you’ve got ready to use another time and settings is for your defaults ok onto twitter twitter you can choose on twitter from a text post an image post or a video post be aware that there’s 140 characters limit but the same applies so you put your text in here then you choose a time and a date a delay if you want it whether you want to randomize the posts delete after finish auto pause post so you can stack them up you can have loads go in and you can say after every three posts I want to wait 60 minutes before I do the next ones repeat posts so you can do it more and more if it’s a promotional thing and then you select whatever profile you want them to post to manage schedules is your list of different ones you put in there it will show you whether they’ve been posted whether they were scheduled to go forward and what’s happened with them you can also see them directly from here and you can delete them or repost them you can have multiple accounts I’ve just got the one in here at the moment but you can add more and more account so you can randomize you clamp different niches you could have different kind of followers on each one and choose which ones you want to post what sort of status to report post will show you what’s been put where what day what status and what type of completeness so you can see exactly what’s working for you what sort of times a day you do it safe posts will show you everything that you’ve saved so you can input a lot of different Twitter posts in one go and have them here ready to use elsewhere you can also delete them from here if you want to like so settings is just a default for Twitter when you connect it all fill in these two automatically don’t worry about those so it’s just the posting options that you need to do if you want them as a different default ok the LinkedIn dashboard same sort of thing but you can only do a link on this one so you would put your link in here you put your message in here your title your link description you picture URL if you want to add a picture to it as well and then you can schedule it like all the others so you’ve got your tie on your date your delay randomized delete it auto pause post after a certain amount repeat them if you want to and then hit save post or publish post depending on what you want to do with it again you can have multiple accounts so you can choose what you want it to post to the schedules list will show you everything you’ve got that’s already been posted or anything you’ve got coming up you can repost them cancel them you can delete them you can delete every single one of them linked in your account is really easy you just have to go in here and click to authorize it it will do all the hard work for you and it will be linked up in couple of seconds tops report post is where you can see what you’ve been doing what sort of things status wise completeness wise and by day so post is where you can see all the posts you save but not actually published yet and you can use them at a later date and settings with your default now again with this linkedin app key and the app secret have been done for you when you link up your account you don’t have to do that posting options it’s just your default delay and the minimum delay that you want to do in hit update pinterest obviously only lets you do images so there’s only the one tote you can do here you got a link that you can put in here the description then you can just click here to have your image put up you can track and drop if you want to get extra images in there and then schedule exactly the same as the others is a huge time saver all of these when they’re combined as well and all in the same place so you’re not flitting from one thing to the other so you can schedule it you can randomize it delete it repeat it once per day or every two days every week decide when you want that to stop happening publish or save the post you can choose your different boards in this case as the way you want it to post to schedules will show you everything you’ve done and everything you’re going to do you can also hit delete all or anything like that if you wanted to just like so Pinterest account is very you to link up as well just come in here if you haven’t already and it will walk you through it not a problem very simple managing the board now here you can add different lists of boards so you can group different boards together to post to if you wanted to report posts means that you can see what days you’ve been doing it what status and what completeness they are this way you can see that everything’s working how it should save post if you save some posts and you want to use them a later date will appear in here and then you got settings this is the default again where you can choose just a delay in the minimum delay everything else is handled for you when you’re authorized Pinterest to use this Instagram dashboard is much the same as the Pinterest one in the sense that is an image only but unless you did image description the image URL again you can upload in drag and drop them and then say when you want it to post this is really cool though because normally you’d need your mobile you need to take your pictures from that words with this you can do it from your computer means you can really think about what you want to do and have a proper kind of campaign going on an Instagram can randomize them you can delete them you can also pause suppose after so many if you’ve got the more stacked up and you can repeat posts and put them to whatever account you want you can have multiple accounts on here so you might have one put an inch or maybe one for your econ store one for your personal stuff whatever it is you want to do you can do it here publish post to whichever ones you want the YouTube dashboard is more of a statistics more of a management tool you can’t post from here you can see your different categories so you can see what’s been put in what so when you’ve got multiple YouTube channels you can actually put them in two different places and see them all in the one place click through or then show you the different things you’ve got and you can do the different time ranges see all different views and jump down to where you want to depend on what it is you want to see for your stats junkies out there this one’s really really cool he managed channel you can list your channels you can add new channels and you can add new categories depending on what it is you want to put them into the category is something you decide on it’s not tied into YouTube or anything like that so you can have your econ ones your marketing ones your social ones your game ones whatever it is that you need to do and then you can add your new channels into them to have them all in one place so as you can see this is powerful stuff very time they’ve been very cool and it’s got everything in the one place for you so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to deal with all of your social aspects real big time saver and laid out so it’s nice and easy to use and you can get everything scheduled in and you don’t have to be stuck on your keyboard all the time but still look very very active across all of your different accounts so now that you have seen a bit of the software I think you’re starting to see how powerful it is but where is the proof right well here is just a small sample of the proof Richard actually has a survival niche that he does and in the ecomm and anyway what he’s done is he’s taking some case studies here just to show you let me show you example of it all look at the power of this software and look at the likes that so she helps can bring you okay see how the engagement goes up when you put socio to work you know and it doesn’t stop there because here’s some amazon sales for the same facebook page as you can see this is only a six day case study well i’m sure now you see that you want to automate as many daily tasks online just like i do and i hope you see the value of this software in doing that plus we have an amazing bonus that provides more value than you could ever imagine think of all the businesses local and online that would die for a tool like this how easy would it be for you to sell these businesses in a way like this to run their social campaigns that means you can have multiple accounts inside your main account so you can manage and sell this unique service to on an offline business this was going to be an upsell in the funnel at ninety seven dollars but for the launch period we are giving that to you as a bonus but we haven’t taken this even a step farther and threw in some extras okay we are actually going to give you a full agency extra pack as well which includes graphics articles sales pages videos and more take a look so here’s the agency writes the power social socio gives you the ability to utilize six networks and manage your posts in a few easy clicks so think about simple and profitable it would be for anyone running an agency for multiple clients so you get unlimited clients accounts can manage your clients accounts you get the full agency rights extras which gives you the graphics packs the promotional video pack the articles and a promotional page pack okay that pretty much wraps everything up except I’m sorry there is one small catch you see you have to hurry because the massive value of this offer we will be raising the price soon in fact we’re going to be going up daily i also am not even sure how long we will actually even offer this software to the general public so please don’t wait until it’s too late thanks Han appreciate it back to you stop today’s the day when you throw away all those different tools you have acquired to help your social media marketing I bet you have a tool for facebook Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter YouTube how much time do you spend with each tool setting up your marketing campaigns one hour per tool that’s maybe six hours per day or even worse you’ve only one or two tools and you manually set up your campaigns well then you probably don’t have enough time in the day to market to them all do you if you are not marketing to all those social sites then you are losing out what if I told you that if you were to market to all six of them then you would have the potential to reach billion users yes I did say billion pretty mind-blowing right but if you are a busy marketer you have so much else to do there is just not enough time in the day to take care of all your marketing needs and manually do each different promotion for each different network login to Facebook decide on where you want to post to a group of page or your personal page decide on your message decide on your video or image you’re adding decide what time you are going to post then it’s move on to the next one and the next one and so on and so on day in day out gets monotonous right well what if I told you there was now a better way you could fill in a single post and it would be built in formatted for each of the six networks that you could post to those six networks directly or schedule them for the future you could set your posts for the next week month or even year how much time would that free up for you not only time but how much more money would you make being able to market to those billion users day in and day out on an almost complete autopilot you are going to make much more money marketing to all those users plus it frees you up to do other marketing activities introducing social hub the one-stop app for marketing to Facebook Pinterest Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube build your campaigns on all these different networks schedule them and then set and forget how easy would that be us using the unique one click post app all you have to do is fill in the campaign once and you can target all six if you want to you are saving time reaching more people building more leads in making more money Social Hub launches today and for the next few days only we have a special early bird price plus we have an amazing bonus that provides more value than you could ever imagine think of all the business local and online that would die for a tool like this how easy would it be for you to sell those businesses away like this to run their social campaigns how much could you charge well for this special early bird lunch we are going to give everyone who buys a free agency license that means you can have multiple accounts inside your main account so you can manage and sell this unique service to on in offline business this is going to be an upsell in the funnel at ninety seven dollars but for the launch period we are giving that to you as a bonus plus we’re giving you a full agency extras pack as well which includes graphics articles sales pages videos and more but only for the launch period to lock this in now and get this amazing agency license as a bonus and you you you you you you bye you

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