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I hate to make you all from this video and I’m excited today to show you so she hub this software an action down below there’s a demo of this it’s a very thorough demo that you can go through which goes through all the different options and what’s possible with the software what I wanted to do today is go through the benefits of the software what’s included in it so you get a good overview of it and going to you know where you’d use this one of the main advantages also she have is it also comes with agency rights which basically means you have the ability to not only you know use this offer yourself but you can actually use the software to update your clients websites and or quaint social media accounts so if you’re working with the business or many businesses you can actually load them up into the software and then update via Facebook pages their Twitter pages LinkedIn pages through the software now this software is unique in the sense that it has six different social networks that you can update to usually with these software’s you maybe get 13 if you’re lucky this one is sex that includes Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Instagram and YouTube which is really handy if you’re actually looking to distribute content across all of these different social networks is going to save you a lot of time when you go ahead and do that so you can choose if you want to post to each of these networks individually or you can choose if you want to go ahead and schedule on posts to all of them simultaneously so you can actually write in a text post and a video URL and video title and you can distribute it to these five networks right here youtube slightly separate in the way it works and i’ll show you a bit about them in a second but if you want to from the dashboard you can actually select video image and regular posts that you can immediately submit from the dashboard to these different social networks there’s also tutorials here as well and you’ll be able to go through all of these it also has the details of the agency and a few other bits and pieces and there as well now inside of facebook in order to add your accounts you have to go to account Facebook and you’ll be able to add your facebook account to hear same with Twitter you go into account Twitter you’ll be able to add your Twitter account here so the Pinterest accounts pinterest you’ll be able to add your Pinterest account here same with YouTube I’m going to YouTube manage your channel and then add new channel ok that’s how you’re going to add the stuff from parts now youtube in itself is separate the reason that super is that social network youtube actually works differently so you’ll be actually updating different and if i go to manage channel this my kennel you’ll be able to actually go ahead in through here add different videos you’ll be able to upload different videos to youtube directly and you’ll also be able to add a new channel from the software as well so it allows you to manage your channel list your channel out allow you basically add a new channel and upload videos into it but in terms of posting on youtube or managing comments it doesn’t include anything like that what it does give you the ability to do is basically our here to manage your YouTube channel and post videos to your YouTube channel you can also see here the statistics that are included with it so the number of statistics you can actually see how much progress you’re making through YouTube these statistics is going to be useful especially for clients when you’re using less with clients because you’ll be able to basically print out a report or grab a report based on the statistics that the software provides to do with YouTube which can be really handy and I’m sure you have many ways you can actually use this for your clients channels or for your own channels now we go to facebook here and we go to dashboard for facebook posting you’ll send this dashboard there’s a number of different options so what you can do from here is you can actually schedule and posts through this part and you can choose whether their video image link or text posts if we’re to say image post for example it then comes up with the settings for those image posts now if you wanted to one of the key I guess the key parts of the software is you can actually reach our repeat these posts so you could repeat these posts once every week you can repeat these posts once every few days and the benefit of that is as you’ll know you know Facebook in themselves they are a place where you post but not all of your audience is going to see your posts so what this does is it’s basically going to rotate your posts and give you the ability to post again and again to that there’s different social network or that social network on a regular basis meaning that you can reuse the content so say for example if you were to schedule only 100 posts and you’re just to repeat those posts once every single month for a client then your basic we automatically got content posting for that client and you don’t really need to do anything else the posts are going to continue to post and you can add to that those posts that are being posted on regular basis as you go you also hear the ability to select which different pages you want to use it’s got my oil type that this is a demo account so it has the person’s facebook account here and it has all these different pages that they own so you can select which page you want to poster you can post a one page you can post to multiple pages and you can also rotate those posts as well which is really quite cool you can also choose to randomly postman if you want randomly submit these posts you can add a specific time or date and you can go ahead and delete after finished as well so once the posted actually going ahead and post it you could delete it as well if you wanted to so that sounds available with this posting part it also includes Twitter posting which again is the same up by the way you can manage Facebook groups through here in the same way and you can also see again report of your different posts and manage you know what your client will be able to see where you’ll be able to take this to your client and releasably show you how many posts have been made and how successful those hosts event if we got on Twitter now we go to dashboard again and again you can see the same sort of settings you’ll be able to repeat your posts you’ll be able to rotate your posts update text posts image posts and video posts and you also got you know your account so you can last reports again and let’s link then is the same you go to the dashboards you’ll be able to again see a bunch of different options that are specific to LinkedIn you’ve got your URL message linkedin or a link title link description picture URL you also got the time of post you want to polish you’ve got the delay in your post and much more included with them down in for Penn turist again it’s the same we go to dashboard we can then fill out our Pinterest post submit our post to pinterest schedule these posts into go out to Pinterest Pinterest as a photo website where you basically got a rotating basically photos you can post to pinterest or interesting images and you can have a Pinterest board which showcases recipes or showcases you know health products or showcases the Communist products and you can use as a marketing tool look your post as well now Instagram is probably one of the biggest social networks right now there’s a lot of buzz around Instagram and probably one of the major benefits of the software is it also comes with Instagram posting with a number of different features it gives you the ability to automatically follow people it gives you the ability to automatically post to pinterest and gives you the ability to automatically unfollow people auto follow back so not only is this posting 26 social networks but the Pinterest component of this here’s the wrote a post it gives you the ability to post from a computer and it also gives the ability to go ahead and basically do auto posting over over Instagram as well not only that you can also seen auto direct messages through the Instagram software so if someone you know submits a comment you can automatically message them you can automatically follow them you can automatically unfollow them and you can also automatically like the posts you can automatically comment on their posts and the guys that added quite a bit into the software so it’s going to allow you to basically go ahead and post immediately to these different networks which is really cool so we could go ahead we can say the 21st we would have to add a Pinterest or at an Instagram account for this to work what we could do through accounts Instagram which we’ve added one here so we’ll go back to Instagram I will go back to auto follow back for example all you need to do is select to this profile here so that posting your message and you’ll be able to be in choose when that message is going to go out you could choose which profiles that’s going to go to when someone comments on whether your posts mean what can happen is you can automatically message them we can also automatically follow people you can Auto like certain posts so you can select that your profile is going to go ahead and like certain posts and so as you can see there’s a lot in the software there’s a lot you can do with the software the posting options are significant as a huge amount you can do with Instagram and if you want to get access to the software go down below and get the best price possible 6 social networks and one and also there’s a full demo down below of this egg software in action that goes in depth into how it works but if you’re looking for something to manage all of your different social networks and also take it one step further with Instagram take it one step further by rotating your posts so submitting your posts over and over again this software is really in a health and it’s going to give you the ability to do that so go down below get access down below and i look forward to talk with you again soon this is sam becca thanks for listening i’ll see you at

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