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Hey everyone and welcome to another hitfilm tutorial today I’ll be showing you how to make this spin transition in hitfilm express today’s video tutorial will be rated two stars out of five on a difficulty scale and before we begin this video a quick reminder to subscribe to my youtube channel SHINee films if you want more videos like this one and follow me on twitter at shinee underscore films for more constant updates then I can give here on YouTube so first steps first you’ve got to get your two clips I’ve got two clips here of this girl running in harvest it’s just stop footage of course you can use whatever you want to use and today I’m actually going to create a composite shot that contains both clips and then apply effects to their composite shot so you’ll see what I mean the first thing I’m just going to get the first clip that I want to play first I’m just gonna hit right click make composite shot and just gonna hit OK it’ll leave it all the same we’ve just got the clip playing here in the composite shot as you can see and I’m just going to now grab the second clip and drag it over the first clip so now it’ll have the first clip playing and then the second clip will start playing I just want to make sure that it cuts at the right time so somewhere around here is where I want the spin transition to start cutting and I’m just going to top this one as well or shorten it so that it starts it plays back it starts playing back when the camera moves down so we have that nice effect okay so it’s at this point that the transition happens but instead of applying all of our effects to these two Clips separately I think the easiest things do would be to apply it to this whole competition so I’m just going to grab the comb shot here in the media panel and just hit right click make composite shot out of this composite shot just hit OK and now we’ve got this second comp which has that comp which contains both those clips in and when we play back you’ll notice that we have both of those clips in the same place but they appear as one clip one composite in our timeline and that makes it much easier to animate and use so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re just going to find our here the frame where they change and we’re just going to start keyframing some values namely rotation so at this point I’m just going to open up the clip like so open up transform and I’m just going to hit the circle next to rotation and that will create a keyframe for us at rotation you’ll notice this diamond appears in the middle here and that means that at this point in time it saved a keyframe it saved what the rotation will be at this frame which is currently 0 degrees but I want to change this to be 90 degrees like so and now we’re just going to go one second back to four seconds and nine frames and I’m just going to set it to be zero and then we’re going to go to six seconds and nine frames and we’re just going to make it 180 so let’s just play this back and see what it looks like so that’s the kind of spin that I want to happen but it’s not really as smooth as I’d like it and so to smooth out this animation we can change the interpolation of these keyframes I’ll just highlight all these keyframes with the marquee just by dragging and then open up the value graph here if you open up the value graph you’ll notice that it just changes a position from here and then just slowly goes to 180 in a straight line and we want it to be a little bit more smooth than that so two can change the interpolation or basically how the value changes between these keyframes if we want to change that to be however we want but it’s like this circle button over here which converts the keyframes to manual Bezier and now you can see the curve looks a little bit smoother let’s just zoom into the timeline here using the timeline scale and now we have a really great representation of what’s going on I’m going to drag in the middle here these two values I’m going to drag it down like this and I’m going this one up and basically now it’ll slowly go and at the middle it’ll go really fast and the rotation will change a lot and then at the end you’ll slowly go back down to 180 so let’s close this back so that actually doesn’t look too bad and of course you can adjust these ones as well and just these even more if you want to have more harsh interpolation or you just want to change the interpolation this is a great thing to mess around with to adjust the smoothness of this of this spin in your transition so that’s the main part of the transition already over with we’ve got that smooth spin out of the way but of course there’s a couple of things that are very wrong with this first of all you might have noticed that it just spins around to an upside down version of this clip because it’s rotated 180 degrees so if we go back to this original comp this second clip if we just rotate this one 180 degrees no need to add any key fans or anything just rotate 180 degrees and then we go back into here you’ll notice it’s the right way round so that’s all good the next thing we’re going to want to do is actually add motion blur now this is optional and you don’t have to do this but if you just hit the motion blur button here you’ll notice that when it spins around it’s got a lot of blown and that makes for a much much smoother transition it looks more realistic and the final thing we’re going to do to make sure that all of this is actually a proper transition is you’ll notice of course that we’ve got lots of black or transparent areas around our image here which is of course not what we want so if we’re going to have to fill these in with the video somehow and the best way to do that is to tile it and we’re going to tile it around using the shake effect I know so if we just close up everything and close up the value graph if we just grab the shake effect here and drag it onto our clip you’ll notice it’ll do the normal thing where it just shakes the clip around like the shaker fraction normally would but if we go into the controls and open up the shake effect and we just drag the amount all the way down to zero it actually won’t have any effect and it won’t shake the video at all now that we’ve got the video with the shake effects but no actual shake effect on it we can utilize one of the shake effects tools to help us scale this video down and that is believe it or not the scale value here if we just select in this you’ll notice that it scales the video down until it’s half the size of it what it was before and it tiles the video so you can see here in areas like this the actual transition seems pretty seamless because it’s just tiled the video you can notice it more when the head is kind of tilted this way but it shouldn’t matter that much if the transition is only going to be on for like a second or so anyway and if you want to you can adjust this in rap if you select it to be something like tile then it’ll tile it but if you select to reflect which is usually going to be working better then you can reflect it like so and now all we have to do is we have to scale this up 200% and now our video fills the frame but it also has areas on the outside where it spins as well and you can still see the effect but there is a pretty big problem with this it’s because we’ve scaled the video up 200% now it’s become really pixelated and the video in the middle here is not quite as sharp as we’d like it and so an easy way to fix this is to just duplicate this effect duplicate the video I should say and just remove the shake effect on the top one and set the scale back to 100% and now we have a non pixelated version you can see you have a sharp version on top of the softer version and we still have the softer version playing in the background with the 200% scale and that’s a super simple way to create a spin transition in here film Express thanks for watching this video if you did enjoy this video then make sure 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