Sid’s Secret Weapon Against Coronavirus

I’m in here apartment with my wife kind of tuckered in and I actually can see a beach out of the window I know it’d be better shot than what you see right now uh-huh but big deal there are no people no there’s not even a dog walking around I mean it is empty empty empty but I’m becoming an observer of birds but because I you know what they get in line better than most Christians you do know that I mean boy they they follow the leader now many of you are wondering what was that picture you saw at the the opening statement to come on to this post and that was a picture where I was speaking in Israel and many people came up to me after I spoke it was just I spoke for about a thousand unsaved Jewish Israelis an evangelistic message and people came up to me afterwards they said Syd did you know your hands had a glow on them your face your body and we even took pictures of it and many of them gave me their pictures of what I know to be the same thing that Moses had when he was in the presence of God and that is the second of glory the Chabad the glory of God was all over him to the point he had to have a veil well lord I will not put on a veil if you give me that quantity I promise I think I hear a few you say I promise I’m not gonna put that veil over my face and why did he have that goy he spent a lot of time with God and I’ve been wondering how do you spend time with God and then the coronavirus showed up and they think life a lot more simpler than complex all the way you know what I’ll tell been about but so that was that what the picture you saw and by the way when the glory shows up guess who does all the work God and guess what at most of my meetings for all unsaved Jewish people whether it’s in Israel or whether it’s in Ukraine or in Moscow or whether it’s in Berlin Germany where we’re at all or Boca Raton Florida I’ve had meetings and all these places whatever it is when the kavod shows up the miracles erupt and when the miracles erupt better than 90% of these unsaved Jewish people especially Israelis that have no grounding in knowing the Messianic prophecies many of them aren’t even sure there’s a God and I can’t do it with human reason convinced nine hundred and some unsaved Jewish people to stand up in Israel and make public professions of faith I don’t have it in with who within me I don’t think any of you have it in within you but when the glory shows up God does all the work my favorite joke because it’s a true story is my sister came who’s lives in Israel came to one of our outreaches and she said to me as only a sister can at lunch since my mouth is full with their a falafel sandwich and it was good she said you weren’t that good said and I said well thanks a lot she said so why did all those Jewish people stand up Israelis and receive the Messiah and I say I take no credit and it’s not false humility it’s just I can’t I can’t perform one miracle I wish I could but when God shows up the whole house has miracles now I was talking I’m going to talk about in my opinion the secret weapon not just for a coronavirus but for life do you realize you’re an ambassador from the kingdom the kingdom of heaven here on earth and God gives you some rules God says your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven that means anything you don’t see in heaven we can enforce it off of Earth whether it’s cancer or coronavirus but we need enough people praying because there is you know many times you pray and you don’t see results I mean come on being transparent what there are results but there’s reasons but I’ll tell you something once this glory hits and I believe it’s gonna hit big time this year where it’s not just on a few select people it’s on every believer you will see every promise of God activated so I want to start with a quote from a famous healing evangelists John G Lake I mean he went to a city I think it was Portland Oregon or Seattle and there wasn’t one sick person for a year it was an amazing entire city because he operated and said strong faith and he’s talked about his secret weapon and it’s my secret weapon and it’s a secret weapon of every believer if they only knew and even ones that know don’t use it enough but after you hear me speak you’ll use this thing secret weapon against coronavirus but everything as an ambassador you have to be the head and not the tail and I’m telling you God would not say that and Deuteronomy 28 about the Jewish people we’re called to be the head and not the tail if he isn’t saying it about the spiritual seed of Abraham in the physical seed of Abraham that have made Yeshua Jesus Lord of their life and so this wonderful gift from God is speaking in tongues that johnsy like smoke about here’s his quote speaking in tongues is the voice of God speaking through you just that alone should make you want to speak in tongues speaking in tongues or supernatural language is the voice of God speaking through you I’m reminded of an of a Jewish rabbi traditional rabbi that not messianic that had an encounter with Jesus and when I was a new believer he was pretty prominent his name was rabbi Michael ESI’s and I was went to hear him speak and I was standing next to him and a woman came running up and she had a she was very much expecting a child and they’re very you know close to it and she said the doctor tells me my baby is dead and can you pray for the baby to come back to life so Michael use a good Jewish wisdom looks at me a brand new believer and says you pray said but I’m thinking I’m afraid for anyone for anything I’m brand new give me a break but I wasn’t going to say that I mean the father passed in the genes some call Crispo that’s a Hebrew word it means nerve and so I had just been immersed in the Holy Spirit with a prayer language and I have to tell you like everyone not just Jewish believers everyone I have to tell you I doubted whether it was really God good thing I didn’t have the internet back then I would have had a lot of Thomas’s to confirm it wasn’t God but I didn’t know what to do what would you do I didn’t have the faith for a dead child to come back to life in in the in the womb I didn’t have it so I did the only thing I could think of doing even though I didn’t you know I wasn’t sure that that tongues was from God I prayed in tongues and guess what rabbi es es looked amazed I don’t know about the woman but my essays looked amazed and he said said where did you learn that language I said well that’s my tongues he says that is an ancient dialects of Hebrew that you are praying and here’s the interpretation that shot your child is with God go in peace as if to say it’s settled it’s finished and I’ve never doubted since I was speaking in tongues but that’s the devil’s number one strategy you speak a language and it sounds to your mind like you’re making it up of course I like what the Bible says unknown tongues meaning if it’s not known to the mind of course you’re going to think you’re making it up so let that that kind of gets me into some objections about tongue listen if I was the devil I would have everyone misunderstand the most significant important gift that God has given believers and when I finish you understand and you’ll say yes that I agree and I’m really talking to a lot of people that have spoken in Supernatural languages and just put it on the shelf or only use it in an emergency no no no no no it’s going to be more natural for you than breathing so here’s some exactions I read tongues has passed away and that comes from first Corinthians chapter 13 verse 8 through 10 and then verse 12 well let’s read it because most people stop at the wrong place and come up with that conclusion like right here whether there are tongues they will cease and that’s when they cease reading because they say well see so I’m not interested you know if it passed on with the all the original Apostles died well it’s a good theory but they haven’t read the scripture let’s keep reading that’s 1st Corinthians 13:8 2 10 and verse 12 it then goes on to say for we know in part and we prophesy in part and my last facebook youtube is n post I was talking about a lot of it people misunderstand prophecy because prophecies see in part and that’s why we need all each other it’s a body of Messiah that’s who the one new man is the full body of Messiah and I think the closer we get to the return of the Messiah we’re going to need each other even more and and now that we’re getting into mostly everything’s done on the Internet I think most people are Gunners kind of shipped because they’re lazy oh how do I know I’m part of the race they’re gonna shift to doing everything electronically and not even gather in groups and they’re gonna miss it big time so let me continue reading first rule is whatever and so forth whether there are tongues they will cease for we know in part and we prophesy in part but when that which is perfect has come Oh perfect is Jesus no this was written after Jesus died and rose from the dead well then which is perfect is all it’s the Bible it’s already come well keep reading then that which is in part will be done away for now we see in a mirror dimly but then face to face now I know in part but when the perfect comes I shall know just as I also have known some translation I know everything how earth I’ll know what’s going on just as I am known in heaven I’ll know everything so obviously it’s not the bottom I don’t know everything about you if you do I’ll give you my mic please take it so therefore tongues have not ceased all right the second big objection there’s every believer speak in tongues now this is a tough thing for a lot of people because they’ve tried and they haven’t spoken in tongues they genuinely try so then you either come up with it’s not for everyone it’s not for me that’s called the lie as you read the scriptures or you don’t give up and you then speak in tongues and you don’t let the devil trick you out of speaking in tongues like he tried with me when I started and when you started I believe I really believe that but there are different rules for different types of tongues what do I mean by that try play playing basketball with football rules or try playing football with baseball rules there’s still the rules but they’re not gonna work sing with touch there’s different types of tongues spoken about in the Bible and it’s not quite as clear as I wish it was and that’s why there’s a little confusion let’s talk about the different types of tongues because each type of tongue has different rules and just as you wouldn’t apply football rules to baseball rules don’t apply one type of tongues rules that the Bible talks about to another type of tongues that’s where a lot of confused comes in and who’s the author a confusion not God not the Spirit of God the devil he’s the author of confusion so there are rules for tongues in the church 1st Corinthians chapter 12 verse 28 through 30 says God has appointed those in the church and then it goes on to say varieties of tongues so do all speak in tongues in the church and the implication is no so therefore someone reads that and says well therefore I’m not one that speaks in tongues because I don’t speak in tongues in the church well if you have a the public gift of tongues not everyone has the public gift in a church however you are you’ll see in a moment everyone has the private gift of praying in tongues it’s a devotional language let me read my favorite two scriptures that I believe really proves the point Paul said in first Corinthians 14 verse 5 and I’m reading now from the Wiest wue st which is one of the best Greek translations available and this is what it says now I desire that all of you be speaking in tongues that’s the private devotional language among other things different roles for different types of tongues let me read that again now I desire that all of you be speaking in tongues and then my favorite one is 1st Corinthians 14 verse 18 and this from the New King James I speak with tongues more than you all you see King James a lot of people don’t know it he was southern and he uses the phrase y’all a lot I’m just teasing I wish that you all spoke more but no I speak with tongues more than you all now I believe and there’s another scripture Paul said I speak without I pray without ceasing have ever read that and wondered how anyone could pray without ceasing you can’t unless but God’s Word is true let every man be a lighter God’s Word is true you can pray without ceasing if you pray in tongues yes it’s not coming from here and I’ll pray for you in a moment to receive this wonderful gift or if you have it to receive more of the gift what do I mean by more of the gift there are multiple languages and multiple uses of tongues that you’ll receive when we pray a little bit a little while but it’s nothing coming from here that’s the catch you’re not used to letting your brain go on house arrest and talking just out of your spirit that that’s why John G Lake said speaking in tongues is the voice of God speaking through you it’s not coming from here otherwise it’d be your voice it’s coming from your spirit and you’ve got to get that connection because when a lot of people pray to speak in tongues they’re waiting to hear it hear and then repeat it for fear it might be wrong or for many reasons but you’ll never hear it and you’re at an impasse with God himself think about it for a little bit so another type of tongues is witnessing yeah that’s a completely different type of tongues you could be in a one country having never learned the language I’ve interviewed so many people this has happened too and actually speak that language and lead someone to the Lord really I did it I’ll never forget one of my first Bible studies that I started and it was in not home and Joyce and I opened up our home and we had a nice Catholic woman come that was on fire for Jesus and she decided to bring her husband and I felt so impressed by the Holy Spirit at the end of the meeting to walk up to her unsaved but believed in God Catholic husband that was a professor at a major Medical College and he talked medicine and I put my hand on him and we prayed and I didn’t know what to pray so I prayed in tongues that’s you know when you don’t know what to pray pray in tongues it’s wonderful and so I prayed in tongues and he looked at me and then he got angry at his wife he said Cristina you taught him how to pray in the Filipino dialect he wanted to know how to do that and then he said because he was so cerebral he said no you could not have taught him how because you’re dialing from the Philippines is different than my dialect and if you study the Greek in the book of Acts at Pentecost Jews from all over were there and it’s actually says in the Greek they everyone heard them speaking not just in their language but in their dialect there’s something like 26 different dialects in the Philippines and I said to him you must believe in Jesus as your Lord in the Filipino language even in his dialect he heard that his wife couldn’t have coached me so he became a strong believer I don’t want to take the time but I have to it’s such a great story we used to go out used to live in Washington DC and there’s an area called Georgetown where Georgetown University is and George Washington isn’t the university isn’t that far away from there and other universities and all the college kids would gather there on weekends and drink what we gathered there to evangelize and I took Cesar that was the man’s the medical doctors named out with me passing out tracts to these college students and one night a college student walked up and he said dr.


Santos why are you doing this and he and he shared his testimony I mean you know something when you really make Jesus your Lord you operate in humility even a medical doctor better a professor of medical doctors wasn’t bothered to be passing out tracts in the streets of Georgetown so oh this is interesting here why speak in tongues because first they are perfect prayers why it’s not coming from here you can’t pray perfect you don’t have all knowledge we just established that you don’t only God has all knowledge that’s why we need each other got it but if you speak in tongues you are praying what might happen in the future so it doesn’t happen I’m reminded of a woman I interviewed and she went to a grocery store and she had her bags with groceries she gets back to her car in the parking lot and there’s a man with a gun and the man says put your groceries in here get in the driver’s seat and drive what she didn’t know was he had raped 18 women that had her exact profile that she looked like that was his purpose and by the way after he raped him he murdered them not I I’m glad she didn’t know that but God knew that because she told me hours before she even went to the grocery store she felt impressed to pray in tongues and even with the the rapist murderer in the car that was wanted by all the police she didn’t even know that there was a big search going on for him she didn’t know any of that she began praying in tongues in the car and he gets ready to rape her and murder her and she says you can’t do anything to me because God is for me because she had prayed in tongues she had she was as fold as a lie and you know what he did not rape her you know what he did not murder her you know what he called the police department and turned himself in after he received Jesus now is this valuable gift especially with the coronavirus and other things that are going on in the world of course it’s a valuable gift you have all the wisdom of God when you’re praying past present and future here’s the best reason one of my staff reminded me of this I knew it but it was a good reminder the devil doesn’t understand what you’re praying when you pray in tongues he doesn’t have a clue he goes slightly Meshuga that’s crazy so he can’t stop you from what you’re praying and changing destiny and lives and nations and politics and and Christianity in the move of God’s Spirit and the greater glory the global glory he doesn’t have a clue he hates you praying in tongues because whether you know it or not they’re Watchers that watch your prayers and they’re fighting your prayers but if you pray in tongues they can’t fight it because you see when you pray in tongues you’re praying perfect prayers everything you see about this ministry that’s been accomplished that good is that is good came from God by way of praying in tongues I used to get together with another Messianic Jew you probably seen him on television we both didn’t ever clue what God had for us but we used to pray in tongues than vast weekends his name’s Jonathan bernis Jewish voice I’m convinced the ministry he has today and the ministry I have today is because we birthed it by praying in tongues say oh but I’m so oh I can’t birth the ministry I’m gonna tell you something you have a book of life you have a destiny and it’s a good book of life and it’s a good destiny and when you pray it into being it’s coming from a zone where there’s no time so therefore it doesn’t you won’t miss a beat I mean God is amazing it says your spirit is edified when you pray in tongues what does edify mean in the Greek the word edify means like a battery that’s dead and you charge it and then the whole car operates you edify your spirit the more you pray in tongues the more you edify your spirit and the stronger you get it’s almost like having an arm and putting it in a sling for 10 years it’s a good arm but after 10 years it’s not gonna operate same thing you edify your spirit you’re gonna move into words of knowledge you’re gonna move into prophecy you’re gonna move into destiny you’re gonna drive the devil Meshuga your going to look that woman would have been raped and murdered if she hadn’t prayed in tongues that’s why the southern guy Paul said I wish you all prays in tongues I pray in tongues more than y’all I told you he was southern so now here is an amazing mystery you put when you pray in tongues you pray mysteries kind of end with this one have you ever read Romans 8:28 all things work together start at verse 26 and go to 28 and you’ll find out what really happens when you pray in how God causes all things to work together for good no it’s not just Lord caused everything to work together for good that’s good but that’s not what the verse says the verse says when you make intercession with groanings and utterance is that you don’t understand God causes all things to work together for good now I’m gonna pray with you right now if you’ve never prayed in tongues or if you have but we’ll start out because you can’t get this gift unless you’re righteous now you can only be righteous if Jesus is your Lord you can’t be righteous in yourself it’s in possible that’s what praise God Jeremiah said we’d have a new covenant better than the Old Covenant not that the old come was bad that’s what God has to hear but it’s a shadow of the reality that the Jewish prophet Jeremiah prophesied in Jeremiah 31 verse 31 behold the days come which I will make a new Brit hadashah new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah and God will be inside of you God will remember your sins no more you will know God the way Moses Abraham Isaac knew God actually I think even better under the New Covenant because other revelation says God will actually live in side of us fill us with his ruach ha’qodesh his holy spirit and allow us to speak in Supernatural languages so first let’s settle this and let me recommend it doesn’t hurt to renew your vows with God it’s a covenant you know in a covenant is valid and the vow works both ways God gives you everything he has when you cut the covenant and you give God everything you have when you cut the covenant it’s a wonderful thing it’s an unfair deal what if I got that God needs a mouth what if I got that God needs relationships what have I got that God needs cast out I can cast out demons in the name of Jesus I can heal the sick the name of Jesus I can speak in new tongues in the name of Jesus so last chapter of Mark I was just quoting so first let’s reaffirm your faith say out loud with me out loud you think you’re all alone no you’re not your room is filled in the invisible with angels demons and rock are kodesh and God the Father in Jesus and if you could only see in this invisible world that’s why I emphasize the invisible world and it’s supernatural so that you can deal with the 98% of the iceberg that’s under the water rather than the 2% above the water which most people deal with to live this life and all the actions under the water in the invisible world pray this out well dear God come on oh well dear God I’m a sinner against you and you alone have I sinned and I’m so sorry I believe the blood of Jesus that are making this covenant with washes away my sins and unclean and now that I’m clean God come and live inside of me and I boldly proclaim jesus is my Savior and Lord thank you Lord Jesus now that you said that prayer you are qualified to speak in you know the ancient church the very first ancient church when they water baptized people the people would come out of the water because the faith level was there and the glory was there and they would be delivered of the demonic they would be speaking filled with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues that was norm you didn’t need that big delay to teach them for a year before they get water baptized or spirit baptized so I want you to say this prayer and after you say this prayer I want you to speak out loud as quickly as you can if you think what do I say perfect if you know what to say it’s coming from your mind raw this is unknown tongues no no even if your mind rebels put it on house arrest right now deal with your spirit you know where your spirit is it’s in your belly because jesus said that if your innermost belly will flow rivers of living water so just kind of dropped all the way down just like a old the old fashioned well and you don’t want you to do this now imagine the bucket is going down to the bottom of the well to get the water and the minute it gets in the water that’s living water you have made contact with your spirit and many of you can even feel now that you’ve made contact with your spirit but it’s not based on feeling but many of you can feel them fresh there’s of the Holy Spirit there and you can actually stay down there and the trick is to stay in the spirit all the time walk in the spirit talk in the spirit live in the spirit pray in the spirit sleep in the spirit I want you to repeat out loud you can lift holy hands to God why do I say your hands are holy you just said that prayer salvation your hands are holy and then I’m gonna really coach it right after you speak in tongues how does pray in multiple thumbs so I want you to say this prayer mean it to the best of your ability out loud thank you Jesus for being my Lord Lord Jesus filming from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes with your Holy Spirit and Fire I want to use this gift to be a good ambassador for your kingdom and I know you’ve given it to me and I’m not going to let the devil talk me out of it again or stop me from using this marvelous gift now begin to speak out loud and they’re here here’s a little trick if you don’t make a sound if you don’t move your lips nothing will come out in English or the language of your choice from from your brain you would have to cooperate melt with brain now I want you to cooperate brain I’m sorry melt with spirit down in your belly you follow so begin to speak and speak as quickly as you can why do I say quickly I don’t want you thinking because if you think you get in your brain I want you speaking and some of you have never prayed in tongues before but I’ve tried and wanted to genuinely and then came up with one of these lame excuses that a lot of people use to raise your holy hands to God and begin to speak out loud as quickly as your tongue can move and if it’s not quick enough I’ll tell you ah ha ha ha ha hee hee ha ha all that I thought that yeah ha ha ha yah yah yah yah yah faster now so much faster ha ha ha ha you that don’t know what to say that’s because you’re not saying anything he caught the girl ha ha ha ha wooly RB ah ha ha ha ha you can do it faster I know you can you can oh ho ho I said he can do faster than me I mean I’m almost 80 years old give me a break here r1 I know don’t give me a break eighties a good age that’s where Moses started Yamaha ha ha ha lift 120 yah yah yah yah yah yah yah I have wood who live longer you know he said ah ha ha ha ha ha oh you know why he lived so long and we’re so healthy he lived in the glory and you know what you’re gonna live in the glory yeah come on you can do it you can do it I’m gonna be your mama now yeah I somebody you’re still stuck in I don’t know what to say that’s perfect your brain doesn’t know if it said I know what to say it’d be wrong ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha listen if you prayed in tongues you should be doing it every I remember a guy I interviewed by the name of James Rolleston and he was a pastor and he read about tongues on this very scriptures I’ve read to you and he decided he would pray in tongues the way most people work he went into his closet he read something that belt go into your closet so he literally went into a closet and he prayed in tongues 8 hours a day when the factory had the the the whistle blow the noon lunch break he’d take his lunch break and then he’d when the when the blunt break was over he go back to his closet he did this 8 hours a day I don’t know how long he did it but I’m telling you he operates in every gift of the Spirit and God is not a respecter of persons here’s a respecter of knowledge but now you have no excuse so I want you to pray in tongues more than you ever have now if you were unemployed people are right now if you were unemployed I want you to go to work for God go into your closet till you get a job and I’ll tell you what if you pray in tongues all things will work together for good I got romans eight if you pray in tongues all things will work together for good you’ll pray your book of life into being or one last thing i have two gifts for you to show this week on it’s supernatural it’s by the guest is linda Markowitz and the fella that murdered her daughter that’s correct she calls him her son only God could have her go to that prison where he was locked up and say she forgave him only God could do that so give me a break if your seven problems struggling with forgiving someone you watch that show and there’s a link right at the bottom of this of the screen and then I want to give you something else that’s a marvelous tool I try to do it twice a day it’s a personalized version of Psalm 91 you can download this if you go to the link under your screen right now and it’s a free gift and you should be doing this twice a day Psalm 91 personalized every problem known to man will not come near you that’s the promise of those that stand on the promises of Psalm 91 by the way I’ll tell you two more trade secrets I do it I take communion twice a day and some people ask the question when when we took communion recently and that is what do I do if I’m home by myself I’m not a minister or priest it was designed for you of home you know why I know because communion came from the daily ritual and prayer of my Jewish people every meal we didn’t drink the water was pretty bad back then we drank wine for a beverage of choice and every meal we had bread so Yeshua that’s Hebrew for Jesus took a little of the bread and a little of the wall and says this is my body and everyone did it you are a priest according to the Word of God you are an ambassador according to the Word of God you can do it by yourself you just take a little bread a little grape juice or wine or even water its remembrance of the deed it’s not the the actual elements but that happened to be there and that’s why Jesus said here there’s a perfect example the Covenant I just cut with you so you do that at home I do that try to do it twice a day communion twice a day some and ninety one and I’m gonna tell you something the biggest fear you have is not the coronavirus the biggest danger you have is not the coronavirus it’s the fear and God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear I’ve given you enough god bless later I’m going to you know add to the menu because I’m gonna take stuff away good we went to a place called the Spotted Pig in the West Village I didn’t know the kind of restaurant this was it was a private invitation I’m on the third floor it’s baller I mean literally I saw jay-z Bono Bill Clinton

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