Sidney Powell: Dominion server disappeared: Trump ballots flipped: Maricopa GOP Chairwoman | NTD

NTD News Today—12/1/2020
01:12 AZ Public Hearing on Election Integrity
04:39 Trump Calls in to Arizona Hearing
06:40 Trump Ballots Switched to Biden: Testimony
09:15 AZ Lawmakers: Hold Electoral College Votes
10:09 AZ Hearing: 35,000 Votes Embedded for Dems
13:18 Gosar: Everyone Should be En Guard
15:11 Expert: DHS Was Aware of Vulnerabilities
18:39 AZ Rally-Goers Respond to Election Hearing
21:11 Zuckerberg-Funded Group in the Spotlight
22:54 Dominion Vote Server Disappears: S. Powell
23:46 PA Introduces Bill to Dispute 2020 Results
25:26 Republicans Retains House Seat in Calif.
26:20 Maga Supporters Kick Off Bus Tour
29:27 Trump Supporters Rally in Trenton
32:20 1/3 Small Businesses in NY, NJ Closed
34:24 NY Schools to Reopen with Weekly Testing
35:44 NYC MetLife Sky Bridge Being Removed
38:49 Sanction for Chinese Company in Venezuela
39:48 Malicious Code Found in Gear: S. Korea
41:04 China Poses Security Challenges: NATO
42:10 Australia: Beijing’s Actions Harm Globe
43:53 Trump to Blacklist 2 More Chinese Firms

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