Secret History of the Order of the Illuminati

the Illuminati does exist the secret society is so notorious that many have assumed it resides only in legend and myth but it was in fact founded on May 1st 1776 in the heart of the very a Germany I’m standing here in the old city of English stock where May 1st 1776 professor Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati his attempt to create a new world order by deception it wasn’t through armies that Adam Weishaupt plan to take over existing governments instead he wanted to use his secret societies in the Illuminati system and infiltrate the existing societal structures that meant the secret societies as well as the governments around the Western world the secret sect Adam Weishaupt founded on May 1st 1776 was originally named the perfectibility and only later changed to its more notorious moniker the order of the Illuminati Weiss up was orphaned as a small child and adopted by his Godfather Baron von extent the noble privileges of extemporize hop with access to a private library more than 4200 books where he became a lover of knowledge delved into the occult and became intimately familiar with the liberal readings cropping up in the Age of Enlightenment of reason of science and the ideas of thinking men challenging the grip of monarchs and of the Catholic Church so we’re overlooking a model of the city of English where Adam Weishaupt started the Illuminati at the University of English study he wanted to use his secret society system to overthrow existing governments and existing religions especially monarchy instead he wanted the learned men of universities with the ancient values and the ancient understanding passed down from societies like Egypt and Babylon to rule the world using the pagan values of the old system instead of the oppressive religious regime and the oppressive monarchies that were in existence in Europe at the time as he came of age extent provided Adam Weishaupt with the path towards becoming a professor at the University of Ingolstadt and soon after placing him in a position to replace the withering curriculum of the Jesuits with radical teachings of this new age within which he was to become such a significant figure this is the entrance to the University of Ingolstadt the old University where Adam Weishaupt set up the Illuminati and his secret society to take over the world overthrow existing governments and religions and create a true new world order based on wise men old learning practices from ancient regimes and a pagan religion that didn’t worship God but worshiped the laws of man and of reason all the stuff that came out of the age of the light the name perfectibility underpinned the long term esoteric aim of evolving and perfecting mankind ultimately ascending to a position where man is God towards that aim the Illuminati set out to upend and completely reorder society which kept kings and princes Pope’s and emperors of the 18th century awake at night his new world order system was not their Armed Forces and might but through education and propaganda and changing things from within by deception ladies and gentlemen good evening my name is Adam vice Haupt and I found that 1776 St loominatee hey in English that damn it’s test it was a milonga decades I Mastan and found oil of freedom is it a lot of Legends a lot of stories about the Illuminati here in English that is a math you look at them as no Augustine imagine a bomb extensions template academician kill his organs of gas we’d like to show the historic background of the original Illuminati founded here in English that Adam Weishaupt founded originally an Illuminati a secret order he founded here around University of Ingolstadt and in the beginning it was a pure opposition against powerful Jesuits that are very strong a very important role here at the Ingolstadt university of course we’re trying to keep the power for the church they were trying to avoid the modern science they were they didn’t allow the modern science to be taught at Ingolstadt university an atom byte shocked he wanted in the Age of Enlightenment he wanted to read everything to teach everything at the beginning it was only more a club of young students but later on he developed a couple of other behind the scenes powerful people like Mayer Amschel Rothschild were involved in founding the Bavarian Illuminati while important titled and lettered men composed its membership it claimed to work in secret only because it couldn’t work out in the open the object of the Illuminati while the remained elusive was nothing short of a universal revolution set in motion by a quote invisible government of initiated agents of influence as Terry Melanson explains in 1777 why suppose initiate into the strict observance Lodge survey hoots some kite wherein he was deeply influenced by the concept of quote unquote unknown superiors whom he believed were silently and omniscient Lee watching his all within the organization as any member might secretly inform these unknowns at anytime of any misconduct there was a check at all times on behavior he was this concept that weis up impressed upon his Illuminati membership even as they joined and took over this munich-based Lodge expanding its reach meanwhile other strict observance Freemasons would be drawn into this secret order as well most notably baron von Knigge his elite connections within Freemasonry in particular the German Court of hesse-kassel connected Weiss hops core group with prominent and influential figures throughout the upper classes thus through recruitment and organizational efforts spurred by Kenichi Weiss hops initiates grew to number several thousand allowing he and his most trusted associates to virtually take over Freemasonry from within the Bavarian Illuminati used masonry and other competing secret society lodges as an engine to conceal its inner membership and project its agenda into already powerful circles as Terry Melanson notes it became apparent that virtually every court counsel and duchy of europe had been infiltrated by a quote men of all stations who were secretly sworn to the notorious order it became increasingly apparent that their secret doctrines were met with serious intent as well as the means to carry out their plans according to Masonic scholar Albert Mackey as well as Melanson in 1782 the most important Masonic Congress of the entire 18th century was held over the course of some two and a half months on the grounds of Wilhelm’s pad on the property of William the ninth of hesse-kassel whose financial overseer was Mayer Amschel Rothschild here in 1782 at the site of a spa and castle ruins which included a large stone pyramid was a contentious meeting of conflicting opinions which resulted in the end of dominance for the strict observance model of Freemasonry in the beginning of dominance for a near-total takeover a Freemasonry by the Illuminati a number of high-ranking and notable members joined the Illuminati as a result of this conference including Johan Joaquim Christoph bode who would later succeed why stop and spread Illuminism into France in time to provoke the revolution there a dissenting member of this Wilhelm’s bad conference nonetheless could find a secrecy reportedly walked away warning with horror about the quote tragic secrets he carried I will not confide them to you I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think the conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out that it will be so to speak impossible for the monarchy and the church to escape from it so what happened at this 1782 meeting was actually genius on the part of the Illuminati provocateurs and the reason they still get so much of the street cred still today at first it seemed like an extraneous detail on the story the strict observance Lodge system fell apart and lost its power in a vacuum that weis hops Network filled but the Illuminati liked many aspects of the strict observance especially the idea of a panopticon within the order structure there was always someone watching observing and supervising from the shadows with those carrying out the orders never knew from whence the authority came like wise wise hog drew many of his tactics from the Jesuits who were his ideological enemies in whom he and his peers had seized power from in a coup the Illuminati stole and borrowed from the Jesuits playbook for covert action and put the subtle art into practice strict observance fell out of favor because the ad abs of other diverse lodges weren’t comfortable with the hardcore tenants that ysoft had already personally internalized and sworn to this aloud Weiss hops Illuminati to control the network of differing Lodge traditions through eclecticism and cosmopolitanism I’m standing in the old city of Munich not far from where Adam Weishaupt headquarters for the Illuminati was found it was the large Theodore also known as the large st.

Theodore al Bone canceled now that Lodge is nowhere to be found on the Internet although we know it’s here somewhere in the old city a lot of that old city was destroyed so Adam Weishaupt uses Illuminati to come to power through the existing structures the members of the Illuminati would infiltrate Freemasonry and join their ranks eventually even the degrees of the Illuminati were adopted and many of the Freemason chapters throughout Europe more mystical lodges didn’t want to perform rites for Knights Templar rituals just for instance but that was fine adopt the first three degrees of masonry which wise hop and Kenichi had reestablished and each Lodge could decide which if any of the higher degrees they would include when this plays out each node in the network gets to wear the colors that it likes and blend in with the locals the way it sees fit thus the face of this secret order is that much harder to recognize the order then can be attached to everything and nothing while a buyeth on it is no surprise that the traces of its existence and resurfaced and are perhaps a couple hundred different groups all pivotal and their time and place perfectly positioned to affect key changes in the ongoing narrative of global social change and world revolution Skull and Bones and America’s secret society fraternities the Cecil Rhodes Brown table and secret society the Fabian socialist the Cambridge apostles the Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia in particular in Marxist communism various forms of socialism in general the theosophist and Gandhi and India Lawrence of Arabia and Milner’s kindergarten lay Sami Sri unis and the French Revolution both Democrats and Republicans an all manner of ancient orders revived as mascots in this multi-generational struggle these groups feed off of conflict and division they can operate within the range of ideas that the locals and each theater and venue will respond to and except through capitalism and communism through atheism and through a religion can you appreciate the complexity the totality the subtlety it’ll take us years to finish pointing fingers and unraveling what has been done meanwhile a secret Network goes on weaving a fabric quietly from the shadows Athena do you get it can you appreciate what is and has been going on here afterwards the secret orders influence knew no bounds in the sphere of politics and social life but it made plenty of enemies with rival groups along the way as well as the existing infrastructure its promotion of revolution freedom from the prevailing system the justification of suicide and of poisoning rivals of blackmail and infiltration as well as its anti religious Pro reasoned stance all served to make the Illuminati a notorious band of rogues to watch out for Adam Weiss hops Bavarian Illuminati utilized secret code names to hide their identities and keep them for being discovered from the existing authorities as they try to use deception and infiltration to change those structures from with it why sobs code name was Spartacus at similar code names from the ancient world were given to the other members and also code names for the cities and locations where they operated throughout Europe and eventually throughout the Western world when the messenger carrying the secret documents of the Illuminati was struck by lightning and its membership lists and agenda was revealed to the monarchies of the day the group was outlawed its membership had to spread to the four winds and head to other countries where they thought they could be safe with the spreading paranoia among the nobility and upper classes taking hold across Europe the Illuminati were banned officially by the Duke of Bavaria in the years 1784 1785 1787 and 1790 a number of police bus turned up evidence of the group’s dealings its members and the reach of their plot putting forward further pressure to outlaw the group second-in-command to the Illuminati head off fry hair von Knigge ostensibly disbanded the group internally known as those who’ve been cursed by posterity the Illuminati was officially over in 1785 and Kenickie stepped down from his position however historians have conclusively found that von Knigge simply revived the Illuminati under the guise of numerous reading societies his wife had originally instructed Weiss hop told his initiates quote conceal the very fact of our existence from the profane if they discover us conceal our real objective by profession of benevolence if our real objective is perceived pretend to disband and relinquish the whole thing but assume another name and put forward new agents this plan was carried out with precision top brass of the Illuminati von Carnegie and Johan Joaquim Christoph bowed re-established the organization under the guise of publishing houses that push for the printing of controversial enlightenment literature while operating behind the scenes via a clandestine inner circle that directed the agenda Adam Weishaupt was exiled and took asylum with Duke Ernst the second of sacs Gotha until his death in 1832 Whitten moves to confuse operations were rumored to continue under JJC bode through reading societies and publishing houses pushing controversial literature and through an invisible network of operatives scattered around the world the short-lived official existence of the order of the Illuminati overlaps significantly with the American Revolution which spans 1775 to 1783 as well as the French Revolution which peaked between 1789 and 1795 for better or for ill the first shots of a worldwide revolution had been fired and the brushfires said in the minds of men had begun to spread now America’s Founding Fathers were mostly Masons almost all of them are within the Masonic power structure that met at lodges and discussed many of their secret plans in those logics likewise the English they were fighting against were also mostly Masons but they kept two separate lodges and they planned much of their agenda inside those lodges where the members were required to keep secret of course the Illuminati also came to America after its founding in 1776 and through the large system of the nations and other secret societies began to infiltrate the society they found many friends in America particularly through the promotion of their doctrine for a new world order and the enshrinement of the rights of man under the understanding of the age of enlightenment by 1796 things had taken root and his farewell address published at papers in the fall of 1796 retiring George Washington warned the young American nation that he was concerned with the rising dangers of factions operating under manipulative and opportunistic combines and associations as he termed them which could serve as powerful engines for taking over the reins of government all obstructions to the execution of the laws all combinations and associations under whatever plausible character with the real design to direct control counteract or all the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities are destructive of this fundamental principle and a fatal tendency they serve to organize faction to give it an artificial and extraordinary force to put in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community and according to the alternate triumphs of different parties to snag the public administration the mirror of the ilk inserted and the end congruous projects a faction rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common councils and modified by mutual interest however combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends they are likely the course of time and things to become potent engines by which cunning ambitious and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and do usurp for themselves the reins of government there were different factions inside America the Federalists primarily in the north and the Democrat Republicans primarily in the south Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were the leading figures of those factions Jefferson part of the Democratic Republicans based in Virginia and the southern states at John Adams based in Massachusetts the 1797 publishing of John Robinson’s proofs of a conspiracy which became popular and widely read in America formalized the growing concerns in the english-speaking world about work of influence out of control the Illuminati had become a big talking point in the day privately Washington acknowledged that the influence of the Illuminati and Jacobins clubs had spread to America though Washington denied that it had taken root inside the Free Masonic lodges inside the United States despite the complete integration of masonry and Illuminati across Europe Washington instead shifted blame to the democratic-republican clubs that had popped up supporting Jefferson and Madison’s party in a letter dated September 25th 1798 George Washington responded to one GW Snyder I’ve heard so much of the nefarious and dangerous plan and doctrines of the Illuminati but never saw the book until you were pleased to send it to me I wish to correct an error you have run into of my presiding over the English lodges in this country the fact is I preside over none nor have I been in one more than once or twice within the last thirty years I believe notwithstanding that none of the lodges in this country are contaminated with the principles ascribed to the Society of the Illuminati and another letter dated October 10th 1798 Washington acknowledged for seed of GW Snyder’s letter and of Robeson’s book about the Illuminati in a third letter from October 24th 1798 former President George Washington wrote it was not my intention to doubt that the doctrines of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobin ISM had not spread in the United States on the contrary no one is more truly satisfied of this fact that I am the idea that I meant to convey was that I did not believe that the lodges of freemasons in this country had as societies endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first or the pernicious principles of the latter if they are susceptible of separation that individuals of them may have done it or that the founder or instrument employed to found the democratic societies in the United States may have had these objects and actually had a separation of the people from their government in view is too evident to be questioned this Democratic Club for secret societies where aluminous members Masonic members and those promoting states rights mainly in the South were able to meet in secret and agitate for their point of view because of this they were seen as very threatening by the Federalist factions mainly in the north and attacked through the press of the day and through pamphleteering and especially through the clergy mainly based in Massachusetts it was no secret that Washington disagreed with the growing wave of dissent against the centralized policies spearheaded by Alexander Hamilton within his administration Thomas Jefferson had left the administration to organize America’s second political party the Democrat – Republicans just as in France which had turned revolutionary on the tail end of Jefferson’s term as US diplomat in Paris this American party was to be a People’s Party rousing the rabble and seeking to upset the balance of power so carefully arranged by the prevailing founders of the day Jefferson’s support for the French Revolution had fostered support for the growth of Democratic – Republican societies which operated in a manner consistent with other independent Masonic lodges and which continued to grow in strength even after Frances reign of terror turned the revolution to a bloody dark red color in 1800 Jefferson wrote to the Bishop James Madison cousin of the later president acknowledging Robeson’s book casting the Illuminati in a dark light and instead defended Adam Weishaupt as a quote enthusiastic philanthropist who embraced the ideals of science reason virtue and the quote perfectibility of man though Jefferson claimed to have no previous knowledge of his work I have lately by accident got a sight of a single volume the third of a Baber ELLs antisocial conspiracy which gives me the first idea I have her head of what is meant by the Illuminati ISM against which illuminate Morse as he is now called and his ecclesiastical and monarchy akule associates have been making such a hue and a cry burrows own parts of the book are perfectly the ravings of a bedlamite but he quotes largely from Weiss Hogg whom he considers as the founder of what he calls the order I will give you the idea I have formed from only an hour’s reading of Burroughs quotations from him which you may be sure are not the most favorable Weiss Hop seems to be an enthusiastic philanthropist he is among those who believe in the indefinite perfectibility of man he thinks he may in time be rendered so perfect that he will be able to govern himself in every circumstance so as to ensure none to do all the good he can to leave government no occasion to exercise their powers over him and of course to render political government useless this you know is Godwin’s doctrine and this is what Robeson Burrell and Moore’s a called a conspiracy against all government wise ha believes that to promote this perfection of the human character was the object of Jesus Christ that his intention was simply to reinstate natural religion and by diffusing the light of his morality to teach us to govern ourselves as why saab lived under the tyranny of a despot and priest he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information he proposed therefore to lead freemasons to adopt this object and to make the objects of their institution the diffusion of science and virtue he proposed to initiate new members into his body by gradations proportion to his fears of the Thunderbolts of tyranny this has given an air of mystery to his views was the foundation of his banishment the subversion of the Masonic Order and is the color for the ravings against him by Robeson burl and Morse whose real fears are that the craft would be endangered by the spreading of information reason and natural morality among men Bishop James Madison here George Washington subsequently Chancellor of the college received his surveyors Commission 1749 I haven’t I’m Franklin honorary degree master writes in 1756 Thomas Jefferson had some autonomy to the degree of doctor though Jefferson was a member of the flat hat Club secret society at the College of William and Mary as a young man his connections to masonry and the Illuminati have long been disputed though it was often accused of being in Illuminatus it is however a certainty that he interacted with numerous high-level figures in France believed to be connected with the Illuminati and whom he encountered during his time as a US diplomat in Paris and as co-author of the draft of France’s 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the citizen more than twenty years earlier another suspected member of the Illuminati arrived on the shores of America with the help of Benjamin Franklin and quote just in time to spark off revolutionary thoughts it was Thomas Paine he immigrated from Britain and fall of 1774 and by January of 1776 published common sense the pamphlet that stirred the British colonists in America to think of themselves as independent to shirk off the reign of a distant King and to form a free system of government for themselves in other words Thomas Paine a professional propagandist penned the narrative of the entire struggle of the American Revolution common sense was an instant bestseller and long considered the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire Revolutionary era Paine held many posts during the war but was fired from his post as Secretary of the Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs in 1779 after he apparently eluded to secret negotiations with France and his writings two years later in 1781 Paine traveled to France and help secure a ten million dollar loan for Americans there after he negotiated with the Bank of North America to arrange for the feeding and clothing of the army that was the kind of clout that pain held then a few years later the same year that the US Constitution was formed in 1787 Thomas Paine traveled to Paris just in time to become embroiled in the Nexus of the brewing French Revolution Thomas Paine one of the most important founding fathers both in the American Revolution and the French Revolution was later revealed to be a member of the Illuminati in America his pamphlet common sense was widely distributed and credited as sparking the revolution through the pen not through the sword he inspired Thomas Jefferson and other Republicans to declare the rights of men and eventually fight for the Bill of Rights Thomas Paine would also help the circular saw in the French Revolution to print their propaganda and their pamphlets to demand the overthrow of the monarchy and in particular louis xiv and start a new form of government based on reason his book the age of reason was written in France and a document the Rights of Man would enshrine the attempt to rule in the Age of Enlightenment not by Kings and not by churches but by the wisdom of man much of it based on the old pagan systems and all working towards what they considered to be a new world order for a Novus seclorum of the ages pain would go on to pen the rights of man the radical treat is calling for Republican government and the overthrow of monarchy in France which was the equivalent of common sense in the American colonies and which added significant fuel to the fire of the growing French Revolution from his time in France from 1787 onward pain became best friends with and stayed in the home of Nicolas de Bonneville the printer and publisher of circulate so shall who was working to propagandize the masses and which doubled as an esoteric inner circle of French Illuminism and masonry in combination with the lace omnis rea Eunice Lodge run by Soviet aid which housed the powerful Phila lettuce order now Adam Weishaupt Bavarian Illuminati had its biggest action in the French Revolution they had a stronghold through a secret society known as the circle a so show which was also a printing press at a propaganda arm and they took over the jacobins and the other structures of existing French government its members counted at least 2,000 the membership list that was exposed proves this and there were very high-level members including barons Dukes and other finance years of the day in all countries of Europe they later infiltrated America but their greatest work was in the French Revolution that was the one they actually carried out the full plan now while the French Revolution promoted many good ideas such as freedom of speech freedom of religion mirroring that of the American Revolution it was at the same time an artificial revolution it wasn’t from the people it didn’t come from the ground up the Illuminati helped put the plan into action using secret societies and covert secret action plan more than a decade in the summer of 1787 Johan Joaquim Christophe bowed the apparent head of the Illuminati order after Weis hops exile traveled to Paris and convinced both les amis where unis and the circle a so shall to accept Illuminati dictates and our newly formed secret Lodge known as the Philadelphus which was in essence the French Illuminati thus a who’s who of pivotal players in the French Revolution were steered and led by key figures connected to the Illuminati reaching as high as the Duke to Orleans general Lafayette Mirabeau and other leading figures connected to the jacobins and aluminous circles within revolutionary France and it was only through deception again artificially driving the revolution there’s some incited plan and staged events one of the most significant stage and artificial events of the French Revolution that really drove it into a pivotal point and made it irreversible was known as the great fear took place just before the big Revolution of 1789 this was a classic deceptive and Machiavellian tactic carried out by at least five key illumine members they included Lafayette the Duke to Orleans Nicholas Bonneville who led the circle a social as well as the Tassin brothers who were both Illuminatus as well as bankers and the financier Sava Letty who was later part of the National Assembly their plan included hoarding wheat this was the big move by Duke to Orleans he bought up a significant portion of wheat to keep food from the population and initiate a great fear he exported it to nearby islands and kept it from the people then they paid for four to five hundred soldiers who rode on horseback and carried once again forged letters from the king saying to burn down the other chateaus and that the King only wanted to keep his own chateaus in doing so that killed members of the clergy and other aristocrats who were considered the enemies of this French Revolution but that wasn’t the end of it they used this great fear to tell the villagers they were in danger and needed to arm themselves this led to forming local militias and numerous towns throughout the countryside once a critical and pivotal number of these local militias were formed Nicholas Bonneville of the circular so shall publicly called for the first National Guard a national assembly of regular populace who were armed as a militia this would allow them to effectively check the power of king louis xvi and his armies and lead eventually to the second revolution where the king was removed from power and later killed Adam Weishaupt Illuminati believed they were perfect ability they believed that man could perfect themselves that in fact man was God this was also written explicitly by Nicholas Bonneville and his seminal work Leia sprit based religions where he said simply man is God what else can it be man is everything they believed they could perfect themselves and by withering away the state and power the individual and through morality mankind would heighten himself not to religion not through monarchs and not through the state this utopian dream was of course never accomplished for good or for ill but many of their important aims were and their influence continues to this day this way and through the reading societies of the Enlightenment period the Illuminati continued its influence did everything in its power to launch a worldwide revolution that would stop only when man was free enough to rule himself at least that part of man who were considered truly enlightened the rest of course would have to be looked after by an elite guardianship an invisible set of rulers looking after the rest of humanity that was too ignorant and too slow to wake up from its slumber now this statue right next to the old University of English taught well why some founded the Illuminati is the marriages the birds of wisdom which very much reflects the their idea of ruling the world through wise men through learned men who had studied the old pagan systems the ancient regimes by the old systems of republicanism such as seen in Rome but the true legacy of the Illuminati continues it was the working model for a secret government cleverly concealed within existing institutions and perpetuated by the lure of its secret mysteries and seemingly noble aims but those occultic religious trappings only disguised its true work infiltration and domination and we are as a people opposed to secret societies to secret oaths and to secret proceedings well we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and roof

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