Seat of Satan! End of the World 2019 last days from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Special end times study.

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you you Pergamon was a pagan place he went to the mountain of Pergamon you had you had all these pagan things and after the key thing they had was Paul was the altar of Pergamon the altar per turbine is an altar to the god Zeus the head of the gods and the Bible calls it the throne of Satan as the gospel spreads to the Roman Empire eventually people started Bandhan all these things the altar of Pergamon falls into disuse and it falls it into ruins it’s gone it the throne of Satan is dormant for about almost 2,000 years but then what happens then in the 19th century a man starts uncovering the throne of Satan the altar of perfidy and he sends the pieces back to his homeland in his homeland they reconstruct the altar of Zeus the altar of erga man throne of Satan where what was his homeland his homeland was Germany when when Hitler was railing and you see him you know railing satanic Leo he is standing on his platform that he had a specially built which his mod is a recreation of the altar of Pergamon it’s a throne of Satan here’s Hitler is speaking from the throne of Satan in Nuremberg remember the enemy hates the Jewish people wants to destroy the Jewish people there’s no accident this is all happening he wants to wipe them out so he uses Hitler and this man who’s possessed you have the armies of the West the American allied army coming from the West you have the Red Army coming from the east and they all it’s like the whole world’s being drawn to the city where it all began the devastation the place of the throne of Satan what happens now what happens to what happens to the world what happens is America and Russia are in Berlin Berlin the enemy wants destruction and he wants the world to be destroyed and he and so and he’s the god of division what happens is Berlin is divided in two and that the division of the entire world is going to begin in the city of the altar of Satan it’s good from that it’s gonna come the cold war from that Berlin is divided Germany is divided the world is divided as two warring camps ready for destruction we almost said that almost let me let me just fast-forward and what we’re gonna see in this one is that all of us here our lives were almost destroyed linked to the altar of Satan then everyone who’s watching this at of it either your life would have been killed we’ve been destroyed or your life never would have happened if the enemy had his way the enemy is the destroyer so first you have the entire war or most of our lives we grew up we went in air raid drills you know you know that you know get your bomb shelters because there was this threat of destruction over the whole world beginning in Berlin where the altar was this was the center of the Cold War the same city where it was but what happened to that altar when you know the Nazis had it what happened now what happened was the altar at the end of the war became when it passed from the Nazis and went into the hands of the Red Army the Soviet Union so you went from Hitler the Nazism the worst evil then now it goes to the key evil of modern times they have the throne of Satan they have the altar and so you and in fact that’s when the Soviet Union really comes out that’s when that’s when you have not just you know you know the Soviet Union you have that’s when the Soviet Union begins taking over that’s when all the sudden Eastern Europe becomes is under the iron grip of the Soviet Union then the world and then China becomes in it one one out of every three people in the world is under this bondage of the power that has the throne of Satan and so and you know what was you know in the times of the Bible or in the between the Testaments you had that throne with Antiochus we sit on the Temple Mount the altar of Zeus same thing and what did he do he banned the word of God he persecuted God’s people well what happened to all over the world what happened through communism which had the throne they banned the Word of God they persecuted God’s people through God’s people into prison camps made it illegal to follow God same thing who’s doing that Satan’s doing that same at the same time the Soviet Union what else are they against they’re against Christians I mean the communism what else would again they were against Jews they hate they were the chief or if you remember it’s not so long ago they were the arch enemy of Israel they tried to destroy Israel they fund all the terror they funded every enemy of Israel they started to help start wars to destroy Israel so where who’s that that’s Satan they had the throne saying not only that in here’s something else in 1948 now that now that now the altar is still in Berlin but it’s under the Soviet Union’s power but in 1948 they actually take the altar from East Berlin and bring it to the Soviet Union so the Soviet Union run actually has the altar now well no no of this there’s more to it oh my it’s look – where’s that altar yeah and so I mean my mind is going crazy because all the players you just you know yeah been there and done that and it sounds a little bit what’s going on in America right now my god oh there’s a lot oh oh we get to the last part so so the year they take it they take me it was in Berlin up till 1948 then they move it well in 1948 suddenly the world is brought to a brink of potential destruction it’s the Berlin crisis the Soviet Union cuts off Berlin there’s a whole thing going before your merit it lasts till about 1949 now the now the altars in Russia you don’t have anymore problems like that in Berlin until they return the altar to Berlin which I’m gonna mention in a moment what happens but here’s something else about about communism Marx there’s something about Karl Marx Karl Marx was the son of rabbis at one point he considered he considered Christianity but he turned oh he rejected Christianity and he did something now listen listen to what Karl Marx wrote he wrote kind of a poem listen to what he wrote he said a God has Nach for me everything nothing but revenge is left to me I will build my throne high overhead coal tremendous shall its summit be I will build my throne high what does God say that the enemy said he said I will ascend into the heaven I will exalt my throne that’s what Karl it’s like Satan is speaking as he spoke through Hitler is speaking through Karl Marx I will build my throne and then what does he say he goes on to say in what Marx wrote the Prince of Darkness has sold it to me the this sword he has sold me a sword and it beats the time it gives me the signs ever more boldly I played the dance of death and then in the poem he mark speaks to humanity says I have power to crush you the abyss yawns in darkness you will sink down and I will follow laughing whispering your ears descend come with me I bring the world to runes what is the Bible say about Satan it says who is this one who brings who destroys cities brings the world to desolation so here now is the next move you take the Bible is real is serious when it says something about the devil because other it’s real and so here you have that going on now what happens what what happens one other thing here there’s a boy who is born in in Georgia not our Georgia but there Georgia his name is Viserion Visser eNOS Yugoslavia he he joins the Bolsheviks he drops the name his name and takes up the name Man of Steel which it which is Stalin here is now Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin became the dictator the ruler over this with the throne of Satan in his country now in his days he is now communism you know when when Russia takes is a 1948 now it seals the grip on the Iron Curtain all these nations are under communism Stalin is ruling he is throwing P he’s killing millions of people throwing Christians and hating the Jews all these things he was now here here’s the thing the altar of Satan was on earth in 1878 the same that Joseph Stalin was born in 1878 the same year that the altar of Satan comes back in the world a little baby is born who’s going to be used of Satan and so now what happens here now is well another thing we said that the altar of Zeus or Pergamon was a altar of burnt offerings its the altar of in and what it and the word in Greek is Holocaust so we’ve got the Holocaust with Hitler now it’s in the power of the Soviet Union and there’s one other phrase that’s used when you hear the word of Holocaust there’s two there’s two applications one is what happened to the Jewish people under Hitler the other phrase is nuclear holocaust so the Satan is bent on destruction and burning and fire what happens the year after Russia gets the altar they get the power of nuclear holocaust it becomes now the world is armed and most of us grew up with a threat of nuclear holocaust over the enemy would want to destroy every person in this room everybody watching and so here begins this new age of that now now what happens is now in 1958 they reach Russia returns the altar to East Berlin still under their control but now it’s back in the city that it was all the sudden there’s been no issues in no conflicts in Berlin but all the sudden in 1958 all the sudden there’s another heating up there’s there’s a the world is brought again to another brink centering on Berlin where the altar is as Khrushchev demands that that America gets out of Berlin all the Allies get out of Berlin he gives them six months Eisenhower there’s a threat back and forth and this conflict goes on you can read it it’s the second Berlin crisis when the alters return this last into Kennedy’s into Kennedy’s rain and Kennedy’s presidency Kennedy so what here’s what happened in the beginning of Kennedy’s presidency 1961 Khrushchev gives actually that’s when he might have said get out now he gives Kennedy six months to get out of Berlin Kennedy responds by activating a hundred fifty thousand soldiers and so and there’s for a future conflict in Berlin centered on how the whole world is centering on destruction over where the the city of the alter and now August 13 thanks does he want a barbed wire fence goes in the middle of Berlin divided up then comes wall libera in wall shortly after the wall goes up there’s a standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union on each side of the wall I mean they could see each other and that means different times Kennedy is told that they we don’t have the means to defend Berlin except by using nuclear weapons that’s how he’s counseling the general next dim says he says listen you might as well strike because it’s gonna be atomic war so you go nuclear America is preparing for nuclear war Khrushchev is on the other side they’re preparing for nuclear war all focusing in the middle of it is the altar that would bring destruction we almost were destroyed every one of us that from that from where that altar was number one right there what happens is in 1962 next year which almost destroyed this little closest we ever came to destroying the world almost wiped out every well here’s what happened in May Khrushchev approaches Fidel Castro to put to put missiles on Cuba that could strike America the plans are approved in July in August American intelligence begins picking something up the missiles arrive in September and October America has the first photographs of this confirmed in mid-october the chief of staff in America says the only solution is a full-scale invasion of Cuba October 22nd Kennedy appears before the entire country some here may remember it and he says that there is nuclear missiles heading is focused here on America from Cuba and that any strike in the hemisphere there will be world war and we are going to blockade the island of Cuba to not let any Soviet ships coming China announces they have 650,000 soldiers of Chinese people who are ready to attack in this you have a world war ready double date America puts a blockade a Soviet ship goes through it actually people don’t really actually broke through they continued working on it Castro urges Khrushchev to it to send nuclear weapons to America he’s afraid America’s own attack he says he send nuclear weapons the world is one button away from nuclear destruction at the same time a secret communication goes back and forth between crucial and Kennedy and even that is on a pity can go in any direction but something happens is only at one moment the closest we ever came to destruction comes to an end and there was a secret in that communication that was never revealed at the time that caused the end of it and here and and that secret is linked to the ancient mystery of Pergamon let me tell you what it is as we bring this home for now crucible Eve that if he put weapons in Cuba facing America he would have leverage to take Berlin to get to get America out so he is again that city of Berlin he wants that city that’s where the altar is but secondly the secret story is this in April 61 Khrushchev is in the near the Black Sea he’s near his Secretary of Defense or some official who points over the Black Sea and says America just placed nuclear missiles on the other side of this sea focused to Russia that we that they in a second you could be destroyed Khrushchev says well wonders out loud what if we put missiles in Cuba facing America to do the same thing the United States had placed missiles right outside the Soviet Union in 1961 and so here here’s this what happened so in April that’s when that’s when Khrushchev says let’s do it then they put the missiles within months and they make he makes the decision next and so the the crux of the secret communication was Khrushchev said to Kennedy remove those missiles remove those missiles here and we will remove the missiles there Kennedy said we’ll do it but the condition is it will never be it will not be made known we will take it out but we’ll it’ll be a secret so that’s what happened so now here’s the Kier’s the thing the world was almost destroyed by missiles that were never launched the missiles in this place that were focusing on Russia where was it where were those missiles that almost destroyed the world the missiles were in Turkey the land of the altar of Pergamon the place where the throne of Satan had always been the Soviet Union had the altar of Pergamon this was now Turkey the place there where in Turkey turkey has like 80 provinces 80 state so it’s a lot of small things they were placed in one small province the province of Izmir Izmir is the province of Pergamon ah the missiles that almost destroyed the world were in the throne of where the place of Satan in / in the put in a region of Pergamon then but but not only that not only that and here here you have what is the altar about holocaust fire destruction here the missiles are there in in the land of that but here’s one more thing what were those missiles the missiles that almost caused us to all be gone in the in the place in the region of Pergamum were called they had a name on them they recalled the Jupiter missiles Jupiter is Zeus Zeus is the god of the altar of Pergamon it’s the altar of Zeus as the missiles of Zeus in the place of Zeus is a place of the altar of Satan and and here you know it says that it says in Ephesians 6 16 it says the enemy throws fiery darts you know well the word in Greek is for dart or flaming as poro means to ignite to ignite fiery the word for darts is bellows which means listen not just darts and arrows it literally means missile oh my so here flaming missiles from the throne of Satan over the whole world and we’ve just there you know it’s a wage you see how real the Bible is how real you know people when God you know when I came to Lord and people said I said I said okay I believe in God but Satan Satan is real so real and you cannot you have to ignore history ignore the Jewish history and all that it’s real there’s a real force so let me just bring before we I mean another time we will bring it forward to what’s happening about the end times and this alter but before that let me just give a word from this quick word and that is this number one was it tell you everything the enemy ever you within your life every temptation don’t make no mistake about it it is there to destroy you every everything no matter how good it looks no matter whether it’s money with the temptation of sex temptation of an affair it is to destroy you so when you see that temptation look through it see it as if as a man was standing at your door with a knife and so I’m gonna I want to destroy your family and so that’s the temptation see it like that see the enemy who is behind it he who is there with one purpose you give in to that it’s to destroy everything you love destroy so treat that sin like the plague treat it like Satan which is what it is number one number two the enemy is the destroyer and so and he’s tried to destroy the Jewish people try to destroy the church try to destroy every one of us and so what does that tell you the enemy tries to destroy the works of God he hates God anything with the image of God he wants to destroy it so if the enemy is trying to destroy you what he’s trying to destroy your life what does it say about your life it means your life must be important to God your life must be counting something for God there must be a purpose on your life there must be a calling on your life that’s why the enemy wants to destroy you otherwise he wouldn’t care nice because of God because he fights the purposes of God so therefore what would each way tries to intimidate you invalidate you discourage you it’s because God has a purpose on your own life your existence God made you for a purpose for a calling for such a time as this so wage that war the Bible says don’t you know don’t abstain from these things which are warring against you wage your war against that sin wage it with with fury against that fear against that habit against that entanglement by the power of faith and power of love the power of the god of life the god of Israel because when all is said and done everything the enemy tries to do in the end comes to nothing when you stand and everything he’s tried to do to destroy the church the Jewish people and the world could not do it because the God of Israel lives the God of Our Lives is alive and well and serve Him and you’ll be on the winning side stand strong in the power of his might and you’ll win what so many people when you see the altar of Satan I mean he allows it to get dug up yeah if they move it yeah and it’s like evil moves with it yeah you know I’ve often asked people I said do you know there’s a God you believe in it you know people that I didn’t know for sure they and people so I’m not sure there’s a God but you know what every single person I’ve ever asked do you believe there’s a devil no matter what their faith is they always oh yeah I know there’s a devil because he’s after me all the time or something like you know they’ll say something like that yet we know you you have such amazing evidence of the throne of Satan and what effect just that had on devastation of evil and as you’re going through these and and we won’t take time to go into this detail but the one of the noting events that took place in the last few weeks was Russia has declared war they ordered us out of Syria so here they are you brought us through Russia on your little tour here of this evil situation what’s happened in Germany Germany their stock market has crack water is about a quarter as I’ve been told has been life time and desperate eyes but Volkswagen is under one of the worst scandals in the history of the car industry and there’s their stock market their stocks are crashing you know Hitler came back there life oh this last week did you know that no I didn’t hear that yeah they’re there they’re doing a mock-up or a play or a video or probably I think it was on television show and so they had this man dressed up as Hitler ah and he he would walk the streets and they wondered and so they they filmed from afar they wanted to see what the reaction of the people would be do you know the biggest share of the people went up and embraced him ah and said we want you to come back ah we want you to establish the camps again oh my I’m serious have you not read it it’s a piece of news but there’s things going on all over the world there is a shaking there is a an unsettling and believe me all the stages are set for world events to take place right now yeah yeah and I thought you were gonna mention but the other thing that happened is in America in this time period a giant statue of Satan went up in Detroit went up what does that say where we’re going and look at where we’re going you want to know the influence of the enemy look at where we’re going it you know if you study the word you will become a believer to want to understand what’s happening and the end times what’s happening in our culture one of the clearest things that will give revelation is picture picture gray and gray is made up of black and white but it’s blended so you also use gray but now the grave starts going to one side it’s going dark here it split the gray is disappearing it’s splitting back up and what it what it’s made up of okay gray is ending one of the dynamics of the end times is the ending of gray the Grays disappear it’s not just about there is about darkness but it’s not only darkness there’s something else but let’s start with the darkness imagine gray and then it’s getting it’s splitting up into what it was it’s starting it’s polarizing it’s becoming dark on one side well if you look at what look at America look at the world you look back then you look for instance back in the 50s 60s or early 60s about 5% of households a child was born out of wedlock five percent now it’s approaching 50 percent you’ve got gray now it’s becoming dark black you had you had Amara you had there was always pornography in America but it was in a red-light district it was under wraps in a plastic bag meaning they’re back now it’s one click away now you have you have that then now you have two out of every three men are watching pornography every month two out of every three 66% about that went from gray to now to dark American television look at it in the 50s Leave It to Beaver they you know you had you had these things that are imagine I said if somebody was back then here’s a test watching Leave It to Beaver then and they turn on in nineteen fifties instead he couldn’t even to be able to get what’s on television now ah they would be shocked they would be thinking it’s the apocalypse you know yes that’s what’s happened here and so one of the one of the things here is this when in the times past the dark was still there but it’s being tempered like grey it’s being tempered by the white it’s being held by mid-century America you I always have sinned but it’s being tempered by the gospel by judeo-christian it’s all joined together culture has a a joining of Christianity but when you take away the gray the dark comes out blatantly comes out it goes from being subtle to becoming blatant to becoming brazen that’s where watching so for instance you had a theist back then but they were kind of in the closet now you have atheist as well yet people who might mock God but they were pretty much quiet because they knew now they’re all over the place you had sexual immorality in the closet now you have it all over the place you had all these things you had you know the unsaved part of America was unsaved as always off but now you see how lost it is because it’s revealing the Grays disappear it gives you clarity on what is happening but there’s another revelation about this in the time of gray the it’s not only that the white tempers the black or the dark but the black tempers the white now let me tell you what I mean in past past times you had a America’s culture was quote Christian Christian you had a Christianized culture but you also had a cultural Christianity and so what happens is in those days you have things but it’s kind of all grey everybody’s considered a Christian everybody’s a Christian everybody’s judeo-christian in some way one way or the other and but what happens is as it starts breaking apart as the black go the dark goes this way and the other goes this way what happens is it becomes clearer and clearer and what happens is the middle ground starts disappearing you know the gray disappears that’s the middle ground so what happens is as the middle ground there’s means that cultural Christianity is disappearing nominal Christianity is disappearing because what it means is your ultimate either gonna be totally on totally radically Christian or anti-christian one of the other that’s what’s happening that middle ground and actually if you look at the numbers it’s nominal Christianity that’s losing the most right now and so what happens is like example politics how this this again I’m just touching but this principle explains so much stuff politics if you go back in the 1950s 60s you have the Democrats Republicans both there are differences but both as far as Christianity is concerned both consider themselves to be Christian at least even that said we’re a Christian nation liberal you know and yeah and so that they were all nobody was for abortion illegally nobody was for homosexuality no it it was but you had it all cut but it was all kind of great wasn’t like radical Christian it was just all kind of today you look at the election and you have one party that has become increasingly taking stands against the Bible anti-christian the other the other party in ríos in reaction became more Christian at least in I’m not saying our faith is not in a party but that’s what happened it became a reaction so we became polarized you look at that you have the candidates we’re saying you know you know abortion all these and and then you have on the other side you have kids several candidates who are saying we’re born-again you have that so much before now you’re watching it’s a polarization a polarization in the past you had your Billy Graham was doing the presidential you know inauguration he was there yes he wouldn’t be allowed today you know and that shows you cuz if you look at his son Franklin he’s not allowed now you know that shows you it’s not about it’s where the country has gone back then and hey we’re all Christian we’ll all have that now not we’re not we’re all Christian it’s becoming more radically evil and but the other side is if the gray is if it’s pulling away on one side if the the dark is being pulled into this corner it means what’s left is gonna be a radically on fire Christianity and that that’s the same pattern cuz it’s gonna force us to go either one way the other there’s no the middle ground disappears you’re either going to be all this way or all that way it’s gonna force us to be like the book of Acts which is the way it was back then back then it was very polarized well we’re the end times are gonna be like that again so therefore that you the middle ground is not there anymore you see people’s will switch in like in in one year a politician will say I’m for marriage I’m defending America next year they are totally against it there’s no middle ground it’s radical and so what that means is it’s it’s that the Grays a gray Christianity is to be disappearing just like a gray evil the evil is removing the Grays that the the people of God have to remove the greys you know there is a evil is removing the graves to become radically dark that means the people of God have to remove the graves to become radically good radically bright radically on fire so gray Christianity will be disappearing a gray gospel will be disappearing because it’s gonna begin you what you’ve been watching how churches some charges they’re going totally with abomination they’re totally because that’s what maybe they were always off but now it’s being revealed because the greys are disappearing there’s no gray ground anymore it’s disappearing and so God is calling the end times are to be times of darkness but of great lights in the midst of the darkness people who are unmixed God wants us unmixed by sin he wants us untempered by compromise he wants every gray area every unclear area removed removed so we will live a gray free faith walk a gray free wall believe with a gray free faith live a gray free life God is room allowing the graves to disappear so the lights of God can shine like candles in the dark the flipside of us moving out of the gray is what we’re watching in the world moving out of the gray for bad for dark where that’s the other side of forcing us to move out of gray right right for life that’s it’s the same thing it’s gonna force us to either fall apart or become great you know these are the days that produce the greatest believers always these are the days that produces Court Corrie ten booms produce produce Apostle Paul’s produce you know Isaiah’s these are the days God is calling us from go from good to great I mentioned this while you were here this week a prophet talked to me on the phone this week and he said what God showed him what’s going on right now since the samhita and the heart and all it’s going on and there’s so much happening but he said there wasn’t a big earthquake or over some crazy event you know like a movie would be epic movie to be made of he said what God is doing is he’s revealing basically the gray he’s revealing those who have really don’t believe those who were just going along with with Christian they go for the goods they go for the the loaves and the fish they go for the goods the the blessed of the food or whatever they’re going to get out of it and he said this is a time right now God’s revealing who’s gonna go with him and who’s not he is breaking the gray it’s got it’s kind of the difference between you know the multitudes and the disciples and the I’m not talking about any one person but in the end those who are you know the many but who were never really in their heart they never they’re gonna be gone they’ll be on the other the wrong side but those who stand will be will be more a minority but they’ll be more real they’ll be the they’ll be shining because there real they’re radical and they will be more powerful and God can use more can do more with them than he can with a majority that’s that’s lukewarm and gray yeah and I think it says in Revelation that you know that Jesus he doesn’t want us to be lukewarm he will spit us out of his mouth if we are lukewarm so that means to be out of the gray you better be all the way with him or hey you know if you want to go the other side then that’s you know yeah it says it says in Genesis in the end the righteous will shine like the stars of heaven that’s what cause looking for stars you know it’s interesting that the symbol the symbol of of Israel is that that manure you have yeah just the light that not shines in the light but it shines in the darkness actually that’s the golden one yeah this is that this is the symbol this is the light of God it does not shine outside it shines in the dark it’s this that the light of God shines in the dark and the endtime believer this is what it’s about and it says you know it says in Revelation the church is spoken of as a candle as like this like a menorah and what’s the sign of Israel this is Israel sign this is the actual sign of Israel it’s official seal is this same thing it’s a light that shines in the darkness and on the flag of the Jewish flag where the Israel a flag what is on there the star the star is a light that shines in the darkness israel has come back for the end times this is the age for the lights that shine in the darkness don’t fear the darkness shine into it yeah we are the lights we are the stars of God we’re the lights of God that’s what it’s all about Wow you know over the years millions would go along religion but they weren’t religious they weren’t real yeah they would come and endure a prayer at a political meeting or a public meeting or anything but now all of that is being removed and as we see I mean a few years ago we talked about Merry Christmas we’re back in the Christmas season and it was against the law I mean even I’m you know and I’m not an anti-walmart I’m lying and I try not to be anti anything I just love Jesus but I’m anti the things that destroy the freedom of religion and in the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ but they literally outlawed Merry Christmas manin I went through it I saw it I know the greeters there and they were told they told me my friends that greet at Walmart they said we’re not allowed to say Merry Christmas this year and this was a few years ago and I said you got to be kidding then I just said I’m not gonna tolerate that and so you know me I went crazy on TV and and a few other people did and literally it wasn’t my doing but it was all the Christians that went in and said we’re going to shop at Walmart I went shopping my favorite store in the whole world no other if they’re not sure if they’re gonna say retail yeah I know but all the catalogues took Jesus out took they’ve got all Christmas out right not even I’ll guarantee you this year you won’t find a Christmas tree if you do in any catalog it’s it’s a holiday tree or something but it’s just taken but for a while then we push back and this year I’m sure Walmart’s going to allow Merry Christmas because they found out an awful lot of Christians weren’t going to tolerate it but we have tolerated so much well so how about if we stand up for more than a Christmas tree how about if we all stand up together as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ in love and and we stand up together and we do the right thing we vote first of all most Christians don’t vote vote and I mean that is just a reality you know if you don’t have your voter ID I mean most of you probably do here but younger people I don’t know exact and Sasha if you don’t you need to get it and I know exactly so but I’m just saying but really seriously if we band together in one Accord in unity we do what God says to do then yeah we could see some they say most believers don’t vote if they did they would win every election and so and you know said well there’s not there’s a choice there may come a time when you don’t have a choice anymore parody but how can you not if you do have a choice and there are clear issues and you know there are clear issues that have had repercussions by who’s been in the White House who’s in Congress and they have to do with God many things that so I don’t you know if we’re called to be the light of the world we have to affect the world in every way possible politics isn’t isn’t gonna solve it but it’s part of the picture the gospel is well that’s part of the picture so I believe we should make every difference we can make a difference stand up and be bold don’t be afraid no matter what happens you know be bold be Elijah be Jeremiah ya be you know the heroes of the Bible these are time for Bible heroes you know we always want you read about them well now you can be one you’ve got a situation where you can actually be one I want to be like that no you need some lions you know what do you want to be like Paul you need the Roman Empire you want you know so we’ve got you can be a hero of the Bible that’s now’s the time to be a hero there are things that will not be in heaven that are good that are only in this life these are chances that you have only in the life you have now that won’t be ever again chance you have that are good and and it’s a really and and when we look back we’ll actually see this as good but the only chance we have is now in this world the once in an eternity world but you’re gonna find have to find out who who the Friends of God are that’s right you see I have to die if they tell me I have to come against the word I have to be willing to dive from now on and that’s what’s that’s the greys it is going to have to go and we’re all going to have to make decisions are we going to be on the Lord’s side or are we going to just be in that middle ground trying to stay there you won’t be able to stay there because they’re not going to allow you in the old days I would I would go with to the White House I would go to the president’s I would go and I always believe that you

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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