Scientists envision the cities of the future

Since the dawn of humanity we have strived to enhance our living and working environments over the years we have witnessed numerous quantum leap moments which have totally transformed our lives today we are making the next giant stride the age of the smarter home at any time and from anywhere we can now switch on lights turn up thermostats unlock the back door using Samsung smartthings technology so what can we expect to see in the next 100 years as City space becomes more squeezed we will burrow deeper and build higher towering mega structures that will dwarf today skyscrapers while Earth’s papers will tunnel to 25 stories deep or more underwater cities are likely to become a reality using the water itself to create breathable atmosphere Doc Brown in Back to the Future said where we’re going we don’t need roads he may have got the year wrong but his forecasts about transport is likely to be correct some of us will be traveling the sky raised with our own personal flying drains some strong enough to carry entire homes around the world for holidays flexible smart walls will mean you won’t ever need to decorate LED room surfaces will adapt to suit your moved when it comes to entertaining we will download dishes from famous chefs and 3d print everything from gourmet meals to our favorite cakes in minutes our working lives will be transformed with Holograms allowing us to attend meetings virtually step in home ready pods will confirm if you are really ill providing a digital diagnosis and supplying medicine or remote surgeon if needed the next giant leap was the earthers say last century as we start colonizing space first the moons then Mars and then beyond out into the galaxy remember these are just predictions for the century ahead but with technical and medical breakthroughs moving a pace and an ever increasing life expectancy you may not need to take my word for it you might just be around to see it for yourselves

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