Scientists Could Simulate Alien Abductions over 20 Years Ago

I think right now is a really good time for this video because we see that the x-files is having a reboot and right on time the CIA has decided to declassify a whole bunch of UFO documents from their investigations claiming the truth is out there on Twitter and then you have the x-files official Twitter account thanking the CIA for their health because we all know if the truth is out there it’s going to be the CIA that we all get it from right so I think now’s a good time for this this guy right here Michael Persinger he’s done a lot of work explaining paranormal events with geomagnetic events so for example this one’s the weather matrix in human behavior this one’s Transcendental Meditation in cult mania see this one is space-time transients and unusual events he’s got a two-part series here on the paranormal and this is the kind of stuff that he writes if if with all caps and underlined if paranormal experiences can be shown not to be largely a product of fraud psychological disorder social reinforcement are known difficulties of brain chemistry there’s still no reason to assume that their sources are necessarily non-physical so that’s the kind of stuff he does and this is a declassified CIA document that I got through FOIA requests for some work he did for the CIA having to do with experimental dream telepathy clairvoyance and geomagnetic activity see there’s his name so now you kind of get an idea of what he’s doing and who he’s working for and I know you guys remember that back in the 90s the 80s and 90s especially there was a huge boom in people claiming to be abducted by aliens and it was all over the place and then you had Laurance Rockefeller meeting with the Clintons whenever Bill Clinton was president trying to get them to declassified documents and tell people the truth right this is something I think we all need to consider this is a new scientist Maggie from November 19th 1994 and this woman Susan Blackmore went and visited Michael Persinger in his lab to discuss with him alien abduction the sensation of alien abduction and explanations for such so it’s a big long article I’m not going to read the whole thing to you but there’s a couple things I am going to read because I think you’ll get the point so starting out she says the outer door slams shut and a deathly hush descended on the tiny soundproof room half an hour in here lying in the kind of dentist reclining chair might have seemed a restful prospect except for the converted motorcycle helmet on my head embedded in either side of it just above my ears were sets of solenoids soon these would be delivering pulses of magnetic field designed to mimic the firing patterns of neurons in the temporal lobes of my brain and then the rest of this article a large portion of it she’s talking about all of the examples of alien abductions and what could be causing people to have those feelings and the arguments on both sides of what not it’s real or fake but you can pretty much skip all that and just get to this part where she talks about what happened in this chair in Persinger’s lab even if sleep phenomena are part of the answer that doesn’t explain the sense of being taken away bodily or flying or floating and going on a journey inter person his idea that abduction like experiences are caused by complex patterns of activity in the temporal lobes in addition magnetic effects from earthquakes could be strong enough to set off the necessary firing to test this he looked for and found a strong link between the dates of seismic events and claims of UFO sightings abductions and other strange phenomena from past centuries nor can hysteria and fear be the sole explanation he argues reports of strange experiences peaked in the weeks and months before earthquake says Persinger when magnetic changes might have been happening but little else to suggest an imminent seismic event those who believe that abductions really happen have tried to counter this theory by showing that abductees do not score higher on measures of temporal lobe mobility but arguments have raged over whether enough people were tested and whether their experiences are really abductions now in a bid to settle the issue personally turning to direct simulations and this is where my experiences in the lab chamber came into the picture I was wide awake throughout nothing seemed to happen for the first ten minutes or so instructed to describe aloud anything that happened I felt under pressure to say something anything then suddenly my doubts vanished I’m swaying it’s like being on a hammock then it felt for all the world as though two hands had grabbed my shoulders and were bodily yanking me up right I knew I was still lying in a reclining chair but someone or something was pulling me up something seemed to get ahold of my leg and pull it distort it and drag it up the wall it felt as though I had been stretched halfway up to the ceiling then came the emotions totally out of the blue but intensely and vividly I suddenly felt angry not just mildly cross but that clear minded anger out of which you act but there was nothing and no one to act on and perhaps ten seconds it was gone later it was replaced by an equally sudden attack of fear I was terrified of nothing in particular the long-term medical effects of applying strong magnetic fields the brain are largely unknown but I felt weak and disoriented for a couple hours after leaving the chamber of course I knew that it was all caused by magnetic field changes but what would people feel if such things happen spontaneously in the middle of the night ok so they were able to put a helmet on this woman and mess with her temporal lobes and she had sensations of being stretched up to the ceiling yanked on pulled upright moved she had her emotions messed with she was they were able to push buttons and make her angry they were able to make her scared I mean this is what I’m saying this is the kind of technology people like Persinger people like mr.

Persinger here who has done studies for the CIA this is the kind of technology they had over 20 years ago they were able to make people feel like that ok so it’s when I talk about mind control it’s fun I get so attacked on that issue like I’m just a crazy tinfoil hat our conspiracy theories now a conspiracy theory is when you have a theory that there’s a conspiracy I don’t have a theory I have literal facts this is a fact that this technology existed back then and check out how she ends this okay one last thought Persinger applied a silent and invisible force to my brain and created a specific experience for me he claimed that he was imitating the basic sequences of the processes of memory and perception and that by varying those sequences he could he could control my experience could he have done it from a distance could it be done on a wider scale suddenly prospects of magnetic mind-control seemed an awful lot worse than the idea of being abducted by imaginary aliens and again this was written 20 years ago this is the kind of technology they were playing around with in labs 20 years ago could it be done on a wider scale could it be done from a distance what is real how do you define real if you’re talking about what you can feel what you can smell you can taste and see then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain gee I guess we really wouldn’t know if it could would we it’s not like they would just let everybody know by the way we can make you feel and think anything we want to and make you think you’re experiencing all kinds of things and feeling all kinds of things they wouldn’t tell people if they could do stuff like that but the point is this existed then and it’s funny because while they’re doing all this experimentation with these things in labs and I’m sure mr.

Persinger was not the only person at this time that this was happening all these people were coming forward saying they’d been abducted by aliens gee what a strange coincidence that is and on top of that I just want to end up by saying all these things have effects on people and people just don’t seem to realize it’s not a conspiracy theory okay this is a book called microwave auditory effects and applications I just want to show you guys something because you know a conspiracy theorist that I am this was back in the 70s the kind of research the military was doing back then I’m just going to read this to you really quick direct communication of speech via appropriate modulation of microwave energy has been demonstrated by sharp and growth the tape recorded each of the single syllable words four digits between one and ten the speech waveforms of each word were then converted to digital signals in such a fashion that each time an analog speech wave across the zero reference in the negative direction a short pulse of microwave energy was emitted from a transmitter by radiating themselves with speech modulated microwave energy sharp and grove reported they were able to hear identify and distinguish the words tested communication of more complex words and sentences was not attempted because the average power density required to transmit these messages would exceed the current 10 milliwatts per centimeter squared guide for safe exposure just keep in mind this was the 70s that the military was researching being able to bypass your ears with microwave speech modulated microwave energy communicate directly into your brain with it okay again not a conspiracy theory this is simply a fact at a science book that you can go get from a library alright this stuff exists ok so is the government covering something up absolutely are they covering up aliens are they covering up the fact that they have the ability to make you think you were abducted by them that’s a question alright because we know what some of this stuff can do today we know that they can use magnetic fields to physically stop a person from talking we starts at the back of the brain we’ve we switched off my visual cortex so made me unable to see things if we move a little bit forward in the brain we’ve interfered with people’s ability and my ability to see faces a little bit further forward we’ve interfered with the ability to perform actions it hurts interfered with the ability to to speak under bridges falling down but you think of something you can do and we’ve basically interfered with it with with this machine we know they’ve even done studies now funded by the military where they can change your belief in God using energy waves directed at your brain ok that’s what they can do today that we know about so what else is going on one that we don’t know about I think the truth really is out there I just think people don’t actually want to hear it and once they do they don’t want to believe it there’s a reason for MKULTRA there’s a reason they were trying to unlock what they call the black box of the brain have they done it by now.


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