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Welcome to manna-fest hosted by international evangelist teacher and author perry stone enjoy unique insight into prophetic and practical truth it’s time to feast on fresh manna so get ready to be blessed and encouraged and now here is your host and teacher Perry stone it is that not only a beautiful day it’s an extremely warm day right here on the Mount of the Beatitudes we’ve taped here over the years many times and I always make a joke when we return to the Holy Land to Israel and begin to our manna-fest telecast we’ve taken so many of the same locations many times over the years that people want to know is it a rerun you can tell by this shirt it is not a rerun we always go and buy new shirts every year so that you will know it’s a brand new program from the same location so anyway this morning at the hotel I was preparing to know that we knew we were going to be around the lake around the Sea of Galilee this morning and I really wanted a special word for everyone I brought always bring about 40 to 50 outlines with me and sometimes nothing clicks and so I was going to this is our New Testament Study Bible over here on page 18 I was going to it this morning reading from Matthew and I saw a note that was made and I’ll just show you this water this is a chart this will come on the screen I think we’ll get this on the screen for you in a moment and there’s something in theology when I was taking courses from lis college years ago there’s something in the four Gospels called the synoptic problem and the synoptic problem is this many scholars believe that the very first of the four Gospels was written probably by mark and Mark of course in our English translation has 16 chapters and some of the other writers took some of the stories of Mark and repeated them and one of the things is if you’ve noticed that you will have certain stories in the New Testament that all the Gospel writers talk about Luke adds some incidents or narratives that some of the others do not add John will also add some narratives that the other Gospels do not add so it wasn’t an exact copy per se but there is a really unanswerable situation or unanswerable narrative that is found in Matthew chapter 8 in mark chapter 5 and I’m going to call this message Satan’s open-door policy and I want you to follow with me because if you read the Bible and don’t pay attention you’ve never caught this if you read it carefully and you compare Scripture with Scripture you have caught this and this is one of the synoptic problems and we’re going to try to explain what actually happened here there is a story of where Jesus is in a boat and he goes to the other side of the sea and he comes into the land of the Burgess scenes of the gadarenes as one writer says it and suddenly he is met by a man that has unclean spirits and most of you know the story how the man was possessed by a devil whose chief the chief spirit within him was called Legion and the name Legion came from Roman the Roman legions a Roman legion was four thousand eight hundred soldiers up to six thousand soldiers and because there were many spirits possessing this one man’s physical body the head demon that Jesus spoke to within the man’s body and of course the demon was using the man’s voice when speaking to Jesus said my name is legion and that’s because of the number of spirits that were there what I want to do is show you the problem of Mark chapter five in Matthew chapter eight and we’re going to delve into this for the next few moments alright because one of the things that always struck me is that there were more spirits that Jesus encountered in this area than he did for example in Jerusalem or he did in any other area and so in my research over 40 years of ministry I began to question a little bit about you know what was there about this what was there about Jesus what was there about this area that cost so many spirits to be here and the answer is this Jerusalem was a religious center there was the Torah there were the prophets the biggest thing Jesus dealt with there was not demons it was religion some religions are demons you understand you’ve met some Christian people that could be in the Bible stories and will go I’m gonna go any further than that hopeless leave that alone but his he dealt with religious tradition customs versus tradition traditions that were trying to counter the word so that’s what Jesus dealt with in Jerusalem one of the reasons I believe that Jesus dealt with so many spirits here is this was the Galilee of the Gentiles and I want you to notice the location directly behind me of course not close but up for many many miles up the road is Lebanon directly in this direction is Syria and you had what was called the Decapolis that started in Syria and went all the way down through this area along the lake all the way down to the Jordan Rift and in the Decapolis area there were ten cities in these cities had different kinds of Greek and Roman influence and the Greeks and Romans were very heavily into idol worship and anytime you have a country or a nation that is very steeped in idol worship you will have demonic activity extreme demonic activity and I’m not going to name the nations because this message goes everywhere but there are nations in the world that worship thousands of idols and anytime you have false gods you have a heavy release of sicknesses diseases demonic spirits depression oppression and all this weird paranormal activity that takes place Jesus encounters a man that has 2,000 demons and it’s in this land of the gadarenes now the tribe of GAD as you know Jacob had 12 sons and then those twelve sons GAD is one of those tribes and the tribe of GAD was in this direction here now every three times a year according to the book of Exodus the men of Israel all over 20 years of age were to come up to the city of Jerusalem to worship the Lord and when they came up to worship the Lord obviously Judah and Benjamin were right there but when you get to God and Menasha and you get to the others you get to you get some of the tribes that lived far away from the temple a group of two and a half tribes after Moses death after they conquered the promised land according to your Bible went across the Jordan River lived on the other side of the Jordan River meaning and don’t miss this meaning that when they had to go up to worship they had the furthest distance to go now you know like I do that if you have church Sunday mornings sending out on Wednesday the people that have closer will come to all three services the people have to drive an hour may not come a Sunday morning now track with me cuz you’re gonna see something here so what happens is I think that in fact in the Bible those tribes built an altar if you’ll remember then the other tribes came up and we’re just I right because they were not to copy the altar they were not to build another altar like the one at the tabernacle so they said these tribal leaders said to the men of God and the Levites we did not do this to offer sacrifices we did it as a memorial to remind our children about the Lord so they let it go the point is that over time some of these tribes were not close to the presence of God and when you’re not close to the presence of God demons get comfortable whoa did you hear that so this area was an area where demons could be comfortable because they were pagan ideas pagan worship idols all that was in the air involvement with the Gentiles now I want to go back and show you Matthew chapter 8 mark chapter 5 and there’ll be a chart that will come up on the screen Matthew 8 verse 28 Jesus came to the other side of the sea mark 5 verse 1 Jesus came to the other side of the sea Matthew chapter 8 verse 28 Jesus came to the land of the Girja scenes mark chapter 5 Jesus came to the land of the gadarenes it’s actually the same area ok there’s no difference in the area Matthew chapter 8 and verse 28 Jesus came near the tombs mark chapter 5 verse 2 Jesus came near the tombs Matthew chapter 8 verse 28 two men came out to meet him mark chapter five verses two and three one man came out to meet him synoptic problem two men or one man now follow me the demons were tormented by Christ Matthew chapter 8 verse 29 look at mark chapter 5 the demons were tormented by Christ mark 5 verse 7 the demons call Jesus the Son of God Matthew chapter 8 verse 29 the demons called Jesus the Son of God in math mark chapter 5 verse 7 there are there were a large number of swine and these would have been wild boar they actually are up here in this area in different areas we’ve seen them before not here but in the golden heights area so there’s a large number of swine in mark chapter I’m sorry in Matthew 8 verse 30 March chapter 5 verse 11 there’s a large number of swine Matthew chapter 8 verse 31 32 the demons entered the swine and drowned mark chapter 5 verse 13 the demons entered the swine and drown Matthew chapter 8 and verse 34 the townspeople begged Christ to leave the area mark chapter 5 verse 17 the townspeople beg Christ to leave the area now the synoptic problem is this everything in mark is found in Matthew except one difference Matthew says there are two men possessed mark says there’s one man possessed and they’re possessed with the same amount of spirits now if scholars for eighteen hundred years or seventeen hundred years have looked at this and cannot give you the answer other than this is their answer somebody made a mistake in the manuscript that’s their answer if scholars who have debated this for centuries can’t come up with the answer it’s gonna be very difficult for me to look at the camera or look at you and come up with an answer right I mean it is it’s gonna be difficult but I’m gonna give you a strange possibility all right you ready everybody say I’m ready oh that’s so good Luke chapter 11 verse 24 through 26 y’all excuse me I could quote it I think 11 verse 24 through 26 when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walks through Dry places seeking rest and finding none and he says I will return unto my house from whence I came out and when he when he cometh he finds it swept and garnished then he goeth and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and dwell there so that the last state of the man is worse than the first now what this is saying and this is the Lord speaking is that when someone has been delivered from strong demons that those spirits will leave that person but then try at some point to go back into them now how do they go back into if the person is redeemed covered by the blood of Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit that is the barrier and wall that keeps those spirits from coming back but if it’s Jud if the person is just temporarily swept and garnished and the house is not filled does that make sense maybe they’ve made a decision I’m going to do better I’m going to do the right thing and they shut the door there’s there’s the key they shut the door on the enemy so that the enemy is not able to move in but then as a month or two goes by this same spirit starts coming back around I’m going to illustrate this to you that people who have been let’s say very heavy alcoholics and they get delivered will tell me seven years later that they started getting the taste back just out one they woke I’ve had people at OSI I tell me this I went years I smoked dope real heavy and I went years and I woke up a girl told me this the other day that was one of our young people two years to three years totally free from all drugs and woke up for no reason tasted marijuana and I said you know that’s that spirit they had you in addiction she was an addict drug addict and it’s trying to bring a taste back okay it’s very strange people say that with tobacco they say it with alcohol they say it with hard drugs that they’ll go through this long time now what’s happening I’m not saying that everybody that has an addiction has a spirit that’s not what I’m saying but there are times that people that have had real heavy addictions a spirit has motivated that so what I’m saying is the spirit tries to immediately go what back into the place all right let’s go – let’s just stick with mark for a moment Mark’s Gospel that one man has 2,000 demons in him all right the Bible says that when the demons came out they left the man and they had nowhere to go and they go into the swine and then it says that the swine ran down a steep place into the sea and were drowned now demons can’t swim what happened was the spirits did not drown with the swine question the don’t answer it where did they go where are they gotten a stop of thing no we just read a verse they didn’t stay in the swine okay now they watch this they’ve come out of the man mm at least now how do we know that because there’s two thousand swine one spirit went into each Swan and the reason the demons could not multiply in their numbers into the Swans is Swan swans have no eternal spirit oh you’re gonna get that in a minute animals are soulish and flesh but not spirit we are a body soul and spirit because we’re a body soul and spirit our spirit can house the holy spirit or if we’re evil our spirit can house multiple demons Mary Magdalena had seven demons because she had a human spirit that is a container that can hold them does that make sense so the pigs don’t have that so if one demon had to go into each one and that’s why there were so many swine that drowned now question when this pigs drowned where did they go answer seeking someone else to go into so watch Jesus is in the same area this is now this is this is this is a possible interpretation of the synoptic problem he’s in the same area one man has been delivered mm have gone out of the man into the swine as they’ve gone into the swine the swine have drowned all this is Bible but where did the demons go once the the swine head round looking into the dry place for somebody else here’s the possibility and found two other men in the tombs and if they found two of their men in the tombs before Jesus could leave the area and get out of the area then Matthew deals with two men that are possessed mark deals with the one man who was the head man that was possessed and the spirits that were in the one ended up coming into the two and you had a double deliverance happening at the same spot same time same area now that’s possibility that’s a possibility and the the other the other thing that comes up in this narrative is that the the number of swine that it would take to do that which were again wild boar now here’s the part that when people came here and they and they really know the Word of God they put this together one time and they said wait a minute juice don’t raise pig they don’t raise pork but please understand this is this was not the Jewish area this was the Gentile area why were there so many swine in the area are you ready because the Roman soldiers ate the pork and purchased it from local people so there was literally a huge business in the Gentile region of this area with us so to have 2,000 swine in that day in a Gentile region of Syria Lebanon was not that would not be considered to be strange or weird Jerusalem yes but because it was a Jewish area but not the Gentile area now I’m gonna I want to show you for a moment how this operates and I don’t want to tell really weird stories but this really happened we were having a warrior fest at Omega center international several years ago and I remember this that there was a young man he happened to be from an Hispanic background and his sister was there and some of his family’s there because we have a great I’m so glad I’m just finding this out we have a huge Hispanic following that watches us on manna-fest and I’m just so grateful we’re seeing a lot of Hispanic people come to the conferences in Texas California of whom we’re in the Midwest especially alright now this this young man is is demon possessed and he’s manifesting he’s not a real motional I could tell there was a spirit and I turned to one of our young ladies I’m tired go cast the devil out of him and she looked at me said really and I said you have the authority in the name of Jesus go do it when she did I don’t think she was prepared and that boy grabbed her and literally was physically hurting her and I just it made me mad so now I’m tired and mad that’s one thing when I’m angry but don’t get me tired and angry and I just I literally jumped off of own upon the speaker and jumped to the platform and I him and I said I command you in the name of Jesus you that spirit come out of him and I mean now and I pulled the the old some of you know who I’m talking about my mentor TL Lowery who had a great ministry of praying with people incredible when I was growing up and TL Lowery used to say devil ain’t got time for you he would he was at home not messing with you and you’re coming out and I just pulled that and if I thought probably changed my voice and said it in the name of Jesus but I remember that the boy just like it the Bible talks about collapsed to the floor and fell and it looked like he was dead and all the kids always the oak I said he’s fine and I grabbed it by the hand and picked him up and he was crying he was praying he was worshiping now here’s the weird part his sister and I found out later they had been in witchcraft both of them had been around witch that’s where the spirit came me they work so I want you understand this is not saved Christian boy full of a devil this is a kid in witchcraft here’s the part that gets weird his sister there’s 4,000 kids there she’s in the back the demon leaves him and goes into his sister now I didn’t know this at the time but all of a sudden way back in that she doesn’t see him she doesn’t know what has happened he’s in the front she’s in the back so the spirit tried to stay with someone it was familiar with got it and that’s what we’re talking about in Luke so the enemy the enemy the way that a person shuts the door it’s what happened with this man this man once he was delivered as several things he did ready number one he is clothed at the feet of Jesus and in his right mind so he’s been delivered he’s in his right mind now watch what happens he wants to travel with Jesus because I believe he was afraid of going home because that’s where the demons came on it and he’s thinking if I go home what if those spirits come back on me again and Jesus said to him go home and tell the great things the Lord has done now here’s what the Bible says in Revelation you overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb now that’s getting your sins clam that’s getting forgiven and by the word of your testimony you know what he did go to mark five and read what he did he went and began to publish him the Decapolis all of the miracles that Jesus did for him I mean he had scars on his hand because he looked at me they had me chained look at me I cut myself with stones and Jesus delivered me and he was the first see he stayed delivered as long as he told his story so many people get tests well I don’t want to say God had delivered me because what if the devil comes back then he’s going to come back if you don’t shut the door and the way you keep the door shut is by testifying I got the victory I’ve claiming the victory I’m walking into victory I don’t care what is it you have to say in closing here’s the part that’s remarkable right after he went to the Decapolis the ten cities Jesus comes back here to minister you ready and has the biggest crowd has ever had the biggest crowd he ever had and the reason he has a crowd is that man told everybody go see this man about the Brutus run here go see this man that deliver so you have Jesus Christ I tell you today is able to free you and deliver you because the Bible says he’s the same yesterday today and forever and I thank you for joining me today I hope this has taught you something on the word we have a new offer on manna-fest please stay tuned we’re going to give you something very special in just a moment let’s give them a praise from Ephesians in depth the Warriors strategy is now being made available today with so many spiritual conflicts and personal struggles this teaching is urgently needed this series was taped on a set using a Roman type town with numerous replicas of Roman military equipment you will experience twelve hours of teaching divided into twenty three thirty minute lessons on seven DVDs that’s right seven DVDs on this landmark series you will discover how to sit in heavenly places how to walk by faith and how to stand in the evil day four of the lessons will teach you how to defeat the four types of satanic spirits that you wrestle with in life you will also learn how a written and spoken word from God becomes a weapon called the sword of the Spirit you will discover how to renew and restore your shield of faith and even see the various types of shields used during the Roman period two lessons will also teach you how to keep your feet from sliding into traps that are set by Satan and secret four lessons will reveal the battles that you will fight in the time of the end and a strategy needed to overcome in each situation you can apply this teaching and it will help you to defeat the adversary in every area of your life every piece of Paul’s armor will be presented in an exhaustive study but the best part is that I will show you how to use this protective gear in your daily life these seven DVDs with 12 hours of teaching that’s twenty three distinct lessons is available during this very special limited time offer I want to send you this teaching Ephesians in depth the warrior’s strategy for your donation of only ninety five dollars or more ordered by calling toll-free 188 21 bread online at or if you wish to milk in your request right perry stone PO box 3595 cleveland tennessee 37320 and ask for offer Eph that’s Eph to take time to feed your spirit this revelation that I know is going to transform your situation god bless you the New Testament was written in the era of the Roman Empire and the Greek culture which was called Hellenism and paul used so many analogies in the book of Ephesians concerning how a Christian should battle the demonic spirits that they will encounter in their lifetime this teaching I’m making available on the believers the strategy for battled the strategy for the endtime the believers armor is brand new this is not an old teaching redone with a new cover this is a brand new teaching it is seven DVDs please get this it’s Illustrated I’m not just standing in front of a camera teaching I’m showing you thinks I’m there’s objects lessons there’s history there’s Greek word studies I’m telling you I’m excited about this because there is no doubt in my mind people are going to receive an insight that’s gonna change their situation and change their battle and bring them into a victory with the Lord Jesus Christ so so please get this today let me just mention very quickly I’m coming to the sanctuary in DeLand Florida Friday night it’s to services Saturday and all day Sunday March the 8th through the 10th please join me no registration fee no fee to attend come-as-you-are and then Tyler Texas at New Life Worship Center pastor Rudy bonds Church Friday Saturday and Sunday April 5th through the 7th I remember something funny the last time we were in Tyler Texas an ice storm came on Sunday and this is Texas by the way and we couldn’t believe it my staff couldn’t believe it and we drove to church and over a hundred people came to church in an ice storm that’s going to always stand out in my mind but you can go to and get our itinerary in more detail for the entire year and don’t forget the Utah meeting which is coming up in July you can now register for that no feet to attend but you can read for that now and we mentioned a little a little last week some things that wanted to share with you about prayer and one of the things I I’m beginning to see as a lot of you know because this has been nut made known on social media I will turn 60 years of age June 23rd of this year and have have been in ministry now well for over 40 years have a total now and my son said to me one day said that can you actually prove that I said son I will sit down with a calculator show you my itinerary and ask your mother how much I studied when we were traveling on the road together but there’s about over a hundred and seventy thousand hours of Bible study research reading that doesn’t mean I just knew that long in the Bible word studies books history have I have 25 five thousand books in my library not my books these are books by other authors and so one of the things I wanted to do is really you know you one day you’re gonna leave this world to the Lord tarry and you leave behind all that information show so we’re working on compiling that information putting that information together so that that research does not pass if something should ever happen to us years from now and the Lord should tarry and one of the things we’ve done is if most of you know is develop an internet Bible school I so dot or you can check that out but God has been good to us I want to give him the glory but we could not do it without so many friends and partners so thank all of you for keeping manifest on the air see you next week it’s no sense except that the Word of God is true we are living in a very prophetic season this is it comes back with a sword not a magic wand so after all this study here this is my conclusion let me share with you what this is about Oh Jesus paid…

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