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I’m here with one of the most accurate prophets I know can I tell you a trade secret I analyze hello current profits are by obviously what they do publicly but when they prophesied to me personally uh and James didn’t know what he was doing he said he just said I’m just being obedient just saying what God is saying this James called a prophet and and he had the name of the organization before it became Middle East TB which our ministry owns right now and details about it that were so precise that it absolutely got my attention James call I am looking forward to this interview when I’m a stepping on toes if I asked you to tell me Oh what you just heard from the Lord about this particular interview yeah I know you won’t step on toes you will push me forward how well okay so I wanna pray how’s that and react don’t move father thank you for this time we bless all of the IT the management the direction we pray over the internet and we say that Jesus is the god of this world not the devil and so we bless the Airways and we ask you guide our hearts and our thoughts that the word of the Lord would go forth with precision and clarity in Jesus name Amen I saw I got to say it’s the Amen which means so be that prayer you’re right so those who don’t know ok Sid and I have had a friendship relationship over multiple years ok and uh and then also share some friends as well in common now so the Lord speaks to me often in dreams and they’re about world events regional events they’re about people but they also are about my own life and this morning I simply in a dream hear the voice of the Lord and it says get ready I heard get ready and then in the dream because it’s see God doesn’t neither sleep nor slumbers and our spirit and God in our spirit and so it’s interactive and so he says get ready get ready and I’m going like for what he says because you’re about to have your most strategic media interview of your lifetime well I am I am looking forward to it with as much anticipation as you and as much anticipation as you our viewers right now now the thing that caught waiting before I get to that because in all the years I’ve known you I didn’t realize that I knew about the Kansas City prophets I didn’t realize the number that they had everyone well in my realm was focusing on Bob Jones who was never but there were seven of you and you were one of the seven Kansas City prophets and all six of them have been promoted and it’s as if the mantles they had especially with this greater glory that is coming James are being just deposited into you are you finding your gifts are getting sharper or different at this point than they were before all six went to heaven let me clarify for a moment is that in many years ago John Wimber publicly recognized seven different leaders and then there was a book that was written by a spirit-filled angle condition out of England called some set at thunder so not everybody lived in Kansas City so but those who were together in Kansas City out of the the primary ones were Paul Kane John Paul Jackson and Bob Jones and then myself and then there were some others that lived in other parts of the country now so I didn’t mean to say that all six have gone to be with the Lord uh of this group that was in Kansas City I’m gonna rehearse this and I will answer your questions because it’s really important on to 22 2014 Bob Jones who was my spiritual Papa and too many as a seer he that isn’t the day he died he died on 214 Valentine’s Day but he was a seed put into the earth buried on to 22 2014 one year later to the very date John Paul Jackson dreams and mysteries streams he went to be with the Lord quick and he was a seed put into the earth on to 22 2015 then on mm and then 19 Paul came then who at his peak was a statesman had his trials his ups and his downs but he was a seed put into the earth exactly five years later to the exact date that Bob John hallwas so you had these seer prophets Bob Jones – 22 2014 Paul Cain – 22 2015 and then Bob Paul excuse me Bob Paul Cain on – 22 2019 five years I was at all three memorials I spoke at Paul Cain’s and when I did there was a presence of God that came into the room and I had a god encounter in the middle of that memorial so since then the Lord has been distributing gifts Mantle’s Authority what about me what’s happened for me is there is greater authority on my voice am I in a higher realm of Revelation I’m actually and being restored recovering to the realm that I walked in 30 years ago and with a greater authority so it comes across as though I am in another realm but I will mention that then there are others and I’m gonna mention a name Shawn balls with the detailed word of knowledge he was my student when he was like 18 years old in Kansas City he inherited a prophetic grace so there are many who are now emerging but then what about me I am a bridge from the past to the present to the present to the future so am i increasing yes in this hour I am entering in beyond the veil into a dimension of clarity and impact that I have not known for in this level for maybe 20 years or so James the moment you said that what just came out of your mouth the glory descend it did you feel that but yours here did you see that I’m I’m a feel or first and then I’m a seer and then I hear but Jill so I just speak right now there is a mantle of authority and it isn’t available for a one but when it is released it’s available to the many so guess what folks plug right in for an increase of Revelation but for the double it’s an increase of Revelation and it’s an increase of the double we are moving into the double for our trouble so plug in for greater revelation but greater authority on your voice in Jesus name okay I want to start not where we originally were going to start but I want to start at a different spot when I spoke to you the most recent a few days ago I asked you a pointed question because many of the words that were coming out of your mouth when I spoke to you we’re identical to a prophet I’ve had many times on by the name of Tracy cook and you said you had never heard of him beyond people told you he was on my show I never met him and for sure never intentionally never heard his words because in early January they blurtin the news knew all about the pandemic in and and the coronavirus crisis that that was going on before that you had a dream about it would you tell me what you saw in that dream yes I will now folks some of what said and I have rehearsed and some of what maybe we have not rehearsed I am just flat-out decided to pull the cork out of the bottle and just go for it now I’m gonna say something I’ve never said before because I have such a holy awe and reverence for God I say yay God yeah yeah I agree yes yay God yes God you know there is a fire that people are going through and it is are they gonna just build their own little excuse me altars their platforms or are they being tests they’re being tested will you build his whose reputation are you building so on Tracey cook had I heard of his name yes because friends had sent he said you need to watch this and I prayed and my discerner went no I don’t and I wondered why so I asked Holy Spirit questions and he goes I don’t want you to be an echo I want you to be a voice and so it wasn’t prejudice or anything in that nature of why I didn’t watch the interviews with Tracey cook it was that it was a restraining of the Holy Spirit so back in January then I had I called these clips these are shorter like dreams and then they go into a sequence so I saw in Wuhan China I saw laboratories and I saw I didn’t know the words all to use but I saw bio engineered man-made virus hmm and this so I see things and then I have knowings and I see and then or I then I hear so I saw a laboratory in Wuhan China and that there was being bio engineered a man-made virus to release in the earth my knower went man will say it came from a wet market and the Lord said it did not not in its origin it originated in Wuhan and a biological lab man-made to be released not from a wet market I’m not saying it didn’t get released someone picked it up and then they go there that part the Lord didn’t show me okay I want to be honest that part I don’t know but what I do know is what I saw I saw that there was being a weapon you heard what I just said a weapon being biologically engineered in a laboratory and move on to be released upon the world and tell me some more did you see anything else you can tell me about it I can again say that I knew that it would be said that it came from the wet market but that it didn’t in its origin okay No this then leads to a sequence of things that then where it’s only then two and a half weeks ago I went into an encounter and that by the way I think is why I said I wanted you on the show but go ahead yep so I went into an encounter and by the way ice this next piece I submitted to Authority that I walk with because I know the price that there can be and the cost that there can be on going on the edge so but about two and a half weeks ago in a very vivid dream I had a book come and appear before me it had a dragon on the outside of it and it it was the title of it was the global dragon warfare now it was a manual it flipped open and I could read the table of contents and there were twelve chapters in the book but it was the global dragon warfare manual I opened it up in the dream I go to the table of contents and there were twelve we could call them stages or phases but in the manual they were chapters in yellow highlight marker it highlighted stage seven and my knower see this is like a combination seeing hearing feeling knowing so I saw dream dragon reddit global dragon warfare manual flips open table of contents I see 12 so I saw that there would be 12 stages or phases highlighted in yellow on the seventh stage and another set of states that aren’t quite getting yes I’m saying when you stay global warfare dragon a global warfare dragon manual when you when you talk about the book that is just as in the Bible and chapter I believe it’s 12 of Daniel and talks about a book of life there are many books in heaven and the devil has no origination so he’s a counterfeit artist of what goes on in heaven so make sense if there are books in heaven then the devil has books for him headed for his people and Paul the Apostle said in the New Testament we are not to be ignorant of the devil’s schemes if we are not to be ignorant that means that we have access or we can have access to what is God’s plans but we also according to the will of the Lord and the leading of the Holy Spirit not by pushing yourself out somewhere into a fake false prophetic occult realm of astral projection no no no no no I don’t push myself anywhere I worship God I pray I ask questions and the Lord brings me into this so Paul said were not to be ignorant of the devil schemes so we can see into here into peer into this Gemara the the blueprints of the enemy at times so that’s what this is and so I saw a manual of spiritual warfare is what you could call it of a global nature the global dragon warfare I opened it up highlighted on the seventh chapter or seventh phase it said global pandemic and it was highlighted because that is where we are but stage six was the scourge of fear that is what was being released to lead up unto the seventh stage which is the global pandemic I saw into the eighth and it was global economic collapse now what do you do with these things so yes that’s just happened two and a half weeks ago I have submitted this to prophets intercessors spiritual warfare experts and we have multiple confirmations about the war with the red dragon tell me a bit if you can about this fear because I see it all over the map and unfortunately I see it in Christianity it’s it’s over the top and what I think in my mind anyway is fear then leads to anger anger then leads to murder fear leads to depression and then anger and then you know this is I and striking out at anyone and I see all these ingredients going on then that would be satanic oh yeah absolutely so let me touch the fear piece because in the dream again I see things I hear things I know things and after I wake up out of these kinds of level of encounters my room is often charged with a presence of the Lord this is how I know that these are dreams from God not the devil see I know they’re from God because I am catapulted and the room was charged with the presence of destiny of destiny so I was peering into the enemy’s plans to cut them off to delay them or actually even stop the progression now but what you said is the fear factor the very foundation of this global dragon warfare was this is amazing it said he who teaches people to fear rules hmm it was an underlying philosophy he who teaches people to fear will rule I’m going to say it again slower because this is vital for people to grasp he who teaches people to fear will rule and that is the underlying whole foundation to this global demonic assault it is to create the scourge of fear so even a pandemic will loom as though it is larger than it actually even is and so isn’t it what a joke said the thing that I feared has come upon me mm-hmm and see God knows this but the devil knows in part but he only knows in part and so but the enemy knowing this part the foundation the philosophy is he who teaches or let’s say cultivates a culture of fear he who creates a culture of fear will ultimately rule so that is what the spirit behind okay behind that the spirit of fear behind global control this is the issue behind global control there is always a culture of fear if you look at the former Soviet Union of which we love the Russian people we love the Chinese people we love the people from the UK we love the Latin people we love all the world so I want to be real clear before we proceed any further at all what I am presenting is not an anti Asian it is not an anti China it is Chinese it is not an anti Korean it’s not an anti-russian it’s not an anti patriotic American no God so loved the world he has a plan for every kindred every tribe every nation but the demonic has plans stratagems and so I just want to be very clear because I won’t i’d will not partner with creating a culture of fear I’ve made a very overt decision in the last 10 years I will not be a gloom and doom prophet I will not I am a good news prophet that it does not mean I live in denial mm-hmm I know I’m not an ostrich with my head stuck in the ground some want to be so he who creates the culture of fear will rule this is really important and if you study civilizations through history fear will be the underlying force that causes control take over oppression etc so he who creates the culture of fear will rule so but Jesus God has not Syd God has not given us the spirit of what beer but he’s given us want power love and a sound mind oh okay let’s work on I mean I’m just gonna flip this interview for a moment okay he’s given us not and some of you need to repeat this right now God is not the author of fear God has not given us the spirit of fear but power Syd stands for the supernatural his whole branding is it’s supernatural so God has not the author of fear God is not the author of the global dragon warfare but the enemy is and it produces fear our faith propels fear paralyzes fear put people in straightjackets and they live paralyzed faith propels God’s not given us a spirit of fear but power love only love will make a miracle faith works through love you got to love as Jesus loves you got to love the Jewish people you got to love the people and the places that are closest to her God but the one I want to get to is this he’s not giving us a spirit of fear but power love and a what’s the third line said bound right sound mind what is a lot of this battle for today it’s about how we think a sound mind and a lot of people and in the church are getting into irrational fear rights it unfortunately that’s true how is this gonna play out or will it in the political area of say this next president don’t election yeah very smart Sid Roth I think you might know how to add dots together so I I want to be honoring because we’re to honor Authority and yet I want to be truthful we have one particular party that is a bedfellow something in common with this particular great nation of China is that not true it’s of course we have a Democratic Party that is a bit fella which china go ahead I’ll say yeah I’m that I’m going to have a say it together so we had one particular group that is truly in bed partnering with and I even wonder if not being financed to a certain degree and then we have another who is rising up to disrupt Donald Trump President Donald row at this point in time will go down in history as the great disrupter because he has an assignment now do I agree with all of his mannerisms no I don’t but do I agree with his leadership absolutely and do I agree with all of the bold stances this man has been taking like moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that it’s biblical so yes we have a person and a window of opportunity that is put before us to help turn turn turn this nation now politics do not turn a nation the church does but we have been too passive in going forward in taking at times a stand so but the Lord has raised up a one with a leadership mantle upon his life to challenge and bring disruption and cut the cords you know we talked about soul ties like a person can have a wrong soul tie or something and and to get free they got to cut it right right now we’ve got a war going on are we gonna keep these tubes feeding us or are we gonna pull them out or cut them off and this particular president is frankly the great disrupter and he’s coming along and he right now it’s the who and what did he just do I saw the who was a now a Trojan horse the who the World Health Organization okay the who is a Trojan horse that we have funded and we have promoted it sounds right as this amazing the other party is very upset over him pulling the cord is again I’m putting dots together go ahead bacala he won and and one of the ball another bold thing he did he just removed our funding what is that that would be a legal basis because the who has a big base in where Wuhan China I okay I have to push the envelope is President Trump going to win the next election okay you know who you’re talking to I do but I am an intercessor I’m also a teaching prophet not only a declarative prophet so there is always a warfare around a new beginning there is always the read in the Book of Revelations the dragon is there ready to devour the moon the new birth the male child so that it’s a principal and the dragon is always there so there is a warfare always on your life on families city’s churches ministries nations globally of the dragon Satan ready there to devour now I believe that it is the will of God for president Trump Donald J Trump by the way he has a generational inheritance in revival that a lot of people don’t know anything about he has in the White House the Bible of his great aunts who were intercessors in the great 1952 Hebrides Islands revival I have to believe they trade for Donald having no idea their prayers were so powerful I’m done research on the one on the Hebrides Island revival Peggy and Christine Smith two older women 84 at 82 years old and how they prayed the word and they prayed oh that you would rend the heavens and come down will God did in duncan campbell and that’s a whole nother issue but donald trump literally has as an inheritance the bible of his great-aunts who were the tooth – of the intercessors of the great Hebrides island revival not having said that i have been shown what could happen it is what would be the fullness of god’s will i saw i’m gonna jump into the Supreme Court justice issues that all right Sid that was my next question but go for it so what let’s weave it together so when if you guys will remember judge Supreme Court justice now Cavanaugh and when his hearings when he was nominated by President Donald J Trump to be the next Supreme Court justice everybody was talking about a lot of people were how this was gonna fully tip the scales well I started praying into it I mean into conservativism and I started praying into it and yes it was an important piece but the Lord showed me that Donald Trump was appointed he was assigned to put in place three constitutionally conservative judges this was after and I might not say the name correctly right now gorgeous as he was already put in place which will be a great justice then the battle waged more over the Cavanagh appointment while that happens I had dreams visit tations and the Lord came to me and he said that it was his will for Cavanaugh to make it in and like many you have to pray the promise but he showed me that President Donald Trump was assigned to appoint a third judge but I saw that a judge and I know who it is would hang on to try to stay on the bench in case Trump would not get reelected and then withdrawal after his election so is secure a liberal justice in this person’s place so the Lord showed me that he has Trump an assignment to appoint a third justice and he told me she will be an ester this third appointee excuse me was she it’ll be a woman is that what you’re saying yes okay it she will be an ester it’ll be a woman and she will be an ester regal smart with authority and he’s told me he said and she will be used this ester to tip the scales towards true constitutional conservatism then it would happen in the second term rather glory just came back on that particular state let’s go ahead yeah now I feel it now – okay I sent see we but we cannot go into this automatic neutral gear que sera sera what will be will be that’s not the way the kingdom works God reveals and then we pray and we work the promised faith without works is dead and so there’s a promise that revealed then we must birth the promise so I believe it is the will of the Lord for President Trump to be reelected for a long-term reason if Jesus Terri’s any at all it is to turn this nation for lineage and legacy unto this was the exact phrase the Holy Spirit gave me to true constitutional conservatism so I believe it’s God’s will for him to be reelected now I’ve had another than experience that happened in January of 2019 when I was touring for my first time President Reagan’s Museum Library I think it’s in Orange County California and I was walking through there I was watching the documentaries it’s a brilliant amazing place it would be worth anybody’s visit my first time I’m walking through and the Holy Spirit arrested my attention and he says you know that President Reagan was known as the Great Communicator I know yes and he said did you know at this point in time President Trump will go down as the great disrupter and I go yeah I know but he spoke something to me about his future then I go okay and he spoke something to me about later in the middle of a second term he would go in praying that he will become he will a praying president there’s a difference he will become Lord willing in the middle of the second term he will don’t be such an apprehension of God in his life that he won’t only have gone in by praying he will be a great praying president who God will move on his heart and he will be a part of welcoming in the Great Awakening yeah you know I think it’s it’s important for me to clarify something that is the the global dragon warfare manual of which you are you only so I think three of the sections read yes okay the reason you saw it is to pray against it so it doesn’t happen you know it’s our job gets easier when we know exactly what the devil is doing then it’s kind of easy to go against what he’s doing so when one of the points you made was the economy collapsing that’s not necessarily so if the church acts like that Supreme Court justice will like Esther let’s pray and fast for three days and watch the heart of the King change and on earth on our behalf absolutely and that there will be five words for this year 2020 probably and beyond repent reset we are right now in the middle of the great reset from Passover to Pentecost we are in what will be cut it is called God calls this the great reset Passover to Pentecost 50 days we’re at the great reset and it’s right now see just don’t get excited about that things are changing and businesses are gonna open back up and dissing that and whatever okay a gradual rollout but this is the time of first repentance second reset that’s where we are it’s followed by recalibration it’s a chiropractic adjustment that is brought to economic global economics it’s brought to nations in alignment now something that will excuse me it’s also brought to us to you yeah you see this isn’t just the whole big world sure this this applies to us as individuals let your spiritual leaders be listening go ahead changed see absolutely see when I’m talking macro I’m talking a lot of what I call macro vision big but a camera has lenses that goes like this and it goes from the large to then I’m gonna now call the micro vision the micro vision is you the micro vision is your life and all of this is also about every individual person to call us in to back to repentance call us into a reset call us into recalibration now I’m gonna go off for a moment but it’s important 18 years ago when ministry in Canada at the miracle channel I prophesied 18 years ago that each church would come into being 18 years ago each earch and what I said was it will come into being when it is relevant and necessary about a month or so ago I started reliving prophecies I gave 30 years ago 40 years ago 20 years ago 10 years ago and I started having the holy spirit this is something has never happened with me before and I am seeing clips of things that I have prophesied over my tenure one of them I relived was this that happened 18 years ago where i prophesy each church would come about when it would be of necessity and be of relevant when I relived and I saw me prophesying that I wake up and the Holy Spirit says these are those days the reason I went into that is because you see this is very personal and it affects you Sid each urch but let me tell you how it affects me just just a little aside yeah we are making plans to head on our social media discipleship material we are now reaching on such as a post like this a million people rather than the thousands it’s totally transformed about what we’re doing and we’re not doing it because we’re so smart we’re doing it because God is so smart he is confined us in the house and the only thing I have is this little iPad and iPhone that’s what I’m working on on my kitchen table that awesome and I’m in my home row and I’m not personally I’m reaching more people through the multiple digital formats that are available right now and my home then I have by traveling all over the world now as a tie-in with Bob Jones word of the billion soul harvest I like is this is awesome I’m gonna finish the e Church so each earch electronic Church no folks I’m not prophesying that this the e Church displaces or replaces local congregations and mega churches that’s not what I’m saying and some could run with that and say well you heard James doll say that no I said each church comes in into being when it is of necessity and relevant that is now now but what it is it’s additions to the father’s house it’s not to replace or displace it’s like it’s God is expanding the house so there had actually James I see it just just slightly a little different from the and absolutely you need not be with obscene you need to be with a person otherwise who’s going to iron sharpens iron driving that would be all be left out you won’t even learn how to love if you do it’s just it’s just a computer mmm but how but I see so many people coming to the Lord that no local churches will not be able to contain it especially with the avalanche of souls that is coming in and a lot of it through media through social media which I’m using a broad stroke calling it a church okay so II media digital guess what the devil did not invent the world wide web God did and we must be shrewd more shrewd in the world and we must be we must invade this space which thank God for many who are stepping to the plate in this hour let’s go over to the Bob Jones piece that you brought up I think it’s night in 1983 at a gathering in Kansas City that Bob Jones prophesied about three different things that would be signs of when a great revival particularly youth awakening when it would begin now one of the three signs was this it’s absolutely outrageous he said when laborers in the rice fields in China do you hear me God’s got a plan the devil tries to mess up the plan the God’s plans are higher and Bob Jones said when the laborers in the rice fields in China are watching 24/7 365 worship and prayer on unplugged television sets on their wrists huh you’re talking about this yes I wish I had mine on right now I was ministering in New Jersey at a church and a man I worked at Wall Street and when I shared that prophetic word he took off his smart watch and he threw it up at the platform to me because see that this is that and he said that there will be laborers in China now it’s not just China who will be watching 24/7 365 worship and prayer on unplugged 1983 unplugged television sets on their wrists and he said that that was like Dick Tracy I had that it was like science fiction it wasn’t in real life listen everybody was like scratching their heads and dying yeah Bob you’re a parable and we know it and we don’t know what you just said but it was true and these are those days and so back to where we began about these you know seers by the way there’s multiple streams of the prophetic so this is not me now exalting only the see your stream that’s not it at all it’s just that I have an inheritance with that particular camaraderie that company of prophets I came forth so because there’s many diversities thank God for people like bishop bill Hammond with christian international who’s probably activated more people into a prophetic gift than any person in all church history I know that was a big statement I just made no I believe that too but it’s true I said and activated into a prophetic gift now so we are living in days of great opportunities see consider this there are defining moments in a person’s life defining moments in a family in a city a nation a church a ministry in the world at the end of World War two it was a defining moment things never returned as they were previously the nations were realigned and in fact there were nations that were like put together that were never put together before like Yugoslavia or Iraq and they were brought together by a group of leaders in it and they weren’t really before that they they were a part of they were a nation but those nations didn’t like Yugoslavia didn’t exist and then so there’s defining moments and life did not return as usual and we had the Cold War we had the Soviet Union and all of that that then emerges and comes forth life did not return as usual we had a defining moment at 9/11 and life did not return as normal and we entered into a global war of fear life after this will not return as we have previously known it considered these thoughts what has been touched in this current situation athletics entertainment medical elections politics church religion weddings funerals utha lytx education on and on and on and on and on media Hollywood it’s all been touched we though in coming out on the other side we’re entering into an entire new era an entire new era a lot of us prophesied about five seven eight zero and 2020 and Beyond and many of us several of us said this is not just a new day this is what I said we are not just crossing over into a new day or a new year or even a new decade we are crossing over an entire new era but what we maybe didn’t comprehend as the fullness of that new era nhoa goes into an arc he comes forth into an entire new era in civilization and I had another encounter where I was given a scroll I opened it up and it’s a blueprint and I started building an arc of his presence with family members people see that what’s happening the word gets out in and it was a dream and people started coming now it was like the loaves & Fishes the blue especially what do you mean an arc with family members explain what you say Noah built an ark right it was for the preservation and who was it that was on the ark with him his family and animals and there were eight eight eight is a new new beginning so in my dream it’s full of prophetic symbolism I follow yeah and so I’m given a scroll but it’s a blueprint when I unrolled it and it is a blueprint on building an ark now it took me time to then die cipher decipher this so and then it multiplies it multiplies it multiplies in the dream and then there scores there’s hundreds or thousands then of arts arcs of his presence being built then I wake up out of this encounter and a word was sitting on me and it says as it was in the days of Noah this happened about two months ago as it was in the days of Noah and I’m going okay the ark was four Texan provision preservation it was about presence of God there was the Dove and it was about coming into a new era of promise we if we redeemed the time we will shift now truly from one era into an entire new era and part of the new era were shifting into is the great harvest ok why don’t I do James what do you do what did what do you do that are watching us right now I have started out talking about Passover and and we never got so wheat we also not only are we under Omar to a degree just like the Jewish people were confined to their house so the Angel of Death would pass over us the blood of the lamb was run but we’re coming to Pentecost so that’s a 50-day period as we know yes what can we should we be doing to to build our Ark for ourselves our families during this time what should we be doing ok this last Passover and you know this said was historic in Jerusalem it’s only the second time Passover has happened son to similarity of the original Passover the original Passover is in quarantine under a plague and they applied the blood this last Passover just ten days or so ago two weeks ago in Jerusalem they celebrate Passover in the homes under lockdown in quarantine due to a plague I’m only using that one illustration if that was a historic Passover and it was guess what’s coming a historic Pentecost when the law was given when acts to the fire the Holy Spirit was poured out and then evangelism occurs we are moving into from pass over to Pentecost we are going to shift into the one of the greatest Passover’s excuse me greatest Pentecost since the Azusa Street revival where there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit it will be like a coming-out party for the church we have waited we have been with the Lord and he’s then it’s going to be one of the greatest seeing sending going periods of time that we have known in history so how does it relate to each of us let’s take this time make sure that you get some time with the Lord make sure that you are repenting in behalf of you your life your family and just confess any generational sins ask the Holy Spirit I want to say because it’s a lost art if you will it’s a lost word on Christian media it’s a lost word in the church I know about repentance especially being Jewish however and I have repented quite a bit I had a lot to repent oh right and get saved I would until I was 30 but I am finding things now that I need to repent of it’s like the Holy Spirit is revealing things at this point you know that here’s a reveal for the past 30 40 years to me it’s it’s part of the package of the of the global glory this is come I believe and it’s not about condemnation conviction greater freedom it’s under freedom condemnation lingers to oppress you conviction comes to cleanse you and when you partner with conviction and sanctification then you some know the truth and truth will set you free and then you’ll come out on the other side with greater character to carry the greater glory so are you using Pentecost or a shovel hoped yes are you using that is for like a better words your pointed contact to move into the new is that what I hear you saying yes sir yes I am we’re in a 50 day great reset from Passover to Pentecost it’s a time of crossing over a Joshua chapter 4 where the prophecies declared or on one side of the river another generation arises and there are messengers then who cross over they walk in a culture of honor and then they inherit the promises which one of the major prophecies it is now time to inherit is the great harvest and you’ve made reference to the billion soul harvest especially of youth it is now time she’s right hope Peter got that word especially of youth yes that’s three now but that’s a parallel of the original Passover it was only the younger generation outside of a couple people like me that passed over into the inheritance and the promises and God is choosing I’m gonna dial down my intensity just a little bit okay are you making me intense I know I know I feel I feel something from the Holy Spirit that requires me I think to be a little more sensitive right now I want to just speak to individual out there I want to go from the macro to the micro and I want you to know this God so cares about you and he wants to remove any common ground that you might have with fear or depression a spirit of heaviness and casting it off the divine exchange because I know this can be a cliche but I have I’m still here those who know me well you know my narrative you know my storyline Sid knows it is show you you are only here by the grace of God I know of three occasions where it took a miracle for you to be here uh-uh or you would have been in heaven with a lot of the other Kansas City prophets and my late wife and Jill Austin a bunch of other friends Sid Sid is here for such a time as this to be a bridge to carry the promises from age iteration because probably no one has an interviewed more prophets then said Rolfe he’s probably a steward of more prophetic revelation then it’s probably one of the top five people in the world that’s a steward of prophetic revelation today and scuzz he’s interviewed so many people and you guys know what I’m saying and a lot of diversity and then we become a bridge and I’m calling myself I’m a bridge prophet right now to carry the best of yesterday from the asked to the present from the present into the future and God wants to encourage you that you are here for such a time as this that he wants cleansing to happen from the spirit of fear because he wants us delivered he wants you delivered and so I just speak right now that you’ve not received the spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind I declare right now put on your helmet a hope a salvation the positive expectation of good because something good something’s going to happen to you something good oh boy now if you talk about a tangible presence it just fell on me it is now he it it is all over me I am like whoa I mean it’s like yeah I know it’s a feeling but it’s not just a feeling it’s an anointing this is not a cliche what I’m going to declare is a living reality something good is just about to happen something good I feel that presence of like the great cloud of witnesses looking in I see all Roberts in that great cloud of witnesses right now I see Papa Kenneth Hagin in the great cloud of witnesses I see Derek Prince in the great cloud of witnesses I see Kathryn Kuhlman in the great cloud of witnesses and and there is and and and they’re there they God has a word heaven has a word to release to earth something good is just about to happen something good is just about to happen it was fifty plus seventy years ago that three movements of God were birthed in the earth at the same time the charismatic movement the Messianic movement and the Jesus people movement we are back in such a Kairos period of time and it’s going to be one of the greatest the sending movement an empowering movement and a youth awakening that the world has never seen I speak it forth and God is going to move upon the Jewish people in diaspora and God is going to move upon the Middle East he’s going to move upon Iran I’ve been tough a sign for a decade that there will be the fastest Church growth is going to happen in Iran and that there will be a People’s Revolution that will occur and that there will be Iran Iran will run with the gospel in the name of Jesus and there will be a People’s Revolution that will occur and I declare that there will be a great new movement that will be relevant it will be historic that will happen in the Land of Israel and I declare in the name of Jesus we are passing over into a new empowering of fire of presence of gifting and with the fire character to carry the gift I got to go back to this statement something good it’s nurse II receive it right now receive it for yourself it’s micro before it’s macro one time I was teaching out of the Book of Numbers and I said and the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the Seas the Holy Spirit interrupted me well I’m teaching and he says how do you think that will happen and I go and I’m still teaching and I go uh tell me and he says and I and I recited again the glory the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the Seas how do you think that will happen and he said to be one clay pot at a time one clay pot at a time you’re the clay pot you’re the laborer in the rice fields you’re the laborer and the kitchen you’re the laborer in the family you are the one you are the one and I speak over you a fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit I speak a fresh fire I speak a fresh giftedness I speak a fresh sanctification that burns out sin iniquity patterns and even addictions someone is getting healed the diverticulitis right now someone is getting at the blood stream getting healed of leukemia someone there’s a healing of the generational spirit of infirmity and it’s actually getting burned out by the fire of God someone with a stage four cancer in their lungs I see something greater than radiation its Holy Ghost saturation of his presence and it’s it’s a Holy Ghost III don’t know really what I’m talking about right now Holy Ghost like protons and it’s cuz they’re they’re they’re they’re they’re they’re prophetic it’s it’s it’s prophetic presence and it’s going to infiltrate I just see someone with the Stage four lung issue in cancer but their God has remedy God has the protection God has something for you and I just speak forth provision preservation protection presence of God to shift into the new era of the new promise in Jesus name and I have to say what a word you use at the beginning there’s this broadcast amen so be it James I want you to come back because we haven’t even scratched the surface I know what God’s put inside of you and I also know that even where as you said the anointing changed at the end I could feel it it was an anointing of compassion and love they caused those words to just go into you and I don’t want to leave you know you tell me one thought and I’m gonna leave them with one thought one thought I’m gonna speak to you to pray the Bible I’m gonna give you a key to your future pray the Word of God don’t just read the word pray the Word of God and I want to give you Jeremiah chapter 29 God has a future a hope and a good welfare pray proclaim prophesy that word over your life and over your sphere pray prophesy proclaim don’t just read the Word of God God has a future a hope and a good plan welfare for your life and my last word is in addition to what James just said pray the Word of God do something that Paul commands us to do pray without ceasing only way you can do that is in a supernatural language or tongues I want you to be conscious at all times especially all this downtime you have you can be praying perfect prayers with perfect faith your whole future your family’s future and the world’s future those two things pray the word and pray in tongues you’ll drive the devil Masuka many eat that’s the Hebrew word for crazy crazy I knew it next time I’m gonna have Jim I don’t know if next time but I’ll have him soon and but I’ll tell you this this has become a hot spot for God may the Lord bless you may the Lord keep you may the Lord lift up his countenance upon you may the Lord make his face shine upon your face and may you have Shalom for such a time as this this is James gall with God encounters ministries partnering with my friend Sid Roth with it’s supernatural and we say together God has something good that’s just about to happen amen.


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