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hi I’m dr. Caroline leaf and welcome to the dr. leaf show if you haven’t subscribed you to go to the little red button and subscribe and you’ll get notified when new shows are art and you’ll keep up to date with all things related to mind and mental health in the studio with me today I have a very special person dr. Jason Littleton thanks for joining me dr. data to thank you to spend some time with me dr. Jason is part of my integrated mind network one of my team of doctors that is brilliant and does all these brilliant things to be at my conferences here as well and I’m just thrilled that you here with me today and I’m so pleased because we can talk about – a new book which I’m really excited about you know you send it through to me just a few weeks ago and I read through the book and that’s it’s fascinating so this is what the book is it’s called wellspring the energy secrets to do the good life energized again and you really emphasize energy energy energy energy absolutely I love it because energy is quantum quantum means energy energy so much in quantum physics in the quantum mind and energy and what do you walk just absolutely brief walk through the books yeah absolutely so first of all Caroline thank you for having me on the show you know listen I’m fascinated by helping people to have more energy because I understand that there are people out there that are tired they’re not getting their goals done they’re not getting their life done we I’ve never met a person it doesn’t have something important to give this world I’ve just met people who haven’t discovered it and one of the true factors I found and my clinical practice is that people aren’t getting things done because they don’t have enough energy they feel like they don’t have enough time so my book Wellspring energized again it’s about giving people practical steps routines so that they can get their life done and feel energized feel passionate and really feel like they’re in control of their life that’s really good you know you should make a point they of being in control of their life being in the mind business and being a mind specialist that’s one of the top questions that I get is being in control of life and having the energy exactly in control of your life right so you like Jason just like you practice concierge medicine can you just say worried about that and then then let’s bring it back to why energy yeah I in your medicine well thank you you know most people do not know what concierge medicine is but what that is it’s private executive medicine it’s medicine that’s tailored around you it’s tailored around the patient and you know its retainer medicine its membership based you know as a primary care physician I take care of people and I’m able to spend an unlimited amount of time with them in insurance or conventional medicine you know doctors are limited usually patients wait in the waiting room sometimes several hours to be seen for only 15 maybe thirty minutes tops and what can you do in that time exactly you know people have real medical problems and when you’re dealing with people when you’re dealing with their concerns it’s more than just dealing with diagnosis you’re dealing with a human being that has concerns fears anxieties in the midst of whatever clinical you know issue that they’re dealing with so when in constitutes medicine we have the time to spend hours on end with people look them in the eye to take a deep breath and go through what is necessary to help them to have the best health of their life and the understanding of their health what you taking me is literally that you practice old-fashioned medicine exact exactly and there was no limit on the time and you dealt with the whole person exactly it is old-fashioned medicine and I do make house visits so and people love that because they feel like you know what my doctor cares about me they they care and they’re listening and that honestly is the number one complaint in conventional medicine that me every doctors don’t listen or they don’t care or they don’t have time and I think they so frustrated because I know I’ve put so many proteins that practice medicine and it’s one of the main things is they want to spend more time exactly patients and deal with the whole person because we’re a whole person we not just all body with a physical pain exactly so often a story behind it as you know with the mind brain connection right be is in the mind-body connection right he’s an emotive Lee a mind component to whatever ailment aches they experiencing in their bodies at that time yeah I like to tell my patients hey we’re spirit beings we have a soul and we live in a body and the minds part of the soul and so you know when we’re dealing with human being for not just the with disease we’re dealing with a human being that has concerns just like we do and has a story that’s the thing and since when you deal with a lot of executives as well in exactly clinical practice and dealing with a lot of stress and a lot of right not with managing stress and everything but let’s come back we’re gonna do we’re gonna do talk more about them I’m gonna make a little sure book in terms of the energy component why don’t you focus so much on energy they must have mean is it something from your practice that you know yeah I mean it’s up from and what do you mean by energy it’s so interesting earlier today actually in my travel had that exact same question posed to me and really it’s a personal story I mean I focus on energy because you know first of all I realize there was a time in my life where I was really tired I think about my residency in the long hours that I had to spend you know being up thirty hours on end as a resident doctor having to take care of patients to stay mentally focused and charged up that was not easy it felt like boot camp and I know what it is to feel tired to feel burnt out okay and that’s a whole other thing there’s fatigue tiredness and then there’s feeling burnt out yeah and I’ve been I’ve been up in all over there and one of the things that I really struggled with is not feeling a sense of accomplishment because I felt like after I got home after the end of the day of work I still had goals I wanted to accomplish and I just couldn’t do it I would go to you know I would go to bed and you when you go to bed without accomplishing your to-do list you wake up the next morning and you do not feel great you don’t feel at your best you feel like something’s missing in your life and I hated that and I know that there are people out there just like me who who want to get things done because when you get things done tired or not there’s a sense of accomplishment there’s a sense of empowerment and there’s a sense of control you’re taking back your life you’re accomplishing your life and you’re making a difference not only in your life but the world well that’s very good because you seem sure what you saying is you make you don’t make a difference in the world which we all designed to do if you’re out of energy exactly it becomes very much a mind management person yeah everything’s driven by our mind exactly everything so that Energy’s coming from how we view in my situation right how are we looking at the situation and how are we looking at many you know just the day-to-day is you burnout with physicians and who not with but it’s everyone it’s not just physicians it’s just it’s the common we get thousands of emails and yeah it’s such a common thing as well that people feel very good aren’t they don’t have enough energy and they yeah yeah well you know you know Caroline you know in my profession as an MD we have there’s a high rate of depression there’s a high rate of even suicide okay because you have to understand in the conventional realm doctors such as such as how I how I used to practice yeah you know they’re seeing 32 patients a day every 15 minutes 80 – there’s a lot yeah there’s a lot of unsatisfaction that comes with that there’s a lot of burnt out there’s a high rate of divorce you know and and in physicians and dentists as well yeah and these things run at all and when you feel burned out constantly when you feel like you’re not making any headway with your goals or your life that’s a problem you know everything’s like off done it’s not pizzas don’t and the potential to make mistakes exactly massive isn’t working in the face and it happens all too often happens all too often so I wrote this book with that in mind I wrote this book to help people say hey wait a minute there are steps you can take to take back your life there are steps you can take the feel empowered to feel like you’re getting your goals done it feel energized if you eat differently if you train differently if you think differently you you too can have energy and you can get there you can accomplish your life and and to do all of that you have to get your mind right so you have to get you out and drive to choose to eat right exactly right to do the exercise mind drive to actually choose to get your mind eloquent yeah and that’s powerful you have to do that I write about that because it’s about habits nothing happens if you don’t have good habits and having the right thinking you always say the mind changes the mind changes the brain having good habits is the vehicle that gets you there but in order to have good habits you have to change the way you think exactly it’s battled without changing how you think you can be people are just going to stay in their Graz and it’s just unnatural for us as humans to stay in order to get stuck and that’s what people get so frustrated you said it’s stuck people are stuck they do get second than they do energy who’s been you succubus energy exactly you have a you have a couple of little cute fun things that are honing on the five state but the five minutes in a day yeah because I thought that was very good you know could you tell someone to do exercise that become such amount and they do nothing right it’s all someone to change they die to become such amounts and they do anything yeah so I would work with my patients in my clinical practice at one you would take one little step at a time and I like the way you’ve captured that idea as of five minutes so you kind of like tricking your mind it’s only five minutes a day but exactly yeah absolutely thank you so you know again I tell people when it comes to just cardiovascular exercise but it can be applicable to many things exactly if you take five minutes three times a week and sometimes you know I say it that way for Jacques shock value but the truth of it is that if a person pushes themself and we all know when we’re giving our best doing a cardiovascular routine that five minutes can translate to burning great calories to to losing weight and getting your heart rate up to to actually getting in your exercise routine when you’re on a busy schedule and here’s the key when you do that and you hit it every single time there’s empowerment because you said guess what I check this off my list I exercise today I completed the five minute there’s a sense of accomplishment you have you just earned a win and you want to collect these wins and I did in the way so that it’s palatable everyone has five minutes I’ve never met a person no matter how busy they are that doesn’t have a always fine you can always go quickly between things and do you exactly little wake up day and if you can’t that tells me it’s a mindset issue exactly which I which is what books people with mindsets exactly so what you do you know is when you exercise for five minutes and you get that under your belt you say hey I got this I’ve mastered this you could add another five minutes you don’t even have to add it like that and in terms of incremental you can add one minute depending on where you are you can go six seven eight minutes or you can do five minutes you know at a time and add that but what it is doing it is creating a habit it’s changing the way you think about exercise yeah that’s wonderful so you you let that build in your life and that something managed was you say they do something when they achieve the goal right and they believe it ever and it’s five minutes which is so manageable and I think that’s what we need to give people as the is the manageability of a five minute little block of time exactly you just start changing and that’s even with your mind you know so many people some say to have said to me the process and still say I can’t and then always say to them I can’t as a decision ya know rather go I can I can do that exactly in its I don’t want to hear I can’t exactly I can’t do five minutes of being positive in the road I can do five minutes of that exercise I loved it that’s a big and these patients respond do you find that it’s absolutely good take me to my patients respond and I get testimony say hey I can do that and even people who don’t people who haven’t read the book yet or people who are not a patient of mine when they hear me talk about the five minutes like hey wait a minute I can do this I can do this and then you know you know they get engaged and they start doing it and it changes their life little by little he had that call me we meet at the podcast cuz you know then you’ve done some fun course with me and yeah maybe put a put it up on social media we found it was quite a few people call me today I can do five minutes I saw that yeah it’s it’s great a statement here just start getting that energy back okay so tell us some more of what’s in your book well you know one of the things I like to make I like to make acronyms and so I made an acronym as I was writing the book years ago called meds you know you know movie drinks sleep I’m not that yes say that again to me means you eat drink sleep yes and those are much more those are my four elite health laws have an elite health and I put it that way because you know you know really it’s a play on words if you do this and you let this building your life perhaps you can get off medication okay unless your routine be the medication setting move eat drink sleep it’s a recipe to success and what we’re trying to do here is to get people to make little changes and I always have a play on my name little changes make a ton of difference we’re trying to get people to take these steps and work that into the fabric of their life so that now you know they’re building longevity off of good healthy habits off a good healthy exercise offer good healthy eating and thinking getting good sleep eating the right with eating the right foods this is how you live a life of longevity energy and power well that’s just just the the sleep one alone I mean just when you sleeping probably but you don’t sleep it messes up your whole neuroendocrine system absolutely the whole problem with you the hormones that control right hunger and satiety and their noses go crazy and people don’t realize you think that not sleeping is a big it’s not such a big deal but it is a huge deal but one of the things around that’s or sleeping thing is to put people to relax into because they want to go to slightly different biorhythm exactly you get all the time doing I do how many hours a day should I see right people get so caught up in laws and that’s the point I want to make you’ve given them a guideline with meds but you’re not giving them laws right you’re giving them guidelines because a jury will take ownership through the mind involvement once you take ownership okay I can do five minutes I can get that movie performance I can start working my dad for five minutes I can start you know trying to work a little bit more relaxing at night all you’re making a plan to get to sleep soonerlater whatever but jacket decency you’re giving people something very positive and focus right some you know you keep you giving a person the energy to actually move forward exactly and do you find your patients do this yeah I’m finding people are reacting to this message I’m finding that people are taking the guidelines and taking ownership of it like for example one of the guidelines when we talk about sleep that I talked about with people it’s kicking the TV out of their room no listen if you don’t have sleep problems you don’t have to do that but if you do have sleep problems you have to do you have to do everything it takes to make slots yeah all the shiny bezel I got I mean you’re chargin it’s got a little like your computer’s flashing there right little things can and increase cortisol at night apps right right absolutely and I you know one of the things people will always catch me saying is you have to make your bedroom like a spa your bedroom should be spa-like so that when you enter your bedroom you exhale everyone when they come home they’re at the after a long day of work they come home and they’re home in a way is a fortress so to speak it’s it’s like a defense you come in you kind of exhale whether you realize they’re not you’re like hey I’m home but then when you go to your bedroom you should have another level of exhalation because your bedroom should be kind of like a sanctuary so to speak it’s a place that really the world can’t come into it’s a place where you come and you find relaxation will you find peace you shouldn’t have bills around your bedroom you shouldn’t have you know newspapers around your bedroom anything that gets your my or triggers some time exactly you everyone a gown you don’t want to give him to bed and just having having dealing with some major issue or business discussion right you want to just be winding down and save that for tomorrow yeah because it’s also not going to give you energy you know try and discuss something that you’re trying to resolve when you devote and that’s gonna drain your energy yeah so what are we talking about here what you’re talking about in your books well spring the energy secrets to do the good life is we need to we need to decide what we want in our mind examples right because what’s in your mind is going to determine the quality of your food choices exactly quality the sleep the quality of your exercise and if you’re not if you’re not putting your mind eat it you may do five minutes but it’s hard it instead of really pushing and doing that five minutes ago the energy that you should grow and then it feeds itself it’s like you know your brain responds a brain of audio or design on page a since you to respond to our mind exactly get you might in you buddy hey do it exactly which is what I’m hearing you sing with you five minutes yeah and you know that you know its environment sets the place for how we think so if you have things in for example just referring to the bedroom sleepy if you have things in your bedroom that trigger worry are fear or you know anxiety well you know that environment can be toxic to your mind toxic to your thoughts and you can take on thought patterns that you you shouldn’t otherwise have had if your environment was changed more about that so you know that’s why I always tell people that they have to set their bedroom like a spot it should be a place where there’s calm peace and it makes them you know listen you know as a Christian when you you know the bedroom should be a place where you can communicate with the Lord it should be a place I mean you can communicate with the Lord anywhere you are but you know again your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you’re able to come rest have peace not you know this is not a place where you argue this is not a place where you know you’re you’re making a huge business decision now the bedroom could be a place where you get inspiration from the Lord heaven you sense you can make business decisions based on that so if you’re not making a rule here that heyyou sudden you get this amazing business I do you suddenly have this great inspiration I’m gonna chat your husband or wife about it so you’re not making a rule but in general don’t bring the payment I’m here you create don’t don’t bring the world into your bag dumping the worries yes don’t think the worries because you’re not gonna solve everything today anyway no one needs to put that off to tomorrow right you talk about that in this kind of thing exactly exactly if you talk about the good life for what and what do you what are you telling patients when you talk about the good luck well the good way is that god-given message and passion and life that he wants you to have and in order to get ya the good life is that god-given message life the things he wants you to have and the way to get there is through consistent routines faith without works is dead the works part of it are routines the way you think the way you implement routines that’s how you get to what the Lord has for you you know you have to be able to have a systematic approach to everything that you do and a systematic approach approach is actually just the outside manifestation at the way you think if you don’t think right your actions won’t be right okay so you know it’s so important that you know you set your life you set your environment up you put certain routines in your life so they you can be on the path to God’s best I love that so what I’m hearing you say Jason is that order and structure and systems and routines are very important but that’s a choice people have to make don’t they absolutely did you ever find if you sit with all the experience for the in clinical practice that you tell this to your patients and they sit there and these you just know like one coming your practice and and you’ll tell them all this and you just know they’re gonna do it and then they’re the one that comes back and they come back and they come back and they just they just doing it yeah you know they’re just not getting in getting in that flow right I found that as well you know I used to do with in my clinical practice I would always have a documents that they they would literally sign as a commitment and say that this is B we work in cycles of 21 days we work for 63 days and then you are actually going to be earning and if you don’t at any point you know we may need it support they’ve got support but if you’re not going to do the stuff there’s only so much that I can facilitate exactly and I found that really powerful because people didn’t realize they’re not coming they didn’t dumped a problem on me and that’s what I want to ask you do you find that that people have been conditioned to come to the doctor but be specifically the PCP right so the users user specialist so you the PCP fix me right you know give me the prescription page right and then you don’t just give them a pull do you find there’s a level of maybe frustration that they you know you know you take in pain you know go change you go change your mindset go change your diet go change your exercise routine go change your sleep yes your prescription pad looks slightly different to you though yes I talked about this in the book I’m a dot connector what I mean by that is so I’m the doctor connected yeah exactly I’m a dot connector what I mean by that is in between the dots the patient has to take responsibility to take the guidance that we have and the fill the lines in okay because I’m gonna set the dots up so that at the end of the day we form a beautiful picture with my instruction but the patient has to take ownership he’s got to make the line in between dots and what I’m saying here is that so I will give people advice a prescription and routine now they have to decide they got to draw that line in the sand I’m gonna dig their heels in and say look I’m gonna do it I’m going to do it make that choice I’m gonna make the connection and that’s what about but of course we all have patients we all have clients that sometimes don’t make that connection and that’s where we have to we have to work with people on their level now again you can’t change a mind if someone’s unwilling to allow you the change of mind and again it’s not really me changing the mind it’s their change they’re making isms like you said they have to make a choice they have to make a decision it’s a new they don’t make that decision they’re not going to move exactly there’s anything else that you want to talk about in this book energized again I mean I like that in a title game it’s a hopeful statement day you know energized to give you your anger image exactly this is a book about people who may have one time had energy he lost it and this is a way how you couldn’t get it again you can come back and I have a chapter in there it’s it’s called energy come back because I know that there people at one time and sometimes it’s just that hey I was 20 I remember when I had energy when I’m 20 but now I’m 40 and I don’t have energy or I’m 50 and I don’t have energy anymore well you can have that energy again don’t you find that that was just think that that’s more well exactly exactly you know I find that you know sometimes people think that you know first of all I think people realize that it’s normal to have energy and to lose it it’s normal sometimes I find people who have never experienced what it’s like to fully be energized well so they actually just never since they’ve never they don’t know even as a child it can happen concert even as a child even as a child with today’s obesity epidemic oh my gosh it’s housing children well hey that child is inheriting the patterns of their father and mother whether it’s how they eat or what they think about exercise you know what they think about routine so you know unfortunately someone a child is dealing with obesity sometimes is inheriting like the thought patterns of their mother or father or their environment so we want to change that exactly and it can be changed yeah I would say the last thing I’d want to say in reference to this book that I really think is important you know it’s divided in three sections okay inspiration concentration execution and there are a lot of books out there that will give you 10 20 steps on how you can change your life with nutrition and fitness and I do that but one of the things I’ve decided to do is I put that in the execution part which is at the end of the book because I want to work with how people are inspired I want to work with their minds first because I found in clinical practice that if I don’t change the way someone thinks or looks at their life or connect what they’re passionate about with their health it doesn’t matter if I give them a hundred you know tips on how to eat better our exercise it won’t capture they won’t process it they won’t do it because you know they’re still hardwired on their previous and former habit so what I want to do is I want to change the way they think by connecting what they’re passionate about and then and it you know then give them the tips in the advice because now they’re gonna take that and run with it because I’m gonna say hey wait a minute I’ve got to give this to the world I’ve got to be the best mother a father I’ve got to be the best cook I’ve got to be the best doctor whatever they’re doing have to be the best foot writer so I want to live as long as possible and I want to have the energy and so I’m gonna take these tips dr.

Littleton’s giving dr. Jason’s giving and I’m gonna run with it because I want to change my life so I can change others so you said a very key thing there is it they literally have to evaluate and look at the life that literally exactly back and see am I satisfied am i achieving what am I not right what is what’s stopping me and blocking me from getting what I instinctively know is there exactly again very much in mind decision it’s absolutely very unusual in medicine today to find such an emphasis on mind although I work with so many doctors these these this summer – there is an awareness we have to change lifestyles right because people are dying 15 to 25 years younger from preventable illness yeah it’s crazy so we have to be have a goal – before Jason I’m so glad you were here today I’m so glad that you are coming back again cause people reading read you back again thank you and I’m thrilled that you’re going to beat my conferences yes yes I’m excited it gonna be amazing to be amazing it is gonna be amazing so you’ll be able to meet dr.

Jason in person when you attend my conferences here in the same between t18 in Dallas will be actually gonna dr. Jason we part of our Q&A panel you’ll also be doing a presentation and this is an exciting time for you to connect and see the link between science the mind the brain the brain body connection these are scientists for scientists and me showing you that your mind can change your brain that when you understand out the power of your mind you can make changes in your life thank you for joining us today and I look forward to seeing you next time I’m dr.

Caroline leaf and I’m so excited to tell you about my conference this year we’ve got more sessions we’ve got so many new exciting things and one of the things I want to tell you about that’s amazing is my integrated net line network are going to be joining me again this is a group of an amazing doctors neurologist neuroscientist neurosurgeons in these PCPs endocrinologist OBGYNs brilliant brilliant men and women who are going to be helping us to understand the mind brain connection in terms of science so there’s going to be a Q & A with them they’re going to be doing individual presentations it’s going to be mind-blowing because you’re going in the good sense because you’re going to be seeing a lot of just how you can apply your lifestyle changes from a medical scientific point of view we’ve got more sessions we’ve got so much happening join me this year in the same bar in Dallas at my 2018 conference

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