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hi I’m dr. Caroline leaf and welcome to the first episode of my new show but dr. leaf so if you haven’t yet subscribed just press the little subscribe button and you’ll be notified when new shows are art and you’ll be kept updated on all things related to the mind and mental health in this show I’m going to be giving you tips and tools on how to use your mind to overcome mental ill-health and chaotic mindsets and how to lead a fulfilled life many years ago when I was when I started my clinical practice I was really diving into this concept of can the mind to change the brain and is the mind separate from the brain I instinctively realized like all of us do that your mind is powerful and that how you thinking is definitely impacting how you function however I was trained to to be I was literally trained that the brain couldn’t change and if we had to teach our patients to compensate instead of to restore the original functional even improve their function but this really just I battled I battled with this concept and I started really researching this very very early on in my career and then I had a patient one day that approached me or her parents approached me and they heard about this work that I was doing with how the mind is separate from the brain and how the mind can change the brain and they contacted me and they said that they daughter had had a really bad car accident she had literally been thrown quite a few feet from her car she had been in a coma for – for nearly two weeks and at that point in time for someone to have been in a coma for that long the brain damage was considered to be irreversible so her parents had been told but these parents were not giving up they were they but pretty much have been told well that’s it but the status that she had achieved was it was pretty much that was it and they didn’t it this couldn’t agree with that they just couldn’t accept that and they heard that I was doing research on the mind changing the brain they contacted me we had a meeting and they said please when I work with her and I was very very reluctant at first because I said to them you know my research is in its early stages you know I’m really trying to I’m going against the grain because I was trained that the mind couldn’t change the brain and that the brain couldn’t change and no matter what you did with your mind you just had to with with any kind of brain damage or any kind of brain issue you just had to kind of live with it and and teach compensation and they said no that we really believe there’s more and they gave me so much courage after a long discussion I said okay well understand that this is going to be experimental and I can’t guarantee anything well I can tell you not only was my mind blown in a very good sense but so was that patient that I worked with and her parents and her family and thousands of people since have benefited from this the initial research that I did this young girl had had this as I mentioned a head a head apart accident had been a coma for over two weeks and had been had a natural I mean she did come out of her coma she’d had a natural recovery that she’d gone through so what happens is is that when your brain goes through a traumatic any kind of traumatic brain injury is a window of time where your brain spontaneously recovers and then it hits kind of a ceiling and that happens within about eight to twelve months of having a brain injury now this young girl was concerned when she went in when she was in her coma she was told by her parents that should be a vegetable and literally that’s what the doctors told her and the parents did not give up they really spoke over her life and they keep stimulating her and reading to her so already her environment was very positive very hopeful and I saw that as a very very important factor in her healing that the people that surround you the people that are around you in your life when they reach out in Lebanon Howard you and they believe in you it’s a huge part of giving you the courage to heal this young girl when she did camera come around one of the things that she told her mom and dad and her family was that I heard you when I was in that coma not every time but I heard you and I heard you telling the doctors to stop stop speaking negative over me I heard you playing that music I heard you bringing my friends in and she said it gave me the desire to change and to grow and and and she had hope and this is a very important part that I have seen in my years of giving therapy I ran a clinical practice for 25 years and in the years of research that I’ve done which is nearly 30 years now and in the thousands actually hundreds of thousands close to a few million now that which through my global outreach through TV and various conferences where when you give hope to people when people realize the power of the human mind to change circumstances to influence how you function on a physical level how you can get away from those labels that have locked you in that you can get away from what science is telling you because science is always a little but you know Sciences is always progressing so science does not always 100% accurate because as we get more science we have to make changes so we have to live in a state of hope and in a state of hope we get the parish to persevere and this is what I saw with this young girl she had hope built into her by a loving surrounding family and then as she chose to dress hang on to that hope she came out of her coma and she started pushing through now here’s where the incredible miracle begins it will continues I should say is when I started working with her she was already 8 months post-accident she at the time of her accident was 16 she was going into her sick who he was she was in her second last year of school and she was going into her preparing to go into her last year of school and she had lost a hole almost a whole year of school by the time I met with her so her peer group were in their final year of school she was betting to even cope on a second grade level so here’s this young girl who is now totally frustrated come through so much groaned so much but she’s still sitting at this point where she was on moralist a second grade level and she was absolutely determined to get back to her peer group level of 12th grade so this was a big challenge I didn’t even know we could go and this is becoming a long story but I want to tell you that this is a story worth listening to because this young girl sat down with me for three hours every week and then daily for hours working on her own working with her family applying the techniques that I had developed on the mind which I’m going to be sharing with you in this in this in the show and in my or lots of books and DVDs and online programs to help you and these the things that I have written about and the books and the online programs and DVDs are based on this my research showing this young girl and many many other patients how to use their mind to change their brain so we started learning these techniques sorted to name to her and within another eight months not only had this young girl caught up with her peer group but she went on to finish school and she actually did better with the so-called brain damage that she’d had from the traumatic brain injury and she did prior to the accident so prior to the accident the intellectual level was at one level and her IQ was very average and even though IQs only tell part of the story her IQ was average after the accident after this mind training who IQ had actually gone up around about 280 points plus according to the research at that time I mean looking back in the 80s now the research on brain injury said that generally your IQ would go down your brain couldn’t change she defied all those odds her brain who IQ went up and she increased in her cognitive skills for emotional skills who Demick skills whose psychosocial functioning on every level this young girl changed she was determined she persevered she pushed through there were a lot of emotional things you can imagine all the emotional things tied into going through the situation fighting to get back but all of these over time changed and she persevered she chose and she persevered so I’ve already got a few points that I just want to point out to you there was a family that created an environment of hope a loving supportive family secondly there was this desire in her she chose to push through she chose she chose I can’t stress enough the choosing she pushed through she persevered and she she just didn’t give up this is what I saw subsequently was so many thousands more patients over the years as I worked in various different environments with various different types of situations people that had been through terrible traumas that suffered post-traumatic stress disorder people that had major learning disabilities people that were suffering from early stage dementia and advanced dementia people that had cardiovascular disease and had image in their brain people with all kinds of communication issues and emotional issues and learning issues as a result of some kind something going on in their life that had affected how their brain functioning and it was just astounding for me I mean I’m 30 years later I’m as excited as I was when I first did this this research when I started this research which is what has encouraged me to carry on doing what I do and why I now write these books and do this TV show to encourage you that these the power of your mind is phenomenal this is not just some story this is not just some some art there it’s a real thing this is reality your mind is so powerful your mind has this wonderful quantum nature it is filled with power and energy and as you control how you think you change the structure of your brain you change the physical functioning of your body and that feeds back into your mind and you have this great feedback loop being set up where you realize that no pattern oh god it can not be overcome I’m not going to say it’s going to be easy nothing in life is easy we’re all very aware of that I don’t have to tell you that life is tough and life is filled with so many challenges from the traumatic brain injuries that you may or may not have suffered from the traumas big and small that all of us go through an experience from the challenges of just being another in this in this world and being alive and just being in a world where you can’t control the events and circumstances of your life but you can control your reactions to the events and circumstances it’s probably very key in what I teach you can’t life stuff you can’t control the events and circumstances of what happens to you that car accident that email the photograph that boss I mean that that situation that boss that whatever all these different things that can happen as we open our eyes in the morning because they are the result of other people’s choices but you can control your reactions you are designed with a brilliant brain a brain that is so sophisticated so powerful so amazing but this amazing brain needs something to make it work like it should and that something is your mind and your mind is how you uniquely think how you and you uniquely feel and how you uniquely choose your thinking feeling and choosing will basically produce how you react to the events and circumstances of life so as you’re experiencing life when you learn to actually focus on and learn to become aware of how you are thinking in the moment it starts guiding you and helping you to start focusing on what you should be changing in your life so these is a lot of information and we’re going to be unpacking this information in the show in various different ways I’m going to be teaching you techniques I’m going to be focusing on different concepts each show I’m going to be talking about things like quantum physics neuroscience neuro psychology psychoneuroimmunology all these big amazing scientific words that that science is showing us that we can use to help us understand the power of the mind to change the brain I’m going to be showing you how thoughtful how you building in your brain and you can change those thoughts as you are thinking and feeling and choosing how you can design the structure of your brain literally you are creating matter out of mind every moment of every day you are creating your realities you have the power to create any of your own realities in fact you are creating a reality at this moment you design the next moment of your life by your reactions and this is such a lot of confirmed science daily science is pouring out with articles and research studies showing that thoughts are real things that thoughts occupy mental real estate then we build these thoughts and the design of these thoughts are basically controlled by your reactions what you are thinking feeling and choosing will design your thoughts so a fundamental principle in what I’m going to be teaching on these shows is the fact that you design your thoughts and you build your thoughts you with your mind you’re powerful quantum mind or influence how your genes express and when your genes Express you make amino acids I mean those amino acids grouped together you make proteins and you make all the things necessary for life for you to be loving and to be functional in every single one of the cells of your body including the thoughts that you build you build thoughts in your brain with your mind but through which then stimulates this genetic expression and these thoughts look like trees and these thoughts that you build are the root what you say and what you do so as you react to life you generate quantum energy you build thoughts and then you act from those thoughts so if you’ve wired them in the wonderful news is that you can wire them out there’s so many applications here overcoming the past dealing with trauma dealing with the daily events lifestyle changes learning how to learn not only is your brain designed for you to basically build your realities into it but your brain is also designed to learn to increase your intellect to prevent future dimensions to keep building your your cognitive integrity to keep your intellect at the grow a flourishing growing levels that it should to keep emotions under control all of this is in your hands in your mind your mind is literally the switch that switches on your brain you know for many years in South Africa which is where I come from I spent close to 25 years not only running a private practice working with people in my private practice with all kinds of disabilities as I mentioned but I also used to go out into the field and work sometimes three days after three days a week in some of the most poorly performing areas in South Africa people that were starving people that were abused people that were living with an AIDS in AIDS and sick and raped and and traumatizing and in such terrible poverty conditions that you can actually believe terrible racism existed at that time in the apartheid era not that racism has gone away but that it’s it was really really bad in that particular timeframe that I worked in and I would burn to these townships which are areas in South Africa where they used to put put basically put black people in to live and it was a terrible situation and that’s where I would spend most of my days working with people that had been so traumatized and people that and I’d go into the schools and I would work with teachers and I would work with students and I would work with leaders in the end and people in that in the in the communities helping them to understand how to think how to change how they think how to build a brain how to learn how to detox and I would go in day off today into the most dangerous areas of South Africa and I say that to say that I’m still alive and most people didn’t come out of the it’s fish if you were white came out of their life which says something for the message that I bring brought the message that I brought was one of the hope that you are powerful that you’re a unique brilliant wonderful incredible human being with such a phenomenal mind that there isn’t anything that you can’t overcome if you choose to put your choices behind your desires and push through when you are motivated when you choose to persevere when you choose to recognize the power of your mind those mountains will be will be overcome those things in your life will change and wait a day these people work hard I have sometimes these kids would certainly adults would sit listening to me for five six seven eight hours at a time and so many of them hadn’t eaten the odds that they had to overcome was so extreme yet has so changed those school grades they work they they grades went up but their lifestyles changed the communities changed so what started in a schoolroom penetrated into the community which communities were transformed I would go to a school for three to five hours or six hours or ten hours sometimes two days and I wouldn’t be able to get back there very often because there were so many schools in so many areas and so many many community centers I needed to go to but I would hear how that community had changed and what really excited me at the at the end of one year we had reached 300 thousand people through these projects we we made every year in South Africa they analyzed the top performing schools and those are schools that have done really well academically for never ever had that group of schools that I had worked with ever had they reached anywhere near being in the recognized status so and but in that particular year three of those schools got recognized as having high academic high academic status they achieve such high academic schools that they were recognized by all then Education Minister I mean that says something when these kids honestly if I tell you this the story will be amazed these kids would sit 100 in a classroom squashed into a tiny classroom and they would have one textbook amongst the hundred children they were all chalkboards I used to have to work with these old black chalkboards with little broken pieces of chalk and try and teach them how to learn how to think how to build emotions with a little chalk board these teachers didn’t we’re able to give these children textbooks because they didn’t have them so they would write out that the contents of the textbooks on to newsprint and stick it up around the wall and they would teach children like this it those are the schools in those extreme challenging circumstances they would change this is something that is totally within your grasp I like I’m going on the show I’m going to be sharing many incredible stories of the patients and the people that I’ve had the privilege of working with and connecting with and I also want to hear your stories so this shows not just about my stories of my practice and my experience I’m going to be sharing those and I’m gonna be teaching you things and sharing with you but I’m also gonna bring on some of my very dear friends and top professionals in this field incredible doctors there is different doctors neurologists neurosurgeons endocrinologist OBGYNs psychiatrist people that are really wanting to make a difference and these people are going to we’re gonna have discussions that will help you to understand the power of your mind to overcome issues in your brain and issues in your life we’re also going to bring real-life stories people with real life stories and we’re going to be hearing these stories and we’re going to be talking to almost in a therapeutic context how to overcome those issues at the end of the day I want to tell you that you can change your mind is so powerful there is nothing that you cannot achieve with your brain so let me end this show with a story one day when I was teaching in these areas in South Africa a young girl crept into the classroom the story always breaks my heart when I share it and she crept into the classroom and she was bleeding so we first thought it was her minstrel cycle but it wasn’t and the teachers pulled her aside and to go out the room for a moment and it turned out that this young girl had been raped on the way to come into here doctor leaf the switch on your brain lady this is what they called me out they she had been raped and this was a common occurrence in those areas where I worked terribly frightening dangerous areas but she still got to school and she didn’t want to leave because I was there this is the determination in this young girl so he put a blanket around her and she sat next to me as I was teaching and she spent that five hours sitting next to me and that really showed me that there is nothing that you cannot overcome when you put your mind behind it you can use your mind to overcome any issue in your life and you can live a full life and please let me say this not only is it about you living a fulfilled life it is about you living a fulfilled life so that you can touch other people because at the end of the day were entangled in each other’s lives and we require to make a difference in our community it’s not just about me myself and I that’s toxic it’s about you getting your self right and recognizing the power of your mind so that you can reach out and you can change your community you can do this you can use your mind to change your brain thank you for joining me today I’m dr.

Caroline leaf .

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