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hi I’m dr. Caroline leaf and welcome to my show the dr. leaf show if you haven’t yet subscribed just press the little button at the bottom of your screen and you’ll be notified when new episodes are asked and you’ll be kept up to date on all things relating to the mind and mental health in today’s show I’m going to be talking about your uniqueness specifically your perfect you and I’m going to be basing today’s discussion on my book call the perfect you which includes the unique profile that I developed and it’s basically a blueprint for identity so once you identify just aren’t explained to you why I’m going to speak about this and what this means and how this can help you okay so first and foremost you are unique and it’s something you can do that no one else can do now that sounds cheesy but let me tell you that there’s so much science behind this and let me tell you the history behind why I wrote this book I practice clinically for 25 years and I work with people that really were challenged and had been very oversea retired and over tasted over diagnosed kind of at the end of their tether I would work with those kind of patients because no one else wanted to so that’s the kind of patient I had in my practice and they would come to me with so many different assessments of everything that they couldn’t do what the appearance would bring them depending on the age and I always felt bad immediately starting a session with him by doing more testing to tell them they’ve got even more problems to add to the existing load of problems so I looked back a few steps and decided I’m going to change my approach I’m gonna go against my literally go against my training because my training at that that I had gone through in the 80s was basically that our brain couldn’t change that or the brain once damaged you just had to pretty much teach people to deal with the damage and creates a new way of thinking and let that time it’s so lacking in hope and they were said there was so little research in the 80s on the direct impact of mind and mind changing brain and the mind being separate to the brain and I’m a mind specialist over these years and clinical practice and research I’ve really focused on understanding the science of thought in our mind and the mind brain connection and our power that we have to change your brain so how much how much better to actually be able to help people in in dire circumstances that are really challenged by all these things that have really hit them in their life and battling and all this over see appetizing as I mentioned so I decided to look scientifically at the uniqueness of man and I found a lot of research showing that it really is true that the law of the brain is actually diversity and that if you really dig down in the research even back in the 70s and 80s and 60s and even in the fifties you would find that the research that was being done was actually showing that the way that you think has an impact on your behaviors and potentially an impact on the structure of how the brain is functioning and the structure of the brain but because we didn’t have the technology in the 80s to show that in the sixties and seventies etc we it was more based on how people responded on a behavioral level so in other words how they would respond with their thinking and their feeling and their choosing and and the emotions and cognition and academics and all kind of stuff so then the mid 90s we started getting more advanced with more advanced technology that showed that you could look inside the brain and you could see that the brain actually does respond to the mind so based on all of that I started doing research looking at the science of diversity of men of how we are unique and how this all works and I develop profiles where I would first before I tested my patience to work out we evaluated them to work out all their problems and work out a plan to help them overcome their problems our first did a profile that I had developed based on how the brain works based on how thoughts form based on how humans we process information so complex stuff that are simplified into a profile based on a theory that I had developed and that looked at how the person uniquely functioned or how they uniquely saw life or how they uniquely thought about things and that’s where I’d start my my clinical intervention the first thing I would always do with my patients was these these different profiles and I developed different versions of the profiles looking at different things and it was so successful it was such a great place to start because it showed people that you know despite what’s happened to you inside of you there’s this instinctually awareness that there’s something amazing about you and there’s something that you can do there’s a drive there’s a purpose there’s a desire and an awareness that you can achieve more than what you maybe are achieving it currently and maybe life’s hit you in many different ways and you feel well that’s definitely not you but if you really think about it if you really dig deep deep down inside of you you you know that there is a desire to improve we can see this in the self-help industry very very strongly evidence in the self-help industry which is a forty five billion dollar plus per annum industry which tells us that people are constantly seeking self-help manuals and books to tell them how to achieve their potential because we know we have potential so we look at neuroscience and we look at quantum physics and we look at psychoneuroimmunology and you look at neuro psychology and you look at like all these incredible Sciences we see that yes uniqueness is a fact that the law of the brain is diversity that there’s something that you can do that no one else can do that we start with a blueprint and then we develop that blueprint as we go through life so a blueprint that is there aligns and amoenus a blueprint a blueprint for a way of thinking a way of feeling a way of making choices and decisions in our life that is actually really good now we see if we look structurally at the human brain and body that we actually wired for love so this is what Nobel prize-winning scientists have actually found is that our brain and our body are structured and wired for the positive we have this natural optimism bias as humans on a psychological level which is reflected in the structural level of the brain and the body in the way the cells work and the way the proteins work and the way genetic genetic expression works and the way that our neurotransmitters work everything about us as humans has the perfect way of functioning which gets disrupted through signals that are wrong or toxic signals and those toxic signals could be brain damage from a car accident could be chemicals you’ve inhaled it could be medication you’ve taken it could be toxic food you’ve eaten it and and 75 to 90 percent of the signal of thoughts that are toxic so now mind brain research is very very popular and and it’s real and I’m involved in my own brain research and in understanding the unconscious mind and the science of thought as a mind specialist mental health etc and now the research is pouring out and has been since the mid 90s showing the mind brain connection and showing the uniqueness of man and showing that as we think feel and choose we change the structure of our brain to put it in fancy terms this is called physical causality our choices have a physical effect on ourselves or body and how we function and the world around us and the people around us I mean you’re thinking you’re unique when you operating you’re perfect and I call this the perfect you when you operate in the way that you designed to function on a mental and a physical level you impact the world in a very positive way you have an incredibly positive impact on people just think about this just think about when something great happens or when you have this really great creative idea or something really good happens at school or work or something wonderful happens in your family you know those moments of just like almost sheer bliss where things are just like so amazing and you feel fantastic and the people around you’re smiling and and you smiling and smiling is contagious and and you feel great and this is an absolute direct evidence of mind brain connection mind-body connection the way you feel makes you feel different your brain if we had to check out your brain at that moment we would see your brain functioning at it in a very very healthy way in a very positive way so we know this instinctively we also know that each of us sees two things differently because people will make comments and you’ve done it I’ve done it that’s how I see it so you might be in a conversation and you’re talking about different viewpoints and you’ll say but better how I see it this is how I think about it and that’s so much if you really listen to people people say that a lot and my patients used to say that a lot and it used to be a situation of hey this is how I see life does anyone art they actually understand okay that this is how I see life and that that reality which is a reality for every human has been very blocked by a worldview that infiltrated education and science and medicine that uniqueness doesn’t count we all this one way of being normal and there’s a model there is a model brain that that shows us that we should all up to an optimal way of brain functioning that will then produce optimal person and if anyone deviates from their norm or then they’re not you know that they are out of the normal so everyone’s supposed to be like sheep being pushed into this little normal box but does normal really exist you know from my experience as a researcher and as a clinical condition for 25 years and writing this is my I’ve written 20 books in this in this field various different types of books I can tell you now that that’s not the case I know if you look at the research and I have thousands of references in my books and on my website dr.

Lee’s book on you can go and have check these out an incredible doctors and people that I work with and the research shows we not all like sheep we all different people thinking feeling me choosing we have a story we have a context and as we go through life we have a lot of power over that context we have a lot of power over the story of our life we have a lot of ability to change things in our life we have hope we have desire and that’s what this book is about this book is about you understanding scientifically how you function in a normal way in here I’ve got one of my profiles that I love to do called the UQ this used to take me about 7 hours to do with my patients and used to be super long so what I’ve done is trimmed it down made it shorter created an abridged version and I put it in this book and you can do this over as long as you want you can take a day an hour five months you can keep doing it over and over because each time that you dig into those questions you’re going to be tapping into the way that you perceive life your unique perception which no one else has because you see things differently you’re hearing me differently to the next person who’s listening to me we we look at we look at a beautiful sunset and and maybe you have ten people looking at that beautiful sunset but each of us is perceiving it in our own unique way and experiencing different emotions and yes they’ll be commonalities Wow beautiful sunset wow that make I feel at peace but each each of us still will have a different brain representation of that a different way of thinking and the UQ the unique qualitative assessment is a qualitative way of teaching you how to understand you because what I have found from my research in clinical experience is that when you understand you you start addressing something that is a crisis currently a global crisis and we all part of this global crisis and this global crisis is a lack of understanding of who we are which is affecting our self-esteem when you have low self-esteem when you don’t truly understand your neck who who you are or you’re not operating well you’ve been blocked by trying to be someone else or you’re trying to fit into this norm that people are telling you you should fit into or you’re trying to be like that person whose book you’ve read or that person who you feel as a success and you want to emulate their lives when you do that you block who you are and you start getting frustration and you start creating dang brain damage if you work against your natural alignment you create brain damage which makes you feel even worse it makes you feel even more unhappy it makes you feel it more frustrated this book is gonna show you how to recognize scientifically who you are how you function the unique role that you play the unique sort that you thinking right at this moment that no one on this planet has ever thought nor can they because it’s yours it’s your perception it’s your unique way that you build something into your brain and we build thoughts in our brain and then we speak and do from those thoughts but the research also shows which I talked about in my book that we’ve been so influenced by this worldview that we’ve gotta fit into the norm and that’s the philosophy it’s a worldview and it’s changing its changing thank goodness it may take a few more years but it puts you in a box so if something goes wrong in your life you kind of get told well you’ve got the psychiatric illness so you’ve got this label put on you you’ve gotta fit into what’s normal meanwhile there is no normal you’re unique and I would fill in this profile with my patients and I had another version of I have another version of the profile which you can actually pick up on my my online program called the perfectly.you and I have a new book coming out this year in September called think low and succeed which is going to have another version of the profile and all of these versions of the profiles are ways of you understanding you function you see when you when you lack in yourself when your self-esteem goes down when you identity gets lost this causes you to be jealous and ingress of other people and tracking and you try and be someone else you make a lousy someone else you make a great you and as you find who you are you change this now inside of yourself to help you this is just so amazing our bodies help us stay in our perfect you our bodies help us align with our perfect you so we have inner built in built into our bodies and our brains we have these things called discomfort zones and a discomfort zone is a physical reaction in your body in your brain and your body in response to when you step out of your perfect you so in this book I train you in these concepts to I teach you all the sudden see stuff about the perfect you and these wrong worldviews that put us in a box I’ll give you the you cube profile and I also teach you about discomfort zones these amazing things that help us to identify when we are out of our normal perfect you and I’ll perfect you just by the way is something that you’re going to be developing throughout your life you keep getting better and better being used so you’re not gonna have you’re not gonna reach a point where you have arrived you are always developing and that’s our call it a blueprint okay so these discomforts on just to give you a brief overview of of them the most recognizable one is this is the stress response we our body will start pounding out adrenal learn and our heart starts pumping when we in a challenging situation and that may happen daily it may happen frequently infrequently but we we have the stress response in us that responds to things and when we get this adrenaline pounding heart pumping reaction in our body what I want you to focus on as the words adrenaline pounding you know when you’re you literally feel like this rush of energy almost can sometimes feel like you go ahh like someone’s hit you in the gut and your heart you can it feels like your heart’s pounding out of your body your whole body tenses that your shoulders tense up and when that happens there is your body telling you something is going on and listen to it listen to that response learn to self-regulate learn to self-evaluate that’s what I emphasize in this book I give you a checklist to help you do that when you self-regulate when you self reflect when you learn to listen to what’s going on your that then takes you to your thought like okay something’s going on Raylan’s pounding is this good is this bed what am I thinking about how am i reacting am i doing reacting correctly am i doing etc so it helps you align yourself back because as you evaluate your body’s reaction so you evaluate your thoughts so you evaluate the decision that you’ve just made or about to make you evaluate your thinking your feeling and your choosing and you know when you make it when you make the right choice you get a sense of peace another discomfort zone as you make the right choice as you think correctly feel correctly make the right choice what happens is that your heart for example millions of things happen but in your body but one of the things that does happen that’s very easy to identify is that your heart will release a certain type of hormone called a in F which stands for atrial nutri attic vector and that hormone pulls through your body and you get that that sense of peace that sense of something is good does this was the right way of thinking what I’m saying to you is that you have a unique way of thinking you have a perfect you you have a brilliant perfect you that is this is wired in you physically and it’s in your mind and as you go through life as you learn to understand yourself and understand your bodily reactions you can develop that you can identify your purpose you can become motivated you can become driven and you can achieve what it is that you trying to achieve in your life and then that can spill over and place other people because whatever you can do no one else can do so when you’re doing it everyone benefits you could get over the jealousy that envy the frustration of trying to be like someone else because you make allows you someone else now having teachers for years and you can see I’m passionate about this but I’m gonna end this broadcast by reading a study that came up in my feeder I do a couple of hours of brain research every day to keep up to date in my field and this came through my field through my feed and a fantastic study from Yale University and I was so excited that I wanted to just share this with you and it’s a it’s Yale this is the this is the headline Yale neuroscientist debunked the idea that anyone is normal not already they’ve got my attention got your teach and no one is normal so let me read on a new study by Yale neuroscientists proves that there is no universal unconditionally optimal profile of brain functioning this means that differences often categorized as psychiatric illnesses may instead be strengths depending on a person’s context this is breakthrough stuff I was thrilled to see this because I’ve been telling people this for years for 30 years this has been a message coming out of my mouth that we cannot say that there’s one normal because each and every one of us is unique and each and every one of us has a story and life and a context and when we go through things we react and sometimes you make bad decisions and we kind of acts a little crazy and that’s all of us it’s not just some people out there it’s all of us yeah but I mean we already talked it we’ve got to conform to a so-called brain profile and that’s what billions of dollars have been spent on trying to identify the perfect brain and trying to make everyone fit into that perfect brain trying to show that this is the way that our brain should function and if we don’t function like that this is what’s gonna fire wrong in the brain and this is causing you to have this disease it’s a hopeless message it is a waste of time as well in a waste of money and it’s not accurate you are brilliant you are normal and I’m gonna end with this reading one more little section from the study in other words trying to define people one way from a psychiatric perspective is a failure of imagination and opportunity which hobbles people rather than empowering them to inhibit their full selves I want you to not be hobbled I want you to inhabit your full self you deserve to actually identify and find out you’re perfect you thank you for joining me today I’m dr.

Dr Caroline leaf .

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