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hi I’m dr. Caroline leaf and welcome to my show the dr. leaf show if you haven’t subscribed yet press the little button at the bottom of your screen and you’ll be notified when new episodes are arts and you’ll be kept up to date in all matters relating to mind and mental health in this show I’m going to be talking about some great questions that I was saying recently and I just thought they’d be a wonderful way of sharing information with you and I encourage you send me your questions via email you’ll see the email at the bottom of the screen and as this shows move on we’ll be answering as many of these questions as I can so I want to read the first question to you and then I’m going to give you the answer these are really great questions okay so the first question coming in from this person was according to some of the research you’ve conducted dr.

Lee you present the fact that between 75 to 98 percent of an illness can be traced back to our thought life that’s actually staggering what we think about truly affects us both physically and emotionally in fact you’ve written that fear alone triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses in our bodies activating more than 30 different hormones here’s here’s the question how do we begin to correct the severe crisis in our own lives and what is at stake here okay this is really excellent this question because this is a severe crisis you know when things when we make wrong choices I know when I’ve done it in my life is you you feel the physical results in your body you feel that change I’ve studied the mind brain connection for 30 years now and the link between the two is absolutely scientifically they inaccurate and shown and proven in the research but more so it’s proven by your natural instinct you just have to listen to your body you just have to observe yourself and notice the away of how you feel when you make a wrong decision or when you’re in a challenging situation or in something’s thrown at you that you don’t like were you in a scary situation you feel your body react you know that that situation when you get there call it in the morning or something and your your heart literally just stops and you just feel sick all the way through to your core and you can feel your heart pounding and it’s so quick that Adrenaline’s pumping your eyes are like wide open and the body goes into these physical responses in response to our mind so we really see the mind brain reaction and connection when we feel that when you feel the reactions inside of our body so when we tune into our body we actually we gain quite a good insight into what’s going on in our mind and if it’s if you’re feeling a reaction that’s quite toxic we’re feeling like sick and so on well then obviously this thing that’s coming into our mind and the thoughts that are moving into our conscious mind these are an issue so we need to deal with him so what’s at stake here as this question says what is at stake here well here’s the here’s the most basic answer to a massive question that has multiple parts this the answer to this question the simple answer is that we have got nothing inside of our brain and our body’s structurally able to handle a toxic reaction to across a situation or a toxic reaction to any situation we don’t have the wiring we don’t have fear circuits we don’t have anything like that what we do is we have of an optimism bias we have circuits that are designed to handle good decisions so I just want to quickly for a moment to say here that it’s not a happy situation when you have a crisis or an abuse or a terrible situation happening but what we do it so what I mean by this is that we have a natural pharmacopoeia and strength inside of our circuitry of our brain that when our mind recognizes that this is a crisis but when we perceive it as something that’s scary or threatening or bad or whatever but we can deal with this when we have that perception then our body works for us instead of against us so what is at stake here if we don’t perceive it correctly if we perceive the situation has been terrible and we can’t cope with it and we completely fall apart well that perception shifts the way that our body responds and all those different chemical and neuro physiological responses will start working against you instead of for you and when you do that your body starts breaking down and if you do this on a constant basis if you if you set up a pattern of constantly reacting in this toxic way to the little stuff and the big stuff if this is your normal reaction well not normal I learned normal because our normal reaction is positive okay so that’s an oil design of the human brain and psyche but when we get ourselves into this way of it if we always react in a negative way eventually over time your body starts breaking down and this causes problems right right to the point and it kind of starts right at the point where you build thoughts because the point we ever thought that you build is influencing your whole body so when you do this over time events your body starts breaking down and that’s why you get this incredibly frightening statistic of the fact that 75 to 98% of illnesses come from our thought life you know we always think that illnesses come from something else but our thought life is the predominant cause of our bodies breaking down our genes literally mutate and over time those mutations can produce disease and meat you get good and bad mutations and obviously I’m referring to bad mutations which would produce disease so this means that if we can break our body down I always have to be see the positive side because what’s also at stake here is that you can build your body up this is way more than just positive thinking I’m not talking about positive thinking and positive affirmations here not at all I am talking about a complete mental mindset adjustment I am talking about to put it very simplistically freaking out in the love zone I love to call it that we wired for love and when the stuff stuff happens in life you’re all going to cry you’re gonna maybe shout or react but you stay in that zone where you make your body work for you and not against you now I have lots books to help you to do this and three books I would strongly recommend that would really help you is the I’ll just hold them up individually this is called search on your brain where I explained about the power of the mind to change the brain and I have my program for the 21 day brain detox in here which literally can help you wire our toxic thinking and wire in healthy thinking into your brain then I have this one over here called the perfect you that is filled with information about the power of our mind and understanding who we are uniquely with an incredible profile that will help you to learn to self-reflect and self-regulate and in order to see the power of your mind I have also in this grouping I have a book on how to feed your brain and feed your body so the importance of thinking and eating yourself smart tons of information in there but just that collective information really help you realize the power of your mind to keep yourself out of the zone where you become vulnerable to disease when where you can change the way that your body’s responding so that 75 to 98% can work for you not against you when you’re thinking in the correct way there’s so much power in your mind doctor leaf many people today are worn out stressed out and unsuccessful in many areas of their lives but it has to start from the inside out before change manifests outwardly is that not so dr.

Leif to me this this basically seems to be that we need to step into something different we need to operate in a different way can I can you explain how we how we learn it’s the long questions I’m just shortening it how we learn to not be worn out stressed out and unsuccessful in many areas of our lives these are huge questions and they can’t be answered with just one part and I encourage you to keep watching this show and to subscribe and to get the episodes because you will learn so much I encourage you to get the books to help you because people are dying today 15 to 25 years younger than they should from preventable lifestyle diseases and when we talk about lifestyle diseases we are talking about how people are managing their mind and how people are managing food choices and what they’re feeling their brain and body worth which is what your mind has to work through so if you’ve got feeling junk food in your brain and body your body won’t feel good which a fake mine and vice versa if you toxic in your mind your body becomes toxic so this is a whole mindset change and that really is a big it’s a big change but it’s something that you can do little by little by little and the research that I present in my book shows you that honestly five to seven minutes a day you can start changing your lifestyle within four days these already changes that you will feel when you start getting your mind into the correct way of thinking and we’re not say getting your mind into the correct way of thinking what is one of the key things that you can do the first thing is developing a self awareness a self awareness of those thoughts that are going through your mind that you start getting some awareness of what are you thinking about and a great technique to start to to answer this particular question that it’s gonna read the first part again how do why why are so many people today worn out stress at and unsuccessful in many areas of the of their life if you constantly have a chaotic thought like loosing rushing through your mind and these thoughts are just like randomly going on over the place and you become you become very reactive you become you don’t do busy well and that wears you out it makes you exhausted because you’re trying to pour your energy into doing a multiplicity of different things in the wrong way and because you haven’t finished thoughts your brains very orderly you creating chaos in your brain and that’s exhausting it’s very draining so it makes you feel tired so if you’ve got these thoughts going crazy you’re not controlling them it makes you feel tired it makes you feel drained and that will impact how you are functioning because you literally are causing brain damage that’s what the science shows you cause brain damage in your brain when you allow all this unsuccessful chaotic thoughtful the thoughtlessness and thoughts going well through your mind like crazy and that can lead to levels of bad decision-making which will lead to being not as successful as you should and top-three is one of the top reasons why people feel so worn out it’s exhausting when you think chaotic thoughts so be aware of your thoughts gather those thoughts capture those thoughts be intentional and deliberate about doing that and you know what a really great technique that I used to do with my patients and I still advise people to do around the world to do this is for seven days I want you to try exercise for seven days every day as much as you can in a day because life happens and we get busy but as often as you can during the course of the day remember this make a little note every time you catch yourself with a chaotic mindset so all I want you to do is literally observe yourself for a week and try and get a feel for the pattern of your thought life what is going on in your thought life on a daily basis and until you deliberately and intentionally stand back and observe your own thought life you’re not going to really be maybe even a way of how chaotic your thought life is so every day as often as you can even if it’s once a day just stop for a moment and be aware of what you’ve been thinking about in the past few moments in the previous few moments that have just passed and then just trying to stay away and you’ll find that you can kind of keep an awareness of this for about an hour and then you get distracted and so on and then as the days go by you will find your bit get better and better as the week progresses at observing yourself and just make a note don’t try and fix anything just observe and somehow record it maybe on your iPhone or have a little diary that you’re carrying around or make a note anywhere and then just transfer it over to somewhere in the evening or even if it’s on bits of paper just gather them all and keep them and then at the end of the week just you know count like Monday maybe you find yourself chaotic you find yourself seven times a day that your mind was chaotic and Tuesday whatever and by the end of the week you can sit back and say gosh I actually did you total it up over seven days seven times seven maybe you did it seven 49 or 50 times this week that I know of my thought life was chaotic if you you you may be shocked by how much chaos is in your thought life you may be shocked at how I’m disciplined your actual thought life is and by doing a little exercise like this you’ve started training yourself to be aware of what you’re thinking about and yet that might be a shock for you because you may have started this exercise saying yeah I got some chaotic thoughts in my mind that bad and those were just the observable moments what about the moments you did not serve what about the moments that your this was going off all over the place so when you do that you have a little constructive way of realizing I need to do something about it and in my books you will find tools and techniques for how to start changing this and on the show I’m going to be sharing lots of different ideas and techniques but you can’t change anything until you’re aware of it okay so this is why I’m telling you become a way and then you can start changing okay so worn out stressed out unsuccessful this is this is a very good technique to start changing it so um let me get another keyword Christian here I’m going to do this one more question today I think a lot of us believe dr.

Li that others simply have better capacity to overcome obstacles and come out on top we hear about these rags to riches success stories all the time but is it fair to now say that the playing field may be a whole lot more even now once we’ve taken the steps to become whole from the inside out from our thought life first okay so basically this person is saying that if you I’m just going to rephrase the question that it seems like some people have more capacity to overcome obstacles than others and like it doesn’t seem really fair and is that is that why why did why does it seem that some people have a better capacity to overcome that others and can we just say oh well I’m just not one of those people and just give up what well you can if you want to but that would be stupid to do that because you brilliant you have a brilliant brain how do I know that I don’t know you personally but I do know that you’re a human being with an incredible brain in your head and I know that I have studied the brain human brain for thirty years and I know all the giants that have been in this field before me and there are still currently studying this field and that will come with the research that is showing us how phenomenal the human brain is you’ve read about that that’s not something new and you’ve got one of these things inside of your head and what’s even more incredible is that you control it with your mind you control your brain with your mind and your mind is powerful it’s huge it’s quantum in nature and it is creative it is it is it is a creative force it’s a force that changes things you create matter out of your mind so that’s the first thing I want to say other people and think oh they just had all the lucky breaks they’ve just got better genetics they can overcome because that is a lie because your genetics are start off being pretty good and what happens to them is what you do is with your thought life you mess up you genes all you fix up your genes with your thought life and because they can keep changing nothing that you’ve been doing in the past is your destiny you have so much ability to change this is not positive thinking this is science this is reality this is you with the power in your mind to be able to change your future so there I mean thetic about this because I can’t tell you how many people over the years have come to me with that as the initial premise which is why I selected this question to share with you today that it seems like other people can cope better than I can some people maybe do it quicker but do they really because each of us is an individual and there is no one perfect way of doing anything because you are completely different to someone else so the way that you manage your life is going to be so uniquely up to you once you realize the power of your mind that I can’t take your formula for success and use it as mine where I can what I can learn from you or from other people that are successful is certain character traits and and and what and what’s common to people this is all over the place in research and books and self-help books is that people push through people persevere people don’t have a victim mentality there’s a few general principles that take people to that next level and you have that ability you have that power to create in your mind you know the word Genesis means new birth and we are literally giving birth to new thoughts which give birth to new structures in our brain moment by moment of every day and you design those thoughts you design those structures you design your your future in your reality so if you want to be a victim you can actually choose to be a victim and you can build a victim mentality into your brain which will cause brain damage because it’s not normal what is normal is that you different Cheever and I’ll send you powerful and you’re wonderful and we can’t time to find and preparing boxes because there is no box you are unique and brilliant and is something you can do that no one else can do join me next time on my show and send us those questions and we’re doing all kinds of amazing and exciting things on these shows you cannot miss them thank you for joining me today I’m dr.

Caroline leaf .

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