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hi I’m dr. Caroline leaf and welcome to my show the dr. leaf show if you haven’t yet subscribed just press the little subscribe button and you’ll be notified of new shows coming up and also you’ll be kept up to date on all things related to the mind and mental health in today’s show I want to start by asking you a question have you ever felt like your brains been switched off like literally switched off you know those situations where you just you actually can’t think properly these all these things going on around you all these things happening so much pressure from the various different demands of your life and you you kind of feel like you can’t blink well this is fairly common as we all know and sometimes we feel like we can’t get out of that and one of the things that I want to tell you about today is that we had so much power in our brain and so much ability to control those moments and really switch our brain on another thing that I found when I’ve cuz I practice clinically for 25 years and I’ve been doing brain research for 30 years I still do brain research still do clinical trials and so on but one of the things that I found was really a big question that I got asked a lot by my patients and something that my own family asked me is that how do you actually expand your knowledge is there a way of improving your brain and it does IQ increase and I mean these are really good questions and these are things that I would work on in my research in my practice and the answer to that by the way is yes you can expand your mind you can change your brain you can increase your intelligence so and it all comes down to a matter of how you use your mind because your mind is separate from your brain your mind and your brain are not the same thing they two separate things but they work in a very integrated way so the mind meets the brain the brain needs of the mind and they work together in a very integrated way and the mind works through the substrate of the brain so the brain is physical and your mind works through it like it literally pushes the signals through the brain and it’s what’s happening at the moment as you as you’re watching and as you listening you’ve got all these signals auditory signals and electromagnetic signals and all these different signals that are going into your brain and activating your brain and your mind is going into action look at this really cool slide that I’m going to show you on the screen now and the slide is of a word brain you would have a look at this brain is firing up it’s a real actual slide of a real actual human brain of a person who’s alive and they connected to this amazing brain technology and it’s actually showing how the brain is responding to a person thinking so that person was dead we wouldn’t see that activity that you’re seeing on the screen at the moment but the fact that they’re alive it’s showing that the brain is firing up in response their signals moving through the mind now here’s the wonderful thing you’re these signals are what you generate and you control so you control the quality of those signals going through your brain and in response your brain responds by building structure and how does it respond how does it build structure through genetic expression so just quick biology listen back to school days very simple level what is water what is genetic expression and so on you have your DNA and your DNA or deep down inside the nucleus of yourself and the DNA has got a genetic code on it and the little genetic code is basically needs to switch on and off switches on and off at various different times constantly over a 24-hour cycle for your whole life making what you need to keep alive and it’s really simple explanation of genetics but it’s a very powerful one because the quality of your genetic expression is based upon how you think so when you think in the correct way you influence how those genes are actually working now that’s powerful okay so you influence your genetic expression when when I say influential genetic expression your thinking your mind in action your thinking feeling and choosing all that stuff is generating this amazing signals for your brain and you are actually causing a physical reaction inside of your brain and you’re building stuff you’re building what your body needs to stay alive the enzymes and the proteins and all the things your body needs to stay alive which are constantly being reproduced by your genetic expression and then you also building thoughts thoughts are also made of proteins and they have these chemicals and things attached this is a simple explanation but it’s real and thought look like trees which is why I need to explain why I have what I have on the table on this side you see beautiful roses and you see the little do the branches and the leaves and and this is this represents healthy thoughts and on this side you see a little wiry looking tree and this represents toxic thoughts so I use this analogies to make this easier to understand what we know from the research in the brain is that your you build these trees inside your brain and the scientists call these trees the magic trees of the mind and I love that this this in fact this name can be attributed to a really incredible doctor who died just recently in her 90s called dr.

Marian diamond and she were right up until she died I think she was 92 or 94 when she died and she discovered the magic trees she’s the one who came up with the name the magic trees of the mind and they are magic because the trees of the mind that she’s referring to are the physical trees that you build into your brain to hold your thoughts and they keep changing and that’s why they’re magic because every time you think you change them every experience you have you change these trees in your brain so your memories are thoughts and they in they stored in these trees in the brain and these trees constantly change as a result of you gaining more experience so every day you have more experience and every day you change the quality of your your genetic expression and you add to the to what you’re building inside of your brain so you really do turn mind stuff so stuff from signals from outside listening to people doing stuff thinking all that stuff that you doesn’t feel tangible you turn that into tangible stuff through your choices so this comes back to switching on your brain I’m telling you this whole long explanation about trees and and thoughts in your brains that look like trees and how you build them with your mind so your mind is the signal and your mind is is your thinking feeling and choosing so your mind is contained all this action of thinking feeling and choosing and it’s kind of almost out there but when we talk about mind in action we’re talking about your ability to think and to feel and to choose and when you do that that your mind in action and it causes all this great stuff to happen mind in action produces results so really I’m sure you’re thinking well if that’s the this is pretty hopeful it is it’s incredibly hopeful this means that you influence how your brain structure is functioning how it looks you influencing the quality of your cells you’re influencing the quality of the health of every cell in your body do you know you made up of 75 to 100 trillion cells your brain and your body that’s a lot of cells you made up of somewhere between 75 to 100 trillion cells now that is a lot of cells and you control the quality of expression of every single one of those cells which brings me to an my next point and that is that you may be thinking well I mean this is all great but how on earth do I do that well you have in your mind this incredible ability that you have to sing feel and choose and create matter out of your mind and is is divided into two parts and the one part is a conscious part and the other part is the non conscious part so your mind got these two parts to them then conscious and an unconscious and I I developed a theory maybe 30 years ago based on how to harvest conscious and unconscious mind works and how these thoughts form I call it the science of thought it’s got a fancy name you’ll see in my books which on your brain I have a picture of that theory and I have a basically explanation of that theory in fact you’ll see it appearing in all the books and I’ve that I write and I’ve written a lot of books and about how to control your mind and get the most out of your mind and improve your brain and improve your life and improve your lifestyle and I have this theory in there and the reason I put it into all of my books with various different explanations is to help you understand that this is very real you know science is an amazing and exciting way of understanding how you function and how to get the best out of you science is not this Airy fairy thing sciences is knowledge and knowledge and knowledge helps us to understand we work so what that’s what I’m trying to help you do I’m trying to help you understand how you work specifically how your thoughts work your thought life and the power of your thought life in influencing yourself so to come back to the conscious and the unconscious mind I have a whole great theory and this theory is based on how when we think we build change our brain and therefore we change what we see in what we do and the I spoke I mentioned a few moments ago that if we have a conscious mind in an unconscious mind and this is very complicated and as I go through the different shows I’m going to elaborate on this more but for today I just want you to understand the difference okay so the conscious mind is awake when you’re awake so when you go to sleep the conscious mind goes to sleep your conscious mind is where you very aware and you deliberately and intentionally are aware of what’s going on around you and we don’t always use our conscious mind like we should and then I’m going to explain as well you’re an unconscious mind on the other hand works 24/7 so whether you’re awake or asleep your non conscious mind it’s not the same as your subconscious mind you’re an unconscious mind is working 24/7 you’re non conscious mind is massive quantum in nature filled with energy I’m not bound by time and space so present past and future doesn’t exist in you none conscious mind and your conscious mind however is bound by time so you’ve got this huge non conscious mind which is actually way bigger than your conscious mind and we all your thoughts right from when you were were born even in the womb when you first when your brain was in a state where you could start building your thoughts you actually have stood a tree you less whirling around literally they’re swirling around on this non conscious level so everything you think about let me give you an example let me give you an example of this right now if I have to say the word Apple just randomly as I say the word Apple thoughts of popping up into your mind I’m seeing this big pink Apple that I know is in my kitchen at the moment so it was the moment so I thought you know in maybe an hour so got a couple of hours ago so that memory was in my brain but I never had those same apples I bought them before so I’ve actually remembered and I suddenly remembered an apple orchard and then a few things about cooking with apples and there’s a whole lot of images and memories that are popping up into my mind now as I as I’m talking about apples and the more I talk about it the more memories I’m getting so what’s coming up is coming from the non conscious mind into the conscious mind and it’s shaping my view of apples and I mean that’s a very simple basic example take something maybe a little bit more dramatic take something like maybe you see a you watch a movie and you see a scene on a movie of someone being bullied and that then triggers a whole bunch of thoughts that start moving from your non-conscious to your conscious mind and maybe you were bullied or maybe you know someone who was bullied or maybe you were the bully but memories are coming up the point here is that we store everything and where do we store it in our mind that’s the on one level and then physically restore it in our brain and you’re building these things and the big thing about the non conscious mind is that it’s very far swirling beyond the space and time which is also kind of complex concept we’re going to be diving into that in another episode but it’s folded all these memories and they move from the non conscious to the conscious mind like this can you see this by the way I’m using my hand they kind of move up around about 5 to 7 in any one moment and they move up one at a time and then they go back unless you grab them and focus on them and how do we do that so so let’s say now we think of a you watch the movie you see someone bullying someone and you were bullied and sudden and you’ve never dealt with that and it brought back a very traumatic memory and I’m gonna use this toxic tree to demonstrate and I suddenly this moves into your conscious mind and you are viewing this movie that you’re watching through this and it’s making you feel terrible because now suddenly you realize there is something from your past that you haven’t dealt with and then the pain from that almost like a told me that you experience and you may have to mother you know you find it may find it impacts you for the duration of the movie when you come out the movie you still feeling kind of bad and this is something that you need to address so when something moves from the non-conscious into the conscious mind we become aware of it the very good news is that when it moves from the non conscious to the conscious mind we can capture that thought we can literally catch that thought now in the movie you want to watch the rest of the movie so you’re not going to do anything with it then but you can make a conscious note in your mind okay that upset me I need to deal with that and this is what I want to try and start teaching when I teach in my books is that we can’t let these things just hang around we need to deal with the stuff this is toxic this is actually causing brain damage if you think of something if something’s moved from your unconscious to your conscious mind and you’re aware of it and it’s make you feel bad and you know it’s something that’s not a good thing it’s not one of these really nice memories then it’s something that’s causing brain damage and we know from research that when we keep these things and we think about them more they grow and if we just immediately shove them back down which is suppressing them when we do that that’s not a good thing to do because they still there where you push them back into your non-conscious so now they swirling around your non-conscious so let me show you they’re swirling around your unconscious and they alive and they are influencing your worldview they’re influencing you know that feeling that you get when you can’t quite put your finger on it but you feel weird you feel like you don’t feel good that’s one of these that you haven’t dealt with that’s in your subconscious level so conscious wake away non conscious we always say actions happening and as it’s about to appear appear that’s your subconscious so conscious subconscious and unconscious and when you’ve just suppressed something it is very in your subconscious level then as the days go by and you continue to suppress it you push it down deeper the problem with that is it’s still there and the fact that it became conscious it became it increased in its power because as soon as something you’re aware of something it changes it becomes what you’re malleable which means changeable so it kind of vibrates these little branches become loose and the purpose of that is for you to redesign it to break it down because this is causing brain damage you don’t want brain damage you want to get rid of the stuff so this if you don’t do that you start pushing it into your subconscious you start getting that feeling of uneasiness something’s not quite right and when you push it into your non-conscious it’s they doing damage influencing your worldview and depending on how many times you focus on it it’ll come back again each time it comes back stronger than before so we need to when you bring it up here and you don’t change it you you’re gonna add to the toxic level so it goes back even stronger than before which is not a good thing eventually it will explode volcanic mode I give you an example of that did you know you know when you we have a closet it at the entrance to our house and I don’t know why this I’m such a tiny person but this closet is always stuffed full of everything and it recode everything that you can imagine that shouldn’t be around the house gets stuffed in there posit and it gets regularly cleaned out but it happens again and just recently we had some guests around and I opened it to quickly put some shoes in that will lift out and literally nearly everything fell out the closet and that is exactly what happens with these they will eventually fall out the closet they will eventually explode in volcanic mode because they are damaging they are not healthy they’re not they’re not part of your normal design your normal functioning so we need to deal with them and that’s what my book switch on your brain does tell you about it tells you I tell you in this book about these basic principles I tell you how thoughts form I tell you how we can capture these thoughts I tell you how you can literally stand back and observe your own thinking okay watch now I’m standing here and I’m looking at healthy thoughts and I’m looking at unhealthy thoughts you can literally stand outside of yourself and observe your own thinking that’s called the multiple perspective advantage and it is phenomenal it’s an incredible ability that we have as humans to be able to observe the incoming signals the upcoming signals and we can stand back and observe and have a discussion with a spiritual part of us we can kind of go in our head and have a discussion of a caduceus and this is how I’m viewing it and this is making me feel like this we can actually go into this whole process of being able to itself analyze this now this is our multiple perspective advantage and when we do that the front part of our brain fires up just a quick side note when you are when you are thinking and just being alive your whole brain is always working so sometimes there’s been this sort of must is a lot of nonsense out there about how the brain works in the mine and so on and one of them is that you only use a very small percentage of our brain and that’s not accurate our whole brain is always it was always being used what happens is certain parts of fire up a little bit more than others when we do certain things so like for example when you stand outside of yourself in your observe you and thinking the front part of your brain fires out more than the back part of your brain but it doesn’t mean that that part is producing that or whatever so the whole brain is involved in just at different times as I said the activity speeds up in the brain a little more so in in this multiple perspective advantage it’s very very powerful because it enables us not to suppress but you recognize I need to do something come back to the bullying example that you’re watching a movie and you see something about bullying and then you realize that it’s upset you and maybe your mother and it’s happened to your child and or whatever and you realize oh hey I’ve got to do something about this my I don’t feel comfortable with us and I can feel that I’ve got a level of discomfort and that’s great so you can start working on that so in this book I teach about that I teach you about the multiple perspective advantage I teach about how you can bring thoughts into captivity in the second part of this book I have one of my favorite programs that I developed in my clinical practice based on on my research and on my experience with patients I mean I have so many I work with so many amazing people over the years and they taught me so much and I put one of my programs called my 21 day brain detox into this book the second half of this book has this program where I show you how to in five steps how to bring the thought into captivity and how to redesign it and there’s a process that your brain goes through in doing that and it’s something it’s it’s really easy I mean this thing’s what I found with my patients is that I could tell them all this great science and I mean love science I’m a scientist I can go into I can take you down levels of scientific stuff that you not gonna listen to me because it’s an issue love what I love the science stuff I couldn’t do that with my patients I had to take the sides that I love and I had to break it down into very practical terms to help them and to help myself in my own family I mean everyone who knows me they learn about the stuff because it really helps them and basically I’ve made it a five-step process if the 21 day detox includes a five step process this five step process is based on how the brain builds memory so from the time that you’re thinking about something to the time that the memory actually becomes a physical structure in your brain it’s going to go through five basic stages and those are far above those into five steps and those five steps you do for five to seven minutes a day you can go longer but the maximum I would recommend when you’re dealing with emotional stuff is is I would go as about 16 minutes max and that’s based on scientific research and I have loads of references in this book too to explain why I recommend five to seven maximum 16 minutes a day and one of the main reasons is because when you dealing with toxic issues these toxic emotions not only does this toxic thought have information but it also has emotions and when it’s toxic it can be overwhelming it can be just too much to deal with so you limit the time that you spend on that and then you pretty much compartmentalize it you put it down it’s not you know you’ve captured it so it’s kind of gonna go into its little box and you’re gonna deal with it again tomorrow so you just deal with little bits at a time and what research shows and I’ve been involved in this research in terms of timing and memory and breaking down memories and all this is what we’re really talking about here is that five minutes each day over a cycle of 21 days so daily five to seven minutes a day maxximum 16 minutes you do your five steps and this breaks this thing down every time you consciously aware of this it’s weakened every time that you when you maybe talk about breaking it down we are literally you standing back using that multiple perspective advantage standing back in your healthy normal default zone that are called love zone then I call that with the healthy thoughts are with the strength is where the majority is the majority of who you are and you’re looking at that thing you’re literally distancing yourself from their toxic issue and you are breaking it down one branch at a time because there’s all the associated thoughts the core thought is the root thought is the tree and there’s all these associated thoughts and you’re breaking those down by building a healthy replacement thought so as you break that toxic thinking associated pattern with that thought you’re building a healthy new replacement thought so that goes the event she literally melts down we remove the energy from there so on a scientific level these proteins denature because they’re not getting energy to keep them alive they need energy to keep them alive so the proteins go away they disappear the energy goes over to the side and now we start building these beautiful healthy new thoughts and as we build these healthy beautiful new thoughts we remember how we were and it may be a few tears about the bullying of your tears about the emotions about the abuse or whatever it happened in your life for but they are you dealing with it those this is incapacitating this keeps you stuck this keeps you bound in a place where you feel like you can’t move forward where your thinking is foggy were you feeling sick this is where we increase our vulnerability to disease by seventy five to ninety eight percent this is where disease is coming from this is where the breakdowns in our life are coming from so we don’t want this so we want to get rid of these one step at a time so and build the healthy new replacement thoughts and I think by now you’ve gathered that this is not something you just do now then this is a lifestyle we use this process to to get rid of the little and the big stuff and to make sure that we are constantly cleaning up on mind and that’s what this book tells you about this book gives you the techniques for detoxing your brain and building healthy new brains a healthy new brain so your mind is being detoxed and in turn your mind he talks is your brain and now you’ll throw the healthier brain in a healthy and mind it’s an ongoing process it’s a lifestyle it’s a lifestyle of renewing your mind and is vitally important because research shows that the following that people are dying 15 to 25 years younger from preventable lifestyle diseases and these lifestyle disease are specifically related to your mind and how we managing our mind and our diets so I have lots more programs coming up lots more books to tell you about you can go to dr.

Leif comm and you can see at my store I have lots of different books I have online programs I have a apps I have various different things to help you to learn all these things and the point of this show is to give you the basic principles to help you to start living lifestyles where you can where you can really feel that you are overcoming to build hope back into you and to realize that you create your realities and to give you the tools and the ability to create the realities that you like what kind of reality do you want in your life what do you want in your head what do you want in your mind if you are in control of that process with your thinking feeling and choosing you switch your brain on in the way that it is supposed to be switched on thank you for joining me today I’m dr.

Caroline leaf and this is the dr. leaf show hi I’m dr. Caroline leaf and I’m so excited to tell you about my conference this year we’ve got more sessions we’ve got so many new exciting things and one of the things I want to tell you about that’s amazing is my integrated net mind network are going to be joining me again this is a group of an amazing doctors neurologist neuroscientist neurosurgeons in these ECP’s endocrinologist OBGYNs brilliant brilliant men and woman who are going to be helping us to understand the mind brain connection in terms of science so there’s going to be a Q & A with them they’re going to be doing individual presentations it’s going to be mind-blowing because you’re going in the good sense because you’re going to be seeing a lot of just how you can apply your lifestyle changes from a medical scientific point of view we’ve got more sessions we’ve got so much happening join me this year in December in Dallas at my conference you .

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