Revisiting Waco

Aaron dykes here were true stream media and I’m standing on the memorial of the Branch Davidians who were killed in the Waco Siege of 1993 that ended on April 19th curiously the day the American Revolution was started a day that a lot of things have happened that’s another story but this is where some 80 people were killed and that siege including 18 children and their names on the plaque behind me a siege has started February 28 1993 and they were killed by the government February 28 the bloodiest day in the history of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms when the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms attempted to issue a search warrant at mark Mount Carmel Center ranch the property of a religious group called Branch Davidians over a tip that the group was stockpiling illegal weapons the siege against the compound lasted 51 long days until finally a second assault was initiated by federal agents dawned in full combat gear they used military tanks to bust holes in the house and pump into tear gas and then this happened mysterious fire that destroyed the entire compound and women and children tragically being burned alive they were killed by government forces from be ATF and the other agencies in a military like scenario with tanks that rolled over them and started a fire that killed them there also there’s also evidence and discussion of incendiary devices and collapsing the building and other details that show that nothing the government has told us is anything like a true story US law enforcement FBI agents and observers from the Army’s secret Delta Force commando unit besieged a compound where not a single person inside had ever been accused of committing a violent crime before the initial raid of course the media account of what happened was that the Branch Davidians were dangerous trigger-happy cult and their leader David Koresh was a madman at the very last minute and cited his clan to kill themselves in fact the Justice Department under the Clinton administration took the official position that all the deaths were the result of a mass suicide federal authorities under then Attorney General Janet Reno repeatedly denied that they were responsible for starting the fire evidence eventually came to light that proved their culpability there’s infrared video that’s come out that’s shown that our agents were firing on the divisions and for a video shot by the FBI flying over the compound the days leading up to the massacre showed automatic gunfire being directed from the tanks before any shots were fired from the compound they’re also playing psychological games playing loud noises keeping lights on while they were locked inside of the compound playing sounds of animals being tortured a visual evidence showed a tank deliberately running over one or more bodies of sect members they wanted to get David Koresh so badly if he was hurting children or he was doing illegal gun activities he was leaving all in a daily basis almost he was going all kinds ago picked him up on the street why did they come here and murder all of these people that’s a there’s a lot of details that are maybe unconfirmed but that’s a detail that has definitely been confirmed as a crime and it’s so sad because David Koresh allegedly involved and doing things with children if they had evidence of that if that was true they could have arrested him any day they chose because he walked into town on a daily or near daily basis but why exactly did that siege take place well we know that David Koresh in in addition to his involvement with the church was involved with a gun business that’s very contentious the be ATF had investigated their activities had some questions and they became violent the evidence shows as time went on what I was just told by someone here as part of the church is that two of the guns that David Koresh and his other family members had as part of this business were traced back to Iraq and Kuwait and had been smuggled over as part of a drug smuggling operation now allegedly the stroke smuggling operation involves CIA type people and other continuity of government figures can did to George HW Bush Bill Clinton and other famous and infamous political figures that we know and if you follow that through it’s a very unsettling set of events because they had those serial numbers from the weapons they were able to match them up with government databases and learn new details about the drug smuggling and many people believed that was the real reason they felt the need to kill and murder and destroy this compound that used to be here along with as many people as possible who are inside of it by the overwhelming evidence it took six years for the FBI to even admit that their explosive munitions started the fire and to this day there’s a total lack of accountability for these crimes it’s very sad behind it as the rebuild Branch Davidian Church there’s still people who live here and worship here today and that if you visit it you’ll see it’s a beautiful place and they’ll tell you quite a bit about what they believe in and why they remain here and they’ll also tell you politically secularly what happened here more than twenty years ago where we’re standing and wake up just outside of Waco Texas I had a whole stand up prepared actually in my head I was going to say bunch of stuff about how you know supposedly this land backed up on a CIA airstrip called Buffalo Airlines where they were smuggling in drugs and weapons and children for sex rings I’m standing here right now and I’m looking at the ages of these kids that were killed here by our government for no reason and I’m just really this this place you can you can feel something here you can feel something here this is a special place and I think that the American people needs to remember this remember what happened here the FBI’s stonewalled an investigation that led to a whitewash of the government’s actions at Waco it almost happening in in Nevada just a couple of months ago and I don’t think it’s the last time something like this is going to happen and in 2000 the government investigation declared that it was totally their fault it was their fault that the government came here and set them on fire and shot them and burned their entire house down right because that just happens just your fault we’re going to save the children by murdering them all you know but this is a special place and it needs to be remembered and respected.

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