Revelation Part 8 (February 11, 2014) ~ Revelation 6:14 ~ Final Broadcast w/Pastor Arnold Murray

Welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study our back in our father’s word I want you to remember that one of the verses from mark 13 and don’t ever forget it whenever you get confused read that particular verse that said behold I have foretold you all things all means just that it’s all things or would you do that in the word and I hope you notice also that all seven of the seals you can read right there in mark 13 or in Matthew 24 and most of them in Luke 21 you get a side profile in Luke from straight on with the other two and he has foretold us all things if you’ll dig it out that is to say what once the spirit of discernment comes on you you can you can recognize truth basically but always research to make sure that you have a double witness to and I want you to notice another thing there was the sixth seal that Satan was cast from heaven and that’s reversed that we stopped being in the in the sixth chapter of Revelation we’re going to get up in the 14th here in a moment and it ball so you will note he will appear at the sixth trunk and he will appear at the sixth vial so that gives you 6 6 6 and so kayak stigma in the Greek tongue and it will be it’s going to happen instead of if you listen to some men and says you don’t have to worry you won’t be here have you heard that anywhere in Christ answering the disciples about how it would be at the end not one word there are some phrases people put together you will escape the hour of temptation flying away is not going to help you escape the hour of temptation this knowledge sealed in your forehead because you’re not a dummy you know the false ones coming first and you’re ready to do battle that’s were spiritually speaking so that was that mark 13 was fascinating the way it aligns with the six seals it makes them really easier to understand and put you in the driver’s seat as far as understanding always when you read is possible not only know but to know with understanding so having said that let’s pick it up every may in the fourteenth verse Satan has just been booted out at the sixth seal and verse 14 would read but that word of wisdom from our Father and the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain this nation and Island were moved out of their places there’s a shuffle coming the Lord is not only going to shake heaven he’s going to shake earth that means he’s taken over it’s what it means and so and it would be due time verse 15 I want to say again though if you were to read the twelfth chapter of the book of Hebrews it will tell you in the closing verses he’s going to shake everything alright but if you’re standing on Christ you’re not shaking at all so a lot of times people get anxious about things and for no need because you’re immune the truth and the seals of God amusing you from the wickedness of Satan you’re not going how do you accept the hour of temptation you do not find him tempting he’s an abomination verse 15 and the kings of the earth and the great men and the rich men and the chief captains and the mighty men every blind man every free man hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains now this kings of the earth you want to learn to separate them from the kings that Satan brings with him they’re two separate groups I’m going to say that again just as a note in passing because it will come up more than once in the rest of Revelation the kings of the earth means they’re right here from the earth flesh but the kings that Satan brings with him has analysed fallen angels or in in the spiritual body made a transition that we can see know and understand okay but then there why would they play pray for the rocks to fall on them but many of them are good Christian people they’ve tried to live right and I don’t anyway you want to slice it they’re very likable loving but if you’re taught falsehoods and the sad part is if you listen to falsehoods it’s one thing to hear them and discard them is something else to accept them but they have worshipped Antichrist went to church all their life tried to do what was right and end up worshipping Satan himself because they didn’t read behold I have foretold you all things they listen to man for tell them all things okay so so they’re so ashamed being good Christians so a shame they can’t face the true Christ you can understand that verse 16 and said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb in other words they know they’ve been had I you know a person is responsible for what he or she teaches and you want to make sure you do your homework well because your venn answer for it this may affect judgment begins at the pulpit that’s where judgment begins so I would really hate to be in the shoes of someone that had misled people to fly away with the false Christ never you know go back to the beginning again in chapters 2 & 3 what did it say there’s seven churches only two out of the seven were pleasing to Christ now you don’t have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer – no thanks if I want to please Christ I need to listen to what Smyrna and Philadelphia said because he had nothing against them but help and prestige to stand assistance so verse 17 for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand you can what because he’s not he’s not angry at you rathas is placed out on your enemies not your friends so it is an amazing thing the comfort if you accept it if you believe this is the time that there will be no part beliefs there’s no such thing really as part belief anyway you either believer you don’t that Christ was the son of God that he would born DUP a virgin and so forth you just if you’re not a believer if you don’t accept that and his word but you must divide rightly divide his word wisely to make certain that means going into the language is a little bit at times but that’s fine we breathe told you the tools that you need to get that done chapter 7 verse 1 and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth force symbolizes earth and numerix holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree this particular wind is mentioned also in the seventh chapter of Daniel the four winds you’ll find it mentioned again in Ezekiel chapter 37 where the four winds are helped because they bring about the end they change the dispensation of time because that’s when God’s wrath through the Sun puts things in order it is it is a destroying wind to the bad it will be a comforting breeze to God’s elect because why well you have you have been given many signs of that God trying to get your confidence and and to reassure you that all you had to do is go to the Book of Daniel and read about Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and what happened to them seven times harder than necessary to cremate them they were thrown into furnace and everything yes her looks he loved the boys but he had to follow the king his world in word he said how many we threw in three there’s four and the son of God was walking with them and not one here was singed not even their clothing was singed in that blast of heat so gods does that so you know if he’s got his hand on you you’re fine so don’t don’t let them see you sweat on your first cruise okay it’s it’s going to be a it’s going to be a nice time but there’s something must be done first verse two let’s find out what it is and I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt to hurt the earth in the sea saying verse three hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads now they said that’s a time statement the end will not come until after God’s elect have the seal of God that means the truth that means you have read mark 13 where God Christ says I have proposed you old things and you you have accepted that and the seal goes not on your forehead but in your forehead what’s in your forehead your brain in other words you’re too smart to be tempted by by Satan you know when that statement is repulsive to be tempted by Satan what kind of person would you be probably not a student of God’s Word and and so he stopped the four ends and when it bring you know God has certainly blessed us that we go all the way around the world and many hours of teaching a day to try that seal to get people to understand the seals and there are many there’s others verse four and I heard the number of them which were he sealed and there were sealed an hundred and forty-four and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel that’s those are God’s he like they earned that right in the first Earth Age as it is written many fusions chapter 1 verse 4 that behold I have chose you before the foundations of this world that that means I chose you before the cattle Bowl in the Greek meaning the overthrow of Satan chose you then what because you stood against him then you found him repulsive then and you still find him repulsive but as the seals come into your mind Satan will be ordered you can go down and deceive whomever you want to you can’t kill them but you can deceive them but don’t touch mine you lack that is to say if they have the seal of God in their forehead you better leave them alone and we’ll we’ll read that in the ninth chapter soon and how precious it is this this 144,000 will learn more about them in the 14th chapter they go astray for a while so and besides that’s only God’s elect that’s already preordained don’t don’t listen to somebody to persuade well that’s all that’s going to make it to heaven well they wouldn’t they wouldn’t have finished this chapter why well listen five of the tribe of juda were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand of the tribe of GAD were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of a sir which that’s a sure in Hebrew sir in the Greek were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Mitchell and were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Manasses were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of st.

Simeon were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of levi were sealed 12,000 that’s the priests of the tribe of Issachar were sealed 12,000 of the tribe verse 8 of the tribe of Zebulun were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand why would they have Joseph there because idolatry would cause son to not be there Joseph were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed 12,000 and that’s all there is that’s all of God’s elect okay and as he would say many times in the scripture that there are 7,000 that have not bowed a need to bail meaning Satan as Antichrist they’re not they’re not good luck again they’re not going to find him tempting so but you’ll find out that for a while that 144,000 were deceived and then when Ghazi leg dust those of the 7,000 very elect spoke they realized he was a fake and they come out at that time will document that in the 14th chapter all right next verse please verse 9 and after this now keep that in order after this I beheld an Lord Rane multitude which no man could number now does that sound like 144,000 you couldn’t even number them of all nations that’s every race and Kindred’s and people and tongues stood before the throne and before the lamb clothed with white robes and psalms in their hand palms in their hands in other words you all the people that have been lived a Christian life have loved the Lord they haven’t worshiped the Antichrist because he’s not here yet that’s that’s what separates the sheep from the goats in that category but they will worship if they’re not very very careful but these are already were worthy out hitting the hole in the ground somewhere no they’re the altar of God why because they were good Christians so the danger comes after the false messiah appears that is that is why when we get to the Trump you’re going to find the last three your world Trump’s the role you own earth why they clean heaven out so keeping things in order then don’t ever let anyone tell you only 144,000 are going to heaven you couldn’t even count them how many of you have grandmother’s that just I mean taught the whole family the Bible tried to anyway and and so on and so forth they probably didn’t know a thing about the false messiah coming because of what is taught in the churches but yet she loved the Lord that satisfies him she’s with him and I think that’s precious I don’t care who you are you notice there was no the kid Knights weren’t cut out of that they’re one of the nation’s and if should one of them accept Christ then God becomes their father not Satan and that changes it’s possible for them if they so choose so and we continue then verse 10 and cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne and into the land the time of salvation really begins okay 11 and all the Angels stood round about the throne and about the elders and the four beasts and fell before the throne on their faces and worshipped God that would make him feel very good to have that kind of attention but it’s time it’s time for action and our Father knows how to put it out he does they want they won’t have to worry about is there a god difference they’re going to know verse 12 saying Amen I mean this is that this is it blessings 1 and glory 2 and wisdom 3 and Thanksgiving for and honor 5 and power 6 and might seven be into our God forever and ever amen that’s that I want you to note that each of those have say polysyndeton before it translated and in the English but signifying and separating each one of a month of the spirits of God now that should that should alleviate a lot of anxiety for somebody this week of art because you don’t find that’s his attitude the Spirit of God if you got it that’s called the Holy Spirit of course but that those that those are his ways those are his ways of knowing and doing and so it is you don’t find he committed to war or anything like that but he does take care of business he doesn’t shaking and we don’t have anything they don’t have anything that would come against that shaking verse thirteen and one of the elders answered saying unto me what are these which are arrayed in white robes and whence came they now you want to remember that your your robes are woven from fine linen you’ll find this out in the nineteenth chapter from fine men and created by your righteous acts so they all had righteousness that see it says a lot it says they all had righteous acts regardless of what nation what kindred because they had two white robes they were wearing that fine linen decked from or woven from the righteous acts so a great deal is said there about them and and they’re going to serve Him next verse please verse 14 and I said unto him Sir thou knowest you know who they are and he said to me these are they which came out of Great Tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the land in other words their righteous acts brought it to pass and I want you to note tribulation is on earth but it’s by Satan Satan known as the false messiah when he takes out office especially he he brings tribulation and then when Christ comes he brings tribulation against the enemy so there are two Trib relations and you must never overlook that the why because you would you would miss the Antichrist and probably worship him if you weren’t careful because he’s the first tribulation and and he will have people believing if possible you want to remember something else for that Christ said just before he said behold I have foretold you all things he said I’m shortening the time or even the elect would be deceived that’s how good he is deception but he’ll never make it with you because you have the seal of God in your forehead your brain and you find Satan again an abomination not tempting at all okay burst 15 to continue therefore are they before the throne of God and serve Him day and night in his temple and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them but that that says in the Hebrew char King not Shekinah glory that’s what the word Shekinah means it means God dwells there easy God is there and that’s why it’s called Shekinah glory but he’s that that happens naturally when the the Sun which is Emmanuel God with us comes on the Lord’s Day because he’s the Lord but on the final day of the Lord’s Day comes the great white throne judgment in other none other than Father himself will sit on the throne that day and along with the the Sun necessarily okay verse 16 to continue they shall hunger no more neither thirst any more neither shall the Sun light on them nor any Heat in other words I will protect them that is such a strong statement as to gain courage if you a little weak of heart because he’s with you all the way remember in another place I will never leave thee nor forsake thee any minute he said it it’s written that’s it end of story you can count on him he will never leave you and you’re not going to be harmed by any of those things we could take this a step further if you were in a spiritual body things that pain the flesh wouldn’t affect you so it becomes a whole different situation and verse seventeen reads for the lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them unto living fountains of water and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes that’s going to be a happy moment there’s a blotting out takes place there so the tears are no longer necessary when you reap for those that you were close to and they didn’t make it they’re blotted out it’s they’re also broadened out of your mind I think that’s my opinion that speculations cannot be proved what I’ve just said biblically but it just makes sense that there’s no tears in heaven he also brought them from your mind and you only see what is before you because they’re gone they’re not there to be wept over and let’s finish the chapter verse 17 and and it reads no we got 17 didn’t we he’s going to feed you how does he feed you the Word of God he’s foretold us all things the thing is is to absorb it you know each verse in Revelation sometimes has a double meaning by that I mean it will be a time statement as well as an action statement and between the two then you add the third which is current events that’s what your watchful love and he will teach you leads you and feed you that’s his promise the seal of God you notice we only covered six out of them but it did break into the seventh but we will begin that seventh seal in a moment how precious it is the Word of God it’s complete revelation meaning the unveiling to make knowing with no deception you can listen to man many times and they will attempt to pull you off but when it won’t happen when you have the truth the truth of God’s Word thus it is so ever you this is why he could say to the Church of Smyrna well I know you’re poor but you’re rich because if you have the seal of God that is talked about rich that’s one of the most valuable things there is it keeps you out of muddy water when you absorb those fountains of living water what eternal life gives you eternal life what if what a loving father we have all right don’t miss the next lecturer listen the moment won’t you please John three letters written by the Apostle John that disciple whom Jesus loved the tenderness of John’s writings is more by the number of times he begins the exhortation z’ and warnings with my little children or little children in fact little children is written seven times in the first epistle alone the contents of the first epistle are practical teaching in the light of the love of God God is life is light his truth is righteous is love and we have fellowship with him through the Lord Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit the tenderness and love of John’s writing continues in the second epistle as he encourages the elect lady and her children to love one another he also writes this is love that we walk after his Commandments after these words of encouragement John warns us that there are many deceivers entered into the world and explains how to identify these deceivers don’t miss this opportunity to study the epistles of John with Pastor Arnold and there we are back again let’s have the 800 number please 1 864 3 4 6 4 5 that number is good from Porto Rico all through Hawaii Canada and all of Alaska if you in the u.s.

Of America if you have any questions submit them and it’s always good to hear from you unfortunately with our growth it’s impossible to take all of them but the spirit leads he takes a handful I do and that’s what we answer for that particular day so God’s with us he will never leave us he will never forsake us and it is precious to study the letter that he sent to you for telling you all things don’t forget to thank him for that the skirt is thrown father around the world we come West that you lead guide direct heal touch in your shoes precious name Amen ok and it’s question time we’re going to go with Andy from Texas pastor was Paul the tax collector someone told me he was if so can you give me a scripture to find that you’d never find it Paul was not tax collector Levi was Levi’s name then would be changed to Matthew Matthew was a tax collector and you can find that out in the book of Matthew no problem but it was not Paul will from Alabama where can I find more scripture about God well alright have you ever read the Bible the bible– it that’s what it is before told you all things in there so that somebody couldn’t make a fool out of you so it’s well to cover it you find it in his word though he wrote you that letter for your own benefit so read it that’s how you find out about God Doris from North Carolina is it okay to wear wool clothing I read somewhere in the Bible that we are not to wear wool clothing somebody to see somebody’s misquoting you you don’t wear a garment that’s made out of wool and linen to get you don’t mix thing God created things the way they are and he wants them to stay that way it’s just like you don’t even supposed to plow with the horse and a mule but you know and naturally certain crops you’ve got to separate on try try planting cucumbers in cantaloupe in the same meal and see what happens you got you got zip oh the cantaloupes taste halfway like cucumbers and if you come lose taste half way like the cantaloupe they cross and they’re not supposed to you’re supposed to keep them separated so it’s fine to wear wool stop and think a moment what is the what mean does God choose for his own is the sheep and what do they produce wool that we are locking to the sheep of God and that will goes real good especially in a hard winter Theresa from Illinois when do you give up on trying to help lost souls when it is time to say they are not going to listen or believe you and there is nothing else you can do well you shouldn’t have to do anything anyway so God’s a new plant the seed only God can make a seed grow you know you can have the most expensive desirable seed that are possible and you can have the best fertilizer and you can plant that little seed you’re through God has to take over from there and it becomes that beautiful plant well if you plant a good seed and the Holy Spirit Guides us in this many times then just leave it right there and leave them alone unless they come and ask a question and then sink the hook okay Rudy from Tennessee I’m not talking about a national hook here now okay we’re spiritually speaking Rudy from Tennessee who wrote the book of Genesis we cannot find that well why not just take the shortcut and say Moses wrote the Pentateuch and the Pentateuch is the first five books of the Bible and Moses the author there of the lawyers from Alabama what does the word can I mean it is a Hebrew word that rain some transliterated can Ike but translated is sons of Cain or descendants of Cain it’s his family it’s his offspring it’s the one Jesus was talking about in st.

John chapter 8 verse 44 you you won’t hear me because I’m from my father God but you are of your father the devil and you you won’t hear me so that that’s who he was talking about but again I reiterate it is possible even for aconite to accept God and become a child of God rather than the child of Satan Lee from North Carolina what is an acrostic it’s a beautiful little thing that God puts in the manuscripts it is a way to document that something is original it is a way to document that there is a deeper truth there as a matter of fact that one of the most beautiful acrostics is in Psalms 37 or 9 and what it does there out of all the bars there are three that are shorter than the others and it answers a question that would really have some people kind of worrisome what why is it that those that seem bad always get ahead that’s the question and the second verse into the acrostic marked says they will be like the fat of a lamb dropping in the fire on a spit okay and the third part of the acrostic is several verses later same with the same number of lines in the song and it says you’re going to be there to see it so and and there are many other acrostics in the book of Esther or the sacred name is hidden there five times then I am I am and and Yahoo Bayfront woods and backwards where you can’t miss it don’t play around with a sacred name god nailed it for us there an acrostic in the great Book of Psalms also nails the sacred name okay Peggy then from California I have done a lot of unsavory things in the past that I have prayed and repented for often a distant memory pops into my head of something from that past do I need to ask God for forgiveness every time I remember something or is it my slitters my slate clean so out to speak I am really worried about if the book of my life accidentally doesn’t match up with my prayers well when it’s gone it’s gone when Christ forgives you of the sin he paid an awesome price to have the power and authority to forgive you but you’ve got to forgive yourself and I’m kind of wondering even if you are so you have nothing to worry about he you want to repent of it he hears and remember remember back a chapter or so in Revelation he said all those prayers are bottled and they’re there before God wasn’t asked for so it’s real easy to love him he’s not out to get you he’s out to love you when you’ve repent it’s gone it’s not a very good idea to bring it up again now what is this mechanism then well we naturally experience is a great teacher and that’s what you’re seeing in the back of your mind is the experience you suffered from doing something unsavory as you your words not mine at and naturally it’s going to pop into your mind but that’s to keep you from doing it again you don’t have to repent of that okay just you’ve already repented the end of story you might read your my chapter 23 the last 10 verses and you can see it’s even dangerous to doubt too much Monty from Florida where is it in the Bible about the food laws the food laws are in more places in one but I like Leviticus chapter 11 the best it gives you but young a good rule of the thumb and a shortcut is don’t eat scavengers all God’s animals are good for the purpose he made them that he created them the scavengers bring off of the earth the pollutants the diseased animals and so forth and when they take in that kind of stuff you’re not supposed to eat a scavenger but one that eats live from the ground a cow the bovine the grass eaters and brain eaters and they they take everything that comes from the ground where you came from the ground so there you go Caroline from Wisconsin do you have to be baptized to enter into heaven this this is a question that many people I asked and maybe because of loved ones that have passed on that were never baptized I can only say the Lord knows the mind of everyone and as he was hung on the cross there was a mouth on each side of him and one of them stopped the other he ignited him and accepted him as Christ the Anointed One and Christ said to him this day is that I tell you this day our shall see you in paradise but he didn’t come down off the cross and baptize him or have one of the disciples do it so the answer is God’s judge and we’re not but I’m sure that he made it Peter from North Carolina can you please explain about the four beasts and either the Nile or Euphrates River Letson Euphrates and what we’ll be getting there in the fall very long in chapter 9 and we’ll go into them in detail this where the four beasts of that particular trunk or released even before the false messiah is and they raised a world of problems for a lot of people and I wouldn’t be too sure that it hasn’t happened were brushed us over real good bite but they’ll be back Doug and Trudy from Idaho who is the great deceiver that is listed in revelation and only her forehead a name Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth well it’s it believe it or not it’s the church that holds after Antichrist that that’s why it’s been a mystery to them that the consummating at the end of this age when Christ wrote them especially in this book of Revelation if we are in the fifth Trump what was the sign of the fifth trip and also what were other signs well our Father lets us know doesn’t he Janet from Florida please define the difference of the fifth seal and the seventh seal the sixth Chomp and the seventh Trump and the vowel what is the difference between the sixth and the seventh probably the main thing Janet you would remember between the sixth and the seventh is the Antichrist comes in the sixth Christ doesn’t return until the seventh so we can withstand that no individual be tested over ten days according to the promise made to the church Christ was pleased with Smyrna Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 Ruby from Georgia faster I cannot read so I cannot read the Bible and when I hear it I do not understand what it said but I do love the Lord and will I still be able to do anything father wants me to do and will he love me even if I can’t be of course of course in tears well you you learn to many people have learned to read washing the scripture on shepherd’s chapel as I repeat it and don’t mess it up too bad but sometimes but there have been people that have written me and let me know they learn to read by watching shepherd’s chapel the Bible and and this is my god sends teachers you pick the right teacher because do you know how you can judge a good teacher usually really the thumb they’re not trying to get you to trying to tell you what to think they’re teaching you to think for yourself and so so you can learn from from shepherd’s chapel every scripture we cover the Bible every four or five years and and it is complete and we thank God we have the ability to do that Eric from Illinois acts 19 seven all men about twelve can you explain there was a derivative twelfth there were twelve men there okay they’re the ones that that the spirit fellow twelve Joseph from California can you explain heaven would it be like a patio never-ending not round Plateau you know the whole earth is heaven God is coming to this earth to establish his throne forever you can you can absorb this if you read the Ezekiel chapter 16 that God saw her when she had an unclean birth because because jebus Jebusites formed Jerusalem and they called it Jebus and then David comes along and we get to change the name to Jerusalem and so and so it is but the whole world is placed back in order that’s what the great shaking is right now you’ve heard me say many times that as a pallet you have to make a compass correction because North Pole and two North are changed about 90 to 90 miles so you have to add six or take away six West is best East is least now when you subtract these address – I’m going back when we used to fly by compost instead of bunch of fancy gadgets which I don’t knock them it’s a lot of help but that’s what that’s what it’s going to be Jean from organ where can I find it in the Bible where it states that after Satan returns Jesus Christ was that foot on Mount Zion Zechariah chapter 14 I could teach the whole book of Revelation from that one chapter and not only does his feet touch but it splits away to the main gate of Jerusalem the temple and he takes over Ted from Florida why do most TV preachers keep telling their audiences that Christ is coming back in 2014 but they won’t tell people the Antichrist comes first before Jesus well that’s a good question Ted why why they don’t I in the first place I don’t know how and why they nailed 2014 we’re in 14 and there’s a say some prophecies that still have – they’re aligning and it could happen at any time but there’s no no no man knows the Alamo minore day that’s the instant I just don’t not even Christ knew mark 13 again so beware of people that might say so and not to warn the people about the false Christ is bad Kevin from Idaho Jesus said that we are to love our enemies if so how do we remain obedient and love Satan he is my enemy well you have power over him you know what what does what does Almighty God do to a child he loves hebrews chapter 12 verse 3 or 4 five verses he chastises it he thumps his gourd I mean even if it’s one of God’s elect you start pulling away something that he had intended you do he will thump your gourd good why because he loves you you know sometimes you’ve got to get a two before after the enemy to get his attention that’s true love people get this word love all mixed up they think you’ve got to never defend yourself or teach anyone you cannot teach anyone anything without a little tough love occasionally so if you’ve got an enemy that’s that is doing something then gives attention with the two before or what it takes to offset and if an enemy is trying to harm you or your family dispatch them God wants them up there okay so that’s how you love your enemies Regina from Oklahoma I’d like to know how can God forgive us like me when I can’t even forgive myself that that is that is sad because he died on the cross for you understand he didn’t even point them and in that shedding that blood it cleanses you when you ask so he loves you that much and as it is written in the book of Matthew you’ve got to forgive yourself but he’s not gonna forgive you so you believe in know that he paid an awesome price to say Regina is clean and you believe it because that’s the way he wants it it’s gone and like I said earlier to that person the memory of experience is a great thing it keeps you from doing it again Jesus thrown a Zeus probably from Delaware I’m in Matthew it talks about the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place is this when Satan is Antichrist or is it a man born of woman it’s the Antichrist Satan has looked forward to that position for a long time and as we started out and I read to you from 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 we’re about our gathering back to Christ it let no man no letter anything deceive you is not going to happen until til the son of perdition and a cry stands in the only place claiming to be God Christ has foretold us all things all you have to do is read it that strengthens your faith and and life and gives you truth is a valuable thing I mean it’s something no one can take away from you so once you have that truth that’s sealed then don’t ever any drivel us Oh nonsense by a false prophet Oh remember what did Christ say in mark 13 the briefest warning see that no man deceives you for me shall come in my name that they claim to be Christian preachers trying to be Christian but they will deceive you if they get that Satan can work better from a pulpit then you will see if you can get some old boy going on his prestige I’m a man of God no you’re a servant of God always have been always will be I’m out of time I love you all because you enjoy studying God’s Word but most of all God loves you for it it makes his day and when you make God’s day he’s going to make yours you can count on it he loved you for that we are brought to you by your tithes and offerings if we have helped you you help us keep coming to you what you do that I said if we have helped you participate buying our Father is certainly in control and he likes to issue those blessings but most of all listen to me closely stay in his word every day in his word is a good day even with trouble why because Jesus Yahshua is the Living Word will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written Bible study a tape catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 864 3 4 6 4 5 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing to shepherd’s chapel post-office box for 1/6 gravity Arkansas 77-36 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1 6 grab it Arkansas 7 2 7 3 6 we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and God bless you the book of Peter here we have two books first and second Peter that are absolutely fascinating that great old fisherman telling us leading us directing us guiding us going into the depth if you would in that second book into the three earth ages giving the most accurate recorded account of the events that transpire and document that there are three earth ages that there was one before this one this one and one to come Peter the great fisherman which in his gentleness and his kindness brings us two books the books of Peter that lead guy direct even in your daily life that teach and show you how to be happy how to find that peace of mind and to know yourself the books of Peter I know you’re going to enjoy them you from gravid Arkansas this is Shepherd’s chapel with Pastor Arnold Murray join with us now as pastor Murray takes you on a book by book chapter by chapter line-by-line study in God’s Word now here’s pastor Marie all right good day to you god bless you welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel hey welcome to this family Bible study our know what we’re going to kick around the latter days a little bit in this particular lecture following the latter rain that we covered in the last lecture and certainly we asked the word of wisdom from our Father that he enlighten us on some of these terms that we find scattered throughout God’s Word which mean a great deal

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