Revelation Part 5 (February 6, 2014) ~ Picking up at Chapter 3:13

Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding God’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study are getting back in our fathers word here and how precious it is we the last church we were working on was the Church of Philadelphia it’s a fantastic church because God Himself gives you the key to David that’s his genealogy what line he was in so that you don’t confuse his offspring which is to say from Almighty God the Lord Jesus Christ through his daughters and offspring and and it lets you know who the true Christ is from the false that’s what that key is for is to unlock truth that is so simple and so wonderful when God hands that to you that it can clarify the picture and the Word of God comes alive it’s bodacious and it is so very helpful in our lives to hear with an ear you can hear and see with an eye with understanding that is to say to hear what and understand and so it is he made us a promise in the close of that last lecture but if you keep this and if you stand against the false one the way you’re supposed to and you will then you are actually a pillar in the new temple which that temple is when we get to chapter 21 will be the father and the son so you’re traveling in good company that’s that’s a promise that he has made in his Juris for the claiming and most of all doing I’ll say that again the doing you got to be a doer to keep that place because there’s trouble coming and we can cut it we work and do cut tight people and get it done so let’s pick it up today as we leave that perfect church basically and get on the chapter 3 verse 13 and it reads what that wrote a wisdom from our Father he that had the ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches you got to be attuned to the Holy Spirit it’s called it’s called to discern spiritually what’s happening and spiritual discernment is a valuable thing for a Christian because they can spot something evil long before it even gets to them verse 14 and into the church and into the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans write these things saith the Amen that means the final word that’s that the faithful and true witnesses the beginning of the creation of God and and so they were in the beginning and so it was that God had this plan of salvation from the beginning when people began to go downhill with the overthrow of that Satan would bring this probably is one of the worst of the churches you know why this one you shouldn’t want to be in listen to it I know thy works that thou art neither cold nor hot I would thou wert cold or hot I think you never do anything you’re dead fruit well we just want to be very careful and not upset someone we want to be politically correct if you’re in church you want to think about being morally correct and spiritually correct throw that other junk out the window somebody may preach that but it’s a bunch of malarkey if you’re a good Christian you’re good to everybody without having to have some PC lawyer or policeman to teach you what to do right God has already taught you how to do right and people neither can like it or lump it it doesn’t matter we don’t you don’t have to bend over backwards with the doing nothing you know why but if you don’t stand for something if you don’t do something you’re good for nothing how can God use something like that he can’t he couldn’t depend on them you can’t depend on there he said I’d rather you actually made a decision and did something maybe a little wrong then to what you’re doing just sitting there you know if you you see God can use mistakes to correct you and and have a better servant when you mess up right real good and he has to dig you out of the shocks then certainly you learned something you learned should you shouldn’t have done something so you begin to do what’s right that that’s what he’s talking about here but he said dumb you’re afraid to say anything or take any chance well there’s the devil the nerves the Lord well you better make a pic okay and you better pick the right one because the other one comes first and he’s there’s only one way you can withstand him and that’s to be able to hear the Holy Spirit speak to you give you power authority and will over anything evil including Satan himself that’s that’s why being a doer they’re so important but he says here you I’d rather you were wrong occasionally along the other way where we could get you straightened out but you won’t do anything okay let’s go with the next verse please verse 16 so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I was view the out of my mouth you know he says the same thing in the Old Testament about you smell like swine’s blood or mouse blood of a mouse both very very unclean and he said ah get away from me and you know Christ Himself will say that too when when he comes and somebody from this church the old Jesus we’re with you we called you by name and and we peace that you get away from me I never knew you never means even when you recall in yourself a church I never knew you and that’s going to happen you know that would be embarrassing again this is one of the churches especially that you do not want to be belong to do nothing because God’s got to get rid of spewing out there 17 because they’ll say us I am rich and increased with Goods and have need of nothing and knowest not that thou art wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked you don’t have any righteous garment sewing together and on the first day of the Millenium you’re going to be Nikita than a baby j-bird just that’s shame but I’ve going to church all my life that doesn’t cut anything what is your church teach we’ve covered seven of them this being the seventh and what have you learned from that there’s two only two out of that seven you know we could even play a little numbers with this shmurda was number two and Philadelphia was number six and six and two is eight meeting new beginnings if you’ll teach what those two do you’ll have new beginnings in life and also past the seventh the seventh dimension is the millennium and new beginnings after that you have our part in that it’s his guarantee if you choose what that’s not difficult you go to a church that teaches what Smyrna and Philadelphia teach otherwise you are in a heap of hurt and and you’re not going anywhere I know you may think you are you probably think you’re heaven bound and you’re going to find out that held has got to grip on you for sure because you didn’t listen to our Father when he simplifies the word as he has in these first three chapters of this great book of the unveiling to make no one to you what his wishes are and what it is you should be teaching and studying or by you are not deceived and that you certainly don’t deceive others that becomes paramount so y’all they think they’re rich but they’re naked 18 I counsel thee you’ll never have better counsel than God’s I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire that thou mayest be rich and white raiment that thou mayest be clothed and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear and in what thine eyes with eyesalve that thou mayest see that’s to pray for the Holy Spirit to give you to open your spiritual eyes many people have good flesh eyes but they have no spiritual eyes and you got it you got to get those spiritual eyes open but I suppose it’s important that even this one that is the worst of all he mustn’t know if they will repent if they’ll ask him if they’ll go to him then he will forgive them but they got to repent first there’s got to be some changes so that he does not speed the out of mouth verse 19 as many as I love don’t read over that as many as I love I rebuke and chasten be zealous therefore and repent as long as God puts his naughty board to your back now that’s a figure of speech meaning as long as God corrects you and chasing your child just like you correct your children when you love them and they go wrong you’re going to correct them so they don’t hurt themselves well that’s the reason he corrects you so you don’t hurt yourself spiritually or physically or mentally our Father is so very very good to us that yeah sorry and a lot of people don’t understand that they think God is angry at them no he’s just correcting he wants to get your attention if you’re one of God’s elect and you get too far out of the path you’re going to come back he’s going to straighten you out because he needs you or he wants you as long as you will do it his way but I’d rather do it my way then probably you will make it it’s got to be his way and he has made it so simple like well I’ll pick one of those other churches whoa I don’t think you are too but it’s your choice that’s one thing we have here on earth if you’re not one of God’s elect you’re at the other end of the spectrum of freewill and you have the free will to go to heaven or to go to hell it’s up to you and does does it make any great deal of difference to me while I wouldn’t have dedicated my life to teaching truth if I didn’t care about souls making it all the way but if somebody is stubborn enough that they wish to go the other way let them go don’t ever ever beg anybody to stay because it will do any good you can’t beg somebody to stay they’ve got to want to within meaning they have used to here in eyes to see otherwise they’re no good anyway I don’t mean that as a character they might have a very good character but it’s not in God’s hands and that in itself is dangerous so there it is it’s to be blind and naked is an awesome negative thing when we get to the 19th chapter we’ll learn more about that you’ll learn that the very linen itself that fine white linen is woven together from your righteous acts well if you don’t have any righteous acts you have any linen and if you don’t have any linen you got no britches you’re a mess and there you are let’s go with the next verse verse 20 behold I stand at the door and knock If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me now a lot of people take that Christ he’s waiting out there all the time ready he knock it not you got to ask it takes a little action on your part then he will knock and open the door that’s the door to your eyes in your ears and give you the simplicity in which Christ teaches God from the Old Testament God is not the author of confusion but of peace and so it is anytime you take God’s word other than peace and you try to throw something negative into it you’re barking up the wrong tree that’s a figure of speech yep it means you’re chasing nothing chasing the wind when really you need to be hearing Almighty God God loves us and he opens things to us that but he’s not a beggar and he doesn’t send out beggars okay anytime somebody comes around begging at your door maybe it’s even if you’ll send this that or the other I’ll pray for you his prayers are not worth anything if he’s got to be paid to pray for some for for an individual his prayers are worthless you’re buying air hot air so God doesn’t send out beggars and it’s a good idea to remember that besides if you have a prayer with Christ he doesn’t want a man to go between you and him he ripped that door on the holiest of holies that only a priest could go through and said all of you come in he wants you to go in and talk to him that’s what he wishes okay next verse please verse 21 to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and him sat down with my father in his throne in other words if when you read in the millennium scriptures of the great book of ezekiel god’s elect or in the first square around him and then the tribes grew out from that and then nations from the wall so where everybody is happy because hi they made it they made it and with the father and he’s quite happy with them and it is precious to be able to sit at the feet of Almighty God you’ve got that opportunity all you have to do is listen to his word and follow it verse 22 he that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches if you have a spiritual ear and you know hear what God said to the church is not individuals what is he telling you to do there listen to what he says to the church is he told you only two of them or would overcome as they are with his blessings how intelligence you have to be to choose one that teaches what those two teach well those with they both teach what we covered it quite well and you can read it for yourself in 210 and 310 of Revelation they teach that those that claim to be of our brother Judah are nothing but a bunch of liars but they’re truly of the synagogue of Satan which means as Jesus himself would say in Matthew chapter 13 beginning with about verse 40 they’re the children of the devil I mean he sired them and he put enmity the first prophecy coming out the gate in the Bible is Genesis chapter 3 verses 15 and 16 that he put enmity and he spoke to the serpent I will put enmity between thy seed and a woman’s seed and and so it is if you have eyes to see you stand against two-seated the devil and the devil themselves why because they offend our Father they offend our family and yet God has a big enough heart that if aconite repents truly from their heart they be stopped they cease being a child of the devil and become a child of God when they do his work do our fathers work rather than their fathers work and you might say oh I didn’t know there were two fathers well you you haven’t read God’s Word then have you because God in st.

John chapter 8 is recovered he made it very clear that the one first murderer from the beginning was a child of the devil and all of his offspring is so you say so it isn’t that difficult when the spirit speaks to the seven churches you read it and I hope you read it with understanding and I hope you’re intelligent enough to pick what those to teach and let me tell you something well about family the grandpa went to this church and his grandpa went to this church and have you ever changed what they teach her have you ever got around to teaching who the false ones are if they haven’t your grandpa and your great-grandpa and yourself will let down Primrose Lane weren’t you I’m not saying that they’re in trouble because the Antichrist hadn’t come yet and they didn’t worship him but they were being led in that direction Satan get is getting this little platform ready to go so you have to jerk yourself away from that get into the scripture and hear what the Spirit said to the churches if you’re not of a Smyrna and if you’re not a Philadelphia the names don’t have anything to do with it it’s the content that they teach then you’re in a heap of heart you need to do some praying about it and soul-searching and I would think a little deeper on the subject might help chapter four verse one after this I looked and held a duel was opened in heaven and the first voice which I heard was as it were a trumpet talking to me strong solid which said come up hither and I will show thee things which must be here after now he told us what was before concerning the churches now we’re going hereafter now you’ve got a lot of yo-yos that will tell you I’m going to have a little test right here they will say what he’s talking to the church and he’s rapturing the church out he opened the door in heaven and he’s taken them up then have a little child that can read read it and tell you what it says ask the child is going to know the church has no article the church is not the subject you can’t just stick something into father’s word father doesn’t yet he does not need your help in deciding who’s going up what was the purpose it’s real simple he took John who was a prisoner on the Isle Pat mess up to the first day of the Millenium again to show us things that would follow that would happen after so this way we get a picture and the knowledge of not only what happens before the Millenium what the church is you know those seven churches make a circle which what he’s talking about they circle the whole world owes a key or you can listen to God’s Word without sticking stuff in to make your little flimsy religion stand because it won’t stand he did not say as he did in the prior verse the spirit talks to the churches as I’m talking to John john-117 essence to to deliver it so don’t ever let some clown tell you this is the church being raptured there’s it has no article if you were such a scholar that you would take something like that without an article or without it being the subject you would be one of the sorriest scholars that were in the world because you’ve added to God’s Word and the penalty where that is pretty severe we’re over had a door open in heaven John’s going to be taken there he’s going to be showing things so listen what God says to him and then you’ll come to a deeper clearer understanding verse 2 and immediately I was in the spirit and behold a throne was set in heaven and one sat on the throne how many can say immediately I was they didn’t say immediately the church was so immediately I was John said there’s no church with him he’s gone near so that he can teach the churches what they should know so he he’s taken to that beautiful place verse three and he that set was to look upon like a Jasper and sword in stone and there was a rainbow about round about the throne in sight like unto an in Belize are the first and the last stones in a priest best there was got no law now and there there he says the priests of priests King of Kings Lord of lords Emmanuel God with us and and so it is the how precious and first form and round about the throne were four and 20 seats and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white raiment and they had on their heads crowns of gold they earned them a lot of people wonder who these were and we can only speculate but I think we could you’d be quite safe to say it’s the twelve patriarchs heads of the tribes and the twelve disciples and a lot of people’s that were giving one of the disciples of Judas would be there he repented and and what but but he betrayed Christ no I said he repented after that does Christ forgive or does he not forgive and and did he what he committed suicide not no he didn’t if you are not familiar with the Greek if you think that because you have it read Acts chapter 1 verse 18 where it makes it very clear that Judas was cut open from his Adam’s apple the way down below his navel until his very insides fell out that took some help but the Kenites could not afford to let him be walking around so they killed him so you don’t know whether we will or not and besides who’s judge God is we leave that up to him that’s why I said that speculation and and no more no less because it may it doesn’t matter they or whoever is there earned it verse five and out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God and we how precious it is that those seven spirits we’ll be covering them again and identifying them there are spirits that are always uplifting and very helpful corrective educational and we’ll teach you how to go you know even even the for hidden dynasties that Satan utilizes to blind God uses to improve even to rich and you know when when he says I want you to buy gold tried birth fire he’s talking about your works or your work straw or they would are they brass or are they silver or gold gold the more you burn it the better it gets the slag runs off the bad goes off and all you got is the good left that’s that’s not what he wants you to be now this this light around his throne I want you to remember it is that perfect prism of light that gives knowledge and wisdom because in the sixth chapter there’s one comes up – Scudder rainbow it’s called in the Greek accion which means it’s a cheap fabric imitation because he’s riding the white horse yeah a lot of people going to think that white horse rider is Christ well that one happens to be the Antichrist that’s what are the first seals that’s the first thing you should know is they’re the eight who your enemy is whereby you can prepare war for him otherwise you can be taken in real easy verse six and before the throne there was a sea of glass that simply means it it was pure rock unto crystal nothing there to offend and in the midst of the throne round about the throne were four beasts full of eyes before and behind and certainly this should be translated it’s a bad translation to call this beasts because it gives the English here the wrong impression living creatures this the soy and the zone according to whether you’re speaking Hebrew or Greek and they are simply individuals that God created to protect the throne because man could no he couldn’t do it they can cut it she had trussed up so he created guards and and so it is that he had these poor living creatures there they’re simply to serve God and no more and no less so there you have it are having the father’s word how simple it is please don’t ever make it complicated it isn’t if you just let it flow like honey over the buds of your mind to pick up the real truths and the peace that the Spirit the Holy Spirit brings us through us being attuned to the true Word of God it’s priceless it’s the most precious thing you’re his that’s where you find true gold is from the Word of God because it lasts forever after the first day the Millennium Goals won’t be worth anything but up until then all precious metal has value to border but and that’s it but how precious we’ll pick this up in the next lecture don’t miss it this in a moment won’t you please Genesis 146 the first six chapters in God’s Word the world that was did you realize there was a world age before this when same old world different age the creation itself when where the race is created you see all the races work separately and you’ll find that documented in these particular tapes how was the sure what how and what was the sin in the garden he will be discussed in this series also this is a must for the serious Bible scholar for if you do not understand how it was in the beginning you certainly will never understand the end I think you will find this series very rewarding and certainly will answer questions that no doubt you’ve always wondered about Genesis 146 hey I know you then enjoy this series and there we are back again let’s have these hundred number please 1 864 three four six four five and that telephone that number is good from Porto Rico throughout the US through Alaska and all over Canada if the spirit moves you have a question you share it once you do that it’s always good to hear from you we’ll take a handful here and there and spiritually if it’s juices to be it’ll be there we think our Father for your tuning yourself to his word and let’s go to Rome for many people hurting in this generation don’t let them see you sweat on your first cruise I’ve told you many days now months it’s going to get a little bit salty but if you play the cards up close to your chest bigger speech it means if you’re very careful and wise you will be just fine God will take care of the rest you won’t you put yourself in his hands and know everything’s going to be cool father around the globe we come less that you need guy direct father touch in Yeshua’s precious name thank you Father okay and question time in from Arizona please explain what it means do not touch I know it is Naga what it means to be oh-ho what it means to be homies loose well that’s what it is and still I was a woman Paul makes this very clear in in Romans chapter 11 verses three he said I’m really jealous for you because I’m afraid that as Satan seduced the word in the Greek is ex patio it means to be holy sedusa don’t you have one meaning that you will lose your virginity now you don’t have to worry about spiritual virginity when you lose that it’s gone and Satan will we’re speaking spiritually here will deceive many people when he returns because they’re unlearned that that that’s what it means it means one of its main meanings is to live with a woman Deborah from DS the Delaware is the Antichrist and Satan one and the same is the Antichrist Satan’s right-hand man no they’re one in the same you see for every negative there is a positive Satan has many roles Christ for example is his teacher he’s a priest he’s a healer and he’s a father that loves children he takes care of his own but and one of his foremost for a period of time and much of this is by time as Savior because that’s that’s why God sent the Emmanuel God with us as the Savior so that people could be saved while he loves his children that try and so it is but Satan likewise has just as many names for everything God has laid to Christ the true Christ Satan copies that that’s why he calls it God calls Jesus Christ the Morningstar well Satan calls himself Lucifer a different name what does it mean bright star he’s always mimicking he’s always copying you can read that for yourself in Isaiah chapter 14 but he has many roles little horns Antichrist son of perdition the deceptive one unknown Jay from Connecticut what does Patten’s mean in greek well it’s not a Greek word and probably if we were to if I were playing with the language being and considered yourself to be a linguist a pot in the Greek means father okay Petra always father and Moss means knees more a father or more well it could be but that’d be strictly guessing okay nobody knows for sure jack from years ona could you tell me about Lilith being Adam’s first wife and Eve being his second wife it’s a bunch of malarkey let me ask you a question does the Bible say it well no it doesn’t well then that’s your answer right there she never existed do you know why they do say she did because they can’t explain the six-day creation there had B then a Lilith there had to be people before so they make some up when it would be really quite simple to you know I get many letters from so-called scholars and some of them scholars and I’m not judging it’s all right with me they’ll say you’re correct but you’re going to get in trouble they’re going to call you a racist I’m going to be a call too racist because God created the races on the sixth day that’s that I had nothing to do with it our Father does he created them they are here you know what you look around you today there are different races is there anything for him to be ashamed of no God created them that way he’s proud of them he looked last verse of Genesis 1 he looked and it was good sorry he loves all of his children just because some earned the right because they fought against Satan it wouldn’t give him to them because they were the prettiest dirt the best as to them for poor people but to God and doing his work alright Patricia from Georgia in the past months I’ve been washing the Shepherd’s chapel program and I must say I have learned so much about our Father in heaven and the letter he has given us I’m in a storm a very long one and it still hurts but not yet my father has allowed this to happen to me I love my father in heaven with all my heart and soul mind and I think him for his only begotten Son Jesus Christ I praise Him when I don’t understand help me with the verse predestinate in Romans chapter 8 verse 28 you’ll notice that in Romans before you get to that verse he’s talking to the Saints now people will put robes on the saint and make them supper out of the world in fact all it means is the separated ones it doesn’t say they got fancy robes their angels are there the separated ones meaning God’s elect and he said when when in your life you must depend on me because you don’t even know what to pray for sometimes but I will intercede in your life then he brings in why because I for ordained you I predestined you and naturally it was from the first Earth Age because you stood against Satan you I mean you soldier it on and you earn that right and so you became part of the firstfruits along with Christ it is real you could read on then into Ephesians chapter 1 verse 4 what does it say Christ Himself saying through that through that one that had written to Ephesus I chose you before the foundations of the world you were for ordained again don’t ever let that give you the big head that’s a good way to lose points with our Father in a hurry but it means all it means is you were a good soldier for the Lord and still are and it umbels won or it should in truth to be able to humble yourself down where you can let it be God’s Word you’re teaching not your own that’s a that’s a big thing in having the blessings of God K from Illinois how can you forgive people that won’t let you live in peace hating you and putting pain in my life thank you pastor our own Dennis you have given me so much well we both thank you for enjoying the word and being blessed by God you know everyone must make the we never advise anyone on probably don’t know if you’re talking about a mate your husband or family member or what and we don’t want to be involved in that because we a wise person never gives advice on the subject she doesn’t know so sometimes though when you’re a thinker and hopefully that’s what both of us try to do not to tell you what to think but to help you think for yourself now if somebody’s some giving me too hard a time I’m going to be very I’m not going to be around them very much I probably I won’t scold them out or anything I just let them be why because God takes care of it you don’t have to God knows exactly how that I mean born and good and it besides Romans 13 is a beautiful chapter but things can go far enough that if they hurt you enough soon sue them for everything they’ve got because they’re not Christian if they come against the church or a man of God sue them for every penny they’ve got for defamation of character you know you people have a disadvantage if you have a public figure that’s on television a lot you lose a lot of your rights and you have to have tough skin and put up with a bunch of malarkey sometimes but at the same time there there is a point where if they step over that bound of defamation of character sue them it doesn’t hurt to sue a non-christian and sue them for everything they’ve got Phylicia from Oklahoma how do I know if a church is abiding by father’s law please give me scripture to check this out aren’t you lucky we just finished the seven churches there you I think it’s all rolled up in a nice neat package with a ribbon on it so that if you don’t have much trouble going there you sure we’re going to go with Laodicea gets spewed out you’d want to be with Philadelphia and Smyrna and have that key of David that unlocks those doors that let you walk in to understanding you know a person that has understanding loses all fear a brave man dies once a coward dies a thousand deaths every day prayed to make a move okay but but serving God he’s in control anyway he’s got business for you down the road as long as he can use you he’s going to correct you and you’re gonna be fine Maria from Illinois can you tell me step-by-step how to and what my house or myself I have evil spirits in my house and I don’t know how they get there can evil spirits piggyback on someone or else they come into that comes into my house and how does that work and what the door post and forbid anything in Christ’s name that’s that’s where the truth comes in it’s got to be in Christ’s name not jurors in anointing it that nothing evil can pass that threshold piggyback silo back any other way and and as far as 19 yourself I would but as long as you have Christ in you you’ve got nothing to worry about anyway because Satan can’t get in he’s trying why maybe you’re one of God’s elect and Satan tries real hard you get God’s elect but you simply take us I carry a small vial of oil in my pocket always it’s olive oil there all of our people and you’re told in James chapter five to use it in to anoint even the ill and ask God to heal them you got these yo-yos that will go around saying be you in their name and they fall over well not you know whatever I’m not judging so be that as it may but I’ve you ever seen one of them anoint somebody even even today you said anoint your eyes with eyesalve meaning the Holy Spirit to see through but but you take a little tip on your finger place it on your forehead or the doorpost and just like the blood of the Lamb that’s the equivalent just you’re told – well I didn’t know Christians were as opposed to or not pray tell me what do you think Christ means are you that unfamiliar with a very sacred name what what does Christ me means The Anointed One and and you know what the etymology of the word is rubbing is anointing with all of our people it doesn’t get E and then want to know if a Christian should invent that’s the name of our Savior Roger from Mississippi I first saw you in California when I was doing drugs a.m.

In the morning you said if you’re doing stuff like that get yourself by the bootstraps and get yourself up it opened my eyes to the word I praise the Lord for you and the way you teach I’ve learned more studying with you then then from from then thank you for your teaching well you’re so welcome we’re we’re servants of the Lord it is the Lord’s word that does it don’t forget that but I’m glad you’re off of them because it’s a bad bad situation the word sorcerer is you’re going to find there in the book of Revelation the word sorcerer is form Athiya these drug users peddlers and otherwise so so it’s not some sorcerer that dreams something that they’re peddling bad stuff Cynthia from Arizona was Michael the Archangel they were born to women absolutely not no one none of the arc angels or will ever be born to woman they did their I cannot tell you what it is but they accomplished something in the first earth age that they rise above and are utilized to control heaven rather than earth Scotty from Florida I’ve been confused on the subject of taking blood to save my life in an emergency I was taught by a certain religion at a very young age that it was wrong I was showing scriptures like Matthew 16 verses 25 26 also acts 1590 also a few more I’m now 53 years old I’m wanting to know if I was misled by possibly interpreting those scriptures wrong so is it okay to save life it is one of the saddest things in the world because it has to do with food with food laws to not take the blood in other words if you properly by God’s command kill an animal for food a clean animal you got to believe that that’s all he’s saying is this don’t eat something that isn’t bled because the Blessed Bloods not good for it putrified I mean in the old time they didn’t have refrigeration and it took salt quite a while to cure that’s about all they had to go on is I mean they had to pretty well eat it fresh so but it does have anything to do with a good Christian doctor or any doctor utilizing various blood or whatever that has been tested and pure for for a blood transfusion I prefer if if I know well beforehand I was going to I would have my own blood drawn and use it again okay but that’s that’s it it says a it’s a private thing and there’s you see being military being wounded in combat then then many of us had to have transfusions or we wouldn’t be here today that’s just the way it is so transfusions have saved many lives on the battlefield and how anyone could say that’s wrong I don’t know that’s its ignorance of God’s Word that’s what it is you breed an animal before you eat it period okay sunny from Montana thank you so much for your teaching you’re welcome think they have changed my entire ministry I have had to repent much of the misinformation I have taught over the years I don’t I didn’t learn that what you teach in seminary I praise God that he was has brought me to the truth of his word I have two questions please number one Luke says that John the Baptist was the last prophet yet there are many in the world right now calling themselves prophets meaning what four tellers or things to come also the Bible says God will pour out his spirit on all flesh and they shall prophesy in the last days that’s under the day of Pentecost spoken of by John the Prophet that’s not until our Peter would say that when when home’s Acts chapter 2 that this is that that was spoken of by Joel the Prophet when the Antichrist would appear only then where the holy spirit speak through people and they’d be delivered up to – and not they that speak but the holy spirit we covered that in mark 13 where God used that so John was the last prophet before Christ now if you read Ezekiel chapter 13 verses about 1 through 10 there’s a lot of people that claim to be prophets and God didn’t send them he said I I didn’t say a word to them and then you got them telling lies to you so yet to be very very careful of that number 2 I have heard and seen people prophets talking about traveling back in for us to heaven turn it off you know it Godhead can handle things pretty well up there exact so far he in all the Archangels the power and some yo-yos telling you that God had to call him up there to get things straightened down how presumptuous there’s a lot of thoughts teachings be careful I’m at a time a I love you all because you enjoy studying God’s Word most of all God loves you for it it makes his day and when you and I’m talking to you when you make his day boy is he going to make your as you can count on it he loves his children we’re brought to you about your tithes and offerings if we have helped you you help us keep coming to you once you do that bless God he will always bless you most important though listen to me good now you state his work every day and his word is a good day even the trouble you know why because Jesus Yahshua is the Living Word hearing God’s Word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written Bible study a taped catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 864 3 4 6 4 5 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing to shepherd’s chapel post office box for one six grab it Arkansas 77-36 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box for one six grab it Arkansas 7 2 7 3 6 we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and God bless you the book of mark mark one of the Apostles mark having been a very young lad at the time Christ walked this earth was always in the shadows observing and listening with the intensity that young ears can picking up every word and this great gospel moves very fast but what it what a interesting and certainly impressive gospel it is for mark from those that young mind reiterates to you in chapter 13 how some are going to be delivered up exactly what they were supposed to do and even in that thirteenth chapter giving you the seven events that fulfilled with or make up the seven seals and the seven trumpets and telling you how you are to react to them a fast-moving gospel one that I know you’ll enjoy you from gravid Arkansas this is Shepherd’s chapel with Pastor Arnold Murray join with us now as pastor Murray takes you on a book by book chapter by chapter line-by-line study of God’s Word now here is pastor Marie okay good day to you god bless you welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study our praise God for this great nation America you know when we see our nation pulled together especially on weekends such as we have this weekend that Memorial Day that day set aside when we remember those that made this great nation possible let that give you strength and encouragement to stand up for what’s right for her when you see an enemy

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