Revelation Part 4 (February 5, 2014) ~ Beginning Revelation Chapter 3:1

The Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding God’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study our back in our father’s word it’s always such a pleasure we come to chapter 3 in the great book of Revelation revelation being in the Greek apocalypse means to uncover to make no one that doesn’t mean what is normally showing in the error depicted as all heck blanket loose on earth when God’s ready he’ll take care of the enemy but he loves his loved ones he won’t touch them why because he doesn’t hip he protects us rather than that but I always remember there’s one there’s one thing about the book of Revelation you got to remember chapter 1 verse 10 or it’ll kind of fly away from you chapter 1 verse 10 states that John was taken to the Lord’s Day and then second Peter would tell you be are not ignorant of this one thing that one day with the Lord is a thousand years man that’s a millennium so he was taken to the Millennium that’s the first day of the millennium and he was showing things that would happen before the Millennium that’s now and just after so if you remember that a lot of people think he meant Saturday or Sunday which every day you worship you mistake it I you would lose the whole thing your time all your types time sequences would fly out the window so always bear that in mind now we’re studying the seven churches which are the seven candlesticks that Christ was holy Christ holds the churches in his hand many of them he’s very disappointed with now you might say well how do I know to pick one it doesn’t make common sense to pick two pick the one that he’s happy with but he’s happy with what they’re teaching because that’s what’s important he gives you two shots at it because there’s two out of the seven and two only that teach what he wishes to be taught if you want to receive his blessings you will be in a church that teaches what Smyrna in Philadelphia which we’ll be getting to today teach chapter three verse one let’s go with it and into the Angel of the Church of Sardis write these things says he that hath the seven spirits of God and the Seven Stars that’s the seven angels that come to the churches I know thy works that thou has to name that they’ll liveth and are dead you have a name but you are spiritually dead and a hammer this place was a place pretty well of commerce any time you have a lot of commerce it’s pretty difficult to your etiquette sidetrack into all sorts of blind trails and other religions and perversion and what-have-you which will turn you out against the church quicker than anything first to be watchful I strengthen the things which remain there are ready to die you know even the good that you have is ready to be spiritually dead for I have not found thy works perfect before God but you sure would want to join that church I mean sit there and teach you things that are not perfect before God but God’s against that’s really just kind of common sense that’s why I child can understand this and even though it upsets some people for me to say that because they’ve listened to man too long saying you’re not supposed to learn or understand the book of Revelation especially when you’re going to be gone on so then and there you have it let’s go with the next verse please verse 3 remember therefore how dell has received and heard that and hold fast and repent if therefore thou shalt not watch I will come on thee as a thief and thou shalt not know what hour I will come into you you know what hour that is the hour of temptation that’s the element Antichrist is here and if he can bite you he’s going to do it by that I mean persuade you spiritually to follow him why will Christ come as a thief most for most people because most people will already thought he was here with the instead of Christ when the true Christ comes they’re going to be found worshiping the false one why because the false ones messages I’ve come to fly you out of here more are they ready for it even though it’s not biblical that’s of this but so they are caught totally by surprise because they’ve already been had they’ve already been deceived that’s why that if you’re serving a dead message you’re you’re just about dead yourself if you’re not real real watchful if you don’t repent and get back into God’s Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse and learn what God has to say not some man you don’t listen to this man or any other man without checking them out in this word okay then we go with bridge for thou has too few names even in sardis which have not defiled their garments and they shall walk with me in white for their worthy gods elector always there and they’ll withstand anything Satan throws at them and naturally you’re as you’ll find out in this book of revelations especially when we get to chapter 19 that the very robes you wear the white robe you were in heaven or fine linen woven together from your righteous acts because to say that that you have done right weaves the winner linen otherwise you’re going to be naked there and kind of be ashamed wouldn’t it he that overcometh the same shall be clothed in white raiment and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels you know you know what blotting out means blotting out means to erase it doesn’t do you any good to have your letter in a church building your true letter is in heaven in the book of life and I guarantee you there’s no fudge in it it’s what it is but those that don’t make it he literally means blots out they will be lost from memory but for anyone that might feel they would agency loved one go to hell you won’t even remember them why they’re blotted out well what does blotted out me now come on a child can understand brought it out it’s gone doesn’t exist and so it is and our Father he loves his children and when you when you follow his way you’re on the right path and he has your name I will confess his name for my father Christ will stand up for you right before God himself how beautiful that is there is a lot set in that verse as to what hell actually is God the consuming fire can speak and something can become everything or he can speak and something can become nothing I mean gone brought it out so what you want to worry about is your letter in heaven that right in our father’s hand because that’s what you’re judged by verse six he that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches yeah it’s kind of said we’ve covered that statement several times in the Greek it is so much stronger it says you that have ears to hear and with understanding you that have eyes to see can see with understanding there’s a great difference you could hear sound they may need mean nothing to you because the blessed are you that can hear this word and it means something to you as well because you have ears to hear you have eyes to see and that’s why he makes that statement but it’s really not as clear as it should be in the English but to hear and yet at the same time understand perfectly what you’re hearing thus that’s you’re blessed and he’s going to bless it you can rest assured verse 7 and 2 and here we drop sardick’s you sure wouldn’t want to be a member of that church now we’re coming to the sixth out of the seven the believe it is and it’s a church in Philadelphia which means being interpreted brother love which brethren love has it’s a good thing but it doesn’t have anything to do with why God chose the church it’s what they’re teaching so listen to it carefully and to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write these things saith he that is holy and he that is true he the Hat the key of David he that openeth and no man shutteth and shutteth and no man open up if you have that key to David his genealogy from which Christ came or the genealogy through Cain which the cannot came and God has made that clear coming out the gate all the way in the scriptures about the key that key and the truth is that key and it opens doors that no man can close them on you must you have that truth you’re not going to give it up for anything that some I know in the past we’ve had many people say I’m going to try to get a pastor to drag the people away from that Shepherd’s chapel that they said you can’t do it they’re not going they won’t leave that ministry because it’s teeth what they teach and this is true that key opens doors and nobody’s going to shut that on you we won’t allow it flying because you see the simplicity in which Christ teaches rather than the confusion that man would pass around the traditions of man make void the Word of God and God’s Word is always very clear once you have ears to hear with understanding per se I know that works behold I have set before thee an open door you open that door real wide you can see the truth with understanding and no man can shut it for thou has a little strength and has kept my word and has not denied my name always stick with the truth God will always protect you for it he will always bless you for it but that’s what the truth will do for you it opens the door to the truth by you have that gear team of that walk with him and he with you and his blessings in your life verse nine behold I will make them of the synagogue of satan’ here comes the tonights again which say they are Jews they claim to be of our brother Judah their lion they caused a great deal of trouble for our brother Judah and are not but do his but do lie behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee this this may be a little bit difficult to understand why would they worship before your feet well if you’re a student of the word you know that all of God’s lacked or gathered immediately around the throne around Christ’s feet so it’s not you that they’re bowing to it is to Christ every knee on the first day of the millennium takes us back to chapter 1 verse 10 every knee shall bow to the Lord Jesus Christ I don’t care if it’s kanigher who because they realize they’ve been had unfortunately for son it would be a little bit too late how could it be that there is so much confusion about how what consummates the end of this age when God is promised I’ve opened the door and see it you can understand it because he sent Paul and many other excellent teachers naturally God doing the teaching and and Paul passing it on I’m going to show you how simple it is in second Thessalonians chapter 2 you know 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 is where people get to fly white bug they don’t they’re ignorant of the fact that that Trump that spoken of though doesn’t happen that’s a seventh Trump before there is one out if you can count from one to seven seven it okay but but they don’t consider what happened in the sixth trunk when the Antichrist came they just ride right over that leave that part out of their beliefs and unfortunately that’s when the stinger is here and boy will you get stung if you’re not careful but I want you to see how simple that our Father makes it for us the chapter ii thessalonians chapter 2 verse 1 now we beseech you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and by our gathering together unto Him now what’s complicated about that we’re talk to you about Christ returning to this earth and we gaining gathering back to him I want to tell you how it’s going to be so you won’t be deceived and he’s even going to tell us how the deceiver is so that you can you can cut that in any language or however you want to as long as it’s properly translated it means this is how we gather back to the true Christ okay not to fake the true Christ verse 2 that you be not soon shaken in mind or be troubled neither by spirit nor by word nor by letter as from us don’t let first Thessalonians throw you the flyaway bug don’t get it that’s a day of Christ is at hand then doesn’t happen at the 6th Trump happens at the 7th it’s over okay verse 3 let no man deceive you but he means whatever he wants to use don’t let him deceive you because it would be Satan talking to them for that they shall not come I repeat not come except there come a falling away first that’s the great apostasy the change and changing minds and that man of sin be revealed the son of perdition a lot of people in ignorance think that Jude was the son of perdition that’s not true perdition means a parlous which be apollyon which that’s one of Satan’s names I believe its in your Strong’s Concordance that it’s one of his names it is Satan because what is perdition mean he’s already pronounced dead there is no individual named we know fallen angels are doomed but Satan is the only individual that has already been promised death he has already had his judgment you will read it for yourself it’s real easy Ezekiel 28 verses 18 and 19 he says I’m going to turn you to ashes from within talking to Satan so that hasn’t that’s the only son of perdition we have you don’t have any choice so he’s talking about the Antichrist he’s talking about Satan and Satan plays many roles oftentimes roles are taken away from him but not his name and not his actions until the great white throne good men so let no man deceive you and have you worshipping Satan instead of the true Christ that’s a terrible price to pay for ignorance when he sent you a letter and a child I’m gonna say it again a child can understand this it’s how we get back together with Christ when do we meet him well let’s find out but first first before that happens Satan’s got to be cast out on the earth in the twelfth chapter in verses 6 and 7 you will read it in detail verse 4 what does he do who opposeth and exalteth himself he is something on a stick above all that is called God on claims to be God claims to be Christ he meant well with us or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that He is God he takes Jerusalem claiming to be God himself through the son and sits right there in the holy place verse 5 remember you not when I was with you I told you these things we talked about it in the detail don’t forget it don’t let it slide you see that is so very simple verse 6 and now you know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time now you know now exactly how is the current of events and the chronology that brings him into the presence verse 7 for the mystery of iniquity doth already work the killer is already with us who does that who who goes to these children who goes to his own children the kid I mean he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way you have a lot of Bible from pers they’ll come along as I that’s the church the church has got to be taken away first before the false one can be revealed that there’s the church has no article at the church is not to subject I mean a child can tell you the church isn’t mentioned from verse one of this chapter to all the way through to this point so you have to go through the Greek you realize the verb here who let it come is a transitive verb will explain a transitive verb for me in the Greek well it means that the power or to understand who’s being talked about you have to transfer back to the verb four and five that’s the son of perdition is coming that’s a locked in okay so it wouldn’t be any great step for you to know that and you were strong concordance is if I’m not mistaken I’m sorry companion Bibles it bricks that right out for you and explains it in detail that the transitive verb so that you’re not let astray so well how then can that be revelation makes it very clear Michael is the one that holds him Michael and our Heavenly Father or the ones that allow him to and all of his angels and the third more Trump to be kicked out on earth pretty soon and therefore it is our Heavenly Father himself who letteth until he decides to take him out of the way and he’s getting the boot and Michael and his angels they have quite a war up there but then then it says everybody rejoices in heaven why he’s gone but he’s right here in the middle of earth or what’s he doing sitting in God’s temple claiming to be God and that’s what he deceives people that is not difficult to understand or to accept you would really have to be blind to not follow that subject through and to pick up on that verb verse 8 as we continue and then shall that wicked be revealed well who’s the wicked word apollyon son of perdition Satan Antichrist instead of Christ Lucifer small horn by whatever name you wish to call him whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming though that role is gone for him you will never have it again verse 9 this is what happens as those that are received by even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders there it’s written in the thirteenth chapter of this great book of Revelation that he could snap his fingers enlighten you come from heaven what do you think that’s going to do some churches they’re going to be oh by it why well they haven’t read the thirteenth chapter of Revelation to find out they don’t know that’s going to happen you do because we’re going to go there after a while and when we get to that third verse and you’re going to find out verse 10 what does he do and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved they just let it slip away why well they’ve listened to man you don’t to understand this book you’re going to be gone and unfortunately that’s not what this chapter says as the Christ will not return to us until after the false Christ comes first you want to really get that melted down in your mind that’s the door God opens for you and let you see into the body you’re not deceived and for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they shall believe a lie do you understand that if they want to be deceived got to help him out our Father is jealous he is the creator of our very being and he expects us to love him you know love him he will assist you in the deception whereby you get led astray because it’s lazy and it’s easy to say this is my security blanket I get to fly away and unfortunately you’re not going anywhere if you believe that that’s the Antichrist message i’ma fly your way verse 12 that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness that’s pretty plain in it that’s God with his own children that want to believe oh I kneeled up about 13 but we are bound to give thanks always to God for you brother beloved brethren of the Lord because God from hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth God’s elector set aside and that’s exactly what that means 14 we’re in – he called you by his gospel the truth will bring you out if you listen to it – the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ that’s where the glory is is to be a soldier for Almighty God state making that stand 15 death will brother stand fast and hold the traditions which you have been taught in other whether by word or by epistle you’ve got to stand for something and you stand for nothing and a person that stands for nothing is they’re worthless no good as far as gods of service is concerned verse 16 now our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God the fool God did even our Father which hath loved us and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace 17 comfort your hearts establish you and every good work at word and work work is very important to our Father go be the right work the work is believing God gives you a truth to help other people even understand it about they’re not taken down that trip of primrose lane with the deceiver because anyone can tell in this chapter there’s many other places but especially in this chapter that the false one comes first all the Gospels except one well all of them come to think about it will tell you that the false christ comes first before the true christ how can people be so deceived to think they’re going to be gone over one little phrase where they don’t even understand the Trump’s of which one is sounding and what the time sequence is all right and returning then to the third chapter of the great book of Revelation that’s go with the tenth verse the tenth verse reads because thou has kept the word of my patience I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation Satan’s not going to tempt you you’re going to know who he is will be not you we found him to be an abomination not tempting which shall come upon all the world but how much of the world was that all the world and if you if you if you have any wisdom at all look around you you can understand why to try them that dwell upon the earth God wants another who loves him he’s choosing his children for the eternity or I should say the children themselves choose which path they will go 11 behold I come quickly from that first day of the millennium hold that fast which thou has that no man take that crown don’t let some deceiving lying so-called prophet rip it right away from you with deception 12 him that overcometh will i make a pillar in the temple of my god he shall go one more out and I will write upon him the name of my god in the name of the city of my god which is New Jerusalem which cometh down out of the heaven from my god and I will write upon him my new name that the Hezbollah and the land is Beulah that means I love you and we’re married that’s the the married land with father taking that great wedding possession and and concluding the very ministry itself into a wonderful eternity you know there’s something more beautiful about that if you’re not careful we get to 21 you’ll find out what that temple is then the ab1 how could you be a pillar in a temple that doesn’t exist spiritually it exists it has no temple because the father and the son or the temple thereof and you helped old them up could you stand for them you’re with them and they appreciate you they love you and they will always take care of you when you make that stand against a wall that is diseased with false teaching and you’ll be a very happy person for it doesn’t mean there won’t be any bumps but hey when the plow and gets too rough that’s just the way we like it because we’re children of the Living God well I bless your heart you listen a moment won’t you please the beasts on CD is our free introductory offer to you what is the mark of the beast many false teachers would have you believe it will be a tattoo on your forehead or a computer chip implanted under your skin it is getting late in the game you need to know what the mark of the beast is as it’s written in Revelation chapter 13 verse 8 many will be deceived there is no need for you to be deceived Christ said in mark 13 23 behold I have foretold you all things Jesus indeed told us how not to be deceived in pastor onal Murray takes you on a step by step study of God’s Word concerning this critical subject the mark of the beast the telephone call is free the CD is free we don’t even ask for the shipping and handling it is free as well all you need to do is call 864 three four six four five to request your one time one per household copy of the mark of the beast you may also request your free CD by mailing your request to shepherd’s chapel post office box 416 gravid arkansas 77-36 don’t be deceived by Satan there we are back again let’s have the 800 number please 1 864 3 4 6 4 5 that number is good from Puerto Rico throughout the u.s.

Alaska Hawaii and all over Canada if the spirit moves and you have a question you share it we can no longer answer all questions but as we go into millions of homes and thank God for that that the gospel goes forth in many places and but especially right here we try to see that it comes chapter by chapter verse by verse and it is God’s Word that is taught that’s that’s what’s important so if you have a question that’s a spirit move and ask and and how precious it is to have an opportunity to serve the Living God not a dead one and not one that will take you spiritually dead somewhere but the true Word of God our Heavenly Father he always simplifies you know if you God is not the author of confusion but of common sense of peace of understanding and that understanding will always see you through let’s go to is throne Heavenly Father watch over these that need a touch in your precious name Amen amen okay and we get into some question time here and we’ll start with Pam from California when Moses was leading the children to the promised land were there some connives there among them they always are that’s the thus they all be on leeches and they have to latch on like a leech to live that and by taking away from people not adding to Dolores from Texas the Bible says you can drink wine for the stomach in other parts it says don’t drink whiskey please explain well it says don’t drink strong drink wine can be a strong drink if you drink a gallon the scripture properly take a little wine for the good of your tummy in other words a good wine is very healing and settling it died if you’re in business and you’re upset don’t start poppin pills a pill poppers going nowhere they will cannot stand up to the heat and they’ll cur their fault but a little good wine a little now okay not a gal running a Gellin makes it strong drink in other words most things are the except scavengers are in moderation are fine like wine is fine in moderation little but if you overdo anything you become a drunkard and nobody’s going to listen to a drunkard nobody’s going to listen to a pill-popper why would they want to they don’t make sense they always let the little things slip in the side where a person is away from that kind of stuff could spot it that quick so if you want to really be a servant of God that’s how you serve Maggi from Tennessee if the devil is locked up in heaven by Michael but his spirit is down on earth he is he is harming the spirit how can how can he harm anyone while he has locked up his spirit isn’t locked up you know everyone has a spirit you have a spirit I take my spirit and I try to teach with it to help people not to make some name for myself but to help people understand the letter that our Father has sent to them so your spirit can be cast out on people so Satan he’s supernatural you’re not talking about a flesh man or woman here you’re talking about a supernatural you see God for every good there’s a negative for the good which is the holy spirit that God sends should be your choice because if you have the holy spirit you don’t have to worry about that wicked spirit because that holy spirit gives you power you have a little strength a little strength with the Holy Spirit helping you as a ton okay you don’t have anything to worry about he’ll take care of it but don’t worry the evil spirit of Satan can do a lot of harm right here on earth if a Christian lets them okay so they know you don’t want to let them you have power over them Kathy from Virginia I’m a beginning Christian I have really enjoyed your teaching I’m all alone in this world I know our flesh turns to dust when I die what kind of form are we going to take after death every angel that has ever appeared an angel simply the word means messenger angel means messenger they’re always young and in the prime of life and they stay that way for an eternity not because age has nothing to do with a spiritual body so everyone basically we have we do have ginger gender allowances in the third earth age whereby when we’re all married to all the father he sees to that but other than that that we all look the same as we did as a very young healthy person Sally from North Carolina there will be no missing limbs no disease because a spiritual body is not subject or subjected to to be perishable it lasts forever Sally from North Carolina I know BC means before Christ but what does AD mean it is a latin word meaning i not dominate which is to say the year of our Lord and that’s what you’re saying when you say ad this would be 2014 a D I know Domini which is to say the year of our Lord that means time started counting after he appeared in them on this earth and this would be Fred from Arkansas I hope I hope they got you I hope I got your name right a blessed year program in John for just the other day someone wrote and asked us your loved ones have that have gone to see you can they go on and see me or knew down here and if so if so can we speak to them and can they hear us I you know I wouldn’t want to make a religion out of that it doesn’t hurt to pray tune for the ones that have gone on and to pass the thought of law doesn’t then or anything to say I miss you and I love you that’s fine but they’re not going to probably speak back to you your answer was yes if I heard you right if I am NOT out of context I think that the Bible says Thessalonians for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so Glynn would sleep in Jesus will God bring with him as in Luke 822 all weapon be weld her but she but not she is not dead but sleepeth now I can’t remember just where this was please tell me am i out of contact or if you think excuse me can you think that that the people why – Christ bring them with them because they’re very much with you have you ever have you read Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes is a great book that tells you how as a flesh person to be happy under the circumstances of this earth age in chapter 12 verses 6 & 7 that lets you know that when the silver cord part you die instantly you’re going to go to heaven from the Father for which you came your spirit is to intellect and your soul and your thought process that is there now what troves many people is Ecclesiastes is written to the man that works under the Sun meaning the flesh body and in chapter 9 it tells you what the flesh body knows it didn’t know anything back in the ground it goes back to dust and nobody’s going to remember it or it’s not going to remember anything why it came from dust and to dust you will return it’s not your real body your real body is your spiritual body that’s the way God created you that’s what he formed you in the beginning and that’s the way you will be in soon from the worgen i’ve always wondered why we will be judged later when god has already forgiven our sins why would we stand in judgment thank you for for blessings judgment is not only for bad things and don’t ever ever let somebody tell you that if Christ has forgiven you for something it will be brought up on Judgment Day because it’s erased blotted out of the book of life which is your record in heaven no initially if it’s blotted out it’s not there it doesn’t exist and in more scriptures than one writer said once I forgive it I don’t want to hear about it again end of story I mean that’s it so don’t don’t let some bible-thumper try to tell you that you’re going to answer for all your sins on judgment that’s when you get your rewards also and whatever sins you got righteous acts covers a multitude of sin it pleases our Father and he will always assist you and help you okay Lisa from Kentucky I was wondering about the very man and every every man in every city that God told Ramana that he had destroyed before I know we were all here in spiritual bodies at the time of the dinosaur until Satan’s overthrow but I was thinking that perhaps God had no made flesh people before no the dinosaur and now there were no flesh people been and we run the earth until Satan’s overthrow nope we were not impressed this is the first Earth Age and this is what was God doing in Jeremiah chapter 4 he was doing when he said he destroyed because of Satan’s rebellion I mean a third a third of the children God had ever created up to that time and that was all of them we all existed with him at that time had followed Satan Satan was taken over just like he used today and God would have had been he destroyed every city completely every tree every vegetable a lot of people think that’s talking about the flood of Noah no way Noah sent forth the Dove and and and Brooke he brought back an olive branch do you know how long it takes a nolle treated rope from the will see if God destroyed him all right up to a branch quiet quite a while it will be a doves flight off somewhere in other words he didn’t totally destroy the earth that’s the flood of Noah but he did in that captive Bowl is the Greek word which means the overthrow Caroline from Oregon bastard in his marine this is Caroline warm place court can you tell me if you have to face East to pray I’ll pray a lot and I don’t want my love and questions thank them is not to reach him you can pray upside down inside out east west north south it doesn’t matter god hears you those are traditions of men then when you’re driving whichever direction you’re driving if you have time and you want to think father for something go to it I don’t care if you’re headed north you see you’re immune to a lot of the know knows and traditions of men because God loves you he hears you wherever you are Maggie from Florida I really enjoy studying with you your ministry and learning father’s word I would like to thank you Dennis and all the staff and and all you do and to big thank you to our Father in from opening my eyes and ears to the truth and closed well thank you that’s good since all souls must be born in this earth age will anyone still be able to die after Antichrist comes yeah sure one must work up until the seventh Trump as long as we’re in flush buddies somebody can die but God’s putting an army together in heaven and he’s going to bring with him remember of all boys that’s going to bring them with him when he comes the warriors then from Michigan is the lake of fire just death or is it living in hell with Satan for an eternity we have a God of love I know a lot of people want I think’ll is such a tough job living to be a Christian I want to see them suffer what kind of heaven would that be what kind of mind would you have God intends to block them out God is a consuming fire i I have I have a work called because the Hellfire and God the consuming fire you might enjoy it okay this would be Brian is that what that is I think from Kentucky might be Brin I’ve been watching 10 years bless both you and your staff how is how is mr.

Ronald Laurie doing right in here we have nailed this question three times so to get an answer on air here we go since Jobe is the oldest book what years did he live and what years did he go through his own tribulation and trials as strange I think you got this answered twice right answered this yesterday I think he was he was in his prime about 1635 BC and while he lived Moses came into his ministry and sorry it was after but they did coexist at the same time by that I don’t mean necessarily were friends but at the time period chronologically Burnie from Virginia if there was no female before the Cata Bowl when did God porno then that we were all the same I feel like he picked the toughest to be woman because you know if men had to go through what woman goes through childbirth men less than he had a hard time through childbirth but of course objects were never experienced that but I know it’s very painful and most men would the can handle it okay so I know he picked the toughest and yet the prettiest and and absolutely the very best to be females and they but they certainly coexisted in the first earth age where there was no gender necessarily and we got angry from from rare bears on them when when Jesus was lost for three days when he was twelve years old they found him in the temple listening and asking questions I was wondering how much information we have when his youth Anneli was he when he performed his first miracle that is listed in the Bible I’m 94 years old and will aid well thank you we appreciate having you with us let me correct your quote just a little bit Christ Christ wasn’t asking questions I was answering questions this was to the scholars the best scholars of that time and they were blown away because this twelve-year-old ad could answer whatever question they put to him they were amazed but they didn’t know they had the Word of God himself walking among them and that’s why they were amazed but we read the traditions of lessenberry we have a little book in our library that tell of Joseph of Arimathea his uncle how that he had tin mines and Glastonbury England and even to this day in England they have the signs of a ship with a man and back and a little boy in front which is believed if they think it is Christ and Joseph of Arimathea I’m out of time I love you all because you enjoy studying or word you really do but most of all God loves you for it because it’s a love letter he sent to you for you to have understanding so no one could deceive you you make his day but as he make yours we’ll brought to you by your tithes and offerings if we have helped you you help us keep coming to you what you do that you bless God he will always bless you most important you stain is worried every day and his word is a good day you know why because Jesus Yahshua is the Living Word hearing God’s Word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written bible study a tape catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 806 four three four six four five 24-hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by riding to shepherd’s chapel post office box for one six Gravatt Arkansas 77236 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box for one six rabbit Arkansas seven two seven three six we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and God bless you the book of mark mark one of the Apostles mark having been a very young lad at the time Christ walked this earth was always in the shadows observing and listening with the intensity that young ears can picking up every word and this great gospel moves very fast but what at what a interesting and certainly impressive gospel it is for mark from those that young mind reiterates to you in chapter 13 how some are going to be delivered up exactly what they were supposed to do and even in that thirteenth chapter giving you the seven events that fulfilled this I’ll make up the seven seals and the seven trumpets and telling you how you are to react to them a fast-moving gospel one that I know you’ll enjoy from gravid Arkansas this with Pastor Arnold Murray join with us now as pastor Murray takes you on a book by book chapter by chapter line by line study of God’s Word now here is pastor Marie okay good data you got bless you we’ve been waiting on you to get right into the word we’re just going to kind of visit along a little bit we’re going to talk about your destiny a subject that interests everyone for you cannot help but wonder what does the Bible mean to me what do what is my place in it probably better said we’re going to address that a little bit as Christians some of the finer points perhaps yet very basic

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