Revelation Chapter 5: 7

Revelation 5:7 – Then He came and took the scroll out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne.

The Greek word “ek,” translated “out of,” can also mean “out from.” The word “hand” is not in the Greek in this verse, or in Revelation 5:1. Therefore, this verse could be translated:

“Then He came and took the scroll out from the right (side) of Him who sat on the throne.”

Either way, the scroll is obviously in God’s possession, whether it is physically in His grasp or not. However, the original language gives a little different picture than the translation, in that God is not necessarily holding the scroll out for the taking. Rather the scroll is available for any worthy to take it. Jesus takes the scroll, being the only one worthy to take it.

Some object to the thought of Jesus both giving and taking the scroll, and why many assume that the Father is the “One” on the throne (Revelation 4:2) with the scroll. However, the Father is invisible and Jesus is the only physical form of God that there is (Hebrews 1:1-3, Colossians 1:15 & 2:9). The alternate interpretation shown above may help with this perplexity. However, even though our human minds can’t grasp such a possibility, the Lord is omnipresent and may be exhibiting this attribute in this passage.

As an example of God’s omnipresence, recall from Revelation 1:14 that the physical form of God appears as two figures together in one of Daniel’s visions, as the “Son of Man” and as the “Ancient of Days.” So too, Jesus appears in Revelation as the “One” on the throne and the “Lamb” taking the scroll.

As I said before, this is Jesus, the Lamb, taking the book from His own self, because He is the Right Hand of God.

Verses 8-14: Three outbursts of praise and worship are directed toward Christ and the Father:

(1)   The “beasts” and the “elders” praise the “Lamb” for having “redeemed” them through His “blood” (verses 8-9), and for giving them authority (in the future), to “reign on the earth” (verse 10);

(2)   Myriads of “angels” also praise the Lamb for His glory and wisdom (verses 11-12); and

(3)   Every area of creation worships both the Father and the Lamb (verses 13-14).

The “prayers of saints (verse 8), may be prayers for the fulfillment of the messianic kingdom (compare 6:9-10; 8:3).


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