Revelation Chapter 14:18 (February 28, 2014) ~ Rebroadcast picking up at Revelation 14:18

Welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good they tell you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study are ready to get back on our father’s word we’re going to pick it up with Revelation chapter 14 along about verse 18 here in a moment remember let me jog your memory a little bit chapter 14 is written concerning the earth chapter 15 which we’re about to go into concerns heaven so you must separate those two now father has told us within this there’s a certain amount of people that the Antichrist is not going to deceive they wouldn’t stand against him and then he come continues on and he mentions blessed are those that have passed on and the only thing you can take with you we read in the 13th verse is your works so it’s according to what kind of works you’ve got because they follow you right into heaven why because that’s what you’re judged on okay you can tell by looking at your works whether you have faith what you’ve been doing and what your worth is as far as God is concerned and you continued on and about the sixth angel comes by and he this time for harvest and he appeared with a great sickle now if you know anything about horticultural farming you know that a sickle is for harvesting wheat barley or a green and you cut it a cut a swath bundle it pulls stem and Bunnell and make a bundle out of the the event you’ve you’ve cut there so we pick it up with that great sickle in the hand of that one and we pick it up with the eighteenth verse that’s chapter 14 book of Revelation meaning the unveiling to make no one verse 18 and it reads and another angel this would be the sixth came out from the altar which had power over fire and cried with a loud voice to him that had the sharp sickle saying thrust in thy sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth for her grapes are fully ripe now whoa you do not harvest grapes with a sickle so what’s he talking about well we’re about to go into the song of Moses in the next chapter and there God makes it very clear that their vine is not our vine talking about the Kenites the sons of Cain their vine is totally different it stems forth from Satan wickedness that that is evil and he’s going to pluck them like a bunch of overripe grapes Bane and have you ever been to great press where excuse me grapes are being pressed you know it’s that’s kind of what it looks like and that’s what he’s referencing it to is the great wrath of God this is the cup that Jesus prayed to the Father before the crucifixion is it possible that this cup can pass from us is there another way we can bring salvation without really practicing that Tuffle of to shape a month before we have to ship him out if they don’t straighten that and naturally God said we’re going to pour it out verse 19 and the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth and gathered the vine of the earth and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God now this frighten so many people why why would it frighten you God’s not angry at you he’s angry at the vine of Satan or those that follow him he’s not angry at the children that love him he even gives strict orders touch not those that have the seal of God that’s what he told Satan way back in Revelation chapter 9 verse 4 don’t you dare touch those that have the seal of God in their forehead what does that mean the knowledge you can’t touch them anyway they know they know who he is they do not find him Kempton they find him to be an abomination therefore they’re clean of him but those that choose to follow him that wrath of God is not all that pleasant but you know something ultimately by the time the Millennium rolls around it might save some lives verse 20 and the winepress was trodden without the city and blood came out of the winepress even unto the horse bridles even the great white horse that Christ was riding by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs that’s that’s about a hundred and eighty miles you can make it 200 if you want to that’s going to be quite a pouring out of the wrath at the Megiddo which we know is per place that day what a Megiddo mean in the Hebrew tongue it means a gathering place of the crowd what crowd the bad vine that’s where they gather it is written and the correction takes place there and those that say there is no god boy are they going to find out that day that he is very real and he’s in charge and he keeps score real good having said that 14 that’s what happens to earth meanwhile what’s going on up in heaven chapter 15 verse 1 and I saw another sign in heaven make a mental note of that not earth in heaven great and marvellous seven angels having the seven last plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God it completes it will be going through them one at a time in the next chapter verse 2 and I saw as it were a sea of glass that that means purity nothing nothing in there that’s impure mingled was prior a cleansing fire God is a consuming cleansing fire and then that had got the victory over the Beast that’s the one-world political system and over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name that’s that 666 they knew what 666 men it’s the sixth seal the sixth Trump and the sixth vial that is to say that’s the very Trump and seal and vial that Satan appears in has false messiah stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God this is an interesting group because they had the victory I mean this is the winning team if you ever wanted to join a real company of people these are winners Satan had no power over them because they had the truth they had Christ they had the true Messiah but what are they doing well let’s learn verse three and they sing the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the lamb saying great and marvellous or that works Lord God Almighty just and true are thy ways thou king of saints thou king of Ages is a better translation some people even put it nations but it’s ages not of this age only but all age is the one that was this one in the one coming what is it they’re singing they’re singing the song of Moses now I want this to settle in your mind the people that were not deceived by Satan the people that were not deceived by Antichrist the people that understood the sixth seal sixth Trump and the sixth vial we’re seeing in a certain song it’s a victory song and naturally if you know that song you have instilled in your mind the truth that dispels any deception that might come your way we’ll tell me brother just where is this song of Moses was real simple it’s in Deuteronomy chapter 32 we’re going to take a little side trip there I want you to hear that song if you’re singing this then you have the knowledge that is required to defeat Satan and to follow Almighty God the title of it you find in Deuteronomy chapter 31 the very last verse 30 I’m going to have that called up you can read along which mean and Moses verse 30 and Moses spake in the ears of all the congregation of Israel the words of this song until they were ended you’re going to have the whole thing this is the knowledge you have to have to overcome if you don’t have this knowledge you’re probably in pretty bad shape verse 1 of chapter 32 the first verse of the song let’s let’s have it give ear o ye heavens and I will speak and hear o earth the words of my mouth that’s heaven and earth God speaking my doctrine that’s my truth shall drop as rain my speech shall distill is the dew the purest water there is early morning as the small rain upon the tender herb and as the showers upon the grass that rain that gives growth spiritually speaking it lets the buds of your mind absorb truth and knowledge and assurance and love toward Almighty God verse 3 because I will publish the name of the Lord ascribe you greatness unto our God I am so thankful that God for a little church in Northwest Arkansas has given us a platform that goes all the way around the world to publish that word to publish that song of Moses verse for he is the rock notice the upper case our our Rock his work is perfect for all his ways or judgment a God of truth and without iniquity Justin Wright as he this word rock in the upper case will be utilized five times in this song which means grace it is perfect as as the song song is perfect verse five here he speaks of the Kenites sharpen up they have corrupted themselves their spot is not the spot of his children under Satan’s children they are a perverse and crooked generation do you have the key of David it should come to your mind verse six do you dust requite the Lord o foolish people and unwise is not he thy father that hath brought thee and this word brought me is in the Hebrew is God Drive which means to create he created you hath he not made thee and established thee your soul belongs to him ezekiel all souls belong to God you don’t just get around to given your soul to God he’s got it and he will do with it as he pleases it’s Gordon how you react that determines that verse seven he’s always fair verse 7 remember the days of old consider the years of many generations ask thy father and he will show thee thy elders and they will tell thee unfortunately not too many of them are informed as they should be to know what really happened in the beginning what happened in the garden what happened in the first earth age if you do not understand the beginning you’re never going to understand the end verse 8 when the most high divided to the nations their inheritance do you realize that all peoples each people has an inheritance when he separated the sons of Adam and if you have a newer translation it’s probably translated men here fraud bad translation the Kenites trying to deceive you throw that Bible away and get you one that reads Adam Adam he set the bounds of the people the boundaries of the people who’s who and must what according to the number of the children of Israel and so it is he he created each peoples each nation and each race as they are and he loves all of his children but he had boundaries verse nine for the Lord’s portion is his people all of those children Jacob is the lot of his inheritance this word lot is in the Hebrew tongue his court it’s where it’s were we get a city lot from were you draw out city a city diagram and a lot like for encampment or inheritance verse 10 he found him in a desert land and in the waste howling wilderness he led him about he instructed him he kept him as the apple of his eye do you know what the apple of God’s eye his it’s the pupil in other words God said he protects his elect especially the those set aside ones those that know better as much as he protects the very pupil of his eye and you know the human even the human body can blink in a nanosecond to protect that pupil of the eye and likewise on the other hand what does it mean it means you touch one of God’s anointed and it’s like sticking your finger in his eye guess what’s going to happen to you not a pretty sight I mean visualize the vine and the grapes and you’ll get a pretty good picture of what it’s like again I want to remind you this is the song that the overcomers sing knowing our Father his protection and his love verse eleven as an eagle stirreth up her nest flutter a–the over her young spreading abroad her we has taken them Bharath them on their wings teaching them to fly protecting them you know a mother eagle is a don’t don’t ever reach under a mother Eagles net wing and try to take a little one or you’ll draw back a little bit okay you a mother Eagle protects our own and even in learning to fly protects them saves them catches them bears them that’s what God is telling him when you’re out there in the human body and use trip and fall and slide and slip mess-up if you really love him and ask him and seek him he’s going to pick you up he’s going to give you guidance he’s going to love you touch you and he assists you giving you stability verse 12 so the Lord alone did lead him and there was no strange God with him that’s where the hurt comes in is when you let some strange doctrine because the main Antichrist instead of Jesus that’s what you’re saying is always there ready to take over if you allow him 13 he made him ride on the high places of the earth that he might eat the increase of the fields and he made him to suck honey out of the rock and oil out of the flinty rock that all of our people the olive oil will grow just wherever God places it and there’s always plenty that and the knowledge and the ingenuity that God puts in those those people for he blesses them just like he blesses this great nation still does and you can rest assured God has his hand on the throttle if anyone wishes to take off into the wild God will allow you to do that but you there go your blessings there go your protection from under the wing you’re on your own you’re out there mixing it up with Satan with no power and authority to help you one iota you’re going to tumble roll and end up and slippin and slidin right at it or you can stay with your father you can try to obey his command 14 and be blessed butter of kine and milk of sheep with that of lambs and Rams of the breed of Bayesian Bayesian means fruitful really the best and goats with the fat of kidneys of wheat and thou did us drink the pure blood of the grape that’s the pure means it’s unmixed the real thing for a minute perfect just like the blood of Christ verse 15 here’s your people though you’re going to hear have a word in this verse called jeshu run it is a play on the word is wide but it means good time Charlie okay God blesses them gives them everything they wish over over blesses them you might say and what happens to man when he gets I’ll say it rich and over happy and supremely happy a good time Charlie in other words what happens 15 but Jess you run this is old big time charlie waxed fat and kicked thou art waxen fat that are growing thick thick between the years thou art covered with fatness when he forsook God which made him in lightly esteemed the rock upper case of his salvation you stroke God away and out of your life and hey you’re going to have some rough sledding friend and and what’s your what’s going to happen well God just doesn’t care about me what you don’t care about him why should he you’re worthless if you don’t if you don’t love him why should he love you you know what a lot of people don’t realize in Isaiah chapter 43 verse 26 God’s talking he says hey remind me of the promises that I’ve made and let’s talk about it so I can justify you now let me ask you a question do you think God has forgotten the promises absolutely not he wants to know if you’ve read it he wants to know if you have a right to clean it by having the knowledge of reading the letter he has sent to you knowing how to operate these flesh bodies whereby they can be peaceful and happy that’s when he said remind me talk to me about it and let’s talk so that I can justify you mean so that I can make it right with you so you see you leave that and you’re unplugged you would just be like you know we’re working on these newly electric cars you have to plug them in well I’ll use the analogy that it would be just like you come and unplug from God and you’re out there out of gas you’re not going anywhere good time Charlie be very careful when God blesses you to where you think you don’t need him anymore because indeed you do you live in this earth age 16 they provoked him to jealousy with strange gods with abominations provoked they him to anger father is jealous you start flirting around with some other doctrine some false teaching he does not like it because he sent you this letter of truth you know it’s just like if you’re married to somebody and they start messing around on you does that happy you well it doesn’t happy God either that’s why it’s called adultery instead of idolatry in many places so that you understand the feelings of Almighty God he’s jealous verse 17 they sacrificed unto devils not to God to gods whom they knew not and to new gods that come newly up whom your fathers feared not you don’t have to understand God’s words some of them will say why what you’re going to be gone how what kind of man would listen to another man and tell them you don’t need God’s word you’re going to rapture out of here that’s the message of Satan because God doesn’t say he’s going to rapture you out of here Christ says I’m returning here to set up a kingdom are you going to be a part of it or are you going to be gone ezekiel chapter 13 verses 18 through 20 says i’m against those that teach my children to fly to save their souls he’s against it now if god’s against it why would you want to be a party to it it irritates him he is jealous about it you need to get back into the scripture and find out the truth and be ready to serve God instead of running out from under his protection gets real wooly out there for him but hey it’s your it’s your boat you sail it if you want to put it on the rocks hey heave to friend next verse verse 18 of the rock upper-case that begat thee thou art unmindful you forgot him and has forgotten God that formed thee you’ve turned your back on him and and then have the nerve to say why did the God ever do anything for B why should he you’re the one that turns your back on him he has promised you this is one promise you can remind him of Hebrews chapter 13 as well as other places I will never leave I will never forsake thee but a lot of people leave him a lot of people forsake him I have a good trip have fun goodtime charlie verse 19 and when the Lord saw it he abhorred them because of the provoking of his sons and of his daughters in other words of trying to lead others astray that loved him he doesn’t like it you know many people they don’t realize that God has feelings if somebody tries to abuse your child what do you do you get upset about it well so does our Father verse 20 and he said I will hide my face from them and I will see what therein shall be for they are a very froward a perverse generation children in whom is no faith they don’t have any faith in God but they do in a lot of nonsense 21 they have moved me to jealousy with that which was is not God they have provoked me to hangar with their vanities emptinesses empty-headed and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation and you know many wonder whining that things are as they are well people kind of bring it on themselves but you when you stay true you are under that wing of Almighty God he always cares for his own twenty-two for a fire is kindled in mine anger and shall burn unto the Luas hell and shall consume the earth with her increase and set on fire the foundation of the mountains this really frightens a lot of people is talking about the elements that is to say the rudiments that is to say only the bad stuff okay he’s going to bring the bad stuff up on this earth that’s you’re not included you could be right in the middle of that fire you wouldn’t even be changed this is why the three Hebrew children Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were in that fiery furnace heated seven times hotter than necessary they weren’t saint in Christ was walking with them Christ takes care of his own don’t ever be fearful when the wicked are going to be punished it’s for their own benefit 23 I this is emphatic God speaking I will heat mischiefs upon them I am fatik will send mine arrows upon them man you can count on it 24 they shall be burnt with hunger you know what that means it means fever okay why would they be burnt with fever their immune systems gone and devoured with burning heat with a burning fever communion system gone and with bitter destruction I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them with the poison of serpents of the dust that is to say the ways of Satan you know your immune system can be so destroyed that you you just eat yourself up okay you can’t withstand any little disease that comes along but what causes that sin filthiness well why would somebody do that I don’t know you tell me God warned about it 14 this was written about 1400 BC and it started in our lifetimes in this final generation of the burning fever and a whole generation about destroys themselves why sin falling away from God jeshu run good time Charlie 25 the sword without and terror within shall destroy both the young man in the Virgen the suckling also with the man with gray hairs and that burning fever doesn’t play favorites to anyone 26 I said I would scatter them in two corners I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men those that we go now all the way to the end of the millennium if God brought you out do you know why there’s no tears shed in heaven if if old grandpa don’t make it you’re not even going to remember him because God’s going to brought him out of your memory you won’t miss him God spoken many things became everything God can speak and something can become nothing brought it out verse 27 were it not that I feared the wrath of the enemy lest their adversary should behave themselves strangely unless they should say our hand is high and the Lord had not done all this in other words I would take some revenge right now but I know the enemy would take credit for it I don’t want that’s what God is saying 28 for they are a nation void of counsel now there is there any understanding in them the Kenites don’t care they do not care there is no compassion very little even for each other 29 all that they were wise that they understood this that they would consider their ladder in if they just stop and think about it you see even a canine if they repent can have eternal life because instead of being a child of Satan they become a child of God verse 30 how should one chase a thousand and to put ten thousand to fly except their rock had sold them and the Lord had shut them up in other words God is no going to to allow his children to be overcome and to in with him can put a thousand to flight the truth is a mighty sword its Christ tongue and it cuts both ways the truth cuts a wide pearl and it punishes that enemy considerably God will never sell his own but he will let his own drift as far as they want to listen God gave you a mind and he sent you a letter along telling you how to use these bodies and be successful if you don’t read it and if you don’t follow his advice and you expect me to be feel sorry for you I don’t but I would encourage and that’s my calling to drive you into the letter God sent you whereby you can improve yourself from the ground up and even if you were akin I become a child of God because God created all souls and he has room for all that will love him 31 listen carefully for their Rock notice the lowercase that’s Satan Tyrus that’s the Hebrew word that means rock it’s Tyrus is that Satan’s name as it is utilized in Ezekiel chapter 28 for their rock is not our rock uppercase their God is not our God even our enemies themselves being judges even they can tell that and so it is that you want to know that we have there’s two ways you can go we have Satan and we have our Father if you want blessing you will go with him if you look the ways of the world they have a good trip okay have fun you’re not going to last long but it’s not fun it’s not fun because of verse 24 the burning fever disease many other things will heat you up when you could have had Almighty God think about it we’ll finish this song in the next lecture don’t miss it this is the song that overcomers were singing in the book of Revelation the real truths not painted over facts as they 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Alaska Hawaii all over Canada if the spirit moves and you have a question you share it once you do that please never ask a question about a particular reverend denomination or organization we don’t judge people God won’t allow us to judge he is the judge and he does a real good job of it don’t get on his toes we do have the right to spiritually discern who we should fellowship with who we should study with who we should visit with and so forth that’s your life and you have that right of discernment spiritual discernment is a beautiful wonderful thing those of you that listen by shortwave around the world it’s always a pleasure hearing from you and your announcer at the end of the hour we’ll give you our mailing address it’s always always a pleasure and we we thank you for that now got a prayer request you can do away with the number and the address why God knows what you’re thinking right now he is the cardio Noir in the Greek tongue he knows your heart your mind you don’t have to say it out loud no one can ever prevent you from praying because you don’t have to pray out loud and nobody knows whether you’re praying or not just always pray in messiahs name let the father know you love him that’s what he wants from you more than anything he created you for his pleasure when you pleasure him he’s going to bless you Hosea I do not want your burnt offerings I want your love that’s what he wants let him know you love him once you do that father around the globe we come rest that you need guy direct father touch in your shoes precious name thank you Father amen okay and question time and we’re going to go with Dennis from Michigan will we in the flesh be able to see and understand the events written in the Book of Revelations leading up to the return of Christ Jesus we can’t see into the spiritual realm so how will these events appear to us in the flesh well exactly the way they’re written what one like fourteen was written to earth you can see that and if you’re one of God’s elect in other words it is so simple that a child can really understand that I’ll give I’ll give a quick analogy in Revelation chapter two in Revelation chapter three out of seven churches there was to that Christ was pleased with that was Maria and Philadelphia you don’t have to see spiritually you have to discern spiritually well how do I do that was real simple you read what is the content concerning Smyrna that you are not deceived you knows those that claim to be of our brother Judah but do lie and are of the synagogue of Satan that’s paramount go to the Church of Philadelphia which brotherly love that he was pleased with what do they teach that you have the key of David to know the Kenites that you know those that claim to be our brother Judah and do lie under the synagogue of Satan if your church doesn’t teach that today here on earth now you don’t have to see into the spirit to know whether they are or not if they’re not teaching that they’re not pleasing God well I wonder why you doesn’t bless our church well you might read the letter there were seven churches there were does yours fit not by name by content okay Raymond from Tennessee when you die you go straight to heaven others say you stay in the grave for a thousand years which one is right according to the Bible well you go straight to heaven you go wherever God is that is heaven all right now you’re not in the eternal heaven you’re in paradise that Christ described in Luke chapter 16 there is a gulf right in the middle of it the people that overcome are on this side with Abraham and those that don’t make it or across that Gulf on the other side waiting for the Millenium and and so it is but you need to document that though in the Word of God and you would read in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verses 7 and 8 to be absent from this body meaning dead is to be with God and in the Old Testament ecclesiastical the instant this old clay pot breaks and the silver cord parts meaning you take the bucket instantly your spirit which is the intellect of your soul returns to the father that gave it instantly you might read the last verses of Saint John chapter 8 God is not the god of the dead but the God of the living even Satan still lives there is not one soul that has ever died there are souls that are like Satan’s that is pronounced to death but there will be no more pronounced until the great white throne judgment other than Satan’s little fallen ones and if helium in the Hebrew tongue and God’s great white throne judgment then we’ll find out okay but instantly people go back to where they came dianna from Georgia will there be births in the Millennium please explain thank you know in spiritual bodies God does the creation and no birthing okay what ends this Earth age is when all souls that were created from the in the first Earth Age have passed through the room of women that ends this Earth age okay sherry from California pastor Mary or Ken is ready complected answer yes well they’re not fully ready and sometimes they’re called milk okay so and I’ll let it go with that but that’s they are I mean they were the offspring of eat mother Eve she was of Adam and Adam means ready complected okay in the Hebrew tongue sharing from Kentucky pastor Murray we’re in the bible does it say not to borrow any money from another country deuteronomy chapter 15 verse 16 do two I’m sorry Deuteronomy chapter 15 verse 6 you will be blessed of God if you follow him and you will loan money to me sentries but don’t you ever borrow money from another country that’s real easy to understand why would God not want us to borrow money from another country four countries do and write God’s blessing that where you don’t need to borrow and instead of turning to another country you better turn to God and then your many problems will be solved you got it all we would have to do for this financial things are straighten right up is to do what is godly and what God what is godly is to do what is right rather than ripping people off trying to take from one group of people in giving to another that’s communism socialism you know we’ve got a lot of old troopers in this nation that have lost good buddies fighting socialism and communism we’re taking a real dim view of what’s happening in this world as far as that that blushes socialism transpires right in this great nation where some great wars have been fought and won to keep that sort of thing out God expects us to depend on him not some other nation especially not China the worst from Oklahoma Oh divorce I know I know Jerry and I know Joyce real well they used to work here at the chapel and love them both great now and I’m glad that you’re studying with us now also I do have a question I’m sure you can answer when God speaks of Hell does this mean that all lost souls will be cast into a real lake of fire where they will burn with literal fire forever no it means that let’s take Satan himself there is a real literal lake of fire and when all when when the millennium is over and everyone has had an opportunity to beyond any shadow of a doubt know the truth you know there are many people today that do not have an opportunity to learn the truth because there’s not that many teachers that really teach God’s Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse you’ve got to meeting one verse revolving Rebs okay and and so they don’t have a prayer of a chance to know the false Christ comes first when they are told they don’t fly so therefore God’s not going to send some burdensome one like that forever and ever that’s why we have the Millennium Christ’s own presence here on earth and God’s elect teaching the final chapter and then if they still when Satan has released a short season if they choose to follow him then we don’t want them around anymore and they go into that lake of fire which is a consuming fire that is what God is Hebrews chapter 12 the very last verse read it Hebrews 12 last verse God is a consuming fire meaning he’s going to blot it out they’re not going to be around and you know a lot of people you’ve got a lot of preachers and say they’re all burn in hell forever and ever right there inhibit and we’re all going to sit around watch it enjoy and clapping her hands I you know I don’t like to see people burn if that’s what heaven was really like I don’t know for sure and what what I would think about it okay but I know there’s not even a tear shed much less that lake of fires that if you’ve ever read Revelation chapter 21 and we’ll be getting there pretty quick all lakes are done away with and the earth becomes a retsoor terra firma all the way around so there is no lake of fire left it’s Feeny over sharing from California do you have to go to church to get into his kingdom I don’t believe in some of the words that are taught about Jesus and our Father well there are some churches that will not teach the truth that’s why you have spiritual discernment certainly neglecting to go to a church where God’s Word is not taught is not going if anything is going to improve your chances in heaven you don’t want my go to a church that doesn’t catch God’s Word if you’ve got if you go to some church where you got a revolving realm evangelist is exempt from this okay that’s what an evangelist does is draw people to a past or a past or is the word comes from pasture you’re supposed to feed the Sheep and anytime a pastor doesn’t feed the Sheep then he’s no good okay well but what does he feed them feeds them God’s Word nothing else God’s Word chapter by chapter verse by verse were by their souls have an opportunity to decide for themselves otherwise he’s not a pastor he’s a fraud so it wouldn’t do you any good to go to a fraud this is Greeley from California I’m 14 years old I’m being taught at school and on television that the appendix has no purpose but I believe father has a purpose for it or else we would not have put they would not have put one in our bodies does the appendix have a use absolutely the appendix is part of the immune system your tonsils are a part of the immune system a person such as myself you’re at my age I still have my tonsils I still have my appendix and my immune system is very strong and what would be caught by many people thank God I can say God Himself has created an appendix and tonsils and adenoids that take care of immune systems and naturally this has nothing to do with if dr.

Luke was a doctor and there our times when you find bad things in this generation that will even bypass that and you have to take antibiotics and so forth that’s what we have doctors for especially Christian doctors fantastic Karen from Wisconsin why did Methuselah not live to be a thousand years old what sin did he commit how do how did he displeased the Lord he didn’t displeased the Lord necessarily it was God’s command that in the day that man and it wasn’t only Adam that the day that man sinned he would die with well how long is a day with God a thousand years so it was God’s law he set that first generation where it could not exceed a thousand years and then he shortened it even yet he was a little upset in Genesis 3 and it stipulates there that he regretted he had created men in the flesh also Genesis and and gave him only a hundred and twenty years and that seems like that keeps getting shortened a little bit pastor Murray’s Sharon from Hartford you are you have preached on God making Satan the full pattern and he was beautiful the best so with this being said and since God knows all don’t didn’t he know when he created Satan that he would turn and become evil and turn the third of his angels against him was Satan becoming evil part of God’s divine plan and mankind absolutely not you don’t Sharon a lot of people don’t understand love a lot of people think well God could have created people that could not do anything but love him now he could have created a lot of rubber people huh and all they would do in the morning is wake up and say I love you go you go love you god that’s all they’d be fit for a bunch of rubber people but God wanted real love and real love must originate within each individual God does not know whether an individual on their own is going to love him or hate him he does not know if an individual is going to choose to follow him or follow Satan but for it to be true love he must give that entity freewill just like you have freewill today to mess up if you want to or to do what’s right if you want to or to love God or not to love God God if God knew who would truly love him and who would not he would have scorched the earth a long time ago getting rid of those that would fail but seek to be the real love the real thing you can’t buy love you can’t demand love you can’t order it it’s got to flow outward from each entity or it’s not there God wants the real thing and you can’t blame him that’s it naturally he created us the same way we always want the real thing period dis upset some people when you hear me say God doesn’t know everything God doesn’t know what each individual Rudy side because of love period Barbara from Georgia I would like to know what you think of a person wanting to be cremated because I don’t want to burden be a burden on my family for my being buried I’m on Social Security and I have not much of a savings would I be going against my Lord’s will absolutely not in all you people that are on short fixed incomes there is nothing wrong with cremation as I quoted earlier in this particular teaching in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verses 6 & 7 this flesh body goes back to dirt that’s all it is it was formed from what your mother per took of as you were in her womb from the earth vegetable or or meat-eating animal but that would eat grass and things growing corn anything from the earth all from the earth we were created from the earth in the beginning and from the earth we are now and what instantly your spirit which is the intellect of your soul meaning your soul you see you have a much more perfect body than these it’s the spiritual body it doesn’t age it doesn’t wither it doesn’t get old it dwells within this body and the instant you die it steps out and returns to the Father okay your soul never departs one body or the other it does depart the flesh and it goes back to dirt read the ninth chapter of Ecclesiastes if you want to take that further it will say that a living dog is better than a dead lion a lion is usually known as the king of the jungle but if he’s dead he’s dead meat okay so in a living dog at least has metabolism going through his system but once they’re in the ground nobody ever remembers it anymore why because they have a for much better body reading read 1st Corinthians chapter 15 beginning with verse 35 you have two bodies don’t ever forget it Owen from Texas pastor Murray you know you’ve helped me realize how biblically illiterate and spiritually dead I us what we all moon from God’s Word okay I’m trying to spot your question thank God he set people like you to help out dense ones like myself don’t be so hard on yourself alright buddy my question is Jesus fed the multitude with five fishes and two loaves approved approved of two of the seven churches it seems like there is a correlation on the message there that I’m missing you’re missing something all right and I really I hate to correct you publicly like this five fishes and two loaves so not you go back and read it again and I think you’ll find it says five loaves and two fishes okay the five loaves is the bread of life that’s Christ’s body and he broked that for us but here he was feeding that and meaning there’s enough to go around for everybody and naturally a fish the equation is Christianity okay Jesus Christ son of God Savior that’s the that’s the cipher okay you’re doing good don’t be so hard on yourself okay you’re doing great and that’s a good thought they’re only two out of the seven churches so you got that right okay but but don’t get the is the good enough Teresa from Kentucky my sister don’t watch your program great is there anywhere in the scripture that teaching inst bequeathing bodies to science or death no there’s nothing against it there’s nothing for it though but I think it’s wonderful if a person can give sight to someone that’s never had sight I think that’s a beautiful wonderful thing I myself personally am against someone getting a bypass for for lungs heart and the whole smash you know I think you know that it’s time then to go home to the father but then that’s everybody’s own personal choice that’s simply mine but I don’t see anything wrong the donating of body designs and I’m out of time okay I love you all because you enjoy studying God’s Word chapter by chapter verse by verse but most of all God loves you for it okay makes his day when you make his day boy is he going to make your we brought to you by your tithes and offerings if we’ve helped you you help us keep coming to you once you do that bless God he will always bless you most important though you listen to me this is good you stay in his word every day and his word is a good day even with trouble you know why because Jesus Yahshua he is the Living Word hearing God’s Word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written Bible study a tape catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 864 3 4 6 4 5 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing to shepherd’s chapel post-office box for 1/6 gravity Arkansas 77-36 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1/6 gravity Arkansas 7 2 7 3 6 we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and God bless you Genesis 146 the first six chapters in God’s Word the world that was did you realize there was a world age before this with same old world different age the creation itself when were the race is created you see all the races were created separately and you’ll find that documented in these particular tapes how was what how and what was the sin in the garden you will be discussed in this series also this is a must for the serious Bible scholar for if you do not understand how it was in the beginning you certainly will never understand the end I think you will find this series very rewarding and certainly will answer questions that no doubt you’ve always wondered about Genesis 146 hey I know you’re going to enjoy this series welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study are we’re going to do some topical teaching here for a few weeks and today’s subject is guilt trip now let’s talk about probably in this lecture today we’ll talk about guilt as far as society is concerned that is to say our nation and our people and in

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