Revelation Chapter 13 (February 26, 2014) ~ Rebroadcast beginning at Revelation 13:1

Welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study are ready to get back on our father’s word revelation chapter 13 verse 1 we’re going to get right into it we ask that word of wisdom from our Father with understanding of the Holy Scripture don’t ever ever let anyone tell you that you’re not to understand revelation 4 whether you whatever language you wish to say it in apocalypse revelation it all means the uncovering the unveiling in other words it’s supposed to be no one and you’re supposed to know it don’t ever let some man rob you by telling you you’re going to be gone you don’t need to know it I you know I really doubt somebody that would allow a human being to tell them they didn’t have to know God’s Word when God wrote it especially to you you would you could be taken in by anybody if that were the case so remember you’re supposed to understand Revelation chapter 13 verse 1 let’s go with it and it reads and I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy now God doesn’t deal with grotesque monsters multi-headed but what is he saying he uses symbolism it means it’s a government a multi-headed government as all governments are and it’s called the one-world government system now what are they standing upon the water and I want you to make a note of Revelation chapter 17 verse 15 I’m going to say it again 17 15 the waters are always the people the name Shen’s the people all of them but what have we got here we’ve got sister babble and writing over the people deceiving whomsoever she could whomsoever would listen to her whomsoever would follow the false messiah I mean she’s riding high and handsome you don’t want to go there the ten crowns will be worn by ten kings but you must know and understand they’re not ten earthly kings there are ten kings that Antichrist brings with him they are not human they are angelic beings fallen angels and they will wear those crowns and they are very deceptive this is why that you want to stay focused on God’s Word or you can be deceived this is what Jesus would say in mark 13 hey when he would tell you the Antichrist is coming if they tell you he’s out in the desert or somewhere else don’t go because until the seventh trumpet sounds and the true Christ returns don’t be taken in and then he makes that great statement behold I have foretold you all things have you read it that’s what’s important it’s written to you have you read it verse 2 and the Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard always changing spots you got the Kenites there and his feet were as the feet of a bear an old bear nation got her to the north there he saw in his his ilk the red nation and his mouth as the mouth of the lion it would you would think it was Judah talking it’s not in the dragon that Satan himself gave him his power and his seat and great Authority and and so it is that Satan Satan does this is he’s the Prince of the air right now this is his hour if you let only if you let him you know it is disappointing to me when I hear people say boy Satan’s really been giving me a hard time and when Christ in Luke chapter 12 verse 10 rather Luke chapter 10 verse 19 he gave you power over all your enemies including Satan what do you put up with it for do you enjoy it you don’t have to put up with it God gives you that power through him his name to drive anything like that away from you so you do not have to pay any attention to the authority that the negative has even in these end times verse 3 and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the Beast no you know you’re going to have people every time some main leader is assassinated or dies people are always well it was that’s the deadly wound look you know don’t be get real what again is the multi headed creature it’s a governmental system one world ism how does one world ism receive a deadly wound by certain people rebelling in backing away from the government system and pulling their nation’s out of it and that brings a deadly wound to a one world system same money saying people all in all it’s not going to happen until Satan comes and then he’ll fix it he will verse four what happens and they worshipped when he did fix it and they worshipped the dragon who’s the dragon again what you read is back in Chapter 12 do you remember in verse nine where it said and the Great Dragon was cast out that old serpent called the devil and Satan he has all kinds of roles he plays and don’t ever let anyone deceive you about that it’s Satan which gave power unto the beast that’s to say the one world system and they worshiped the one world system the Beast saying who is like unto the Beast who is like unto this wonderful one world system who is able to make war with him well there’s no nations outside of it there’s nobody there to make war against it it’s one world ism and unfortunately you that some people might say you’re socialism would say well isn’t that a wonderful thing no it isn’t well why isn’t it because Satan heads it that’s why and and it is written long before the fact that it will take place as a matter of fact the formulation has already been put into the mix and the formulation is beginning to solidify you want to pay attention there’s many signs being shown in this generation that are fantastic next verse please verse five and there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months now anytime months are given that’s moons it’s of the night and has to do with Satan okay all all of Christ prophecies given to his own children are in days because we’re children of light never in the darkness so we know that this is given to Satan well what what is it that he’s blaspheming sitting in the place claiming to be God what’s the greatest blasphemy of the years is is to claim to be God to people that’s blasphemy unforgivable well were we warned about this in other places of course we were time after time after time that he would sit in that place claiming to be God that he would show the world that he was God do you remember where it’s written we’ve been over at so many times I don’t know how you could forget it second Thessalonians chapter 2 Paul talking to you about our gathering back to Jesus Christ how is it going to happen not by a rapture not by some letter somebody has written but by the Word of God now let’s and many might say well how can we take Paul’s word well you either have to throw out Paul’s word if you do throw out Peters also because Peter in 2nd Peter chapter 3 gives credentials to Paul that very few men ever receive so you can count on it in other words how do we gather back to the true Christ exactly the way it’s written a child can understand so don’t ever have any difficulty with this and stay focused chapter 2 verse 1 now we beseech you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ what was that subject again the coming the returning of the Lord Jesus Christ and by our gathering together unto Him now what was that again by our getting back together with the Lord Jesus Christ at his coming I want to talk to you about that verse to that you be not soon shaken in mind don’t get all messed up or be troubled neither by spirit nor by word nor by letter as from us don’t let our first letter to the Thessalonians chapter 4 where the rapture doctrine comes from by most people mess you up as that the day of Christ is at hand don’t don’t let them tell you that verse 3 let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin there’s only one man I’m saying that’s Satan that man of sin be revealed the son of perdition perdition is as a poly means to be destroyed to perish there’s only one entity that God by name has already sentenced to death in Genesis in Ezekiel chapter 28 verses 18 and 19 in that Satan he’s a dead man walking it hasn’t happened yet but it will at the end of the millennium verse 4 who what does he do who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that He is God are you going to be taken in by that well if you are I don’t know what to say because children can read this and know hey we’re we’re not there’s a false when coming claiming to be God before Christ gets back together with us I’m not going to be deceived a child will say and a child won’t be because they read the simplicity that is written in God’s Word verse 5 remembered you not can’t you tell don’t you remember that when I was with you I told you these things when we were gathered around the campfire when we parked at night we talked about this over and over 6 and now you know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time you what is that what you know who the Kenites are because you belong to the Church of Smyrna or Philadelphia that teaches who the Kenites are that claim to be of our brother Judah but do lie and are the synagogue of Satan as it was written back in Revelation chapter 2 verse 3 verses 3 in chapter 3 verses 9 and 10 for the mystery of iniquity doth already work it does what it’s already working only Hugh who only he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way the word the the verb here is transitive meaning simply very simple it transfers back to who are we talking about we’re talking about Satan standing in the holy place claiming to be God and this will only happen until he that lets who well who controls him you learn back in Revelation chapter 12 what did it say in Revelation chapter 12 verses 7 and 8 that old dragon I repeated it just a moment ago Satan Michael boots him out of heaven with all of his fallen angels woe to you on earth that’s when he comes playing God you don’t want to be taken in by that you are warned over and over in the Word of God to not be deceived so it is Michael that letteth and it’s Michael that execute you will have some that say well it’s talking about the church the church has no article stop adding things to God’s Word take it as it is the subject is Satan verse 8 and then shall that wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming what comes from Christ mount that two-edged sword that cuts both ways the truth thud and the truth always wins that’s why you want to honor the truth keep that truth and hold it where it verse 9 even him whose coming is after the working of Satan Satan you gives the Antichrist his power it’s one in the same with all power and signs and lying wonders it’s pretty deceptive when we go back to the book of Revelation you’re going to find he can snap his fingers and lightning come down from heaven a lot of people let’s going to shake them up verse 10 and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved who would not want to receive the love of truth from Almighty God who gave his we begotten son on that cross that we could have forgiveness for all of our sins but there are some that wouldn’t verse 11 and for this cause or because of this God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie if you want to be lied to if you want to if you want to be coddled by Satan hey God will help you out when he’s jealous he doesn’t like it he wants you for a virgin bride spiritually speaking and he doesn’t want you pulled off to the side by some other lover especially the dragon especially the Antichrist verse 12 to complete that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness I hope you never take pleasure in unrighteousness because it’s short-lived and and Satan is a dead man walking he cannot promise you life though he will he will promise to pay off all of your bills he comes in prosperously in peacefully he shows you a one-world government that there can never be any more war only the real war is spiritual the controversy between Almighty God and the dragon and people will be sucked in if they’re not careful see that you don’t go there you know if you have trouble with that second Thessalonians chapter 2 let a childless and we’ve just learned how to read read it to you and explain it to you because if you get rid of all the old recapping from denominationalism it will flow like honey over the buds of your mind and you’ll see the simplicity of the truth of Almighty God returning in chapter 13 the great book of Revelation let’s pick it up if we mane with verse 7 and it was given unto him to make war with the Saints that’s God’s elect and to overcome them deliver him up and power was given him over all Kindred’s and tongues and Nations I mean it’s called one-world ISM but there is one thing he cannot take from you and that’s your faith in Almighty God he can cause you to be delivered up but then that’s not his plan that’s God’s plan well how could you know that well it’s written mark thirteen you will be delivered up before the synagogues of Satan for in that hour of temptation you will not be meditate what you’ll say before him but you will speak what I give you in that hour hour of what hour of temptation for it is not you that speak but the Holy Spirit speaking through you what a destiny what a time to live now while these things are transpiring right before our very eyes what a fantastic time to live verse eight to continue and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him hang on now all whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world God’s elect were chosen as it is written in Ephesians chapter one verse four before the foundations of this world before Satan’s overthrow what God can trust them that’s why he chose you as one of his elect he knows you can cut it he knows that you trust him that you love him and he’s going to use you and what what a honor and what real love that our Father would love you enough you I will I don’t want you to read over that verse and and be caught up in the fact of the multitude for not all that many hear the truth and that verse declares that all who were not chosen before the foundation they’re going to worship Him that’s how good he is I mean he is good at deception he is good at driving peaceful loving tender bargains that people will listen to there they’re all geared to see a war with I mean blood and terrible atomic weapons that’s not the way it it will be there will be no atomic war there will be a spiritual war the wickedest of all to steal the hearts and minds of Christians around the world from all nations to mislead to misguide and that’s why I don’t want you to underestimate his authority with the unbeliever and an unbeliever is one that doesn’t realize the faults one comes first verse 9 If any man have an ear let him hear do you have ears to hear can you hear God’s simple truth verse 10 he that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity and he that killeth with the sword shall be killed with the sword here is the the patience and the faith of the saints there is so much destiny in that who are you help captive – well I didn’t know I was captive DT but you better be captive to Almighty God’s that’s a statement of love and the fact that when you live by the sword what sword the sword of the Lord do you remember back in Revelation chapter 1 verses 15 and 16 what that sword is it’s his tongue it’s the word it’s the truth the mighty mighty weapon because that truth cuts both ways the lie cannot stand in front of it it’s going down so be held captive by Almighty God do not be held captive by Satan many will you’re not because you’re a lawyer you’re a loyal soldier serving Almighty God verse 11 now that kind of takes care of the one old political system you want to be real careful because here comes the trickster of all Percy Levin and I beheld another beast this means another living creature coming up out of the earth he was here and he had two horns like a lamb looked like Jesus Christ he looked like the lamb slain I mean when you looked at him you thought it was Messiah you thought it was Christ and he spake as a dragon because it’s Satan deceiving the world and the horns always signify power so he’s going to have a certain amount of power but he does not listen to me he does not have power over God’s elect he does not have power over those that are written in the book of life before the foundations of this earth this age and and he cannot and does not have the authority to take that from you quite the contrary verse 12 and he that this is a religious character ok it’s not a world government political such beast it is a religious very religious some call it the false prophet system Antichrist which means in the Greek instead of Jesus and he exercises that all the power of the first beast before him that one world system and causes the earth and then which dwell therein to worship the first beast that one world system whose deadly wound was healed oh it is really something there’s no more war there’s peace everywhere and and everyone loves everyone and they all bow to the master there’s just one big problem the master is Satan and if you’re bowing to Satan Christ wants thing to do with you you’re not fit to be part of the Bride of Christ don’t be deceived verse 13 and he doeth great wonders not just little stuff great wonders so that he maketh Fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men that is to say I mean they see it this word in the Greek is poor and it means lightning snap his fingers and bam both of Lightning come down how do you think people that are uneducated in the Word of God are going to be prepared to handle that they’re going to say oh it is truly the Lord there’s just one problem it’s the wrong Lord it’s Christ all right but it’s Antichrist and he’s going to put this is a I want you to just take it take a brew deep breath and realize he is a deceiver of deceivers I do not want you deceived I mean he can put on a show big-time he can hold a revival that would make an old tent revival look like a goat roping now that’s probably not a very good thing to say but that’s how good he is that’s how impressive he is and and there’s a lot of good old revivals that have taken place in tents around the country I assure you but nothing compares to what this clown is going to do and the reason I say that I don’t want you taking invite I want you to stand firm don’t ever let doubt slip in your mind when you see these things are done in the sight of men they are done in the sight of everyone that’s very convincing unless you stay focused unless you know who he is and what he’s up to see it’s the hour of temptation can you tempt you or do you find him to be in about my knees shun as you should because that’s what he’s doing to your people you will not stand for it verse 14 and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the Beast at one world system saying to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image to the Beast that one world system which had the wound by a sword and did live all mighty wonderful times I mean make an image of it you know might say well how does that image business work well you’re looking at one right now when you’re looking at a television set that’s an image and it will be all the way around the world how wonderful it is that we can use the same high technology for teaching God’s Word that he will utilize in bringing forth truth his the truth as it comes to pass which is nothing but a lie but how many people will be deceived and how easy it is for people to be taken in truly you know when when you see some people witness concerning even little governments that we have today I mean just really have the wool pulled over their eyes and they’re snowed by it verse 15 and he had power to give life unto the image of the Beast that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the Beast should be killed that is to say that delivered up before death which is to say the Antichrist now there’s one thing this is this is going to throw a lot of peace poll because they’re expecting bloodletting and all that is not going to happen what role is he playing Savior and he will be genuinely playing that role as savior a savior doesn’t go around cutting people’s throats the Savior doesn’t go around killing people a Savior goes around saving people but you see when you read Hebrews chapter 2 verse 14 Christ came to this earth he died on the cross gave his own life whereby he could do what so that he could destroy death which is to say the devil so they’re delivered that before death himself which is none other than the devil to bear witness and if the word killed is fitting because if one of God’s elect refused the Holy Spirit to speak through them at this time it’s unpardonable unforgivable and it is a spiritual death I do not believe it will happen because I know God’s elect pretty well they’re not going to be taken in by Satan verse 16 and he causeth both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in that don’t miss that in not on in their right hand or in not on but in their foreheads now what is in your forehead your brain and the mark is simply the deception of thinking he is Christ that is the mark of the beast even today if you feel you’re going to his messages I’m going to fly you away and if you fall into his wagon you’ve already got the mark you didn’t it you received it a long time before he even got here and if you’re going to take part in his one world system you will have to go along with his lies and his government before you will receive anything from it that’s what will cause you to be delivered up to try you to try to save you this is why that a mother will deliver a daughter up to death death being Satan because she thinks he’s Jesus my daughter is really a good old girl would you please just forgive her because she thinks you’re a fake and so it is and so it goes that’s the only way a mother would betray a daughter up to Satan thinking he was Jesus help my baby but what a time we live in at a time like this a mark in the hand is what doing his work helping him out delivering your own relatives up to him let me help you Jesus let me I’ve got an uncle out here that says you’re a fake let’s bring him in he’s a good old man and you know and and so it is that people deliver their own up to this one that’s the way it goes but then that was our purpose coming out the gate to be delivered up before as a witness allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through us do not miss the next lecture we will go further yet into this mark you do not want to be deceived in this generation don’t miss it all right bless your heart you listen a moment won’t you please the mark of the beast on CD is our free introductory offer to you what is the mark of the beast many false teachers would have you believe it will be a tattoo on your forehead or a computer chip implanted under your skin it is getting light in the game you need to know what the mark of the beast is as it’s written in Revelation chapter 13 verse 8 many will be deceived there is no need for you to be deceived Christ said in mark 13 23 behold I have foretold you all things Jesus indeed told us how not to be deceived in pastor Arnold Murray takes you on a step by step study of God’s Word concerning this critical subject the mark of the beast the telephone call is free the CD is free we don’t even ask for the shipping and handling it is free as well all you need to do is call late hundred six four three four six four five two requests your one time one per household copy of the mark of the beast you may also request your free CD by mailing your request to shepherd’s chapel post office box 416 Gravett arkansas 77-36 don’t be deceived by Satan and there we are back again let’s have the 800 number please 1 864 3 4 6 4 5 that number is good from Porto Rico throughout the US Alaska Hawaii all over Canada if the spirit moves you got a question share it once you do that please never ask a question about a particular Reverend or denomination or organization we do not judge people we have one judge it’s our Father he is our judge you always want to listen to him and let him do the judging you are to discern spiritually who you should fellowship with who you should listen to who you should study with that spiritual discernment but do not judge those of you that listen by shortwave around the world it’s always a pleasure hearing from you and we understand that the groups in China are growing like wildfire we thank you for that it’s good God’s Word is good to all of us around the world now you got a prayer request you don’t need that number you don’t need an address do you know why because God knows what you’re thinking right now you don’t have to say it out loud he loves you he created you different than anyone else your DNA is different your fingerprints are different your unique because he wanted someone just like you but he wants you to love him and he wants to know that he can trust you to help your brothers and sisters in the truth being founded whereby people can come to it rather than the lies of Satan so with that having been said let’s go to his throne at this time and let’s ask his blessings upon us through this season Heavenly Father we thank you Father for the privilege of serving you be with us this day be with all these father touch in Yeshua’s precious name thank you Father amen okay in question time we’re going to go with Sharon from South Carolina is it wrong for me to that I’ve attending a church locally that teaches the rapture doctrine they seem to be good people is it wrong for me to attend this church I believe the Lord understands thank you for your teaching you are so welcome I never never tell anyone where they should or should not go to church reason being I believe what I teach God’s elect or given by God himself and even though a church may teach something that is not correct if God has possible God has you to go there for a reason to plant a seed some time who knows I don’t but God does and you must be real sensitive to the fact if God puts a conviction on you about going there then that would be wrong but if not when he probably has a reason for it but you have to pray about it and leave that to the father okay Church how are we going to say this Joey from Maryland my church does not teach chapter by chapter verse by verse and many or ignorant of the Kenites and the false Christ my wife loves the church and it is a good community however they are not like the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna my belief is the truth was definitely cause strife between me and my wife should I continue to go to this church I do not want to be a partaker of evil deeds because they do not teach the doctrine of Philadelphia and Smyrna please pray for me that the Lord guide me and keep me as I wait unbelief for the true Christ’s return well you know you got it right you know your wife is somebody you must get along with and again God may have a purpose for you going there but that’s why I cannot tell you as I told the prior person you must decide for yourself now it begins to sound to me that maybe a little bit of a conviction is being placed on you that you want to adhere to real closely monitor it real closely and and pray about it and that father leads you Harvey from Oregon when the earth is made new and we come back will will will it be will we be in spiritual or flesh we’re not going anywhere okay we’re staying right here Christ is coming here and Almighty God is coming here we’re going nowhere and he is going to rejuvenate this earth we will be in our spiritual bodies whereby anything that happens to this Arats terra firma will not affect us one iota and simplify in God and simplify right back Shirley from Oklahoma and I’m glad junior husband enjoy the program my question is does the names of the books of the Bible both old and new testaments have any meanings in the languages of Hebrew or Latin or Greek of course it does like for example Jeremiah is whom God raised up what a prophet he raised up and sent to us and in like the book of Revelation the unveiling all all the titles have a meaning in that meaning you sleeve sets forth the very meaning now Genesis in the beginning all right and sometimes the Hebrew word will title will be a little different than sometimes is given in the King James but it’s all good and they all have meanings Carol from Pennsylvania all souls were with God before he had us sent here to be born of woman were we the same as angels in the first Earth Age or were we a separate celestial being we were ourselves and we had we were in spiritual bodies the truth of the matter is our real body the body we were created in is a spiritual body and the body we will go to is a spiritual body meaning it is our true home these flesh bodies are perishable they get old they get sick and when we’re through with them were through with them and instantly as it is written in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verses 6 & 7 instantly your spirit which is the intellect of your soul steps into that beautiful spiritual body and you’re in it from then on Cathy from Wisconsin what do you mean there will be no more births in the third earth age does this mean my children won’t be have babies I apologize for sounding ignorant well you’re you’re not sounding ignorant that’s that’s a good question why will there be no babies born in the third earth age because all are changed into spiritual bodies there are no more souls to be birthed and when this Earth Age ends it will mean that every soul has been born to woman and pass through this earth age then it’s over okay God is always totally fair what he does for one it happens to all and so it should be Daniel from Chicago what does the word Daniel mean in the Hebrew or Greek does it have to do with wisdom well every word has to do with wisdom if you can understand it you’re wise if you can but Daniel has nothing really to do with wisdom God is my judge is what the then Danielle and God is my judge I remember you said that if someone messes with one of God’s elect it’s like putting poking him in the eye we’re we’re in the Bible can I find this Deuteronomy 32 10 what does it say in Deuteronomy 32 10 son of Moses all God’s elect should at least not memorize necessarily but be familiar with the song of Moses because that’s what the overcomers sing and you can read the whole thing in Deuteronomy 32 but what God says there is I said my children aside and if anybody messes with them it’s like touching the pupil of my eye the pupil of your eye is the is the center the I’m sorry I’m going to correct myself the scripture says the apple of my eye and the Apple is the pupil okay in the Hebrew tongue Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 10 Elizabeth from Canada someone has stolen from you and they ask for get forgiveness from God and they are forgiven but I don’t get my money I want to understand where the justice is for me well that’s what you’re saying is not accurate if someone steals from someone there must be restitution or there is no forgiveness okay if somebody stole from you and did not make restitution only you and you only Elizabeth can release them from the debt only you God will release them they owe you and you know by the old law many times you had to repay four times the value sometimes three according what situation was but the penalty is pretty good so somebody’s handing you a bill of goods if they think God forgave them and they made no restitution to you they’re sucking air blowing smoke okay just tell them to have a good day because God’s going to get them Ruby from California pastor Murray what is the true reason for God our precious Heavenly Father to put Jesus Christ His only begotten Son through the torture of a crucifixion please explain why would Almighty God creator if you read Baban he explains it pretty clearly I’ve even quoted quite a bit of it today from Hebrews chapter 2 when he said you’re going to tell this in verse 12 beginning you’re going to I want you to tell this to the whole congregation and you know something this also you will read in Psalms 22 where he was crucified repeated there what is written in Hebrews chapter 2 verse 12 and then in verse 14 it gets down to the meat of it said I can’t I died on the cross to bring salvation true but the main reason is is to draw to destroy Satan which is death and quite frankly all those that follow him and and to show that I ask you God speaking I asked you to be born in the flesh that I’m not afraid to be born in the flesh myself God with us Emmanuel Hebrews chapter 2 is a fantastic chapter let’s God he speaks to us right down where the rubber the road but you have to realize our Father is a God of love and he didn’t cause his son to be crucified he was Emmanuel God with us he was crucified but he did it so that he could destroy those that cried at his trial crucify him you see he is the father of all the children and that father must cause some of those children to be put to death Feenie that’s not pleasant thing that hurts him a lot more than crucifixion does but because they cried out to have him crucified at least now he can say to the pit and they are done vini and he does it out of love because he does not want that Elk coming back bothering any longer his children that behave themselves they’re always giving trouble to God’s elect and those that love the father and so he wants them destroyed and that’s that’s why he did it they did it to him he’ll do it to them George remaining question what’s too little and what’s enough in our Lord’s eyes I hope I hear your explanation on television I tape all the lectures and I try to watch them before I go to work the word seems sets me up to take on anything that day without my heavenly father’s word there would be no such strength well I’m glad you have that strength it is kind of a common thing that people think I’m not doing enough for the Lord all you want what does he want he wants your love but you got to do is tell him you love him and our day is coming when you’re going to do a lot that’s when you’re delivered up as a witness that’s that’s our purpose that’s our destiny so you’re doing just fine but it is a common thing that people think I’m selling God short for all he’s done for me that’s okay just pray and let him know you loving Rosa from Georgia where is it in the Bible that Satan is bound by Michael well you can you can read it in in revel just covered it Revelation chapter 12 verses six seven and eight and who holds Satan only he who lets will let till he be taken out of the way Michael because Michael and his angels fellow Satan the dragon the devil Lucifer Morningstar the fake and all of his cronies out of heaven and they rejoice in heaven but woe to those on earth because he’s down there is Antichrist and he knows he has but a short time five months and that’s that’s when we rise to the occasion what that’s going to be a wonderful time for us we’re going to witness many things the presence of the Holy Spirit like never before Benjamin from Idaho will you please tell me what simple Fidelis means love in Christ simplify is always shorten it’s it’s there’s never such a thing as an ex-marine once we’re Marines were always Marines and that’s kind of our motto and it means always faithful you could always count on a marine if he’s on the front line with you and you’re moving forward he’s not going to run he’s not going to take the old lady route I shouldn’t say that probably let’s hold out or something like that he’s going to stay right there with you it’s always faithful and that’s that’s our motto and that’s what it means thank you for asking Rosie from Illinois question I was watching television one morning and damned the devil no bad language I used I felt really strong in my faith my question is this was this a bad thing to do no you condemned the devil that’s okay if you saw something where he was trying to overtake our people damning that’s that’s good he’s damned anyway Howard from California in one lesson in Revelation chapter 6 you said the word bow was there in verse 2 a cheap imitation I checked that out since you encouraged this reference number in Strong’s and is 5115 referred to the base 50 88 apparent as the simplest fabric how does this equate to a cheap imitation to ask yourself to what I think you missed half of the statement the statement was this is a cheap imitation this bow a little cheap fabric thing compared to chapter 4 the bowl that was around God’s throne the Shekinah glory the light not a fabric the light and the presence of God the Shekinah glory shining then you can understand why that cheap fabric him on a white horse trying to look holy he’s a holy Joel alright he’s a fake all the way and that was a cheap cheap imitation compared to the Shekinah glory of chapter 4 okay but but hey you’re doing good always check out when you wonder but then remember what the reference was it was cheap compared to the real thing in chapter 4 Jeannie from Ohio where is the Ark of the Covenant and why are they why are they hiding it also who is they well rather we just covered it Revelation chapter 11 the last two verses the the very covenant itself the arc of the Testament which is the arc of the government it’s in God’s house God has it he took it from the earth back home because he does not men would not take care of it men would not honor it the ark which consists of the mercy seat many might say well why would God take it back what’s the mercy seat and I’ll stop and thinking well well that’s where Christ sits where’s Christ sitting the right hand of God on the mercy seat so naturally it’s in heaven and that’s what Revelation chapter 11 declares it is my opinion considering all the ways that could have been delivered there when it was only an imitation anyway but it was still the actual fact when God put his hand on it is Elijah left and he was picked up with a vehicle who knows we’ll find out but we do know where it’s at Christ sitting on it Jarvis from Arkansas in proverbs chapter 8 verse 22 who is that referring to thank you that’s one of the greatest chapters in the Bible proverbs chapter 8 wisdom speaks drop back to the verse 1 pick it up his wisdom speaking and the verse you’re talking about is wisdom was saying I was with God from the beginning why wisdom has always been with God do you know why if you go all the way back then to proverbs chapter 1 verse 7 true wisdom and knowledge is reverencing God loving him why because all wisdom comes from God and you know something the more of it you share with others the he will give you your cup we’ll just run over so that’s the most beautiful chapter when wisdom speaks it even tells you about God creating all of his children in the beginning you know how he took how he took clay one little autumn and how he put it all together wisdom speakin it’s a beautiful thing Marjorie from Tennessee Marjorie year we’re doing in ordering the Apocrypha you doing just real good on don’t you feel that it’s good that you have material to study God’s Word okay that’s they’ll never apologize for that Eddie from Louisiana who is resurrected in the first resurrection and who is resurrected in the second resurrection that’s easy to answer those that overcome in flesh bodies and and take part in the first resurrection as it is written in Revelation chapter 20 we’ll be there in a few days on them the second resurrection and the second death has no power the second resurrection takes place at the end of the millennium when maybe we can drag a few out of the fire and make believers out of them and I can believe that I am out of time again alright I love you all because you enjoy studying our father’s word chapter by chapter verse by verse most of all though God loves you for it makes his day and when you make his day boy is he going to make yours okay remember that we’re brought to you by your tithes and offerings if we’ve helped you you help us keep coming to you once you do that you bless God he will always bless you most important though you listen to me and you listen real good you stay in his word every day in his word is a good day even with trouble do you know why because Jesus our Savior the Messiah is the living room hearing God’s Word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast’ audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written bible study a taped catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 864 3 4 6 4 5 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing to shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1/6 gravity arkansas 77-36 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1 6 Gravatt arkansas 77 3 6 we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and god bless you the book of mark mark one of the apostles mark having been a very young lad at the time Christ walked this earth was always in the shadows observing and listening with the intensity that young ears can picking up every word and this great gospel moves very fast but what it what a interesting and certainly impressive gospel it is for mark from those that young mind reiterates to you in chapter 13 how some are going to be delivered up exactly what they are supposed to do and even in that thirteenth chapter giving you the seven events that fulfill this I’ll make up the seven seals and the seven trumpets and telling you how you are to react to them a fast-moving gospel one that I know will enjoy you from gravid Arkansas this is Shepherd’s chapel with Pastor Arnold Murray join with us now this pastor Murray takes you on a book by book chapter by chapter line by line study in God’s Word now here’s pastor Murray good day to you welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel hey welcome to this family Bible study on the day of atonement that’s what we’re going to talk about probably for this lecture in the next the laws and the feast were basically shadows schoolmasters of that that would

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