Revelation Chapter 11 (February 24, 2014) ~ Rebroadcast beginning Revelation 11:1

Welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study our ready to get back in our father’s word chapter 11 the great book of Revelation we’re going to pick it up with verse 1 fantastic the tenth chapter following the ninth which identifies the false Christ how long he will be here on earth in power times shortened to a five month reign and then in that tenth chapter where Christ would say I beheld Satan as lightning fall to the earth then you heard about the seven thunders that’s what lightning causes that means after the repercussions that come the moment the Anti Christ feet set up on earth for that five month reign you want to be ready especially now that we learn just as we close the tenth chapter the voice of the seventh angel begin to sound that’s the very events that precede the coming of the true Christ so with that having been said you actually have a chapter here that is inserted that lets a believer know exactly three and a half days after the fact now remember what I said about after the fact meaning after the two witnesses died in the streets Christ will be exactly three and a half days naturally you do not know until that event transpires but after that three and a half days the seventh Trump’s going to sound Christ is going to return so it is good that our Father as as we learn from Amos chapter three verse seven Christ through the father has already said or the father through the son I will never do anything that I haven’t foretold my prophets I mean it’s all right here if you’ll just read it if you read it with understanding having said that let’s pick it up if we may chapter eleven verse one let’s get the chronological order events as they transpire verse one and there was given me a reed like unto a rod no usually a measuring Reed is not a rotten this is kind of a rod for correction this is talking about the second Advent and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein in other words it’s measuring people who makes it who doesn’t who is utilized who God’s elect are and who are not it is a rod for correction and even destruction if you would have it so you see the wrath of God is about to be poured out verse 2 but the court which is without the temple leave out are you cast it out and measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles in the Holy City shall they tread under foot forty and two months now naturally forty two months is basically three and a half years as far as months go and and let’s look at a current event one of these signifiers or things you should notice how long does the temple area stay under Gentile control it is to this day the Dome of the rock is very much secured and not by a Christian religion certainly and so it will be until that time but 42 months Moon’s are always of the night months or a prophecy that pertain to that that is evil which is to say Satan days the Sun is always prophecies concerning God’s children God’s elect so we see here why there is need for that rod of Correction is the very temple itself at God’s command why because we’re going to convert many people Jen and otherwise verse three and I will give power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days that solar clothed in sackcloth in other words it will be a time of correcting now there’s a beautiful bit of knowledge hidden within there if you know as God always uses moons how long is a month well a month is only twenty nine point something days a month of solar on the solar calendar is thirty days so when you add 42 times that the two witnesses arrive here quite a few days before that n comes before the evilness transpires those witnesses that will be allowing the Holy Spirit to feed through that menorah which is to say to the seven thousand that’s to say to God’s elect many of you wonder what will I do and how will I be informed you’re going to be told right here that’s why God never leaves those that he covers this is why he would say in chapter nine verse four you cannot bother those that have the seal of God in their forehead you can’t even kill the others you can sting them you can deceive them but you cannot kill them so but God’s elect is don’t even touch up and we see here why because he sends the two witnesses and certainly they have power considerable power and we have the two witnesses say ten days before the false one appears that’s time to get things organized that’s time to know which way the winds blowing and how to arrange a campaign verse for to continue these are these the two witnesses these are the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before the god of the earth now there is a clue given there that you must understand well well who are the two witnesses well there are two people that are standing before God God of the heavens the earth to see everywhere well were they standing well there with him well how could they possibly be with him they didn’t die well how many people have been on earth and gone to heaven without dying well there he knock we know he was so good that in thought against the intermixing of the fallen angels and the daughters of Adam that God just simply he was a preacher and he preached about that and God simply took him he was good enough that he didn’t want him tangled up in it but then what you have to jar awake to is God never would let anyone bury Moses when supposedly died and God Himself took him even in the book of Jude devil the devil argues and hunts for the bones of Moses why can’t he find them they don’t exist because in Matthew 11 who is it that showed up on the Mount of Transfiguration with Christ Elijah and Moses and Moses had many wonderful things that transpired when they when he free do with God’s help the children of Israel from Egypt I mean fire down from heaven cease turning to blood many many things the death angel passing over all that have not the mark the the minion of Almighty God is able I mean no problem at all so you want to be real careful when you start especially if you get some coop that comes along as a table what are the two witnesses oh you’re standing before God in heaven and you’re going to appear a thousand two hundred and sixty days before Christ returns well that’s good news only I don’t think you can get anyone to believe that I think God chose the two witnesses a long time ago and they are worthy and so it is what what is olive it’s all of our people all of the lamp even the ten virgins when some of them five were out of all its olive oil Elia in the Hebrew top two all of our people you’ve got to have it it’s truth its knowledge and it is wisdom so let God’s Word lead you into an understanding of what’s going down here verse five and if any man will hurt them that’s to say these two and through the branches of the menorah who they’re connected with fire proceedeth out of their mouth and devoureth their enemies and if any man will hurt them he must in this manner be killed so there is a tremendous amount of power with these two witnesses why because God is with them and with all that they served you know I want to this is not a new thing it’s written of in the Old Testament in Zachariah the great book of Zachariah in Chapter three we see this stone with seven pairs of eyes being God’s elect and then in Chapter four we see is a rubber ball that one that was borned in Babel confusion but Kay out well what brought him out of confusion truth God’s Word then he was asked what what there was a plumb bob set their gods elector on the end of that that string that God’s own natural law of gravity keeps everything straight and narrow I mean up and down right on course and we have a lot of help because these two witnesses feed this lamp without that flows without the help of man or gravity as naturally it’s with God verse 11 of the fourth chapter of Zachariah and it reads then answered I and I said unto Him what are these two olive trees upon the right side of the candlestick and upon the left side thereof you want to know well listen to it it was told of long ago and I answered again and I said into him what be these two olive branches which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves they feed God’s he left it’s the Holy Spirit that’s what causes the oil to flow and verse 13 he answered me and he said knowest thou not what these be questioned and I said no my lord he’s going to tell you verse 14 then said he these are the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth they stand right before him and by him God uses them then you wonder why Moses and Elijah showed up at the Mount of Transfiguration the Hebrew is very specific in this he says they are the two sons of fresh oil that that feeds and that that does not leave us wanting and there you have those two and a little thing you might overlook in the prophecies and the fact that again now where we learned that God will do nothing that he doesn’t foretell his profits let’s take that Elijah one of the ones who who was a prophet of prophets and Jezebel wants us he/she wants him real bad what’s to do away with him she sends an army after him and of course God always takes care of his own open your Bibles to 2nd Kings chapter 1 let’s look at Elisha a little bit and what happened even in the flesh concerning him with verse 10 verse 10 of chapter 1 second Kings reads and Elisha answered and said to the captain of fifty if I be a man of God then let fire come down from heaven and consume the end I’m 15 and there came down fire from heaven and consumed him in this 50 push you see God has power for those witnesses anytime he so chooses and you would fear something if you don’t have anything to fear but fear itself of what you wouldn’t know about God’s Word and how he protects his own verse 11 also and again also he sent unto him another captain of 15 with his fifty and he answered and he said unto Him o man of God thus hath the king said come down quickly and he lied you answered and said unto them if I be a man of God let fire come down from heaven and consume thee and die 50 and the fire of God came down from heaven and consumed him and his 15 and so it was well soon the next old boy finally wakes up and said I know you’re a man of God now I want to plead with you that to be burned up we want you to have mercy on us and God spoke to Elijah and told you go ahead and go down I’ve got your back that’s my words but that’s exactly what is meant and and you know in first Kings chapter 18 God has a sense of humor I just love it Elijah was the only prophet left basically and there were 400 and better bail prophets there and they challenged Elijah big time and so Elijah builtin had had him build an altar and and had him to the slaughter an animal for sacrifice to their God and told them that you all called fire down and have God your God consume the sacrifice well they started early in the morning and they went all day 450 of praying and dancing warning fire to come down from God and Elijah got off on the side and he kind of chided them if you think God doesn’t have a sense of humor in the Hebrew in one place kind of even says maybe your God is off to lunch or maybe he took a potty break you know and and naturally this did not help the situation finally he like to dug a trench then and had water poured in the trench and on everything we’re seemingly you couldn’t light a fire and then God brought fire down from heaven and whoosh the altar was cleansed so God has a sense of humor and God takes care of his own why I wanted to cover Moses and Elijah the miracles that God did in the presence of Moses freeing all of Israel the nation was only a type of freeing them from bable bable and again in these end times so what has been shall again if you understand the beginning you’ll most likely understand the end so here we have these two that come and they are they have this all of our people that flows without the aid of men but by the presence of the Holy Spirit as he siphons and feeds the light in those seven thousand when they witness and how precious it is this time is upon us and the beauty is that God would send them a few days before the Anti Christ even appears for comfort for advice for knowledge and leadership verse six back again in Revelation chapter 11 let’s go with it these have power to the two witnesses these have power to shut heaven that it rain not in the days of their prophecy that’s the sign of Elijah and have power over waters to turn them to blood this happened with Moses time in to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will the power like Moses used in Egypt okay verse 7 and when they shall have finished their testimony the Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them and shall overcome them and kill them now here’s where Satan really messes up God gave him orders back in Chapter 9 verse 4 can you remember what it was touch not those that have the seal of God in their forehead and here he takes the two witnesses and has them killed breaking God’s command which means big trouble for him verse 8 and their dead bodies shall lie in the street this word is potta in the Greek it means in an arena there’s no party of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt why because of the degradation there where also our Lord was crucified so I’m not Jerusalem when the Antichrist stands where he ought not the abomination the Abunda Boleyn no the point is why wouldn’t they be them because they still in certain quarters of Satan’s little children say that Christ did not rise from the dead and they’re going to lay these two out publicly and openly in an arena so that three days they’re going to still be there they’re not raising three-and-a-half days they’re going lay there and we’re going to witness it that they’re dead and a hammer that’s what the wicked one is saying verse nine and they have the people and Kindred’s and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and a half this is why you know when Christ returns after this fact not until but after this fact you have a time limit three and a half days Christ returns and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves they they want people to watch up verse ten and they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them this kind of gives you a clue of how many will be deceived by the false Christ and make merry oh they’re celebratin and shall send gifts one to another because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth by the powers they could perform they they raised old Billy Ned is so to speak with the whole bunch of them they were glad to be rid of them verse 11 listen carefully and after three days and a half exactly the spirit of life from God entered into them and they stood upon their feet and great fear fell upon them which saw them Matan hey we’re dead really have days in there they’re walking they’re standing up this is where the sad awakening when people realize they’ve been had big time because the word fear here in the Greek is a bit too toad it is a paralyzing fear comes over them a lot I’ve been in church all their life and maybe read this somewhere well I’ve seemed like I’ve heard that before you should have studied it you should have absorbed it you should have eaten the little book you should have known better verse 12 and they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them come up hither and they ascended up to heaven in a cloud and their enemies beheld them so I’m go what have we done now here the two witnesses are removed three and a half days seventh Trump’s going to sound thirteen and the same hour was there a great earthquake and a tenth part of the city fell it’s a shaken and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand that’s God’s fallen angels that return to this earth again they’re going to die right there Feenie and the remnant were affrighted and gave glory to the God of heaven why because God destroys the wicked ones that are cast out with Satan which we’ll find in the next chapter chapter 12 and for every negative there is a positive there’s 7,000 of God’s elect and there are 7,000 of the very very worst that are Satan’s army and they’re going to die instantly when that happens my guts through with them doesn’t need them any longer to correct children got their number all right and boy are they set so but the remnant that’s to say Godsey legs will give glory to God for it’s going to happen exactly as it’s written if you read it have you read it believing it you can read it knowing it that’s the way it’s going down you should not be surprised when you see it come to pass for it shall in unto this generation of the fig tree verse 14 the second wall is past and behold the third woe cometh quickly that’s the second of the three fifteen and the seventh Trump sounded here it is and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world or become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever I mean there’s not going to be any break he reigns through the Millennium period and into the own into the Eternity there is no break for Christ 16 and the four and twenty elders which set before God on that their seats fell down fell upon their faces and worshipped God why wouldn’t they when you see the wonderment and the blessings and the glory of the presence of the Living God as he protects his children nothing to fear but fear itself when you have the knowledge of God in your forehead 17 saying we give thee thanks O Lord God Almighty which art and wast an art to come because thou has taken to thee that great power and has reigned and he will reign will reign forever and ever eternal life to those that deserve it yes those two that stand before God are going to come to earth a few days before the false Christ comes to prepare God’s answer to that malicious group of lies that will come down upon our people and they will have power that stings and no one can bother them until God allows them to be placed in that prouder that arena in Jerusalem and even that is for a purpose a purpose to show that our fathers in charge in control and things always happen as they’re written verse 18 and the nations were angry and thy wrath is come in the time of the Dead that they should be judged and that thou should us give reward unto the servants thy servants the prophets and to the Saints that’s the set aside ones Godsey LED and then that fear thy name that revere him that loved him small and great and should us destroy them which destroy the earth natural those that corrupt the earth are simply going to be gone that that day of reckoning is coming the important thing you know most Christians like to put themselves on guilt trips and they only have one meaning to the word judgment that they can only see because they’re they they get themselves on guilt trips so easy you never want to you never want to forget what Christ said when you repent forget it I don’t want to hear about it again but little old Christians I may be a bad person I’ve been bad old I’ll live oh you are a bad one all right but once you repent it’s gone and God that want to be bothered with it and you just aggravate him when you keep bringing it up again when he’s already forgiven it washed it away it’s like calling Christ a liar and so what this day is for is your reward for those that deserve it as you’ve often heard me say this is the day that everybody gets everything that’s coming to them all at once so some is going to be bitter that’s true enough and just some it will be great rewards and and here of course it pretty well identifies the word Saint throws some people you think well it’s got to be something no it just means in the Greek set aside ones and God set aside the elect why because they did not fall in the first Earth Age they earned the right to be called God’s elect one more verse to complete the chapter and the temple of God was opened in in heaven market and there was seen in his temple the Ark of his Testament and there were lightnings and voices and thunderings and earthquake and great hail naturally we know what this brings to pass but the arc of his Testament so many people write stories and spend lifetimes looking for the Ark of the Covenant the Ark of the Testament and it shows they’ve never read God’s Word because one of the two witnesses took it with him it’s not on earth any longer and it’s understandable why would God leave it on earth with the mess that man has made here so naturally you want to see the door of heaven open you can see it sitting right there it’s not even these a secondhand when made in the likeness of the real thing it’s the real thing it’s their mercy seat and all right they’re in heaven and our Father looks forward to those and that time of Correction you know we have a one day with the Lord from this point to the eternal temple when that great white throne judgment will take place a great deal of time went by to that judgment a thousand years in our time whereby we the set aside ones and God’s prophets would have an opportunity to convince as many as they could the real truth and to pull away from the false one but is it not ironic that even as you read this chapter just when the two witnesses are in Jerusalem how many party their most of the world most of the world deceived that’s why it’s so important that the truth be taught in the actual Quantico order of events to save as many people as possible from that embarrassment from that shame of being deceived by none other than Satan himself which anyone is raised to dislike him but yet at the same time not taught to recognize him when they see him and you have so much false teaching about destruction and all the turmoil that’s going to come with the false Christ ah false he comes in peacefully and prosperously saying I am Jesus and performs miracles in the sight of man and many will believe him we’ll learn more as we get to chapter 13 don’t miss it bless your hearts you listen a moment won’t you please the Book of Ezekiel what a fantastic study this book of ezekiel the book of ezekiel that covers if you would fence vehicles those circular discs in the hebrew it states very clearly that that whirlwind with the color amber traced back to the hebrew highly polished bronze what an exciting thing that god’s word informs us on all things Ezekiel one of my favorite prophets of the Bible probably more written not probably but absolutely more written on what will happen in the millennium age than even the book of Revelation Ezekiel guiding you through it what God will expect at the final battle Armageddon and Haman GOG recorded in this great prophecy I know you’re going to enjoy it The Book of Ezekiel and there we are back again let’s have the 800 number please 1 864 3 4 6 4 or 5 that number is good from Porto Rico throughout the u.s.

Alaska Hawaii all over Canada if the spirit moves and you have a question you share it once you do that please never ask a question about a particular Reverend denomination or organization we don’t judge people we don’t want you to judge people but you should discern discern truth and who you should study with who you should fellowship with do not be deceived in this generation very important those of you that listen by shortwave around the world it’s always a pleasure hearing from you and your announcer at the end of the hour will maiding address always a pleasure to hear from you know you’ve got a prayer request you don’t need the number you don’t need an address God’s the heart nor he knows what’s in your mind you don’t have to say it out loud he hears you so Lenny what does he want mainly from you your love you got to let him know you love him in return that’s family that’s that’s your heavenly father he’s the one that created your very being and as we stated in the last lecture ezekiel he owns your soul it’s not yours it’s his because he wanted someone just like you let him know you love him won’t you do that father around the globe we come West that you need guide direct father touch in Yeshua’s precious name thank you Father amen okay in question time we’re going to go with the Charles from North Carolina please explain the idea of rapture well it’s pretty hard to explain something that’s not even biblical the word rapture I know this shocks a lot of people the word rapture is not in the Bible God has never said there would be a rapture there is a gathering back to Christ but it’s going to happen like Paul said it would in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 where he said don’t let some numbskull deceive you we’re not going to gather back to Christ until the false Christ is sits in the temple of God showing the world that He is God in other words God’s children have worked to do not to be flying off into outer space like some nitwit would have you believe and I know that may have Finn son but really when that is taught as a truth and it has no foundation and don’t come back at me with 1st Thessalonians 4 16 and 17 it would all show me you were ignorant and did not read 13 and 14 which sets the subject and explains what’s going down there the fact that if you believe Christ rose from the dead you better believe everybody that’s dead is with him already they’re not out here to holding the ground and the air that is mentioned there is spiritual body breath of air breath of life the spiritual body that we’re at the seventh Trump will all changed into it so there you got it and if you want more information I’ve got a work title the question on the rapture doctrine helped you a lot right from God’s Word al Wester from Arkansas I’ve been I’ve been hearing your teaching for years and I’ve learned a lot but on 3/11 10 you said medication was satanic about 6 or 10 months ago you said to continue on your prescribed medicine please explain well you misunderstood what I said in teaching concerning who is left out of heaven sorcerer’s and I said the word sorcerer in the Greek is pharmacy aqaq which our word pharmacist comes from it and what I said was is drug users illegal and drug pushers and peddlers are not going to be in heaven that has nothing to do with a legal god-given right pharmacist that administers medication like dr.

Luke Luke was a medical doctor and God saw fit to use him to do much of Paul’s Scott ascribe ship for him and a fantastic surgeon the position so there’s nothing wrong you should take your prescribed medicine if you know if you have a good eye like Christian doctors okay but be that as it may but you should always take your medication all I was saying is that illegal drugs let’s get right down to who where the rubber meets the road with it a sorcerer is somebody that puts people on a high a spiritual high on drugs rather than the holy spirit they’re not going to make it why because it’s trickery Ruth from Virginia my question requests please explain the different spelling of Cain’s descendants compared to the Canaanites I’m sure I’m not spelled this correct well the Cain’s descendants are spelled ke and ite ke an ite is a Hebrew word that simply means the offspring of Cain that’s all it means in the Hebrew tongue being fully translated rather than transliterated so it has nothing to do with the Canaanites and and then but spelled with the C and they are true Israelites basically Charles from Minnesota do we have do we have guardian angels where is this mentioned in the Bible well in Matthew chapter 18 verse 10 it does state if you are one of God’s Saints set aside one’s elect that your angel has not that he’s going to help you but he has the face of God at any time you need God’s help that’s how closely God looks after his election so what are you afraid of and I mean in general people should not fear the only thing we have to fear is fear itself because our Father is still on the throne and he can stay there no ifs no ands and no maybes Barbara from Kentucky my question is when our flesh body dies and we are spiritually gone to be with the Lord as it says to be absence from the body is to present with the Lord when then the flesh body is put in the ground why would it ever have to come up again when Christ returns this is how people believe at my church oh I’m sorry you see the Bible itself makes it very clear what happens to the flesh when it goes into the ground Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 6 and 7 the spirit which is the intellect of your soul in your spiritual body instantly returns to the father that gave it your flesh body goes back to dirt from which it came it never is resurrected as a matter of fact Ecclesiastes chapter 9 is specially written to let you know what happens to flesh bodies that they don’t ever come back again we don’t need them 1 we’ve got a much more perfect body you know the body that God created us in that spiritual body where there is no pain and and no aging no disease because when God does something it’s perfect and yours why would you ever ever want a flesh body again when you have something so much better the spiritual body everybody should make a real home study if you have confusion about that on 1st Corinthians chapter 15 begin reading with verse 35 concerning planning asks even a grain of corn it’s got to die and go into the ground it’s gone but in it is a little embryo and it springs to life and comes up out of that ground a new plant which that’s what happens when this flesh dies we’ve got a spiritual body that’s far better and it continues on to say you have a terrestrial and a celestial body you have an earthly body and you have a spirit body the spirit body is what is the kernel ok James from Texas my question is did God create all the prehistoric animals I can’t find it in the written word if so where did God create them and why well they’re there in the word you you will find the dinosaur in the great book of Job which is a very old book in chapter 40 concerning the behemoth and and the main thing is they’re here the artifacts or here we have we have through archaeology found most of the bones the bodies the structure and a great deal of knowledge and information about them and I’m not going to whip out my dynast mammoth tooth and all what business on you but you know what I mean you can believe in fact that plant they’re here they’re real God doesn’t have an imitation world it’s a real world even Christianity is not a religion it’s a reality so the bible does speak of his animals okay and and so it is he even speaks of his he loves animals that’s why he created them and they’re going to be with us even in the eternity as we learn in Isaiah chapter 11 John from Michigan I would like to know if the one world system will be set up before Satan comes to earth or is Satan going to set it up to deceive people I think so what do you think or no well I know about everything I just nobody knows everything but I do know one thing I know that the one world system we are told does not come into being because it received it almost does and then it gets a deadly wound you’ll find this in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation verse four that I know okay but then the dragon which is Satan another name for Satan appears and performs a lot of pretty tricks in maneuvers and and heals the wound and the whole world whores after him believing him he then he fixes it so answer the question the one world system does not become de facto until after the false Christ appears almost but not quite and Greta from your job I cannot pass up this opportunity to ask you a question excuse me I paid my tithe on this I think I put my I can’t quite make out your writing there this from this question I think is from my son he asked me if God made the earth in six days and one day to God is a thousand years to us was the earth made in six thousand years add one more thousand seven dang took seven days and seven days with the Lord is this is if you stop and think why when we see mammoths in Russia and Alaska under the tundra that a terrible thing happened about fourteen thousand years ago that’s seven thousand in creation and six thousand since that’s thirteen thousand so it all fits pretty good when you get right down to it okay and it’s biblical a Curtis from Arizona did that maybe ought us but I’m going to say Curtis David threw seven stones and a river before he fought Goliath could you tell me what those seven stones represent thank you somebody’s pulling your leg a little bit or you’ve been taught wrong David didn’t pick up he didn’t drove seven stones in the in the river when he crossed the little draw he picked up five stones and he put him in the little put him in the little bag for up slingshot stones five means grace but you need to read First Samuel chapter 17 verse 40 First Samuel 17 forty the main thing David had with him was the grace from the five stones because God was with him and when the giant rumbled the ground and made all kinds of threats David wasn’t worried he’s God’s with me and we’re gonna take your head and God did through David Tony from Alabama in Revelation what does it mean when it says hurt not the blood or the oil if I make correct use if I remember right it’s hurt not the all of the wine and I did stipulate in the sixth chapter when we went by there that the all in the wine the oil is symbolic of the all of our people la yah in the Hebrew tongue and the wine of course being symbolic of the blood of Christ our communion we don’t want that messed with regardless of seals or the presence on earth of an enemy Carol from Dallas in Genesis for I’m trying to so hard to understand everything about the Bible but sometimes I get confused welcome to the club in Genesis 4 when Eve says referring to Cain’s birth I’ve gotten a man from the Lord what did she mean I thought Cain was Satan seed she said if yo they meaning with the help of God she did they were innocent they didn’t know but you see what most people don’t understand is in verse 2 of chapter 4 it stipulates in verse 1 that Adam knew her and she conceived but she had already conceived back in chapter 3 verse 15 and it says in verse 2 of chapter 4 that instead of the word again that again she bear a child it says she continued bearing children meaning they were twins by separate father’s yes well how can you be sure they were separate fathers well look at the genealogies you will not find Cain in Adams genealogy and that’s pretty obvious is it not would God make a mistake like that God did not make a mistake never does man makes mistakes at times father doesn’t Helen from Ohio where does it talk about a woman should cover her head Scripture reference please 1st Corinthians chapter 11 verse 10 but what should a woman cover her head with because what does verse 10 of 1st Corinthians 11 say it says a woman should cover her head because of the angels meaning the fallen angels in the end times that are going to be cast out of heaven with Satan you’re supposed to have Christ over your head where they can’t bother you why because Christ gives you power over all your enemies in Christ’s name you have power over them boom they got to go they don’t have room for a woman of God that has Christ over her head and well why would it be a shame for a man to have that same covering layering them because it shouldn’t be needed should it how could a man possibly be drawn to another man and without it being perverted of course Cindy from North Carolina that’s God’s teachings like it or lump it question I’ve ordered the Apocrypha what is your favorite book or passage Cindy from North Carolina I hope you ordered our from us so that it is a good speed and if it is a good speed otherwise you wouldn’t have it my favorite but in the book of Ezra in Chapter 7 verse 77 in the good speed you have a continuation of what it’s like in heaven that’s kind of what’s really going on there kind of some of my favorite scripture and do I teach it biblically no but I like to read it best from Illinois let me let me lest I deceive the best I mislead someone much of the Apocrypha is backed up in in the massara such as the books of estrus estrus is simply the Hebrew word Ezra and it is a continuation of that and you can back them up in the masala but some of it is questionable but be that as it may it’s not going to hurt you if you’re a real Christian best from Illinois her question her question I better my friend Joan and I were talking and she asked a really good question about that I wasn’t so sure how to answer we both know that when small children are in babies that pass away will go to heaven or question is will they remain as small children babies or will they be adults we’re all the same age in spiritual bodies adults and we appear to be about like Christ was when he left about 30 full adult but there’s no such thing as age in a spiritual body Kathina from california question how long after the crucifixion of jesus was paul called to be an apostle thank you for your teaching of the word you really bring it to life well thank you Paul Paul was called in the year 35 AD that’s an old Ani a of Daniel with a year of our Lord being in the in the Latin Domini so so if Christ was crucified along about 33 it would 35 Paul’s conversion about two years later pastor Murray William from South Carolina I was recently listening to one of your lectures and you said that a dunya is Russia please explain the connection maps of ancient Israel show a duniya Edom being on the southwest shores of the Dead Sea not where modern day Russia is I do not doubt you as you are the smartest man I’ve ever encountered I am just wondering the connectional thank you for your coming for your compliment understanding God said he was going to scatter Israel and all the people there he did and the prophecy concerning giza when you go to Genesis chapter 25 through chapter 27 chapter 27 the curse that was placed upon he saw was that he would live in the Hebrew nut on the fat of the land but away from the fat of the land and meaning so far north that their growing seasons are not going to be good like ours down south in the southern so Russia today is it would settle as the migrations took place and it’s through history it’s not that difficult to trace Esau and eat them okay Edom means red in the Hebrew tongue it’s a red nation okay it’s pretty pretty easily documented okay I’m out of time hey you don’t want to love you all a great deal because you enjoy studying God’s Word chapter but chapter verse by verse most of all though God you for it it’s his letter to you makes his day and when you make God’s day boy is he going to make yours just let him know you love him at the same time you’re family and he loved he returns that love and is so happy that you are reading the letter of instruction telling you how to find happiness now we’re brought to you about your tithes and offerings if we’ve helped you you help us keep coming to you once you do that you bless God he’ll always bless you okay most important though you listen to me you stay in his word every day and his word is a good day even with trouble do you know why because Jesus Yeshua is the living word hearing God’s Word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written Bible study a tape catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 864 3 4 6 4 5 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing to shepherd’s chapel post office box for one six grab it Arkansas 77-36 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1/6 gravity Arkansas 7 2 7 3 6 we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and God bless you you Oh here is pastor Marie Gravatar consol this is shepherd’s chapel with Pastor Arnold Murray join with us now as pastor Murray takes you on a book by book chapter by chapter line by line study of God’s Word now here is pastor Marie all right good day to you god bless you welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study our praise God we’ve been waiting on you we’re ready to get into the word we’re going to leave the Psalms for a day or two I want to get into a little different subject as I told you I was going to be speaking over this

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