Revelation 2:25 – hold fast

Revelation 2:25 – But hold fast what you have till I come.

Notice here also, that even though this particular church spoken of is promoting sin, an individual can repent and be saved even in this situation. God does not judge groups. Jesus judges us one at a time. It would be a terrible burden to have no other church to go to than one that taught fornication. He tells them to hold fast to sound doctrine until He comes.

While most of the letter to Thyatira was a rebuke from the Lord, Jesus did praise the church encouraging them to “hold fast,” or work to maintain the positives things they had – their works, love, service, faith and patience:

Revelation 2:19 – “I know your works, love, service, faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first.”

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Revelation 2-25

We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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