Revelation 18:1 (March 6, 2014) ~ Rebroadcast picking up at Revelation 18:1

Welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study are back in our father’s word chapter 18 the great book of Revelation revelation means what means the unveiling to make God’s plan no.1 what a fantastic chapter xvii was God doing the interpreting letting us know that the harlot that was writing upon the waters was none other than Babel or confusion and what she was writing on was people’s confusion in the minds of the people all over the world confused that he that was is and goes into perdition that’s to say Satan the old dragon the devil Lucifer enter Christ the false prophet all wrapped up in one package one entity revealed and God doing the interpreting to let us know exactly how it was going down and the history of the city from Christ time that is to say first by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon then by medial Persia then by Greece Alexander then by Rome of course Caesar and in the Muhammadans in the year of 636 ad up until this present day 1948 part of the city was taken over by both the good and the bad figs white what a history he gives us in that and then tells us exactly who is the eighth and so forth it’s that same one that goes into perdition little recap as we go into this 18th chapter that’s basically what it is is talking about her downfall that old city Babylon which is none other than confusion on the people chapter eighteen of verse one word of wisdom from our Father verse one reads and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power that’s authority and the earth was lighted with his glory I mean it was this is an angel from God himself the truth was all around him verse two and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and has become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit a cage of every unclean and hateful bird which means spirits and so she is that’s what confusion is and always remember when you’re thinking things through God is not or is not the author of confusion Babel but of peace if it doesn’t ring true to peace then you don’t have the truth you need to understand it verse 3 for all nations how many was that all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her this is not the ten kings you got to keep these separate in your mind these are not the ten kings that Satan brings with him but these are actual rulers here on earth that have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth or waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies and this word abundance in the it means power because you know what the word is in the greek it’s Dunamis from which we get our word dynamite its power explosive and and so it is her delicacies are the power of one-world ISM that she brings up on people why is it the whole world because one world ISM all the world whores after the false Christ’s thinking he is Messiah thinking he is the leader of their great religions all of them he will fit that category they will think their particular head of your particular religion and I’m not going to start naming them I don’t have to you know what they are I’m not talking about Christians alone I’m talking about every religion he will claim to be all in all and they will believe him as all at all that’s why the whole world hours after him this in itself should remind you of how very deceitful Satan is that every religion in the world that is not educated in God’s Word the unveiling the uncovering is going to worship Him you want to make sure as Christ would say in mark chapter 13 for the elects sake I’ve shortened the time Elson those flesh would be saved meaning even some of the elect if they’re not careful can be snowed by him for he’s good at snowing people see that you don’t get involved verse 4 and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues well how do you come out of her with truth confusion you do not want to float around in confusion not knowing from one day to the next what’s happening in this world when God has sent you a letter telling you exactly by the number all seven of them seven seals seven trumpets they transpire even mourn all you have to do is read it absorb it and come out of confusion by learning truth by loving your father asking him for wisdom for all wisdom comes from him he’s engineering everything well in as much as he’s engineering everything you want to be familiar with his word because that’s how it’s going to happen and when you’re not familiar with how it happens that’s confusion and confusion and babbling come out of her you don’t belong there if you truly love the Lord and and so it is perspiring for her sins have reached unto heaven and God had remembered her iniquities and he’s going to render pound-for-pound everything she’s got coming to her okay and the confusion has reached even to the father’s play as thrown worse I’m not putting up with it any longer this is when truly the end has come when he puts her in her place verse 6 reward her even as she rewarded you and double unto her double according to her works in the cup which she had filled fill to her double well now you know a lot of people like to dally with numbers and I suppose God gives us numbers why would he double the measure well what is the measure of the faults Christ that brings about the deception that is to say the king of Babylon here in the book of Revelation is 666 six seal six trump and six vow if you double 666 you get 12 32 which is three days short of the 1335 then the Book of Daniel you were that the Blessed would wait to just three years short so that what does that mean well probably maybe it doesn’t mean anything but at least it is worth watching because you are Watchmen and you’re supposed to watch when we cover the Book of Daniel if you have not covered it yet with me then you’ll come to a better understanding of it and when you feel her cup to her double and she’ll get everything she’s got coming to her that is to say the confusion that is on the minds of the people in verse 7 how much she has glorified herself and lived deliciously so much torment and sorrow give her for she saith in her heart I sit a queen and AM no Widow and shall see no sorrow now this is this is I feel one of the reasons that Christ would say Walter those that are with child when I returned is speaking in a spiritual sense as you can read in mark 13 Matthew 24 in other words he’s the husband he’s been away for 2,000 years well that 2000 years is gone the true Bride of Christ is a widow he died on the cross but not this old heifer she said I’m a queen I’m happily married to the false Christ of course so therefore you want to be very careful my friend you have two ladies mentioned in the book of Revelation specifically you have in Revelation chapter 12 mother Israel with the 12 stars on her head that is to say spiritually speaking the zodiac that mother of Israel and then you have this harlot that whores after every false teaching misleading people and people swallow it hook line and sinker and don’t ever forget she uses all four hidden dynasties to get it done or what what are those for hidden dynasties well they’re written for you in Zechariah chapter one the four horns that’s one of them is political that’s governmental the second is financial kind of Satan likes to play Pilate financial get a bunch of people to invest in this that and the other and then let her go belly up and the people lose all their money and they’re in straight shapes and they’ll pass it off as hard times it was planned manipulated and then then you will have the education and you have professors today that people pay great tuition cost to send their kids to be brainwashed by an idiot that absolutely well let’s take one little college like Stanford likes to drive the ROTC off the of the campus okay what well we’re not the military where would they be without military today maybe they would all be speaking Chinese or Japanese maybe many of them do already nothing wrong with that but the and then you have these fruitcakes that have degrees they’re mostly B B’s and BS is if you want to know the truth about it there are good professors but they have been infiltrated with the left of the point that they stink and you better warn your children about it if you send them to one of those it’s despicable talk about confusion talk about babble all you got to do is listen to one of them for an hour what’s a kid going to do when they hear babble babble babble and lies lies lies again not all are that way but a large percentage and you pay big bucks you’re paying their salary when you do that you want to be careful what college you send your kids to it’s important yeah she sits a queen because she doesn’t love the Lord has no place for him and we’ll hook up with anything that comes along verse eight therefore shall her plagues come in one day that’s the Lord’s Day death and mourning and famine and she shall be utterly burned with fire God is a consuming fire and strong is the Lord God who judgeth her I mean she’s going to be tested by fire and if her works aren’t a gold a melt if our works are usually straw what happens to straw when a consuming fire hits it it’s a flash if it’s silver it’ll hang pretty good but if it’s wood it’ll go so when people try to drive God away they don’t even have strong first-night and the kings of the earth this is not the supernatural king Satan brings with him again it’s your world leaders who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her shall bewail her and lament for her when they shall see the smoke of our burning but we we voted Jeanne we all voted for it and it’s nobody wanted it but Satan drove us on backroom deals and smaller I mean smoke bull and smoke lying to people even when the people didn’t want that’s the way it goes friend that’s what this is talking about the fire is coming it’s going to get hot and those that want to take part in Babel get ready for you better get you some asbestos drawers I’ll just tell be truthful with you that’s not a good sign right there ten standing afar off for the fear of her torment saying alas alas that great city Babylon that mighty City for in one hour is thy judgment come what is that hour the hour of temptation that’s when God’s Christian soldiers step forward in the Holy Spirit speaks through them as they’re delivered up before this mess the false Christ and right is brought back to our nation and to the world by the power of Almighty God you know what a time to live and what a blessing to know that what is this city again now God interpreted for you in the last verse of chapter 17 I don’t want you to ever forget it well what is the city confusion lies smoke going out by false teaching whether it be and you know I left off didn’t I the 4th dynasty while ago was on a roll and then I forgot the fourth maybe God wanted it that way because you know what the fourth is missing the fourth is religion Satan loves to talk from pulpits excuse me of people leading their people in a Flyway doctrine it’s not biblical it was dreamed up by a poor little ill girl in 1832 and she had this dream of any moment doctrine and two preachers were standing by and hot ziggity boy they took it and brought up the rapture doctrine and it has growing like wildfire since 1832 little security blanket of any moment you don’t have to worry you know what they’ll tell you the religious of dynasty you don’t have to understand God’s Word you do not have to understand the book of Revelation you’re going to be gone anybody that would let him in tell them they didn’t have to understand God’s Word if you would listen to them your elevators not topping out because you’re putting man before God especially your preacher should have told you that the word revelation means to reveal or to make no one God wouldn’t NEMA book to make known if he didn’t want you to know it in completeness because it is the countdown in the chronological order of events that transit bring to in the consummation of this age very important knowledge but Satan loves to teach from pulpits that’s why God says judgment will begin at the pulpits and boy have they got it coming big time now you know don’t shake their boat because they think they’re doing what’s right I mean the hierarchy from downtown since them little quarter lease it tells them what they should teach and what they shouldn’t teach never never they’ll sometimes the seminaries will tell them never go above a fourth-grade education teach on that level and never ever ever speak on something controversial or you’ll hurt people’s feelings and drive them away hey if they can’t take the controversy between Satan and Almighty God you want to drive them away you want real people that can build their work not a bunch of fluff balls and and I’m not judging anyone I’m just saying truth the truth today is just fine you teach it because you know as well as I do that is truth that fourth dynasty is probably the top of all of that hour of judgment is coming and I want to see you reign supreme at that moment I want to see you have letters by your name in the book of life that bring you a crown and eternal life that’s the way you gain it is by not being confused let’s go with the next verse please verse 11 and the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her for no man buyeth their merchandise any more now after the seventh Trump and we’re all changed into spiritual bodies or even in a different dimension their merchandise is okay so naturally we wouldn’t have it if they gave it to you probably an oversimplification for some but be that as it may 12 it gets it said the merchandize of gold and silver and precious stones and of pearls and fine linen and purple that’s royalty and silk Oh smooth and scarlet and all the thyroid that’s so sweet or and all manner of vessels of ivory and all manner vessels of most precious wood and of brass and iron and marble you know why none of it will have any value different dimension all in spiritual bodies have no need for that sort of thing for we have the Father and his kingdom verse 13 and cinnamon and odours and ointments and frankincense wine and oil and fine flour and wheat and beasts as to say cattle and sheep and horses and chariots and slaves and souls and men Satan was all of it okay and they weep for it like to put people in slavery 14 and the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee and thou shalt find them no more at all so you see why can different dimension the seventh Trump’s ends and it all changes and and you had a glimpse of that in Matthew chapter 11 on the Mount of Transfiguration they were awed when they saw Moses and Elijah and the Lord Jesus Christ so bright that it lit up the night sky you don’t need these earthly things for your heaven-bound the only thing that you can take you can’t take any one of those items with you but do you remember chapter 14 verse 13 what did it say you could take with you let me give you a little pop test here do you remember only one thing you can take with you that your works because you’re judged by it and oh dear brother tell you you’ve done it now my preacher tells me you’re judged by faith not the Bible says works okay that’s what it is because you see you let me see your works I’ll see your faith you’ll never see a man who has a lot of righteous works that he hadn’t got the faith oh oh plenty don’t let people deceive you works is what righteous acts is what weaves the fine linen you wear in heaven I guess it need not be said what you wear if you don’t have any linen to make a robe you don’t wear anything 15 the merchants of these things which were made rich by her shall stand a ball for the fear of her torment weeping and waiting of course the merchants are the Kenites little city merchants love it love it love it nothing to sell nothing to buy it’s all gone bye-bye in a different dimension why because they believe in the Lord God Almighty when many of the merchants and others tried to drive God out of our vocabulary and saying alas alas that great city that was clothed in fine linen in purple and scarlet and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls 17 for in one hour the hour of temptation so great riches has come to naught and every shipmaster and all the company in ships and sailors as many as trade by sea stood afar off that’s all the commerce has done you know this is why that Satan’s little name came from was called Tyrus even in the from the first Earth Age because his little friends on the island of tire the tire means rock in the Hebrew tongue he’s not our rock got it they set up their little kingdom of Commerce on this little rock why because it was a little island it was nobody could take it it was so well protected and this is where they kept their little valued valuables and and the great ships of tortious would sail in there to do Commerce like all over the world make it and as time would go on Pyrus tyre fell it’s still there even to this day and Nebuchadnezzar never took it but here you have those merchants do you have their way nobody will buy their wares why you don’t need them they’re gone forever a different dimension replaced by real valuable things God’s kingdom well what is God’s kingdom well he’s the king and this earth and all the universe is his Dominion next verse please 18 and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning saying what city is like into this great city they worship the very confusion that rides upon the people the poor hidden dynasties that enslave them that keep them captive that outsmart them use them many will say well one thing I’ve never been a slave oh well let’s see let me see now you you purchased a home you you you you assigned a 30-year mortgage and this really tough making payments okay but the house really only cost maybe five ten thousand dollars and you paid a hundred and twenty thousand for it all that is profit and interest and by the time you get through paying your percentage of interest on that hundred and twenty thousand you’ll pay three hundred and fifty thousand and work yourself to death thirty years all your life for who Ussery now you know nothing wrong was buying a house on time but don’t ever think and there’s ways to beat that that is rigged okay such as doubling up on payments and or making payments to yourself and then paying cash there are many ways to get around the for hidden dynasties if you have wisdom always use it verse nineteen to continue and verse nineteen reads and they cast dust on their heads and cried weeping and wailing saying alas alas that great city wherein were made were in were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness for in one Hillary she made desolate it all went up in smoke you know when confusion drops and people see what’s happened to them and games stop being played and reality becomes reality in Christian Christianity is no longer considered a religion which we don’t today it’s a reality it’s the real thing then they wake up and realize the love of our Father and how he leads us and directs us if you’ll only listen to him that’s what becomes very important verse 20 rejoice over her thou heaven and ye holy apostle you shouldn’t rejoice and prophets for God hath avenged you on her that day is coming they may refuse vengeance belongeth to me and boy does he know how to bring it to pass 21 and a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and cast it into the sea saying thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down and shall be found no more at all all that confusion that rides upon the people on the Lord’s Day when they see the true father and and the the fate goes into the abyss and as it’s written in Isaiah chapter 14 the world looks on him and says is this the man that deceived the whole world the false Christ this is him and they realize how shamefully deceived they were by not being familiar with God’s Word on how to overcome the beast system what a shame but come out of confusion come out of Babylon don’t stay there well how do I do it word of God verse 22 and the voice of Harper’s and musicians and of Piper’s and trumpeters shall be heard no more at all in thee and no craftsmen of whatsoever craft he be shall be found many more in thee and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no once it’s all been changed different dimension different time their old tricks won’t work they’re failures 23 and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee total darkness and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee for thy merchants were the great men of the earth for by the Sorcerer’s were all nations deceived Sorcerer’s is for methey akka in other words people using drugs are getting drugged up and and fancy themselves this great dream and that great dream and down they go 24 to finish the chapter and in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all that were slain upon the earth in that great city of confusion do you see why you need to come out of her you remember I took you back to Matthew 23 where where Jesus told you the scribes and Pharisees sit in the seat of Moses that means the lawgiver and when they’re nothing but the offspring of serpents the serpent Satan who killed Cain in the beginning murdered him that identified them as kin eyes down to Paul Zacharias between the porch and the altar and you’ve got to know who they are and you’ve got to come out of that confusion and know that God loves you there will be no more destroying of prophets when our Father returns for his word is the law and it does not change not one jot not one tittle our Father will fulfill it in the Sun and on that great Lord’s Day just as we’re going to find out in the next chapter he comes as king of kings and lords don’t miss it all right bless your hearts you listen a moment won’t you please Ezra and Nehemiah these two books are necessary to understand the returning to the Father in that sense of the example set forth in the end times of the rebuilding of God’s most favorite place on earth also within these two books you find the hidden secret hidden from most people’s eyes that the study in the Hebrew and the Cal D that is given in these particular books will teach you how that the priesthood itself became polluted during this period of time this is to say about 400 years before Christ walked the earth to the time that he did walk instructing you very wisely setting the example of how it is that we gather back to Christ himself Ezra Nehemiah fantastic you’ll enjoy them and ere we are back again let’s have the 800 number please 1 864 3 4 6 4 5 8 that number is good from Porto Rico throughout the US Alaska Hawaii all over Canada if the spirit moves got a question share it just please never ask a question about a particular Reverend or denomination or organization we don’t judge people you don’t have to judge people father judges he is the judge but you should discern who it is you should listen to who you should study and naturally I hope you decide it’s God’s Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse to learn for yourself the truth that your father laid out whereby you know exactly how it’s going down don’t ever miss that those of you that listened by shortwave around the world it’s always a pleasure hearing from you and you announcer at the end of the hour we’ll give you our mating address yeah you got a prayer request you don’t need the number or an address why God knows what you’re thinking you mean have to say it out loud he’s got time for you because you’re his child he created no one else like you your DNA is different your fingerprints are different your unique but he does want you to love him he loves you doesn’t love what you’re doing necessarily but he sure loves you he created you for his pleasure just a little hint if you ever want to be blessed you better give him some pleasure by telling him you love him that is what he wants from your father around the globe we come we ask that you need guide a direct father touch in Yeshua’s precious name thank you Father amen okay in question time I’m going to go with Mary from Mississippi I have a question concerning a child born out of wedlock amends our please explain again their place in life I want you to know there’s a great difference in an illegitimate child they’re nothing Falls only a legitimate child it is the man’s R which puts it as a habit race it not a hybrid necessarily but this this it is the child that suffers for that look up the word in in the Hebrew from Deuteronomy the book of Deuteronomy and the whole thing is explained very clear it is just a thing of common sense but many people try to think that that mends our fits every illegitimate child that’s wrong that is not true you need to know what you’re talking about and you can only find out by going to the Hebrew take your Strong’s Concordance and check out the word man azar which is bastard didn’t do the running Nancy from Iowa I have heard you speak often about the fact that drug users dealers will not be in heaven if someone who uses mirror is someone who uses marijuana included in this group I have a friend that has used marijuana for several years and I’m worried about its future can you help me with this as also let me know where to look in the Bible for documentation what the word Sorcerer’s check it out in the Greek tongue pharmacy Yoga okay where our word pharmacist comes they’re not gonna be knee in heaven but now what you have to realize is what is what did a sorcerer do besides drugs they used drugs to produce a high instead of counting on God himself to raise them to a higher level of thinking and this is what we’ll put you in Hell now you have to be very careful in teaching this because many people on prescriptions for high blood pressure or many other things for back injuries or something else there’s nothing wrong with that and besides I’m not the judge God is the judge as far as an occasional user or something but one thing that a person wants to think about drugs or addicting and when you’re addicted to something when when you have to do without it do you think Satan’s not going to know that and he’s going to offer you a fix after a fix after a fix to help your little nerves because he’s a good I mean good old buddy thing goes and he will tempt you if you just worship Him he’ll give you a fix so you see it puts you in a very weak state and there’s many things connected with that again I’m not a judge but people simply know what’s right and what’s wrong Margaret from South Carolina my name is Margaret I’m 65 years old and my husband is 55 I don’t know what to do about him I get seven hundred and ninety dollars a month and it takes it all for bills and I have to pay his bills too he won’t get a job he said he’s too old to work and I told him he can do something he got good help till my pastor what I thought my pastor what can I do because I love him well I think you ought to read second Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 10 I think you might ought to read it to him second Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 10 it goes something like this if a man won’t work don’t feed him okay that has the greatest this is a healthy man now not not a handicapped person but if he’s a handicapped person he’d probably be on some kind of eight anyway but if he’s a healthy person don’t feed him and he’ll go to work that’s God’s Way question pastor Murray Michael from Iowa how are we going to be delivered up before the Antichrist mark thirteen you’re just going to be delivered up because you refuse to worship Him he doesn’t deliver you up to beat you or anything else he wants to love you he want to convert you he wants you to be happy with him not the Lord Jesus Christ so he will sin for you in the great revival tent of life and try to convert you but what comes out of your mouth at that time you’re not to premeditate God will speak through you or God’s elect judge right after they die or do they have to wait for the thousand years for judgment the great white throne judgment happens at the end of the thousand years but God’s elect and those that love the Lord Jesus Christ take part in the first resurrection which is on the first day which is whenever they die or the first day of the the Lord’s Day Zeca read the pastor Mary please tell me we’re in the book – for hidden dynasties or mentioned in the Bible sure looks like my like they are upon us well they sure are man is strange we talked about these in today’s lecture the for hidden dynasties are spoken of in Zechariah chapter 1 verse 19 you want to get acquainted with them because what follows them is four carpenters that’s meaning God’s work that halves that stone with seven eyes which is God seven thousand elect that God through the Holy Spirit will bring as they are delivered up before the false messiah and God will change the world but those four things are used against us they would be of course as our earlier stated political financial educational and religion all four things are used against us you want to be real careful get the real thing this would be Agni pastor I am in my fifth month or more in listening to your teaching in the mornings and I am delighted to tell you I have learned so much I am however of and I’m sorry I never mentioned another religion so I’m just going to say blank you’re a member of another group would this make any difference in my learning the Word of God’s teaching absolutely not God’s Word is for everybody and and if you if you if we’ve assisted you we thank God for it but there’s never a sin or anything wrong and studying God’s Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse I would never let anyone tell me it was a sin to study the Word of God that would that would really be something wouldn’t it but there are people that would try but you should know in your own heart never never a sin to study God’s Word Karen from Louisiana my question is this you have said that we get the we get the life that we deserve because of our defections our actions rather in the first Earth Age does this mean that I deserve being molested as a child I think that I know the answer but some of my your viewers may not well you can’t tell that has nothing to do having been molested is man’s fault that molesters are not punished as God tells us to when we don’t punish them as God tells us to they got free reign and and that is that is the fault of the people not God because God told us what to do with them and just as same as he told us what to do with the murder but we don’t do that either he said send them to me that is to say one that is evil and lies in wait and takes an innocent life okay but it is it is the fact of our laws shifting from God’s law which is natural law to the law of precedent the law of precedent is what this man might think and what that man might think in men usually are always wrong Martin from Oklahoma from Oregon my family has recently lost a beloved pet my friend many friends have likewise suffered such a loss I would appreciate receiving your assistance from the word well Leviticus chapter Leviticus I’m sorry Isaiah chapter 11 I’ll say it again Isaiah chapter 11 you find that in heaven we have the same animals there that we have today and and there are no carnivores they have been changed also everybody gets along just fine read it Isaiah 11 okay this would be Kerry from Colorado thank you for listening and enjoying the word is in such an understanding manner over in our teaching in such an understanding manner you’re welcome my question is whether unpasteurized honey is a clean food after having cancer I try to use it instead of refined sugar it is a wonderful food it is natural it even if it is a local honey that is that the bees have put together in from the flowers and of your community it also helps your immune system your allergies the very honey itself made from those wild flowers helps with B you build an immunity to to reaction from from allergies Roger from North Carolina good food good food I have a question that has been on my mind for a long time it is very plain in God’s Word for even the King James God stated Jacob by love and he saw I hated why do most all preachers paint Jacob as the bad guy and he saw the good one you teach it just like the Scriptures teach it all the others like to teach their opinion and ignore what God said is there a rhyme or reason why they teach their opinion or is it that they are all Lots oddish good word translated back to the Hebrew mainly because they’re against covert action and it is God Himself that arranged the covert action they cannot see that the fact that that Esau hated his heritage he hated the father father doesn’t hate somebody for no reason at all he hated him because he didn’t care anything about God or anything that God might want and that’s what he was in the first Earth Age that’s what he was in in this particular earth age and unfortunately you get some lefties in the pulpit and anything that would would come up even resent resembling covert action against the enemy they they sure crumb it and there are reasons that covert action need to be taken our military does it all the time praise God we have rehab three three seals Navy SEALs at this time that are having a terrible trial and somebody could if they were really a real leader could put a stop to this because what it does it strengthens the enemy that the man they captured is the one that burned for American contractors and hung them from a bridge and he’s saying that one of these seals when they went by went behind using covert covert action and grabbed him out and brought him out punched him into ten me he got it tummy ache and there would you know what our government is putting the seals in a military trying court and they take the terrorists and bring them into the legal system of little slick lawyers that can represent them you know what we’ve turned everything upside down I mean they need to be released and given medals because this is going to make certain people even in high places turn against our nation for stupidity it’s it is a sin I kind of got unloaded on that but being an old military person no combat marine that’s what I feel about it somebody needs to take action and be a leader okay dee dee from Illinois why if the tribulation is five months John mentioned x times and 1/2 times three and a half years well because it was shortened have you never read the 13th chapter of Mark Jesus for the elects sake shorten the time or there would be no time most flesh saved and Revelation chapter 9 which we just covered tells you how it was shortened to 5 months you can go back in history a little further than that get the whole seven-year period seven times and you’ll read that in Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 John from Arkansas should I plant a garden this year absolutely you know who God blesses most of all those he still finds working out in the field when he returns okay not not somebody that’s already worshipping Satan and ready to fly away so you plant that garden it’s just about time to get it turned okay get it ready Marilyn from Illinois can the people who are in heaven pray for their loved ones who are here on earth of course they can they’re alert they’re alive and they’re well God is not the god of the dead but of the living and if they so choose they could sure do it there were some people I don’t know if it do any good or not but they can try okay D for Michigan why are there so many different religions because you have so many people that look up they dream and they look up in the sky and they see a huge GP and they think it means go preach but really what it means is go plow okay so what you get you get a lot of people in life that are mislead misguided and then they will decide to go to a seminary and it’s like little 90-day wonders we had in World War two you know they you give them 90 days training and and give them a shave tail and turn them loose you know and some of them made it pretty good old was before over with little experience but studying God’s Word is a lifetime occupation and sometimes unfortunately organized religion they don’t want anyone to rock the boat and they will make light of somebody that does rock boats but let me tell you something as a Christian as long as you’ve got Christ in your boat let er shake let a rock let a rope just gonna make it through every time just like it should right on schedule but that’s why we have so many different religions Madi from Mississippi we’re to refine the health laws the victus chapter 11 is one of the best places I can make it real easy for you the general rule of the thumb is don’t eat scavengers don’t eat anything that is a scavenger and you’ll do pretty good Joe from Iowa would you please explain the first Earth Age and the Fallen Angels and who we are and who we were and who we and who we are today that’s quite a question the first Earth Age was an age before this one when Satan fell and God ended that first Earth Age and brought this age into be I make it about 14,000 years ago and when he brought this being he began a day with the Lord as a thousand years okay and he brought it into being and those that were really serving God and went against Satan in the first Earth Age or God’s elect he knows as it is written in Romans chapter eight beginning with verse 26 I for knew you I for ordained you I and judged you he justified you which means I judged you in the first earth age now you’ll still mess up and he will still correct you today but he can interfere with your life because you witty or justified and you can’t bring it up on Judgment Day to him which SIF for interfering in your life as some excuse okay because you’re one of his elect now someone that didn’t make it in the first Earth Age if God were to intercede in their life and force them to do a certain thing that scriptures could come to pass as they are written then they would have a legitimate they would think excuse to complain on Judgment Day saying if you hadn’t made me he won’t make anybody with free will God will not make them do anything okay they’re on their own but unless they ask for his help if they do he’s there you’ll never leave you he’ll never forsake you that’s who we are today is the the time of salvation Marian from Washington I live in subsidized housing for seniors because I can’t afford to live anywhere else am I still going to be able to live here when Satan comes back and can I keep my food stamps I’m 79 years old you hang on to them you keep them Satan’s coming with plenty of everything that’s when he’s going to deceive a lot of people he’s going to pay off everybody’s mortgage he’s going to give a chicken in every pot and people are going to think it’s heaven on earth but it’s pure hell and that’s how he deceives people people think in the end times they look like war war war no war just the opposite it’s peace only it’s a peace that will put you right in hell I’m out of time you be happy mirroring you can just in you’re in good shape I love you all because you enjoy studying our father’s word chapter by chapter verse by verse most of all God loves you for it hey you know what it makes his day when you read his letter and when you make his day boy is he going to make yours it makes him happy we brought to you by your tithes and offerings if you if we’ve helped you you help us keep coming to you once you do that but and bless God here again he’ll always bless you but most important though you know what what I want you to do I want you to stay in his word every day in his word is a good day even with trouble do you know why because Jesus Yeshua is the living word hearing God’s Word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written Bible study a tape catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 864 three four six four five 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by riding to shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1/6 gravity Arkansas 77-36 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box four one six rabbit Arkansas seven two seven three six we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and God bless you the Strong’s exhaustive concordance of the Bible is an invaluable tool to the serious Bible student the Strong’s Concordance lists every word used in the Bible in every passage where the word utilized may be found in the scriptures with the assistance of a reference numbering system the English reader may easily translate anywhere back to the original Hebrew caldera or Greek in which God’s Word was written the companion Bible is unique Study Bible in addition to the text of the King James Version Bible an extra wide margin contains a wealth of information not found in other Bibles a system of structures or outlines employed by the companion Bible will allow the readers to rightly divide the Bible the use of these structures help the reader follow the subject matter and therefore they are critical to an understanding of God’s Word the 198 appendices found in the Bible cover a wide variety of topics and information which will enlighten your studies the companion Bible and strongest concordance are a must for the serious Bible student welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray all right good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd shuffle welcome to this family Bible study our you know one of the probably most asked questions that we receive has to do in or about tongues so we’re going to discuss tongues today and being a teacher there’s only one way I know how to teach and

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