Revelation 16:7 (March 4, 2014) ~ Rebroadcast picking up at Revelation 16:7

Welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study are back in our father’s word book of Revelation the unveiling the uncovering meaning God wanted you to know and understand what is written here it has to do you know he does the book of Revelation by numbers and if you can count from 1 to 7 you can pretty well understand the book of Revelation we are now in as much as the seals have been delivered in the minds of God’s elect the thing that is simply to say the knowledge that they are to possess to be able to not be deceived by the wickedness and the lies that come into this world in the end times the Trump’s of course we covered all seven of those and the seventh one is still kind of sounding is then they execute to command when a Trump sounds I mean action happens and of course the vials are the wrath of God and it’s the wrath being the last however they synchronize at 666 the sixth seal the sixth Trump and the sixth vial that’s Satan’s number and that’s when Antichrist as Satan appears on this earth that’s what you want to be ready for we’ve covered three vials in the great 16th chapter of the great book of Revelation we’re going to pick it up with verse 7 in Revelation 16 and we’ll get ready for that fourth vial it is different in such a way that I’ll explain as we go along verse 7 reads and a hundred and I heard another out of the altar say even so Lord God Almighty true and righteous are thy judgments here is an angel right from the altar of God which right under that altar or those that have shed their blood the earth moister robes in the blood of the land asking how long father before you take vengeance on us on those on earth because you just rest just a little cease until your fellow workers accomplish what they must in the end times that’s that same altar and here he sends this one forth in verse 8 and the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the Sun and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire now out of all the all the plagues the cups of Wrath have an equivalent in the plagues that happened in Egypt except this one this is unique to have one poured upon the Sun and this is what makes it ever so different and this is unique to the very end times and you’ll remember back in 11 5 and I’m going to turn there I’ll read it to you you’re not going to have it chapter 11 verse 5 what what about this Sun and what about this fourth vial chapter 11 verse 5 concerning the two witnesses and if any man will hurt them the two witnesses fire proceedeth out of their mouth and devoureth their enemies and if any man will hurt them he must in this manner be killed but we have a special power here from on high and that power in as much as God is a consuming fire as we speak of a dimension that man knows very little about but it is something that is unique to the end times and it is a power that is the Holy Spirit working through the two witnesses and then you can maybe even see a little deeper and clearer into Zechariah chapter 4 with the nor the seven stemmed candle which are symbolic of the seven thousand of God’s elect with the two witnesses standing on each side and the Holy Spirit without the aid of man the spirit which is the oil flows into those lamps without man’s help meaning God does it so God is totally in control at this time of that power and that might and when you read a verse like that and these people that get weak hearts and tremble and fear pretty afraid of my goodness father mixes he gives us such weaponry strict and power over all of our enemies with the truth how could you dread or worry about anything think about it returning them to verse 9 again that is very unique did not happen in Egypt the only the only vial that did not have a double or a second witness and it pertains strictly to the end times verse 9 and men were scorched with great heat you know what that heat is it’s the truth God’s Word and bless them the name of God which had hath power over these plagues and they repented not to give him glory you know in as much as the two witnesses have that power guess what Satan ultimately will have done to them and God will allow it they’ll be killed in the streets of Jerusalem those two to prove a point that God conquers death God is not the god of the dead but of the living and in three days exactly three and a half days those to rise and Christ returns and but people they party around that place where the two witnesses are lying out open where people can see they’re going to say we’re not going to put this one and these two in a tomb because we don’t want the word said that they resurrected we’re going to watch them as they lay there and decay and the paralyzing fear that comes over and when Christ resurrects them and they stand in Christ returns at that moment boy Goonies start popping do back start bending and every knee shall bow to the Lord Jesus Christ at that time but until that time the truth though the two witnesses lay it out with power and wonders they still blast them the true God because they think they’re worshiping God when they worship the false one being misled is a terrible thing and it runs deep and once they’re zeroed in on it to change their minds was guaranteed by this very verse 9 that it would be quite a difficult thing but not even the two witnesses could accomplish that but three and a half days the Lord does first tend to continue and the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the Beast and his kingdom was full of darkness and they gnawed their tongues for pain you’ll remember the the church in Revelation chapter 2 I’m going to turn there in chapter 2 and the angel to the Church of Pergamos write these things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges I know thy works and where thou dwellest even where Satan’s seat is and I’ll hold us fast my name that is where the mortar was and lived that seed of Satan can be dented very easily dented with the truth and then God would continue on in that seventeenth verse and said hey I’ve got a new name for you and I’ve got a white stone with your name written on it in that stone naturally is the true manna from God our rock our truth that you are not deceived I like to think of the fifth seal and and even the fifth vial and the fifth trump is times of learning because the sixth Trump is too late to learn because the false Christ will already be here but you must observe these teaching fifth seals fifth Trump fifth vial to know one to understand the Word of God a time of teaching so that you’re not deceived and you see the the hardheadedness as God’s would say in the great Book of Ezekiel chapter two their stiff neck they will not listen to you but tell them anyway give the truth and so it is father is always on the throne he’s right there and those that have passed on or with him that overcame and they’re waiting for that time when we ourselves role will continue until all of God’s enemies all of Christ’s enemies are made his footstool he uses his elect to accomplish that and they have nothing to worry about the powers that God gives us next verse please verse 10 11 and bless them the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores and repented not of their deeds that simply will not repent and unrepentant there’s no forgiveness and if the whole world is holding after him you can then begin to understand why we need the Millennium because of misguided misdirected souls verse 12 and the sixth angel poured out his vial here comes Satan here comes the Antichrist his vial upon the great river Euphrates and the water thereof was dried up that the way of the kings of the East might be prepared now you wouldn’t you want to watch this real carefully the Hebrew is a little more specific it says the kings that come from from the rising morning which that’s where the Sun comes up in the morning these are not these are not necessarily men of the earth this is the can be the very ten Kings that Satan brings with him and who is this son of the morning none other than Satan himself and what is the Euphrates the reef a tease is the river that runs between Israel and Babylon between truth and confusion which side do you want to be on it is dried up meaning there’s no room anymore for confusion and the waters are simply the people and when the truth hits them they’ve got nowhere to stand but that way is prepared verse 13 and I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon that’s the Antichrist and out of the mouth of the Beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet all one and the same all one and the same do you remember back in Chapter nine what the three were that verse eight came by these three was the third part of men killed a seed spiritually dead by the fire that’s one by the smoke two and by the brimstone three which issued out of their mouths for their power is in their mouths now what does that mean they’re lying to you that’s why you have to understand God’s Word that proves you away where you do not listen to the lies of men and the traditions of men that make void the Word of God the real truth this is a critical thing at this time in this generation especially to have the truth to know the truth and to hang on to that truth the truth will never fail you the truth will never let you down God will never leave you God will never forsake you and how precious it is to have he the father himself pulling for you having having you in mind whereby you know these three things there in other words what does it amount to simply oversimplification per house but they’re blowing smoke lying to you and you’ve got to learn to recognize alive when you see it out of the mouth of the false Christ and here the the urge and the spirit the Holy Spirit to true Christ and his teachings that’s why he sent you this letter so that you couldn’t be too soon deceived you’re foolproof in his word verse 14 for they are the spirits of Devil’s working miracles oh it’s so impressive my my never seen such a thing which go forth unto the kings of the earth now these are ten Kings that are on earth in the one world system they’re not the kings that Satan brings with him of the whole world who to gather them to the Battle of the great day of the Lord of God all night II and and so it is that that great day is coming and and Satan uh sure z– them right on into it you don’t the sad part about this is is many that claim to be Christian we’re going to be deceived and walk right into this trap thinking they’re about Satan’s about to ask faults Christ is about to load them up and fly them out they’re going to rapture right out of here blowing smoke Prynne do you recognize smoke I mean right up to the great day of God Almighty don’t be on the wrong side verse 15 behold I come as a thief when does the thief come when you don’t expect it if you think Christ is already here you’re sure not looking for him to come you’ve already accepted this false Christ that’s here thinking it is Jesus see that you don’t make that mistake initially if you think Christ is already here naturally he comes as a thief because you weren’t expecting him what a shock blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame what a shame that would be what what is what is your clothing you’ll find out in Revelation chapter 19 that your righteous acts weave the linen that make your apparel in heaven you’re not going to have any if you’re worshiping Satan if you’re whoring after him and his one-world government you don’t have any righteous acts so there you stand and naturally you put the gospel armor on in place pleasing God and weaving that righteous weave and wear those beautiful ropes that many that are already at the altar of God have washed theirs and the blood of the Lamb and be well attired because you’re a servant of the Living God not the fake not to smoke blower verse 16 and he gathered them together in a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon in a lot of people to why he’s talking about the valley of Megiddo no he’s not what is are in the root on it it can be City it can be Hill but what it what is McGee do you have to know the meaning the full translation rather than the transliteration McGee do means the gathering place of the crowd have you ever read second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 2 verse 4 I’ll say that again 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 4 for the son of perdition shall sit in the holy place on Mount Zion claiming to be God and gather all his little people to him right in the holy city claiming to be God that’s where they gather that’s where the crowd gathers that’s why it’s written in Zechariah chapter 14 that when Christ does return his feet hit the Mount of Olives and prepare a way right to the east gate right across Kedron and up to the east gate and takes over the town what a wonderful time to live in this time but how easy it would be if you did not study to show yourself approved rightly dividing the word of God to fall in the wrong camp if you don’t want to go there my friend how blessed it is to have the gospel armor and the truth to where smoke blowers and Liars haven’t in effect to you let me ask you a question the three weapons all came from their mouth which means lies do words harm you and hurt you do you allow the enemy’s words or what comes out of his mouth to hurt you I hope not I don’t care what comes out of his mouth he’s a fake a failure and a dead man walking it you never if that’s all the weapons they’ve got they will be a bunch of pushovers when it comes to spiritual combat because we they can work all their little parlor tricks miracles but God has given us power over them don’t ever be afraid to use that what is it called truth and they will be gathered at Armageddon and they will be finished there and instantly all are changed into spiritual bodies and what a sad awakening for some people when they realize what they’ve done you know there is I get no pleasure from feeling for people that are really trying to do what’s right but they’re being not taught not taught this letter from God I mean really trying to be a Christian and then to wake up that day and find out they had loved Satan had made contracts with Satan you know there is nothing worse a Christian can do than to to fall in love with the wrong Messiah and miss the wedding because only virgins spiritually speaking will take part in that wedding if you’re deceived you’re out you’re not going to take part of it you’re if you even succeed at all it will be a thousand years later in the second resurrection so that’s why this is ever ever so very important at this time just to know the truth and to teach the truth so we can save out of the fire as many people as we can giving them unction and knowledge to know the false christ comes first and his message is I’m going to rapture you out of here you want to be real careful Satan is why this is why Jesus would teach him in this a real set of manuscripts a real set of King James not one of these later versions that the Kenites have changed it’ll say in Ezekiel chapter 13 I’m against those that teach my children to fly to save their souls and I’ll rich them back from their hands not to salvation but to correct tough love that’s what the Millennium is and what a thousand year period it will be so Armageddon is coming you can you can rest assured that it will and you know you want to set it in your mind what deceives many people Satan knows that if he can make people think that the world is going to be a holocaust the end of it disruption then you better know how Antichrist comes in as it’s written in the eighth chapter of Daniel he come comes in prosperously and peacefully as it’s written in Daniel chapter 11 verse twenty two and three he comes in prosperously he comes in peacefully not war lovey lovey lovey revival revival revival bring your brother bring your children let’s convert them let’s convert them to the hellbound wagon of rapture right out of here make sure you do get on board my friend because God sent you this letter warning you and so that you would not be deceived that you would remain true and faithful to the Living God weaving that righteous those righteous acts and linen to be a teacher with Christ in the Millennium that could help others even then as it is written in this great book of Revelation as well as the closing chapters of Ezekiel which have to do with the Maloy verse 17 here it comes and the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air and there came a great voice out of the Temple of Heaven from the throne saying it is done and certainly it is that’s when Christ returns and you know do you know how long it’s going to take our Heavenly Father to get things back under control ten minutes five would probably at the most there’ll be a little shaking around little earthquake well how long does an earthquake last and nanoseconds usually never over a minute God has a way of getting people’s attention real quick so you want to be prepared for that also do I have to worry about that no you don’t he’s not angry at you none of these cups of wrath are poured out on those he loves God does not punish those he loves he embraces them he protects them and you might say well in as much as the very unique vial which is from the Sun fire least of all God wanted you not to be afraid of him which who is a consuming fire so he would in the Book of Daniel give you the Hebrew children Shadrach Meshach and Abednego he would put him in a furnace heated seven times hotter than necessary throwing in and there Nebuchadnezzar said how many men did we throw in there I seen four I see those three and I see the son of God walking with them their clothes weren’t even singed their hair was not singed because in that dimension God takes care of his own and they’re not hurt so you have nothing to fear you can be right in the middle of this God’s wrath is not at you you set the enemy and those that would be deceived by it so that great voice from the very throne itself it is done verse 18 and there were voices and thunders and lightnings and there was a great earthquake such as was not since men were upon the earth that had be a pretty tough one so mighty an earthquake and so great verse 19 and the great city was divided into three parts and the cities of the nation’s fell and great Babylon came in remembrance before God to give unto her the cup of his wine of the furiousness of his wrath this is the cup jesus prayed that could pass from him that your father is there some other way that we can do this without pouring this cup out on them why it’s going to hurt this is that moment of truth when they realize they’ve been had now many might say well aren’t a lot of people going to be how could you possibly be right in the middle of a hailstorm of 180 pounds of peace 110 to 180 it’s according to which manuscript you wish to go by without being hurt what happens is the seventh Trump I hope I’ve taught you well what happens the instant the seventh Trump says you’ve read it you covered it in first Corinthians chapter 15 verses 51 and 52 in the instant in the wink of an eye at the seventh Trump all are changed into spiritual bodies has no effect on earthquakes hailstones or anything else when you’re changed into that beautiful spiritual body of our Heavenly Father and allowing talk about a mystery and a miracle appearing to people when they see the beauty of the true Messiah and the miracle of being in a spiritual body without pain without age without disease without sickness even though they may have a soul that’s going to hell to be in that spiritual body and to see the glory of God and know they it’s not theirs they’ve still though they have placed on a spiritual body their soul is still mortal which in the Greek tongue means liable to die and very likely they will if they continue in their way verse 20 and every island fled away and the mountains were not found I mean it’s a good shake in mountains or nations you’re not gonna have another nation because you know why no nations all the way around no one world system why because we have one king and one Lord and he is king of kings and Lord of lords period that’s it 21 and there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven every stone about the weight of a talent like I said it’s according to whose manuscript 110 180 pounds that’s destructive that’s the destruction built for a moment in time and Men blasphemed for the plague thereof was exceedingly great nothing ever like it how how desperate some must be and how they must dislike truth and Almighty God that at a time like this they would not realize his mastery his control and his word you see it is not like he slipped up on anyone it is not like he tricked someone it is not like God deceived someone it’s written I’m going to do it it is done and you know something you can count on it that’s exactly what he’s going to do and if you do not wish to be under the weight of that anger of God that wrath of God then you want come out of confusion that means come out of bable bable is nothing but babble on and babble is confusion God is not the author of confusion but of peace and you will find that peace of mind when you stay in his word and when you live his word bear his word and join in to those that have the victory over the Beast over his number over his name singing the song of Moses whereby you are not deceived and have preeminence over all the wickedness of this world loving our heavenly father being pleased with his countenance and and seeing that God does and that day of vengeance he takes control and in that day of vengeance of Vinge’s his children on the wickedness of this world now next chapter is a very important chapter don’t miss the next lecture God Himself interprets many things in the next chapter and when God interprets something don’t you let man touch it it needs no further interpretation when God says the thing means a certain thing you’d better accept it for it’s your father speaking don’t miss the next lecture chapter 17 alright bless your hearts you listen a moment won’t you please the mark of the beast on CD is our free introductory offer to you what is the mark of the beast many false teachers would have you believe it will be a tattoo on your forehead or a computer chip implanted under your skin it is getting late in the game you need to know what the mark of the beast is as it’s written in Revelation chapter 13 verse 8 many will be deceived there is no need for you to be deceived Christ said in mark 13 23 behold I have foretold you all things Jesus indeed told us how not to be too even pastor Arnold Murray takes you on a step by step study of God’s Word concerning this critical subject the mark of the beast the telephone call is free the CD is free we don’t even ask for the shipping and handling it is free as well all you need to do is call 864 three four six four five to request your one time one per household copy of the mark of the beast you may also request your free CD by mailing your request to shepherd’s chapel post office box 416 gravid arkansas 77-36 don’t be deceived by Satan and there we are back again let’s have the 800 number please 1 864 3 4 6 4 5 hey that number is good from Puerto Rico throughout the u.s.

Alaska Hawaii all over Canada the spirit moves you got a question you share it once you do that please never ask a question pertaining to a certain reverend denomination or organization we do not judge people god is judge he doesn’t need your help and in that appreciating loving for that it is your right to discern spiritually who you should fellowship with who you should study with and so forth that’s a beautiful gift from God a spiritual discernment and or a wicked spirit when you see one that’s a gift from God those of you that listen by shortwave around the world it’s that your announcer at the end of the hour we’ll give you our mailing address always a pleasure now a prayer request you don’t need the number or the address why God knows what you’re thinking you’re unique your DNA is different than anyone else why God wanted someone just like you I have no idea why in the world he would want someone like you but he’s got you ok and and loves you so let him know that you love him in return don’t you do that he wanted you to love him he created you for his pleasure so see that you give him pleasure by returning his love and we thank him for that alright let’s go to his throne father around the globe we come West that you need guide direct father touch in your shoes precious name Thank You Father amen okay in question time we’re going to go with Louise from Georgia you said in your lecture on revelation 11 3 that the two witnesses would be here on earth ten days before Satan arrives did I understand you correctly if so is there scripture to tell us the witnesses time of arrival not there isn’t the reason let me explain the reason God gives Satan’s prophecies always in moons that’s the night okay and and a moon is not a full month a moon is only about twenty nine and a half days I’ll say just give or take whereas a solar is thirty days so it falls short so Satan only has according to Revelation chapter thirteen verse four forty two moons whereas the two witnesses have 1290 days and in ninety days that would give you a false bridge of thirty day periods which would be almost ten days longer but when we shorten that down to five months it wouldn’t quite be ten days but they’re still here first God always takes care of his own Marjorie from Kansas in your opinion do you think preachers like this know the truth and you’re speaking let me see who you’re speaking about okay one verse revolving revs that’s what you’re talking about but don’t teach it because most people don’t want to hear it and will they have to answer at judgement this preacher said many times he wanted to sit at the right hand of God well that place is already unfortunately at the right hand of God that’s Christ’s seat so I’m afraid he’s thinking pretty tall I I don’t judge people and you know but I’m glad that God brought you out come out of confusion listen to the God’s Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse God judgment begins at the pulpit so naturally preachers are going to be judged first and if one truly knew the truth and refused to teach it I would really hate to be in his shoes if they are ignorant of it then God kind of winks at ignorance in a sense but if they know better that’s a different story Wayne from Georgia in Genesis chapter 6 verses 2 through 6 when he says sons of God I have been told he was actually talking about the daughters of Cain is this correct please explain no it is not the sons of God or fallen angels Nephi Liam and the daughters that are spoken of are the daughters of Adam at Haddam in the Hebrew tongue and it would be through the daughters of Adam that Christ would come and Satan was trying to destroy that bloodline whereby there could not be a perfect generation as Noah had which simply means in the Hebrew tongue a perfect pedigree meaning he was true at ha Adam and so that’s why Satan wanted those particular daughters and no doubt encouraged the fallen angels the new Helium to seek them out and hate they about accomplished it because when you read in that Genesis 6 Noah is the only family that he his wife his three sons and their three wives were still perfect that is to say had not intermixed with the with the sons of God that is to say the hybrids and producing hybrids deburr okay Tony from Virginia were dinosaurs on the ark no no dinosaurs were extinct long before the ark came to be okay they were destroyed many of them long even before the cattle boat which was approximately fourteen thousand years ago Brenda from North Carolina this Arnold believe in the Holy Trinity I teach the Word of God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit over and over and over and over I don’t know why people like to listen to fruitcakes on the Internet’s okay that would say you know and anybody would be pretty stupid if they heard me teach chapter by chapter and verse by verse and and not think that I believed in the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that would that be a stretch wouldn’t but then idiots like to play games so be that as it may Tammy from Ohio when we pass away what are we doing what are the people on the bad side of the Gulf and the people on the good side of the Gulf what well what what are they doing well they’re they’re waiting they have no choice the ones on the good side or rejoicing Jesus kind of told you that because immediately Lazarus was in the bosom or embracing Abraham and Happiness was there we’re on the other side but they were in pain why they didn’t make it and they knew it they knew that they could see God their true father and knew they had missed the boat and I’m going from Luke chapter 16 and that’s the bedside and so naturally it is even said he was in hell it only only in mind and was he in hell it’s hell when you know you’re going to hell but then there’s good news even with that that is possible that in the Millennium people will have an opportunity to learn the truth and the truth will set them free if they stick with it and love the father David from Illinois that’s not a second chance because because of what is taught in the world today there’s a lot of people that don’t have a prayer of a chance David from Illinois is the soul and the spirit the same no they’re not your soul I like to translate it as yourself regardless of which body you’re in it is your very being your spirit is your intellect at your thought process just as God has a holy spirit Satan has a wicked spirit and just as any man or woman or child has a spirit I choose to use my spirit to put out into the ether waves to try to teach people the straight path to the throne of God now many men can take that same spirit their spirit and use it to beguile people or to mislead people but so therefore you have to spiritually discern that’s why I said earlier that spiritual discernment is a gift from God to spot a spirit you don’t want anything to do with before it affects you it is nothing that man must be afraid of but to enter your question your spirit is your intellect your soul is yourself regardless of whether you’re in flesh body or spiritual body Valarie from Georgia where should I find where should I find a Bible verse that will help me make the best of a job manager that I don’t like how should I pray for a good job I am thankful I have one well that’s that’s good and thank the Father for it and I want to give you first Corinthians chapter 10 verse 13 okay read it real good and real slow first corinthians and he’s saying he’s paying your salary and you’re thankful for that job I know you know your rights maintain them but at the same time be a good employee and your reputation will precede you and you’ll find a better job somewhere else how do you pray for it God is so natural he’s supernatural talk doing it’s just like this if you want to pray for a new job say father I want a new job it’s a little pressure here or you might ask him at the same time to soften your present boss a little bit whereby you could get along with him a little better pray telling just talk to him that’s it and always do it in the name of Yeshua Messiah Jesus the Christ which is to say you’re a Christian and that is your credentials and when you ask the Father carry from Corey rather carry from Oklahoma since we know that Satan comes first and that he Satan is a cheap imitation of Christ will Satan have a John the Baptist so to speak preparing the way for the Antichrist and would it be political and financial thank you and in all your step you are so welcome the impostor can use any method he chooses he will use all four of the hidden dynasties and you’ve only mentioned two of them he will use education he will use financial he will use political and last but not least he will use religion so therefore anything that works for him he would use and is there an imitation he always prepares the way Satan is very shrewd he’s very sharp if Satan knows that Elijah must come before their true father returns then he’ll see to that also but that also would be a fraud Jay from Georgia greetings and greetings return please tell me where the name Jehovah is in the Holy Bible because I cannot find it well you can’t find it because it’s not there ok it you have the our father’s name in the menu Scripps is yaver ok it it is that is the Hebrew pronunciation it comes from the etymology of the statement I am that I am Hebrew iya iya iya and and within that is that sacred name there are no J’s in the Hebrew alphabet therefore you cannot derive that particular name from the manuscript God uses other titles such as Yahweh Jody that is God that provides he has several titles and and he stands by each of them and there are menu scripts that refer to him by certain titles as lel that that is the word god and there is a donee and and own it goes so but never never will you find it Jehovah it’s not scriptural but you know that’s what some people teach and so it is I would never judge them Caroline from North Carolina someone wrote in to be absent absent from the body is to be present with the Lord then who are the spirits that are lingering I’m curious to hear your answer well they’re the spirits that linger can be good or bad okay the Holies for every negative there is a positive you have Satan’s evil spirit but at the same time you have Christ holy guts only spirit and that’s why you want to always choose that that is from the father the true father and you do not need the lingering spirits of anything else they are out there and you do not have to be afraid of them because God has given us power over them Luke 10 verses 19 through about 24 23 so you have nothing to worry about we have that power but well how do we derive it in his name when when you order a negative spirit out of your life in the name of Jesus Christ it has no choice other than to depart dawn from California I thought I heard you say on Friday the 19th Christ comes three and a half years after enter Christ is this the three-and-a-half years that will be shortened to five months that is correct okay and the two witnesses have 10 days more well basically I went through that earlier we won’t go there again okay when it’s shortened everything is shortened but but the formula still stays stays the same if you really want to be specific then understanding exactly how long a moon is even down to the hour and figure it from that and versus death we are children of light we always go by a solar calendar this is why sometimes our Passover doesn’t align with somebody’s Passover that goes moons of the night because we count the New Year at the spring equinox and exactly the in 14 days later Rick from West Virginia I was at a church service it was said that these were two spirits the Holy Ghost which is of Christ known as the comforter then there is the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of God doesn’t this destroy the Godhead nobody destroys the Godhead right but Rick what would you do with the name then what would you do with the scripture Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14 what does it say a virgin shall conceive and will bear a son and you shall call him Immanuel which is to say God with us no if Jesus would teach if you have seen me you’ve seen the father and if God would say coming out the gate in Genesis let us create man in our image including himself God saying in my image will I create him being Savior so if you’ve seen the son you’ve seen the father and you do not have two spirits it’s the same spirit nobody will ever destroy the Godhead claudette from South Carolina were the Ten Commandments written for today’s Christians absolutely but you want to go above what Christ said about it what did Christ say in Matthew he said I don’t change one jot or tittle iota in the Greek tittle in the Hebrew meaning a dot that will make the difference in the sound of the letter a from aid up I don’t even change the sound of one letter but I came to fulfill it so some of them he fulfilled he did away with the statutes of blood ordinances because his blood was shed one time only or any and ever and all regarding the fourth commandment when should we observe the Sabbath have you never read first Corinthians chapter 5 verses 6 and 7 that Christ became our Passover which is our high Sabbath that Christ is our Sabbath and you’d better Sabbath every day Hebrews chapter 4 will let you know that Christ became our Sabbath not some day of the week you worship every day of the week Charlotte miss Charlotte from mrs.

Charlotte from trying to see from where here don’t know pastor Murray love you program glad you too I want to ask a question I am a born-again Christian you’re a born from above Christian have been for 27 years in the past several years I almost died twice at him now on a a something at a cancer on herb I guess a system at a cancer clinic to certain Christians have told me I am sick because I lack faith or Jesus to heal me and that I could also have demons I am very upset and I need to know what do you think don’t listen to quacks okay you don’t you don’t need to what did Jesus say where we have a polluted world at this time from asbestos and many other things we have cancers and God didn’t bring that on us we brought it on ourselves and it has nothing to do with faith but there are miracle healings and there is a reason for it but father also father also is putting together an army in heaven to come here in this mess so wherever you are his children are going to overcome but don’t let don’t let some quack tell you that you lack faith I can tell by the way you write that you love the Lord so you could not be possessed of a demon spirit so praise God you just hang tough and thank him for the facts you have you have the program okay here’s the program for healing and ask God to help you and assist you in that guess what we’re going to pray with you Becky I am 10 years old and where is Becky from Becky’s from Alabama I’m 10 years old and in the fourth grade I listen to your program every day with my parents I have a question I was wondering about do our spirit bodies ever go to sleep and if heaven is actually on earth then where is hell or where Satan is held in bondage Satan isn’t in Hell yet Satan also is in paradise being helped by Michael hell will not be until God creates the lake of fire which we’re going to get to in the 20th chapter of this and then all hell does not hell right now is grave you have your parents help you go to your strong spin cordis and you will find that hell is always will in the Hebrew which is grave it will be suppli Kippur in the Greek and many times it will be gana Gehenna is nothing but the garbage pit outside of Jerusalem he calls that hell because it is a light as it burned and smoldered night and day and they withdraw dead animals and the maggots would work in and out not very pleasant but that’s why he described it so that that’s what he’ll of statement of degradation but the lake of fire is real and it does not happen until God is ready for it and God is a consuming fire Becky you’re real you’re studying and hanging in there and you keep going proud of you out of time again I love you because you enjoy studying God’s Word chapter by chapter verse by verse most of all though God loves you for it makes his day when you make his day boy is he going to make yours why he loves you we are brought to you by your tithes and offerings if we’ve helped you you help us keep coming to you once you do that you bless God and He will always always bless you it is wonderful that we have a father that truly cares that loves us that protects us that will never leave us that will never forsake us he is your father most important now you stay in his word hey every day in his word is a good even even with trouble it’s still a good day know why because Jesus Yeshua is the Living Word hearing God’s Word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying God’s word here on the shepherd’s chapel family Bible study hour with pastor Arnold Murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherd’s chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written Bible study a tape catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherd’s chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 864 three four six four five 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing to shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1/6 gravity Arkansas 77-36 once again that’s shepherd’s chapel post office box for 1/6 Gravatt Arkansas 77 3 6 we invite you to join us for the next in-depth Bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today’s program and God bless you the mark of the beast on CD is our free introductory offer to you what is the mark of the beast many false teachers would have you believe it will be a tattoo on your forehead or a computer chip implanted under your skin it is getting late in the game you need to know what the mark of the beast is as it’s written in Revelation chapter 13 verse 8 many will be deceived there is no need for you to be deceived Christ said in mark 13 23 behold I have foretold you all things Jesus indeed told us how not to be deceived in pastor oral Murray takes you on a step-by-step study of God’s Word concerning this critical subject the mark of the beast the telephone call is free the CD is free we don’t even ask for the shipping and handling it is free as well all you need to do is call 863 4/6 or five to request your one time one per household copy of the mark of the beast you may also request your free CD by mailing your request to shepherd’s chapel post office box 416 gravid arkansas 77-36 don’t be deceived by Satan welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel Network family Bible study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray wisdom is understanding god’s word pastor Murray’s unique teaching approach brings God’s Word alive with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter verse by verse study of God’s letter to you the Bible and now here is pastor Arnold Murray all right good day to you god bless you say welcome to the Shepherd’s chapel welcome to this family Bible study our hey guess what we’re going to do another special this generation shall not pass what did Jesus mean when he said that well it was in relationship to the parable of the fig tree something that he said you must learn why must you learn it whereby you would at least know the

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