Revelation 13:12

Revelation 13:12 – And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

As discussed in the last section, the horns on the second beast show authority. Having two horns may signify the union between the two beasts, and the witness or testimony the second beast bears of the first beast. This fits with John’s description of the second beast working in the presence or under the influence of power and authority of the first beast. In other words, the second beast is dependent upon the first beast for his power, and the first beast controls the authority and power of the second beast who directs all worship through the second beast back to himself. Since John notes the deadly wound of the first beast, it is likely that the second beast’s testimony of the first beast’s resurrection serves to compel the world to worship the first beast.

“He exerciseth all the power of the first beast”: The false prophet will exercise the same kind of satanic power as Antichrist because he is empowered by the same source. He too, will have worldwide influence and reputation as a miracle worker and speaker.

“Causeth the earth … to worship”: The phrase “he makes” or he causes” is used several times of him. He wields influence to establish a false world religion headed by Antichrist and to entice people to accept that system.

“Whose deadly wound was healed” (see notes on verse 3; 17:8). This likely refers to the carefully crafted deception of a false resurrection, a false murder to inspire allegiance for the world.

Verses 13-15: The False Prophet “deceiveth” the unbelievers of the “earth” by means of “wonders” and “miracles” (compare Deut. 13:1-13; Mark 13:22; 2 Thess. 2:9-11), accomplished through satanic “power”. He will produce the miracles of Elijah (compare 1 Kings 18:38; 2 Kings 1:10), and as a false Elijah he will lead people to worship a false messiah (compare Matt. 24:24). The “image of the beast” will apparently be set up in Jerusalem for the “worship” of the Beast (2 Thess. 2:4, 9, 11). Jesus called it the “Abomination of Desolation” (compare Matt. 24:15; Dan. 9:27; see article “Abomination of Desolation”). The ability of the “image” to “speak” is a satanic miracle. The people of the earth must either worship the image of the beast or “be killed”. There will be no room in the Beast’s empire for religious freedom.

Again, the second beast does not work in his own authority, but under authority of the first beast, and as we saw in the last section, the second beast does not speak under his own authority, but under the dragon’s authority. This is a counterfeit of the Godhead, where the Holy Spirit does not work under His own authority, but He speaks under and operates under authority of the Father and the Son:

John 16:13-15 – However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.

Therefore, the false prophet is a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit, the first beast is a counterfeit of Christ, and the dragon is a counterfeit of the Father – all of which many scholars call the evil or infernal trinity.

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