Revelation 1-22 For 2018 – 01 – Chapter 1

Priceless words to his church are the book of Revelation now the reason I’m down here on the floor with you is I used to be a youth pastor and when I was a youth pastor back in the 70s this is how I preached I would just come along like this and you know what it really hindered a lot of the activity that was going on as I was preaching but I won’t do that to you guys because it’s a little unnerving but I remember those great days okay Christ last words to his church the last book of the Bible the revelation of Jesus Christ is the most powerful picture of Christ in the Bible what I mean by that is we get to see the real Jesus now it’s so important second John tells us that if someone comes to you and does not present Jesus Christ as he is in the scripture you are not to bid him Godspeed or allow him into your house by the way that’s very interesting I’ve applied that when the Java’s witnesses and the Mormons come you know they’re wearing their white shirts or they’ve got their suitcase I always step out onto the porch and share the gospel with them because we all have unsaved neighbors and if the neighbors see you say come on in they think oh that’s what my neighbor is he’s a Mormon because they know you’re different as a Christian or that’s what my neighbor is there a Jehovah’s Witness so that’s why the Bible says don’t in second John you know chapter 1 verses 7 to 11 it says don’t allow them into your home someone that denies the deity of Christ or say you know God bless you and and in other words don’t show affirmation of them because we believe in the real Jesus well what are the three purposes of the book of Revelation the the purposes are John wants us number one to see the things which you have seen that’s Jesus Christ the risen Lord gathered with his churches Jesus as he walks around those seven lampstands it’s portraying that Jesus walks around church now while you’re down here do you all go to a local church or are you out on the weekends ministering you go to a local church some of you minister in local churches back home when you go to church wherever your local church is do you know where Jesus Christ is on Sunday he gathers with his local church that’s what it said look look right in Chapter 1 how it says I looked and I saw starting in verse 9 and it describes Jesus Christ and it says and he was walking in the midst let’s get there of the seven lampstands and and he starts looking at him starting in verse 13 in the midst of the seven lampstands which are later identified as the seven churches and Jesus is walking around looking at his gathered church did you know that’s changes church on Sunday church is not about how well the pastor did how good the music was whether I got anything out of it Church is about did I acknowledge the lord of the church that gathers with us when we gather when I used to pastor churches all the churches I passed around the country and I would go on visitation people would say what church you’re from I say I’m from the church Jesus Christ attends and they they go what I said yeah he goes to every Church this faithful to his word his doctrine his truth he attends the church I go to boy that takes you know people are used to you trying to sell them there you know your church yeah we’re the best we have the best youth group we have the best music no we are in the church for Jesus gathers by the way how do we apply the the message of Revelation to our lives it’s verse three I want to hear I want to be reading this thing and I want to do what he says I don’t want to just be a forgetful here I want to do what Jesus Christ says and revelation reminds us that we should think about Jesus as gathering with his church well basically what is Jesus looking for when he gathered with his church now I want you to start thinking I talk fast and and what’s really nice is this is in English you know it’s really hard for me most places I go I say one sentence the translator says a sentence I say one sentence the translator says the sentence in fact I’ll never forget going to word of life Argentina and speaking down there in Chapel and Joe Jordan shows how long ago Joe Jordan was actually the director of Argentina back then and he was my translator and I was standing here and I would preach my sentence and Joe would preach – it was so good he would he was so excited that he just and so that cut my time even more but this is all in English number one are we doing that’s making disciples and being that’s following him what Christ wants Jesus left the church as he ascended up to remember the Great Commission which he gave from Galilee he said you shall be my disciples going into all the world making disciples now what’s the only thing you can take with you to heaven people what’s the only thing you can take with you to heaven people how many of you rhetorical question are taking people with you did you know Daniel mr.

Orange eyes came to find me because he said you’re the one that shared the gospel with me you know what Paul says in 1st Thessalonians 2 19 and 20 he says what is our hope what is our joy what is our crown of rejoicing is it not even you at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ you are our joy and our crown did you know we can take people with us to heaven are you taking people to heaven we take people to heaven by leading them to Christ we take people to heaven by sowing the Word of God giving out a gospel tract when I gave Daniel that tract I wasn’t the one that led him to Lord but God counts those that sow and those that water as he gives the increase he credits it to us so are you doing what he left you to do making disciples are you being do you know Jesus reduced Christianity down to two words follow what me oh do you all know that verse Jesus went and found the disciples doing their net mending and he looked at them and he said follow me that’s the essence of Christianity today are you following Christ today I was out early this morning I fact I see you guys everywhere I was driving around last night you’re all jogging and doing all kinds of stuff you know and walking hither and yon do you start your day checking in with the Lord and say I want to do what you left me to do I want to make disciples and I want to follow you through today Jesus came and the book of Revelation is about him visiting the churches to see if they were doing and being what he left them to do revelation 2 and 3 by the way is the health report the warnings why do you think Jesus if you read verse 9 onward it says he’s wearing this long garment with this sash around it this white garment what is all that stuff why is he dressed so funny well for us people don’t dress that way anymore because we don’t live in a Middle East but Jesus has revealed in the book of Hebrews prior to this that he is the great high priest of the church and in Revelation he comes dressed like the high priest would have been dressed and he comes you say why is that important because what were the priests in the Old Testament they were the health inspectors when you read Leviticus what is that it’s a health inspection don’t have mold in your house don’t have bloody issues don’t eat unclean animals if you have a sore if you’re you know if your hair falls out boy that always bothers me that part of Leviticus you know if your hair falls out but do you know what I mean they were health inspectors they were looking for scabs they were looking for boils they were looking for leprosy they were looking for unclean things Jesus comes as the health inspector of his church by the way let’s get down lower than you know then the group let’s get down to personal he comes to look at me not just us me it says are you doing is your life focused toward what I left you to do make disciples are you being what I want you to be that is a follower of me revelation 4 gives a description of the end of days what’s interesting is it goes back and forth between what the end of days looks like on earth and what it looks like on heaven on earth everything’s falling apart in heaven there’s this serenity and that’s why the scriptures Paul in Colossians 3 says set your mind on things above he says if you focus on what God and his throne are doing it brings a calmness to us in our lives here and finally there are seven clear indicators by Christ to describe the end of days there in your notes he said that there will be trends that you know you’re getting near the end and in in a little while a little deeper in I’m gonna share pictures of these but Daniel talks about global travel UNAMI people flew on airplanes in 2017 till this the last 12 months billion people flew on airplanes in the last 12 months around the world you know what Daniel said people are gonna run to and fro throughout the whole earth at the end people are running to and fro in fact if musk gets his way we’re gonna be going to the moon there’s gonna be global information global weapons of mass destruction you can read it’s just amazing those trends but what does God say look at chapter 1 verse 9 of Revelation he says and I John your brother and companion in tribulation in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was on the island called Patmos you all know where that is it’s off the coast of Turkey it’s still there in fact it belongs to Greece and you can see turkey from Patmos it’s unbelievable the geography there how a Moslem nation would allow that Christian nation to be right off their coast but they are and so here’s Patmos here’s Turkey and here’s John on that island that’s still there today as a prisoner and look what it says I was in the spirit verse 10 of Revelation 1 on the Lord’s Day Wow were you in the spirit Sunday the Lord’s Day did you wake up and say Lord this is the greatest day of the week its first day of the week it’s your day it’s the Lord’s Day I want to be in the spirit not the flesh today John was and he said I heard behind me a loud voice as if a trumpet and when he turned around what did he see verse 11 he saw Jesus Christ and and the reminder from 9 to 20 is keep your eyes on Jesus chapter 1 God is showing us what Jesus is doing right now he’s he’s walking around in his resurrection glory chapter 2 and 3 what Jesus sees in his church he’s the health inspector in each church he gives him a diagnostic of how they’re doing in their spiritual health and finally in chapter 4 to 22 he says I want you to know my plans for the future well revelation is for God’s servants do you know why people can understand revelation it’s written for God’s servants for us do you know what the Bible ends with the Bible ends with God in his throne and his servants serving him there’s only two things God and his servants that word servant is Doulos do you know what that means an absolute owned property now for us because of all the the horrors of slavery in modern times we don’t realize that slavery in ancient times was a little different people actually were slaves that were lawyers were slaves that were doctors were slaves that were therapists all a slave men is you were employed a sure employment for life by one person this wealthy person in fact my father was a slave of General Motors he worked 46 years for General Motors now in the sense of was he bound and whipped no but he absolutely was paid supported and cared for I mean General Motors gave him every kind of insurance every kind of benefit every kind of everything and so he worked his whole life for them from 17 to 63 he worked 46 years for that company that’s how much of the old old world was you worked and and like Abraham’s servant was his slave but yeah he was going to be the heir of Abraham’s estate that’s how different I’m not talking about the slave ships you know of the the British Empire in America but servants in the Bible slaves of God means we’re willing to do the will of another that’s how you know if you’re his servant are you doing his way or your way and that’s a choice this morning when well I didn’t have an alarm I wake up but when my alarm was gonna go off I go and turn it off so it won’t wake bonny up and I touched the floor for the first time as I’m putting my feet you know I go boom I stop right there and I say Lord he gave me another day to live and I want to live today for you see that’s what being a servant is that is surrendered to him Jesus never changes it says in Hebrews he is the same yesterday today and forever so if you want to know what Jesus is like how he’s revealed in Revelation is his eternal character he is today in his church as it says in verses 12 and 13 walking among those lamp stands but what’s so neat is that Jesus understands that the word that’s used in the book of Hebrews to describe Christ is that he is a sympathetic soon pethau in greek soon with Pathet feeling he feels with us Jesus as your note says understands my needs completely I was just over at with all the staff of word of life and they were talking about John 1 and the quiet time and all that and and it was so interesting as they were talking about how Jesus Christ became like us and they were having a discussion about how can someone perfect be like us who are so imperfect well did you know that the temptations Jesus went through in Matthew 4 remember the devil tempted him remember the the stones into bread one his first one you know turn those stones into bread have you ever thought what those temptations are telling us Satan knew Jesus had a legitimate desire hunger he said fulfil a legitimate desire hunger in an illegitimate way turning breads into stone I mean turning stones into bread it’s illegitimate the Son of God didn’t use this creative power to go wham wham wham wham and turn rocks into you know beautiful fresh bread but the lesson is Satan always tempts us to fulfill a legitimate desire hunger in an illegitimate way like he tempted Christ now think about that for a minute we have a lot of legitimate desires there God built them into us do you know one of the biggest ones is the number one for men and number two for women is sexual desire it shapes a lot about men their sexual desire and a lot of people throughout church history have said oh that’s evil really God designed it it’s a legitimate desire what’s wrong is to satisfy it in an ill legitimate way Jesus was tempted had legitimate desires hunger he was tired you know he’s tempted to to operate in his own strength and he said no I don’t want to I want to do the will of my father Jesus had all the same struggles we did but he chose the legitimate way to solve it rather than the illegitimate well we’ll never get through revelation if I talk too much on one point Jesus feels compassion as he watches a struggle in mark 9 36 you’ll find one of the many times the Scriptures describe Christ the same way in fact the most frequent description of Jesus Christ in the Gospels of his emotions as Jesus was moved with compassion you know Jesus most frequent emotion was compassion what’s compassion feeling someone else’s needs did you know people respond to that when we understand what they’re going through and that’s why it helps us to be good witnesses but Jesus is approachable why Hebrews two and four say that he is made like unto us he came in the flesh to be like us and that’s why he’s shown up if if you notice what it says in verse 13 of Revelation 1 he is one like the son of man son of means characterized by he’s characterized by humanity he is not God distant he’s God like us and so he understands our struggles so he wants us to approach him but Jesus defends me constantly that that’s what this high priest outfit is because it says that he intercedes for us that’s what your references in your in your little hyperlink Hebrews 7 24 it says that the Jesus ever lives to intercede for us Hebrews 7 24 and 25 and so he wants to defend us and by the way what is that defense mean when you know the songwriter put this way when Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within upward I look and see him there who made an end of all my sin you know those words of the the great charity bancroft him that truth is that Jesus stands at the right hand of the Father and when Satan comes and points see what Satan’s ministry is is he points out when I sin and and he’s allowed in before the throne of God now I mean he’s got a lot more things do than point out mine but when we sin and he he comes and he points at us and says isn’t that one of yours is that one of your children and when he does that does that mean do I have a loose wire let me see I think I need to there we go I think that it was a loose one hello hello hello is it working hello okay I won’t do that anymore I got enough of those when I was little I when I went to school they used to paddle with a paddle and I got paddled all the time once I started a fire in the bathroom and the trashcan I did all kinds of I was really bad in school I would take the girls purses and throw them up in the oh it was I mean we didn’t put their hair and ink wells because we didn’t have ink wells I didn’t go school with Abraham Lincoln but I was really bad and needed much forgiveness okay let’s talk about why look at verse 14 of chapter one his head and hair were white like wool as white as snow his eyes were like a flame of fire what is that that’s showing Christ ancient power absolute purity and what does that mean to us that Jesus wants me to be more and more progressing in sanctification so let’s talk about that Christ flaming eyes in verse 14 speak of his holiness those his arms when we see Jesus the last picture of him and the Gospels is him with his arms out like this ascending up into heaven blessing his disciples and and he wants us to think of him as his arms open wide that he is compassionate and loving and that’s what verse 17 when I saw him I fell at his feet and and John was so overwhelmed he just fainted and what did Jesus do in verse 17 he he put his hand on me by the way when I read the Bible through each time I look for one thing if you want to if you want to really understand the Bible read the whole Bible through and look for everything the Bible says on prayer that was the first thing I did 72 hours only looked for one thing everybody that prayed what they prayed for what they prayed about how they prayed where they were what they said I just spent a month examining prayer next time I read it through I look for all the names of God you know titles descriptions attributes one time I looked at how much it describes touch in the Bible how the power of touch do you know what Jesus did all the time when a leper came and fell down on his face because he couldn’t get near Christ because he was unclean and he fell down in front of Jesus Christ and it says he wouldn’t even look up and he implored Jesus to heal him what did Jesus do walks right up to him put his hand on him do you know what that meant Jesus was defiled by the leper when you touched an unclean thing you became unclean and that touch is what he wants us to know that he wants to touch us no matter how we are no matter how leper acting we are and he desires our sanctification he wants us to experience his holiness what does that mean in Romans the text I gave you sanctification means purity of our mind and of our body why is that so important because repentance is a change of my mind see I when I sin I’m going this direction and my mind is guiding me because I wanted I’ve been thinking about it but when I repent it’s a change of mind that leads to a change of direction but see the battle is the mind and so the Lord wants to have us have a sanctified mind so what does that mean well sanctification means God’s blessings are tied to our responses it says in 1st Corinthians what don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit he is in you you have him from God you are not your own you were bought at a price therefore glorify God God wants us he wants us to respond to him his eyes can see us in fact for me one of the best illustrations in the Bible is Joseph remember Joseph in the Old Testament not Joseph and Mary Joseph in the Old Testament Joseph the Bible says was fine and form in other words he was probably worked out in Egypt or something you know but he he was in shape and Potiphar’s wife it says cast her eyes on him and she had this old fat you know husband and she saw this young handsome you know college-age guy and started you know heading his way and she was very direct if you remember the Bible says she started pulling his clothes off of him that’s direct do you know what Joseph said it’s one of the best verses in the Bible here they are in Egypt in some palace of a place where part of her his wife was indoors in an inner room she’s pulling on his clothes and Joseph looks at her and says how can I do this evil in the sight of God well you know Potiphar I I think in pictures I fact I have a Phonographic mind what I’m thinking about I talk about I phono talk about what you know the images I see in my mind and so I can see Potiphar wife going after Joseph she’s grabbing his shirt and he looks at her and he says how can I do this in the sight of God and part of his wife goes who who else is in this room it’s just us two he says no there’s someone else here God who’s watching see that’s what his eyes can see me always and that’s why 1st Thessalonians 4 1 which is what I consider one of the themes of the scripture is this idea finally my brethren we urge you and exhort you in the Lord Jesus that you should abound more and more just as you receive from us how you ought to walk and to please God do you know what Jesus summarized his life as I always do those things that please my father do you know what the bottom line of our life is if your following Christ you want to please him that’s the bottom line even a child knows that a child if they if they want to do what their parents ask him to do they want to please them we talk about people that want to please people the essence of Christianity is I want to please God he’s watching me fact proverbs says the ultimate parenting is that your children you guide them with your eyes now we had eight children they all got Bonnie’s good looks and personality what they get from me sin nature boy did they ever you know the father that started the trashcan on fire in the bat in the bathroom of the public school and got paddled that’s what kind of kids I had but you know what we trained them they would be doing something and they wonder if they should do it and they would stop and they would go like this and they’d look at us and mom and dad would go and you’d see him look back at what they were doing like getting in the cookie jar or whatever and they went we guided them with what our eyes have you ever been at Walmart where the mother says don’t do that if you do that one more time I’m gonna and they’ll do it four more times because the threatening repeating parent only causes more and more and more disobedience the ultimate is I know his eyes can see me always I feel Christ penetrating gaze and 1st Thessalonians 4 1 I always want to do what pleases him and what does he want to do verse 23 of 1st Thessalonians he wants me to be sanctified and made a very God of peace sanctify you wholly and I pray God and by the way that has a W on it means completely God wants to sanctify every part of me he wants to change every part of me to look more and more like Jesus Christ so when people see me they think I’m Jesus Christ you say that’s weird no what’s the first thing in Antioch in chapter 11 that people started calling followers of Christ they called him Christians that’s first time it shows up in Antioch in acts 11 what is Christian mean it was disparaging it was critical they said oh they’re just a little Christ they look just like him they act just like him they’re just like Christ that’s what God wants he wants me to be sanctified my surrender to personal sanctification you know Romans and 2 I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God brethren that’s believers by God’s mercy what’s that his great plan of salvation that you present we are supposed to regularly give ourselves back to God not just at the you know tie the ribbon on service not just at the campfire not just walking forward at the big service when we get out of bed and we’re standing there in the morning say Lord I’m renewing I surrender to you today well Christ what does he do for people that don’t surrender and don’t follow him that our believers what does he do he chastens see that’s not talked about very much nowadays so I thought I would talk about a little bit okay the divine corrective sobering portrait of the real Jesus Jesus goes to the people in these churches and says I know what you’re doing I know your works I know that you’re claiming to be following me but I see what you’re actually doing when nobody else is looking in Ezekiel eight boy Ezekiel’s a great book a lot of believers have neglected Ezekiel but do you know what Ezekiel talks about he gives a metaphor of what’s going on in the minds of the men of Israel that nobody knew about he said you people come in the temple and you’re dressed up bringing your sacrifices but he said God says do you want to see what’s in their mind and he told Ezekiel to to walk over to a building kind of like this whiteboard over here that was made of mud and he said chink through and cut through the wall and stick your head through the wall and look inside that building and I’ll show you what’s inside the minds of those men and Ezekiel broke the it’s one of zika’s all these funny things he does that God s him do so he broke through the wall stuck his head I mean who’d want to stick your head in where you didn’t know what was there but he stuck his head in and he says I was horrified at all the filth and vile things I saw and he described him as you know wicked vile creatures were in there and what he was saying is God was saying that’s what I see all the time going on in your mind scientists have said that our little brains can hold three trillion YouTube clips trillion there’s enough capacity right here for me to record this moment all of my life in HD what I see overlaid with what I say overlaid with what I’m thinking and feeling and all that’s captured in my brain we call them our memories and when you get older you can’t remember stuff it’s still there and God says I inhabit your thoughts I inhabit your feelings and I want you I want you to know I know what your works are Jesus wants us where is temple the church to be pure and holy as what says in James 4 it says that God is jealous the spirit that watches over us yearns jealously he wants our attention our worship is watched by God and our bodies as I already quoted in 1st Corinthians 6 or his temples and he wants us to be pure and consecrated in fact 2nd Corinthians 11 and you can hit your hyperlink I have to actually turn there but set or yes 2nd Corinthians 11 says this – 2 for I am jealous for you now some of you have already gotten twitterpated you probably don’t know about Bambi video that’s thumper you know got twitterpated he was in love when you see a couple getting interested in each other here’s a guy here’s a gal and what happens is they are selective and aggressive they select one and they aggressively pursue each other now girls I’ll give you the lesson I’ve given my three daughters if this boy is interested in you and he tells you this boy this chair is a boy yep and and here’s you and this boy says oh you are wonderful and I I just you know can’t live without you but if you notice that he can’t take his eyes off every girl that walks by and he he oh yeah you are the most beautiful if if he does not have a singular focus on you do you think marriage is going to solve that problem see I love doing men’s ministry and we’ll go to restaurants and we’ll sit at a restaurant Panera or wherever and you talking to the guy and I was sitting the girl walks by and you watch his eyes and they go they I don’t know what they call it now they used to call it scoping the girls you know scoping and and it’s a habit they can’t stop looking up and down every girl they see do you know what the Bible says if your eye be single your whole body is full of light jesus said that so I tell my girls youyou want a guy watch him for a long time before you get close to him because a guy in his natural state when he doesn’t know anybody is watching us what he really is and what you’re marrying most boys can really change for a girl I’ve watched it I’ve done three hundred perform three hundred weddings these guys absolutely changed they shaved they wash they spray themselves with all this stuff they become opened the door by stuff just oh then they get married they go back to slug life what they really were they put on to get then they go revert to the relaxed setting which is what they really are what is she to say I want you I want you to be pure and consecrated I want you to be I’m jealous verse two of second Corinthians with a godly jealousy I betrothed you to one husband that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ if you’re engaged to this guy and yet he’s always talking and calling and writing and going out with all these other girls you should have strong concerns Jesus said yeah you’re engaged to me yet the last thing you do is read my love note to you you spend all of your time you know playing Angry Birds you know or watching or playing you know the latest video game and you never have time for me he said I’m jealous over you with a godly jealousy he wants us to be pure and consecrated what’s his report well revelation two and three are the specific that John saw about Jesus as he examined his church and by the way five out of the seven churches had glaring problems and we’ll talk about that Jesus cleaned out his early church memory said repent or I will spit you out and and rebuke I wrote down what he expects from his church as his temple as priests were called priests that really helps you understand what all that stuff is in the Old Testament about priests priests were to be a visible representation of God in the Old Testament and they were only men between the ages of you know 21 and 50 they’re all these rules you know those were only men in the Old Testament in the law in the New Testament were all priests all believers men and women and we’re all supposed to be living walking talking representatives of God amazing think about that’s what it means his priests where his body were his bride as I just read and said Corinthians and Jesus is still walking around today so what does he do when he walks around in verse 15 and basically this is what he does he says I know your works I want you to live out this this pure pure life basically the temple had to be kept clean completely focused no worldly trappings the the temple remember when Jesus came in John 2 and cleaned out the temple they had brought in the commercialism into the temple buying and selling stuff Jesus takes that and he says you’re now my temple and I want you to be holy and so what does Jesus expect let me get here when he visits his church and finds unrepentant sin Jesus talks about his piercing eyes that’s why if you look at revelation 1 you notice how the description of Christ it says his eyes were like a flame of fire in let’s see in his hair in his eyes it’s verse 14 his eyes were like a flame of fire and then verse 15 of Revelation 1 his feet were like fine brass brass speaks of judgment is it that’s why the the altar was made of brass it speaks of of the the strength and of the the you know trampling out the vintage the in the hymns it talks about brass being judgment Jesus says this is what I do when the church neglects it’s calling the Great Physician won’t stand by and allow it to persist see that’s one thing that Hebrews chapter 12 tells us that we should turn there my wife always reminds me just because you know the verse doesn’t mean they do if you look at chapter 12 of Hebrews and it’s in your notes it says in verse 8 but if you are without chastening of which all have become partakers Hebrews 12 8 then you are illegitimate and not sons you know what the mark of sonship in the Gospels is that if we are truly in God’s family and we’re acting like we’re not if we’re born again and and professed to be and yet live in sin if nothing happens to us Hebrews 12 8 says if you are without chastening what is chastening it’s God’s correction of a wayward believer did you know he corrects wayward believers look at chapter 2 of Revelation you can see it it’s gonna come we’re gonna cover this whole church but in chapter 2 it says in verse 20 of Revelation she teaches my servants to commit sexual immorality verse 21 I gave her time to repent and she didn’t repent indeed I will cast her into a sick bed have you ever read about the Lord / in Corinth it says it says when you come to the Lord’s Supper if you haven’t judged yourself and repented of all snown sin in your life then God said I will chasten you and people in Corinth were coming to the Lord’s Supper dirty and it says in 1st Corinthians 11 some of you are weak some of you are sick and some of you are dead did you know God says I will not allow a Christian to persist in unrepentant sin without chastening them he chastens right there in chapter 2 he says I will cast her into a sick bed and those who commit I will kill her children that all the churches may know that I am he who searches Revelation the hearts and minds when a church neglects its calling the Great Physician comes like a medical inspector and that’s why in Chapter 1 he’s looking for cancer do you know what cancer is cancer our cells that Rebell cancer doesn’t eat us up cancer is a rebellious cell that builds a tumor it hogs all the nutrients so the rest of the cells are undernourished and that that rebellion in the cell causes death everywhere else did you know that individual members of Christ’s body can get inflicted with this self-centered not obey the master and they’re like cancer in the church so he’s coming to look for it and in 2 and 3 he gives his diagnostic report he does kind of a scan of the church revelation 2 and 3 is Jesus coming to each church walking around in examining the lives of each believer and then he writes the report when you go to the doctor you know they check your polls they do your blood pressure they weigh you you know they they if you’re having respiratory problems they check your peak flow and all that and then they give you a report that’s what revelation 2 and 3 is and what the Lord says is Christians can have spiritual heart problems what was Ephesus problem they lost their first what love they didn’t love Christ like at the beginning and there are spiritual heart problems they can have immunity problems have you ever met people that catch every sickness the church in Pergamos was just getting they had no spiritual immunity they couldn’t fight off anything SIA Tyra had kind of like MRSA and versa those those vancomycin resistant bacteria and they were having sicknesses that that nothing I mean the pastor was sharing the word and people were praying over him and spiritually they weren’t repenting why because they were deeply infected and weren’t willing to repent and there was a serious problem in Thyatira and we’ll spend we’ll go through every verse in Thyatira then they get to be like Sardis he said your heart is stopped they were dead he took their pulse in Sardis the great physician comes to that church and in chapter 3 and touches them and he says you’re dead well that’s an awful thing to say you ever been to a dead church lifeless no joy the people the singing there’s there’s no activity for Christ that’s what was going on in Sardis by the way when he visited Philadelphia they didn’t have any health problems that’s the only Church there’s no ill will said about a Smyrna it said don’t fear Philadelphia Lord said Wow and owed to be the Philadelphia Church and finally Leia to see the last Church they were blind he said you guys are blind you given spiritual blindness it’s when you don’t see anything in the Bible anymore you ever met someone that says boy I read my Bible I won’t get anything out of it fact you might have said that in fact I have said that because when we allow sin if I regard iniquity in my heart psalm 66 says God won’t hear me and so he does not hear my prayer to open my eyes to behold wonderful things out of his word when I’m living in unrepentant sin and so that’s what was going on and Laodicea so basically if we were to see Jesus Christ if we would go down to the you know the Medical Center you know these emergency room places not the hospital but just a storefront one if we went to one and had Jesus examine us and visited him Jesus is the same and he would look into us and he would look for the same things he’s looking for in these churches and by the way there are three stages in chastening Hebrews 12 that I read to you a moment ago it says in Hebrews 12 starting in in verse 5 you have forgotten the expectation which speaks to you as sons my son Hebrews don’t despise the chastening of the Lord what is chastening it’s when God interrupts our lives to get our attention when anything or anyone becomes more important than him did you know you have a little test if you have a smartphone by the way this is the front of my phone now tell me if you know anything about the back what is that what do you think that is yeah did you know that since this is in my pocket and I pull it out twelve hundred times a day like all Americans do I have a choice consciously either to look at this side you know the one that lights up and has notices or to work on the current passage that I’m memorizing so I tape to the back of my cell phone my current passage I’m working on so that every time I pull this out of my pocket I have a choice either to look at this side which most of the time is not very eternal or to look at this side which is the abiding word of god that liveth and abideth forever and changes me so I get to make a choice every day and if we don’t respond God takes us through this process of chastening by the way you can read all that there are 300 pages of notes all I’m supposed to do is point it out to you and give you the choice if you want to read it seven churches notice why there are seven it’s to give us the levels of application number one it’s local to the church at these were real churches and real places it’s also Universal it says listen what the Spirit says to the church as all churches so the message isn’t just localized it’s universal also it’s personal it’s not plural it says he individual if you have any or you’ll hear every time we read the Word of God we should make it personal and it’s authoritative it’s not John talking it says listen to what the Spirit says to the churches now by the way as we go through these seven and as you read them the seven churches have a structure of the message it’s a city it’s a name Jesus chooses he introduces himself he commends them he shares his concern then he tells him he exhorts them he gives him a promise and then all the letters end the same if you have an ear to hear hear what the Spirit says by the way why are there seven well Bible teachers have said that it shows almost a church history Ephesus is like the early church myrna’s like the suffering Church Pergamus is like when the church merged with the world thyatira sardis the the modern times like Philadelphia

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