Batman’s Hypercar Revealed! Mercedes Benz AMG vision GT by Supercar Blondie

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this car is so special it’s got two bodyguards that is mad mad oh my god I’m in coal right now supercar blondie here check out this truck we have the coolest most unique most amazing car in the world being delivered to us right here right now here in Germany I’m actually filming with grip as well with France are you again yeah keep going and never never finishes we’re going to be doing at the YouTube and the TV show the same time what it’s asking ok so let’s see how we go we’re not going to delay this any further but those either car show me as I’ve only seen photos up until this point this is super unique there’s only one in the world and here comes like UFO guys you can’t really tell what it is right now but we’re gonna take the cover off [Music] we can only see the sides right now France is thinking hard like what it could actually be because this is from a major movie franchise oh my goodness I’m getting so nervous it’s taking so long to reveal really getting nervous oh here we go what is it guys what is that hey cool not foolish Navid masks anything when you would sign it for materials as a safe as well yeah opinion Cohen 15 fans from Gryffindor team vision GT maybe yeah yeah pretty much I mean it’s taken years to like kind of build up these okay we’ve just filmed this car for grip which you’re going to see really soon and I’m just gonna this idea that’s a really cool car you’ve got whoa I love the I love the rims it’s promised what do you think the three blue promise editions drifting drifting I’ll try I tried I tried to drift it without flipping it that’s coming out and great but for you guys now I’m going to show you what under that cover super super special now the reason why this car is here today is because for the first time ever there is a supercar blown the TV show coming out this August it’s called car cruise with supercar blondie I’m so excited to talk about this it has been under wraps it has been in the bag I haven’t been able to say anything about it until today so this is the big announcement my first ever TV show is coming out on insight TV and it is available all over the world so you can all watch it I’m so looking forward to seeing what you guys think of it it’s coming out on the 22nd of August so just get your phones out right now pop it in your diary on your phone because this is the first time you’re gonna see me on an actual TV show exploring different car cultures around the United States it is going to be something completely different from what you see usually on my youtube channel so please go and check it out 22nd of August write it down your diary the reason why I have this car here is because I couldn’t launch my first ever TV show without having the world’s coolest car to kick it off massive thanks to Mercedes who has done the unthinkable they have never delivered this car to anyone in the world before except for one a list celebrity Ben Affleck and you’ll know second all right [Music] Oh Oh mate I’ve never looked so cool and I don’t let that cool in real life come on those boots earn those boots that’s awesome oh look how skinny I am I love it I don’t know that swap either outfit yeah this is my new TV show whoa car cruise we’re super hot blondie check it out inside dot TV that’s where you’re gonna see it Wow I look super happy we’re gonna set her down somewhere special what’s your name super car first name super car last name Bologna prime seat for the unveiling of or are you ready for this there is only one of these cars in the world just one this is the big unveil what look at that headlight what are these rims [Applause] any guesses so far you might have seen it somewhere oh I’ve got to be so careful you guys like this is one of this is a Mercedes baby and [Music] [Music] come around the back check that out whoo eight exhaust pipes where have you ever seen that before [Applause] Oh this is the mercedes-benz AMG vision GT vision Gran Turismo that’s what a sounds for this car was driven in Batman the movie [Music] have you ever seen anything so cool this is hopefully the future I wanted to show you around a little bit chewy this car you can see is kind of based on the AMG GT right it’s got that kind of long nose and they have basically made an AMG GT look like a spaceship look we’ve got two fuel cap CRX so one here on this side and then the same thing on this side it takes away the hassle right when you’re pulling into a gas station having to line up at either at the left or the right gas pumped you’ve got quite a big boot here in the back I absolutely love the eight exhaust pipes coming from the back Dalia schools what this looks like here they have mirrored this exact look here with the air vents we’ve got eight events here in the middle this car was made to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the game Gran Turismo the game basically said to manufacturers all over the world come up with your craziest looking car and we’re going to put it in the game to commemorate the 15th year anniversary Mercedes had their design teams from around the world work on the coolest craziest looking car and then Gordon Wagner their chief of design at Mercedes basically looked at all of them and went right we’re gonna do this this this and piece it all together and came up with this incredible creation then because of that hype the movie industry called and said we want to we want it for the next Batman movie and they were like oh my god let’s do it they made the car ten percent bigger so that Batman in his massive costume could get in and out of the cart then when I laid my eyes on this car I was like ah that’s amazing and I knew that only one person Ben Affleck as Batman Bruce Wayne one person had driven this car I was like I have to get my hands on this so I gave him Sadie’s a call I said listen guys I’ve got my new TV show coming out I’ve gotta start with a bang I need the world’s coolest car can you please get this to me they said yes this was the next question can I get in took a little bit more convincing but the answer was yes so I think I’m gonna be like one of a handful of people ever to step inside this car I’m going to do this right now so I can show you the interior okay I’m gonna do the gonna do the bumper [Music] [Music] yeah come with me come with me for this experience look at this steering wheel so this is kind of like the project one that kind of sheep right just Batman style and then this actually lights up here in the center which looks quite cool all of these dials are directed towards the driver in the center console and then there’s those eight air vents as well that’s the son of a VA it’s fictional specs right because it’s a movie car is that Batman was driving a v8 biturbo with a 585 horsepower engine so when you think about those specs it’s like a AMG GT up underneath the hood however because this is a movie car it doesn’t drive yet I want to see this drive in real life I mean if we get to the point in the future that we have cars like this on the road I’ll be very happy the copy the pedals are Batman has big shoes I suppose [Music] famous in the social world for some time and we’re taking her to television now and she’s done an amazing show for us we’re looking forward to that you know we’ve we’ve been working on that show and it’s almost complete so August is the release for that so rather than talk about it please take a quick look and I’m sure you all agree with me it’s going to look amazing [Music] [Music] [Music] that’s in about time with his incredible beauty and now she’s being loaded up to be taken to for my next big TV promo launched so these cars literally following like TV launches which is crazy Mercedes you are the best honestly I love your support it’s in saying that you’ve sent this card that just my TV show crazy [Music] this car so special it’s got two bodyguards daddy’s mad mad alright [Music]

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