Record a Slideshow with Narration as a Video in PowerPoint

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Record a Slideshow with Narration as a Video in PowerPoint. This is a new feature is available in versions PowerPoint 2019 and 365. You can use this option to record your PowerPoint presentation and share it on YouTube or other video channels to your audience.
This option is also great for creating training videos.
What is covered in this video:
1:00 Adding the Recording Tab to your PowerPoint Ribbon
2:00 New features in the Recording Tab (Save as Show and Record Slideshow)
2:35 Using slide notes for recording
3:00 How to start recording slideshow in PowerPoint
3:20 Various tools available in Record mode – Microphone, camera, Navigation arrows, Pen tool, Highlight tool, Eraser tool, Pen Colors, Timers, preview notes option. Record / Stop and Replay buttons
6:36 Demo of how to record your presentation
7:45 Reviewing the recording
9:23 Changing recording for specific slides
11:41 Saving the recording or exporting to video (In Full HD or lower resolution)
13:00 Reviewing the recorded video
14:24 Save as show option
15:46 Advantage of Slidesorter view
17:00 Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program :…

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