Reclaiming What the Devil has Stolen | Sermon by Tony Evans

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We are all concerned about theft people sniffing us and robbing us of that which is not theirs but what belongs to us we have alarm systems surveillance systems we have locks on our doors and maybe guns in our home to address the reality of theft unauthorized intrusion into our world our home our belongings to take from us what someone else does not have the right to have so theft is a big deal and you are nor I want anyone rogon us one anyone taking from us and yet there is a major theft going on in the lives of people today just as people steal in the physical realm people steal in the spiritual realm by ripping us off ripping from us what God has intended for us to have Ephesians says God has already blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places that is in the spiritual realm God has already decreed what he is going to entrust in you in the areas of Kingdom stewardship time talents and treasures God has already bequeathed that to you the process is us living that out as stewards of that which he owns of the time and the talents and the treasures God gives you he doesn’t want you to claim ownership of any of it but he does want you to manage it on his behalf to review a kingdom steward is a Christian who faithfully overseas protecting Annex the assets that God has entrusted to them time talents and treasures in such a way that they manage it well on his bath you are a manager I am a manager yet what Satan has done is he has been the rogue of the universe entering into our affairs and stealing from us that which God has or wants to entrust to us for many of us he stolen our joy and joy eludes us for others he stolen our peace so we live in chaos and calm for some stolen relationships through divorce or breakdown of family harmony and unity or conflict that we’re living in and East he stolen the harmony of the whole for others of us he stolen opportunities the doors that should have been open that got illegitimately slammed in our fates and the opportunity was stolen from us for something stolen your purpose you’re just here but you don’t know why no sense of divine calling on your life and you just meander from day to day week to week month to month year to year decade to decade for some he stolen our health that our physical well-being is suspect not because of something legitimate but because it has been illegitimately taken from us some he has stolen their prosperity that which God wanted us to have in terms of resources but he has created a debt system so that we can’t even get around to enjoy what God wants us to enjoy because he’s created an illegitimate incarceration economically for some he stolen their identity they don’t know who they are they don’t know whether they’re male or female they don’t know their identity they have ripped them off of their self-analysis and so whole systems have been set up in the culture to accommodate the rip-off of our humanity and that sum it all up for many people he’s just stole in their life they don’t feel like any life is left and unfortunately for far too many people they’ve decided death is better than life because they’ve been ripped off as wrong as it is it seems so right because things are so bad well we want to conclude our series today by helping you to get it back whatever he has stolen from you illegitimate Lee I want to tell you today you have the right to reclaim it if the devil directly or through any of his minions or ministers or people have ripped you off I want you to leave here today and claim your stewardship and go get it the passage I want to walk you through is first samuel 30 first samuel 30 we’re gonna walk through this story we won’t read it at one time but i will walk you through it because in those 20 verses you’re gonna find out how to get it back whatever has been illegitimately taken from you david has come back from a battle only to discover in verse 1 that when he comes back to zyg leg on the third day that the Amalekites have made a raid on the Negev and on zyg leg and have overthrown SIG leg burned it with fire they took captive the women and all who were in it both small and great without killing anyone and carried them off and went away there’s been a fest the Amalekites have come and burned down all of David’s stuff all of his men’s stuff stole the women stole the children you’ll see later stole the cattle in other words he has taken his life the things that he valued are now gone because the enemy snuck in and took them so I want to ask the question to you as we move forward here what has he taken from you what are not the enemy have in his possession that God wants to be in your possession but he has ripped you off David finds himself in a terrible situation so much and so that when David verse 3 and his men came to the city behold it was burned with fire their wives and their sons and their daughters have been taken captive and David and the people who are with him lifted their voices and wept until there was no more strength in them to weep have you ever cried so hard you run out of Tears if you ever cried so hard that the tear ducts have dried up because of the pain of the loss these are all grown men crying like babies because everything that was theirs that they valued had been ripped off by the enemy and they are weeping until they could cry no longer because when the enemy comes in he not only wants to take your stuff he wants to destroy you me and our emotional stability and well-being now I just want you to notice in passing that the only reason the Amalekites got to steal it because the men were nowhere to be found says the men weren’t there so the enemy came in and stole all the stuff cuz whenever can God can get rid of men being men as God to find manhood they’ve opened up the door for the devil to cause havoc in everything else just like when the devil was able to get Adam he was able to bring havoc on the rest of the earth because when you get rid of the man you’ve got rid of the foundation upon which God expected to build the well-being in society not because the women aren’t important and aren’t critical because they are but to understand that there is a bigger agenda when the men were not there the enemy was free to come in that’s why men you can’t throw in the towel even when everybody else wants to quit because you got to take your stand for God and you got to take your stand for good even just to discourage the enemy from thinking twice about it but the enemy has come in he’s wreaking havoc and they are distraught the Bible makes it clear in Ephesians that the devil is looking for an opportunity that is an unhooked window or an unlocked door you don’t have to welcome a man all you got to do is set it up so he can get in and one of the big setups for the enemy to get in your situation and your circumstance is to give up stewardship and stop and start trying to own what God is not giving you permission to own the moment you become an owner rather than a manager then what you have done is you have set up a system for Satan to get in because Satan knows God will not support your ownership of that which belongs to him at the heart of Kingdom stewardship is that God owns that you don’t you just manage it once you start to own it you’re now in conflict with the oona setting up a door or window for satan to get in cuz he knows God’s not gonna buy what you sellin you are a manager sin opens up the door for Satan when we sin we have created a crack for him to slither through to create chaos in our lives he seeks for an opportunity and just like he ripped off Adam and Eve and the whole world as a result of that he’s trying to rip you off me off we off to and so David and the men are distraught but it gets worse verse 6 moreover David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him for all the people were embittered each one because of his sons and daughters now wait a minute David comes home his house is burned down his family is gone along with all the men they cried till they can’t cry anymore and then they want a stone David as though David did the best but you see when you get better you want to take it out on the wrong person policemen don’t arrest guns they arrest gun owners they arrest the real problem say we get mad at folk when Satan is the cause of the situation we get mad at the wrong enemy it says they got embittered against David when David has the same problem they had they’ve been ripped off so instead of you get mad at your mate mad at your co-worker mad at your boss let’s find out who the real enemy is get mad at him he may be working through them they may be the Amalekites in your life but let’s find out the real cause and the real kill of why you’ve been ripped off from that which God wants to give you and has already predicted it and proclaimed it in the spiritual so now you got the problem it’s been a ripoff so if you’ve been ripped off your joy your peace your career your well-being your identity your relationships your life on and on and on and on and on how do you get it back let’s find out the end of verse six says but David somebody say but David he lost everything they want to kill him but it says but David strengthened himself in the Lord his God so let’s start with that one he didn’t strengthen himself with Jack Daniels he didn’t strengthen himself with Hennessy he didn’t strengthened himself with a needle he didn’t strengthen himself with a refund and it said that it strengthened himself with crack he didn’t strengthen himself with an illegitimate relationship it says that David strengthened himself in the Lord his God now remember he doesn’t have anything he’s been completely ripped off and even his friends have turned the gangster he it says was distressed or as we would say clinically depressed but the scripture says he got some strength in the Lord his God now the question is if everything is gone how does that work that you get strength in the Lord your God and where do you go this is just the first stage but how do you get strengthened well David helps you out because he wrote down what strengthened him it’s it’s called The Book of Psalms the Book of Psalms most of them written by David are his struggles as he strengthened himself in the Lord for example Psalm 42 when he got so depressed he said o my soul why are those disquieted within me you boy you better keep hoping in God and he speaks verse after verse and psalm 42 when he says even though i don’t see it now even though i don’t know where it’s gonna come from god is gonna give me a new reason to praise him and so if you are depressed you better go to psalm 42 and let David’s prayer and David’s song that became a psalm encourage you in the Lord if you are afraid and you don’t know how you gonna make it and fears taking over you better join David in Psalm 34 he says o magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together he says my fears look up to him and when this poor man cried out to the Lord the Lord delivered him from all of his fears so David says if you’re afraid you better you better join me in the song my song and go through Psalm 34 if it looks like nothing in life is working out and you don’t know which direction to take you better read again Psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want coz he maketh me to lie down in green pastures he leads me beside the still waters and he gives me back my soul if your soul has gotten up and gone and you want to bet you better go to Psalm 23 and find your strength in the Lord if you need to go to Psalm 27 when he says I went into the tabernacle of God and when I went into the tabernacle of God God gave me back my life he gave me back my hope maybe you need to go to Psalm 73 when the psalmist says I was about to give up on God it looked like Christianity didn’t work my faith didn’t work the Bible didn’t work nothing was working and it looked like all the wicked people were getting over the wicked people were getting the raises the wicked people were getting the job opportunities and he said I almost gave up on God until I walked in and got the divine perspective and God let me see it ain’t over yet don’t you quit now so you better strengthen yourself in the Lord it means going back and appealing to his word particularly the Book of Psalms because David writes that it is travail when life is not working to get him to keep going when there was nothing he could see to keep him going don’t give up on God when it looks like everything is giving up on you don’t you give up on God he’s strengthened himself in the Lord oh but that’s the first thing he did then let me show you the second thing he did cuz this are beasts then David said verse 7 to Amitha the priest the son of a Himalayan please bring me ve5 say ephod so abathur brought the ephod to David and David inquired of the Lord saying shall I pursue the band that is the thieves shall i overtake them and he said pursue for you will surely overtake them and you will surely rescue oh we got to talk about the ephod David went and he went to the priests he didn’t first go to bank and then first go to the legal authorities he went to the priests because the priests had the ephod now the ephod is a garment it’s like a robe that the priest wore with no sleeves it was the official garb of the priest that he would use as he pursued going into the presence of God on the ephod was a breastplate over the chest attached to the breastplate was the Urim and Thummim these were like two stones that were attached to the pouch on the breath play that circled the ephod so when the priest needed to get guidance from God he would go and put on his ephod with the breastplate that had the Urim and Thummim that was the mechanism that he would use to get specific direction from God on the predicament that he faced David went to the priest he said let me have your ePHI because I got a problem the enemy came here took everything I had my whole people are against me and I don’t know what to do I don’t know where they’re gone I don’t know where they are I don’t know what to do and I need God to show me what to do so I need your ephod cuz I need guidance in my problem you see there’s only so much the preacher can do so the best thing the preacher can do is give you any fun cuz they vyd wanted to hear from God for himself sometimes people expect other people because of their positions to give God’s solution to your personal problem when God wants you to put on the ephod yourself so he can deal with you directly okay what’s this in 1st Samuel chapter 16 verse 13 David was anointed king of Israel now he was anointed in 1st Samuel 16 but he had not yet been appointed okay stay with me he was anointed you gonna be king but not yet appointed he was not yet came when he was anointed it as the Spirit of God came on him so what’s this he’s anointed the Spirit of God comes on him but he’s not a point he hasn’t gotten a position yet so between the time he’s anointed and the Spirit of God comes on him and he’s appointed and when were and before he was appointed there he is stolen from you know just cuz you been anointed and just cuz the Spirit of God is on you don’t mean the devil not gonna take something from you just cuz God has saved you and just because you are living for the Lord doesn’t mean the devil’s not gonna try to rip you off so he had the anointing and he still got ripped off you are on your way to heaven but the devil is still ripped you off you’re saved but the devil is still ripped you off well that happens in the process of living out the Christian experience but let me make sure you understand David got anointed and you have the anointing 1st John chapter 2 verse 20 and 27 says all Christians have the anointing that means you have the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life to give you your own ephod every believer has access to their own ephod that is to get personal guidance in the specific situation that you are facing because every believer has the anointing the job of the pulpit is to encourage you to put it on and use it for yourself let me explain what I mean this book this book is the graph they the Greek word graph a has to do with that which has been recorded it is the written word of God it’s the graphic so what you have in your hands the Bible that you carry whether it’s on an app or whether it’s on a smart device whether it’s a hardcover is the graph a it is that which is recorded then the second Greek word is the logos the logos is the content and meaning of what is recorded in the beginning was the word the Word was with God in the Word was God the the greek word and john is the word logos that is the content and the meaning of what is recorded so the graph a is actually the writing the logos is the content and meaning of the writing but then let me give you a third word riba the word the word Rhema has to do with the application of the specific word to your specific situation the graph a is simply having the book in your hand the logos is understanding the content of the book that you have in your hand but the Rhema is where the Holy Spirit lives it off the page and applies it to your specific situation it’s the utterance so when you come to church you bring the graph a when I preach you hear the logos but for your personal situation you need the ring and to get the Rhema you got to have on your own Aoife you’ve got to have your own being strengthened by the Lord so he can speak into your situation I explained this before but let me say it one more time via they are in football a football in the NFL they have a rule book the rule book applies to all 32 teams all 32 teams have to abide by the same rule but not all 32 teams have the same playbook you see the playbook differs team to team situation the situation but everybody gotta operate under the same rule book when you come into the house of the Lord we only have one rule book and this rule book equally applies to everybody in the house however God has a play book with your name on it everybody doesn’t have the same play book because everybody is not running the same place and everybody’s not in the same situation so if you’re not in with the Raima you may have the graphi you may listen to the logos but never know what to do with it in your iPod in your personal situation because you are not getting your strength from the Lord in a personal way not only that but you have to know in a football game many times the quarterback has to call an audible an audible is when he comes up to the line of scrimmage he looks out and sees that the defense is doing something different than he expected that they’re moving in a way he didn’t anticipate so he audible eise’s the call to audible eyes the call means to change it at the line of scrimmage to turn it on a dime because you thought it was gonna go one way but based on what you see happening I got to turn that thing right now and make another call if you’re not in touch with God you won’t see the changes in the spiritual realm and you’ll go ahead with that same old play not knowing that God wants to do a different call and a different play at the line of scrimmage but if you’re not in touch with the Raima because you only carry the logos and the graph a then you will not be able to make an audible call in your day-to-day life and get bad what the enemy has stolen you know you go listen to CNN MSNBC or Fox News you know where they give you they give you the national news they tell you what’s happening guess what they don’t tell you they don’t tell you what’s happening in your neighborhood they’re not gonna tell you about the specific weather for your specific area where you live they’re not gonna tell you whether the highway is blocked the route you take the work cuz they dealing with the national news but the reason you go on the local news is you want to hear what’s happening right where you live in the place where you’re gonna drive in the situation you’re in well the Bible has plenty of national news it will cover everything you needed to cover but when you’ve been ripped off you need some local news you need some news that will guide you in the particular situation that you are in he put on the ephod because he had a specific question about a specific problem about a specific theft that had occurred what’s david problem here’s this problem he doesn’t know who though he don’t know where they’ve gone to so he is without direction I wonder if there’s anybody here who doesn’t know what to do next you don’t know what to do in the situation how to get out the situation how to prepare the situation how to fix the situation because it’s been going on so long and you didn’t lost so much that you’re ready to throw in the tag well I just want you to know before you throw in the towel put on your ephod because God knows some stuff you’re not aware of so David has a question David’s question is Lord should I go after them are very specific questions he says he inquired verse eight should I pursue the band shall i overtake them if I go what I get and if I go and I get them am I gonna be able to rescue he gets a Rhema word verse eight pursue go for you shall surely overtake them and you will surely rescue all that’s a good word he gets a specific Rhema word then let’s examine his word get up and go after them don’t sit in that you didn’t pray we’ve been done with the prayer pod now go don’t be talking about God I need a job they stole my job and I’m waiting for the phone to ring get up go job hunting and let God hook you up in other words God wants to see you walk by faith with the little he’s revealed before he’s gonna give you more information you’ve got a lot of people waiting on God when God is waiting on them he said I hate you my God is giving you a little bit he’s just giving you a little but God that’s not enough information because God is saying I want to see what do with the information I gave you before I give you more data because you might not keep going if you’re not willing to respond to the little I’ve given you so you obey what there is to obey and then God will show you more so he says get up and you go after them I’ve got your back so now watch this because it really gets interesting that David gets up see David David understood that when you if you have a cordless phone in your house and you leave it off for hook too long power is gone there’s no problem so nobody can hear you and you can’t hear them because you don’t have a connection cuz you don’t have power why cuz you’ve been away too long so when you’ve been away too long and there is no power so there is no communication you know what you guys do you guys go back to the base you take the phone back to the base you put the phone on the base cuz soon as you put it on the base and you got the hook-up now you got the communication now cuz God guess what the base has the power that the phone needs many of us are doing everything but going back to the base and wonder why we’re not hearing God wonder why the Holy Spirit’s not speaking wonder why the anointing is not working wondering why the satellite is not communicating and the receiver is not getting it because we’ve been too far too long from the base and we don’t even know where the enemy is that’s ripped off the things we need back in our lives so he he gets back to the base now he begins the journey to try to find out it will become clear he doesn’t know where to go so he’s just going hoping that God shows him now watch this verse 11 now they found an Egyptian in the field and brought him to David and gave him bread and he ate and they provided him water to drink they gave him a fig cake two clusters of raisins he ate his spirit was revived he drank water he hadn’t drank water and eating food for three days and three nights the way man wait a minute what’s this David all David stuff is gone people want to kill him God says just go you just pursue even though you don’t have the information and then we introduced to an Egyptian once I got to do with the price of tomatoes when thrown in the story is something that doesn’t seem why does Egyptian Egyptian is brought to him Egyptian is fed he’s revived David says him in verse 13 watch this to whom do you belong and where are you from and he said I am a young man of Egypt a servant of emulation I’m a servant of an implicit and my master left me behind when I felt sick three days ago we made a raid on the Negev of the Shura sites and on that which belongs to Judah and/or the Negev Caleb and we burned Zig leg with fire oh no you didn’t you mean to tell me I’m obeying what God told me to obey I wanna cross a hungry man who is dying and who needs something to survive and I pause on my journey to reclaim my stuff to minister to somebody else and to serve them and as luck would have it the Egyptian that they feed is part of the terrorist group that invaded than the gather at Zig leg as chance would have it see God knows how to hook a brother up how to hook a sister up if they will keep moving in the way he wants them to move and something that looks like it had no relationship to the problem is the answer to the problem because guess what David said to him will you bring me down to this band will you do you know where they are and can will you take us there he said swear to me by God that you will not kill me or deliver me into the hands of my master and I will bring you down to this band well who would have thought this man with no food was the answer to the prayer to take me to get my stuff back see that’s why you got to move with God and not predict God and not put God in a box because he’ll you some of the most unlikely folk to be the answer to your prayer and the turn your situation around so a man who was the problem was saved by David is gonna lead them to the problem so we can get his stuff back what I’m trying to tell you is God knows where your stuff is he knows where the enemy has taken it and he knows what the enemy is trying to do with it so David then moves by faith and it says and David when he had brought him down behold it says in verse 16 they were spread over all the land eating drinking and dancing because of all the great spoil that they had taken from the land of the Philistine and from the land of media okay watch this the Amalekites are having a party with somebody else’s stuff says they were drinking and dancing and they were partying and we’re getting their groove on you know what they were doing that thing they were just having a good time you know they were doing all that they were just partying you know they were just having a good time they were having a good time yeah they were having a good time with somebody else who stuffs there the devil is having a good time with your joy your peace your health your well-being your broken relationships he and the demons and the ungodly are partying with junk stuff so you better go get your stuff back it says they were partying with the stuff but now that David is in sync with God and moving along with God he finds out where the stuff is located it says David slaughtered them because some things you won’t get back without a fight David slaughtered them from the Twilight until evening the next day and not a man of them escaped except 400 young men who rode on camels and friends watch this so David recovered all that emilich the Amalekites had taken and rescued his two wives and nothing of Vance was missing whether small or great sons or daughters spoil or anything that it was taken for themselves David brought it all back so David had captured all the sheep and the cattle which the people drove ahead of the other livestock and said this is David spoiled okay watch this now David got it all back he got it all back because he was willing to minister to somebody God had brought across his path which was the answer that’s why Hebrews says you entertain angels unaware God’s got solutions that you would never have guessed was his solutions and so so you never want you always want to guess God is there’s something here you want me to do something with cuz it may be the thing that God is using that gets you back your stuff now here’s the good news the good news is when it got back his stuff he got more than his stuff because it says they were celebrating over all that they had taken from different places from the lands of the Philistines and from Judah so they were celebrating with all kind of folk stuff that’s how good god is he can not only preserve your stuff get you your stuff back but get you stuff beyond the stuff you were looking for I believe he fees it’s says now unto Him who can do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think according to the power that works in you so God is able to get back what the enemy has stolen he is your insurance policy and the Bible says in 2nd Indians he causes us to triumph he says in Romans 8 verse 37 that we are more than conquerors the Bible says in Colossians the devil has already been defeated so you he has no right to your stuff but we let him keep it because we don’t go after it God’s Way so you go back and you get your joy you go back and you get your peace you go back and you get your family you go go back and you get your victory you go back and you get your career you go back and you get your give you you get your stability you go back and you get your identity you go back and you get your life because the devil has no right to it it’s illegitimate but you must go back as a steward and not as an owner you must go back as a manager and not like it belongs to you because the moment you own it you no longer steward and you’ve invited the devil into it in one of the versions of Jack and the Beanstalk in one of the very number versions Jack and his mother in this English fairy tale are in a cottage outside of London and they are poor and running out of food the little garden is not producing anything more and the cows milk has become weak the mother says Jack the only way we go survive for at least a little while longer is you got to sell our cow sell our camera yeah you got to sell the cow and get as much food as you can get so take him to the butcher sell him so that we can get some more food Jack takes the cow and begins to walk to the butcher but on his way he runs into an elderly man the elderly man says young man where you going says I’m going to sell the cow to the butcher he says I’ll buy that cow what were you paying for the cow well I’ve got I’ve got three beans here but these are magic beans Jack I can’t do anything with magic beans yeah yeah no don’t trust me you want these beans in fact if these beans don’t do good by you I will give you back your Cal Jack exchanges the cow for the three beans Jack comes home to his mama and said mama I got three beans for the cat mama is ticked off you got rid of Carol for some three beans because these are magic beans boy a magic nothing you’ve been ripped off the boy goes to bed at night and frustrated throws the three beans out the window the next morning Jack wakes up and outside of his little cottage as a Beanstalk and the Beanstalk is humongous and he goes all the way through the clouds up into the heavens he’s never seen anything like this the magic beans to produce the Beanstalk that’s blown his mind Jack begins to climb up the Beanstalk he goes through the clouds and Winnie gets through the clouds he looks over and he sees a castle when he sees this castle a fairy godmother shows up and says Jack let me tell you something about that castle that castle used to blow into your father your father was a knight but the giant came and killed your father and he took your castle and everything that was in it jack says so you mean to tell me that’s my castle that’s your castle but the giant took it from your father Jack went inside the castle and to make a long story short he hid in the closet and when he peeked out the closet he saw a basket with golden eggs Jack said those my eggs he saw the Giant come out and tell me him give me another egg him pumped out another egg Jack said to himself that’s not him the giant came out with a golden heart began to play it for a little while melodious sound Jack said to himself that’s my heart cuz they’re blown to my father and I’m my father’s son that’s my heart so Jack was sitting down and just kind of biding his time and then the giant went to sleep when the giant went to sleep Jack snuck out picked up the basket grabbed the him him then grab the heart made his way to the Beanstalk but on his way to the Beanstalk the hen made a sound and woke the Giant up the giant said fee fie foe fum I smell the blood of an Englishman be he live or be he dead I will grind him with my teeth for him to be my own bread and he makes his way and he sees Jack off in the distance and the giant begins to run because he wants to grab jack eat him up destroy him because Jack has reclaimed what belonging to his father Jack is making his way down the Beanstalk the Giant is chasing him coming down the Beanstalk Jack gets to the bottom of the Beanstalk and takes an axe chops the bottom of the Beanstalk and the Beanstalk falls over the giant breaks his neck and the Giant is killed because Jack reclaimed something that belonged to him that was bequeathed by his father what I’m here to tell you is that there is another tree that connects heaven and earth there is another tree that connects glory and history there is another tree because Jesus says in John I am The True Vine I am the one that you climb or I am the one that you look to and if you will embrace me if you will come to me I know where the giant lives I know what the giant has that belongs to you and if you’ll take the faith risk to go and get it back I will take you and I will bring you to safety when you get to the bottom and you’ve let the devil know he can’t take from you anymore then you’ll be able to say fee fie foe fum I have the blood of God’s only begotten Son be he alive or be he dead I’ve got the one who’s my eternal prayer when you connect with Jesus Christ he knows where your stuff is so you go get it you say God you can’t devil you can’t have my joy you can’t have my peace my purpose my family my resources my health you can’t have it cuz I belong to somebody else so why don’t you get up and praise Him that you get your stuff back …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

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