Rapture Vision and the Wedding. It’s beyond description.16 Mar 2019

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Hi brothers and sisters its pastor Tim Henderson I want to share with you I have dreams I also have visions and I’m here reports from many of you that you’re having similar experiences I am not surprised I believe as we are in the final moments of the end of days and as we are in transitioning from one dispensation to another that we are going to see more of these or hear about more of these visions and dreams and signs and wonders we are so close well we were in my vision we were caught up it was I don’t even have human words to express how quickly we were snatched up and the knowing the rejoicing I didn’t the Lord does always give me a full picture of every detail but I knew that our bodies were glorified and our spirits we are when we came to faith a moment as my brother Greg said the nanosecond that you believed on Jesus that moment we are saved by grace through faith you are born again you are a new creation that means your spirit man is new there is no sin now attributed to you you know he who knew no sin became sin that we might become the righteousness of God we still as the Apostle Paul told us we have a carnal nature though and so but that sin is no longer attributed to us Christ’s work on the cross the the shedding of his precious blood that pay the debt the penalty for our sins was once for all past present and future and he died was buried and rose on the third day that nanosecond you believed in him you are saved and so in the vision I knew that it was like with the glorified body the sin nature that carnal nature was gone and it was so real because there were I I knew that there were other things timing that was going on but but what I was focused on was how I don’t have words to say was awesome to say it was glorious the glorification the glorified body that is when I should say justification when we believe on Jesus and his atoning work praise God we are 100% justified save sealed and sanctified till the day of redemption sanctification while I believe that yes we’re sanctified it is also progressive that’s where we grow in christ-like character we’re running this race that glorification oh praise God brothers and sisters I I can’t even put into words how magnificent how awesome it was so when the Bible says that he’s gonna present to himself Jesus a bride without spot or wrinkle I knew that was it I believe well I believe that that’s when you know who will go to that Bema seat that judgement seat of Christ but that’s not what I what I saw was what I sensed was we worked and it was it was so great was so I don’t have words you want to talk about nanoseconds you want to talk about in the twinkling of an eye but we were together and those who have gone on before us in Christ they were there their bodies met up with them and we’re glorified the glorification and those of us as the word just like the word says but then we get married oh oh and we go for the week which will be that seven-year tribulation period that’s well while there you know during that period while they are well those on the earth are dealing with the tribulation I really believe but that wasn’t part of my vision I’m just sharing that so the vision was we were caught up and the glorification the glorified body so now no longer we our spirit man is righteous who we are born again we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus so our spirit man does not sin it does not sin the the carnal the carnal nature that still struggles with sin as the Apostle Paul said he said right when I want to do good evil as president when I want to do evil Holy Spirit the spirit to our spirit since our soul is where our mind will and emotions are we have a body flesh bone and blood our spirit is where holy spirit that’s where we’re we’re born again we are a new creature well so don’t confuse those things but the glorification the sin nature the carnal nature it’s like it said it’s going it’s going hallelujah our bodies are glorified and I’m telling you that feeling was so overwhelming to me and then we call that marriage of the Lamb of the bridegroom and the bride nothing I have ever experienced in my life and I knew that that was kind of I saw a glimpse beyond to the banquet hall which was amazing I saw people there I have known that have gone to be with the Lord but I saw and they’re waiting the tables were actually set it’s that close that’s that was yes but the the I don’t have words to express to you there aren’t human words that I can express to you the love I just want you to know when we get if you have not believed on Jesus who you’re gonna want to believe on him I mean people say to me well if the rapture happens I just won’t take the mark of the beast and now I’ll then believe on Jesus I’ll know it to be true oh oh you do not want to miss out on what is about to happen for the Bride of Christ well I will be on later tonight with world news update and addressing acts like I said I really do have to run off now but I had to stop in and grab a couple things from the church because I just did a video I just am so excited about the bridegroom coming Oh brothers and sisters what you know the Bible says no ear has heard no eye has seen no mind can conceive what God has prepared for those who love him and are called according to his purpose jesus said in my father’s house are many mansions if it weren’t so I wouldn’t have told you he said I’ve gone to prepare a place for you and he’s gonna come back he’s gonna snatch us away it’s it’s the truth of his word Oh we call it the Blessed hope because we encourage one another without telling you I the whole world could think I’m nuts I don’t care I know my bridegroom is coming and I am already praising and rejoicing and I believe that he’s given his sons and daughters heirs of God co-heirs with Jesus Christ he’s giving not everyone but those of us that he has chosen to give those two it doesn’t make us more spiritual it doesn’t make us better than our other brothers and sisters in Christ but I want to share with you because it is so glorious it’s so glorious just a little bit that I felt that anything we’ve gone through we will remember that but who cares it’s not gonna matter I’m telling you it’s so amazing well I’m gonna let you go I want you to know God loves you fiercely and passionately I love you too …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

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Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

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