Rabbi Jonathan Cahn November 16 2018 — HUGE THINGS WILL COME AT THE NINTH OF AV

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Ayuh is linked to the ninth of our actually the rabbi’s believed that or some of them believed that Messiah would be born on the 9th of off why did they believe that because it was a day of such suffering they wanted something good but they’re but here’s the thing there is a connection though you know the longing for redemptive connection between Messiah and the ninth of on in the film Fiddler on the Roof the Jews of the Russian village an attempt are expelled from their land from their homes in their town and one of them says rabbi we’ve been waiting for the Messiah to come for thousands of years wouldn’t this be a good time for him to come now and the rabbi answers well we’ll have to wait for him somewhere else the mother of all explosions at least in this age ninth ABAB Temple of Jerusalem there’s a connection with Messiah the first one the first one to make it is Daniel in Daniel 9 he said there’s a time period before Messiah will comedy gives this mathematical countdown and it says then Messiah will come he will be cut off that means killed and then the temple and the city will be destroyed so here Daniel himself through God is is connecting the death of Messiah and the destruction of the temple and the destruction of the temple is going to happen on the ninth of off so whoever Messiah is and we know who he is but for those who don’t he had to come before the temples destroyed the he that was 70 AD he must come before the year 70 80 no matter who he is and when there’s only one person in human history who can possibly be considered to be the Messiah Messiah already at that time and so there’s no Jerusalem cannot be destroyed by this price unless Messiah is cut off he dies on a cross so here’s a link between Messiah being rejected and on a cross and the city being destroyed 40 years later on the ninth of obso Messiah Jesus Yeshua is connected to it and he told that parable where the beginning that that that here’s the problem and they and people send someone that’s talking about the profits and they they reject them they reject them the nation rejects the warning and then he sends his own son that’s Messiah coming to Israel and he’s killed and then it said what’s the translation that that whole land is gonna be wiped away where the people can be wiped off of that so Messiah is talking about 70 AD when it’s all gonna happen which is the ninth of of and he goes on with that it says in Matthew 24 Jesus came out from the temple and he was going away when disciples came and they pointed out the temple buildings and he said to them do you see do you do you not see all these things truly I tell you not one stone here is gonna be left on another there’s not one stone that won’t be torn down he’s speaking of seventy eighty ninth above and they will fall by the edge of the sword he says prophecy will be led captive into nations that’s Jewish history he spoke about it then and Jerusalem will be trampled down by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled Luke 13 verse 34 he says o Jerusalem Jerusalem the city that kills the prophets and stones those sent to her just like the vineyard how often I would have gathered you your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings but you would not have it behold your house is left to you desolate and I say to you you will not see me again until the time comes when you say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord what he prophesied came true not one stone on the other and it all comes true on the day of the 9th of of and he not only predicts the destruction he predicts the global scattering of his people for 2,000 years so there’s an underlying thing here the destruction of Jerusalem it be it happens with calamity after calamity after is all linked back to this there’s a famous that’s this is linked back to Jesus Yeshua the Messiah there’s a famous series of paintings probably the most famous Jewish artists of modern times the name is Marc Chagall it’s called the crucifixion series and he has won his crucifixion they chose Jesus and around Jesus and he looks very Jewish I think one might even have the Hebrew words Yeshua it looks like a rabbi has a prayer shawl and all around him are all the sufferings of his people and what marc chagall he’s linking it all together he’s saying hey this is actually part you saying like this is part of our suffering is this rabbi from Nazareth but it’s all mystically linked together because here the Lord is linking the read his rejection I mean being rejected to what’s gonna happen and before we go for that now we’re gonna go to one more calamity pivotal calamity in Jewish history it’s to me it’s the now this is the very beginning this is the mother of all ninth of opps an event that was prophesied by prophet after prophet after prophet Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel the prototype of 70 AD the year is 586 BC Jerusalem is being led by an evil king the nation is descended into immorality and apostasy they have called what is good evil and what is evil good they have worshipped other gods they have bowed down to the idols of their hands they’ve engaged and promoted sexual immorality they’ve offered up their children as sacrifices on the altars does this sound familiar I’m talking about America the prophets warned them Isaiah and others and now comes a prophet named you wouldn’t recognize that if you didn’t speak Hebrew but his real name is yirme’yahu or Jeremiah a prophet who walks around with a wooden yoke telling the people you’re going to be taken captive if you’d and he takes a vessel and smashes it on the earth and says this is what God will do you don’t turn back this is what’s happening Jeremiah is put in prison but then the judgment comes and then in the end and says the Lord God of their fathers sent word to them through his messengers again and again because he had pity on his people and his dwelling place but they mocked his messengers they despised his words they scoffed at his prophets they until the wrath of God the Lord was aroused against his people and there was no solution he brought up against them the king of the Babylonians who killed their young men with a sword in the sanctuary didn’t spare the young or old women the elderly infirm God gave them into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar he carried to Babylon all the vessels from the temple of God large and small and the treasures of the Lord’s temple and the treasures of the King and of his officials they said fire to God’s temple and broke down the wall of Jerusalem and burned all the palaces and destroyed everything of value there he carried into exile to babylon the remnant who escaped from the sword and they became servants to him and his successors until the kingdom of Persia came to power the Babylonian army under King Nebuchadnezzar they breached the walls of Jerusalem the temple is set on fire the city is destroyed Temple of Solomon the people are taken captive to Babylon sent into exile thus the Book of Lamentations when did Nebuchadnezzar the Babylonians destroy the temple Jerusalem the ninth of alva this is the beginning this is the event from which all the other events come the first destruction the first temple and then the second temple on the exact same day and two different armies centuries apart I mean you got the Romans on one hand and you have the Babylonians on the other six hundred years or so apart and yet on the exact same day nobody planned it nobody planned it at all but in each case you have you have the destruction that people are now taken into captivity they lose their homes they lose their possessions and they go into exile and so and and so you have all this the beginning and this is the thing that keeps repeating and repeating and the same day the Exile to Babylon you know you have all these things that are then repeated in some form I mean but it all goes back when they were when the Jews are expelled from spading and England and France and it’s all a replay of their expulsion from their own home it’s like they’re leaving because they only have really one home and God is saying you’re still not home and it’s Netta no matter when they try to make they try to make home it’s never right yet but you’ve got this template the ninth of our mystery it’s a mystery that begins in ancient time stretches all the way to modern history I could have actually gone further than World War two but it’s affected everything from Judaism to Christianity even Islam the diaspora world history modern Middle East everything but where does it begin we’re seeing this when I was like where we’ve gone through a mystery putting the pieces together and now we get we want to get to the final part of explaining the mystery where is it the answer is in the Word of God the answer is in the Torah the law of God and the answer one place is leviticus listen to what it says this is the Covenant verse 14 if you don’t obey me and do not carry out all these Commandments if instead you reject my statutes if your soul abhors my ordinances they’re not carry out my Commandments and you break my covenant and then it goes on what will happen here’s what will happen I will set my face against you so you will be struck down before your enemies those who hate you will rule over you and you will flee when no one is pursuing I will bring upon you a sword which will execute vengeance for the Covenant and when you gather together in your cities I will send pestilence among you you will be delivered into your enemy’s hands I will lay waste to your cities I will make your sanctuaries desolate goes on you however I will scatter among the nations and I will set a sword after you as your land becomes desolate and your cities become waste and it’s for those of you who are left I’ll bring weakness into their hearts and the lands of their enemies and the sound of a driven leaf will chase them and goes on goes on you will you will have no strength to stand before your enemies and then you have another chapter that also foretells it’s the very beginning of the covenant this is Moses Deuteronomy 28 63 it said well it says before that all these things will come upon you because you would not obey the Lord your God 63 you will be torn from the land that you’re now entering moreover the Lord will scatter you among all peoples from one end of the earth to the other among those nations you will find no rest and there will be no resting place for the sole of your foot but there the Lord will give you a trembling heart a failing of eyes to spare of soul so your life will hang in doubt before you you’ll be in fear night and day you’ll have no assurance of your life in the morning you’ll say I wish it would evening then evening you’ll say would it be morning because the dread that you have this was written long before the destruction of Solomon’s Temple this is written by Moses and long before 70 AD long be longer before the Middle Ages longer before the 20th century and we haven’t mentioned some of the other greatest calamities I mean these words are great but you have the pogroms of Russia which were said to have begun also on the ninth of all you have the deportation of the Jews in Italy into ghettos that’s where you get ghettos from they were first for the Jewish people that was also said to have been done on the ninth of of and many many more but the mystery begins on sight and Sinai continues to today what does it reveal to us there’s a very profound thing one is there’s a big gap between God’s ancient people and God and it’s not me who says that it’s Moses who says that because he says if you turn from him these things will come upon you so if these things are upon them then there must be if the Bible is true if their company then it’s very exact what the Bible says the sword the triumph of your enemies the removal of your blessings the expelling from the land the scattering to the nation’s you being pursued by a sword it all came true it means the Torah it means that Israel turned from God and the the biggest fulfillment of this Scottish exile was not in 586 because in 586 BC the temples destroyed and they went to Babylon for 70 years that was a major thing but that’s nothing compared to what happened in 70 AD in 70 AD the Jewish people were not taken to Babylon they were taken to the ends of the earth to this day it wasn’t for 70 years it was for 2,000 years and all these things I spoke about this mystery of the ninth of AAB happened as part of the scattering from 70 AD and so it all began this big the mystery has to be there in that first century when something happened what happened whatever happened in the first century because that’s when this thing happened it had to be real big it had to be bigger than what happened in 586 when Jeremiah was there had to be bigger because and how could it be bigger in 586 they were worshipping idols and lifting up their children on altars to kill them how could it be bigger than that but in 70 AD they are scattered to the ends of the earth for 2,000 years something had to had to be a greater error in the first century a greater turning from God than anything that has ever happened before did anything significant happen in the first century of world history we happen to know it did a man called Yeshua Jesus appears in the Land of Israel as the manifestation of God he speaks of a new covenant and somebody and he’s rejected despised mocked there were many who accepted him but the nation as a whole did not and he’s nailed to a cross and killed he’s rejected and Ward against his followers are Ward against and then comes the greatest judgment on the nation that has ever because everything we said every calamity of 2000 all comes is all part of this calamity and everything the Crusades the pogroms everything it all begins on the ninth of AAB it all keeps happening on the ninth of all what does it say it’s clear sign that that there’s something that something big missed something big happened a mistake ninth of of the question has to be asked if the Sanhedrin did right in rejecting this one then why was Jerusalem and Israel destroyed right after or sooner if the rabbi’s were right in rejecting Yeshua Jesus then why have all the words of Moses concerning judgment that comes when the nation turns against God come true that right after that if rabbinical Judaism was right and rejected then why has it that all that all these curses from the covenant have come upon Israel with rabbinic Judaism I mean for 2,000 years you had Jews who were Orthodox and yet the judgments came so if they had it right if the rabbi’s had it right why would all the signs of the break in the covenant be in every lifetime the Covenant is clear if Israel’s right with God it’s blessed if it turns away from God it’s cursed the answer it can only be one thing the answer is that this one who came in the first century this Jewish rabbi known through the world as Jesus happens to be the one who was waited for who was prophesied by the prophets of Israel happens to be the Messiah of Israel happens to be exactly what his name means Yeshua means salvation and without salvation if you turn away from the one whose salvation there’s no salvation he said I’m the Good Shepherd I’m the Shepherd of Israel what happens if a flock of sheep turn away from their Shepherd and they go what happens they become like a flock without a shepherd what is this real been for 2,000 years a flock without a shepherd what happens when a flock doesn’t have a shepherd it becomes prey to the wolves it becomes becomes vulnerable to be attacked by everything helpless see the history of Israel the Jewish people is all is joined to Jesus you can even you cannot separate it even if they try to separate it they’re still joined the ninth of history Bob speaks that behind all these things there’s something between Jesus what happened in the first century and the Jewish people you know remember the song of the vineyard or they actually when he talked about the vineyard in mark he was actually taking from Isaiah which speaks about the destruction of 586 but he’s talking about the destruction of 70 AD but it talks about the Sun coming into the vineyard when did Messiah come into Jerusalem at the end we know it it’s tall palm sunday they called the triumphant entry which is a very you know but it says if he approaches Jerusalem what what does he do it says he wept there celebrating and he wept why did he weep he said if even you had known this day the things that would have brought you Shalom but now it’s hidden from you he’s weeping he said that’s when he said the days will come and will build and that your enemies will come against you and build an embankment that happened the Romans they’ll encircle you it happened they’ll help you in on every side he came true they’ll – you to the ground they won’t leave one stone on the other because you didn’t recognize the time of your visitation Wow he saw it and he wept he wept because he saw what was gonna happen to his ancient people and if we are the body of Messiah we have to have the same heart for them for the Jewish people to pray to intercede even a weep because you know the words of the Covenant you know the words that speak about all these judgments they have something else in it it says but if you return to me I will have mercy on you and I will restore you there is yet to come that as well Jeremiah the Prophet said this he spoke about the destruction but he also said here the word of the Lord you nations proclaim it to the distant lands he who scattered Israel shall gather Israel and will watch over his flock as a shepherd watches his sheep we have watched that fulfilled in our own day the restoration of Israel after two-and-a-half thousand years from Jeremiah has come true in our day what does it tell us the Lord is faithful and His Word is true he must judge sin but his heart is mercy and even in the ninth of our mystery theories mercy and I’ll just share one thing before he bring it to a thing this is so cool we saw one of the greatest calamities of Jewish history was the expulsion from Spain remember the deadline originally was July 31st it was changed on August 2nd ninth of odd now when you eat when you hear the Year 1492 it’s interesting 1492 is wanted or 1493 and for is is one of the years of the blood moons and then you have 1948 in 1967 but night.we year 19 when you have 1492 what did you think growing up Columbus sailed the ocean blue it’s one of the most famous years in world history because we’re the because because America is the because and South America it’s the year Columbus set sail and discovered the new world and just so happens interesting he just happened to come from the same country the same land Spain from which the Jewish people were exiled in the same year but the connection is deeper hidden it was just the same year it was the same month Columbus sets sail the same month when the Jewish people were given the deadline expelled from Spain in fact listen to the words which open up the diary of Christopher Columbus because he opens it up this what he says how he opens up he didn’t say in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue what he said was this in this is the beginning in the same month in which their Majesties Fernan Isabella issue …

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